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BBW Life of being Squashed

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Jan 11, 2021
Manawatu, New Zealand
Squashed in a Pyramid BBW – Body Squashing – Inter Dimensional Properties of a Pyramid – Body Expansion.
Writers Notes

I am a person who from early child enjoyed having my body-compressed front to back by whatever means available. Then one day I found an ancient pyramid and it is special chamber, what happened in there I refer to as Merlin level of Magic.
Some parts of this is true but there is fantasy merged in.

Life of being Squashed
by NZ Mountain Main

Chapter 1

I live basically in the wilderness and generate income by hunting Deer, Possums, Stoats, Weasels, Ferrets, Rabbits, Wild Cats and Dogs.

Most of the animals I only get money for the fur but the Big Red Deer and Rabbit I sell to local Butchers.

During my childhood I was raised on a farm and by 5 years old I was very heavily into self-crushing. From what I hear from other people most children who did this would use normal trouser belts and over tightened them. This did not suit me as the belt pulled in sideways squashing the kidneys in.

I enjoyed having weight on the rib cage, and pressing the navel towards the spine. In these early years I used only the bed leg on the belly. The wooden bunks in the workers sleep outs of which were empty most of the year were empty weighed 70 kilograms. One corner would be 17 kilograms but the twisting of the Totara wood frame applied extra force.

Lifting the corner is the reason why I was 5 when I first started to successfully self-squash. I had to learn how to operate lifting devices so that I can raise the bed to the point that I could get under the leg. The next hurdle was the 4-inch square leg edges and corners did not spread the weight. I resolved this buy using a metal water bucket over the bottom of the bed leg, which fitted my abdomen area.

With these issues resolved the harder problems remained. Doing a squash, in privacy, no parents discovering the activity, older brother catching me, or my kid sister. I had a two-hour window before school, which I could sneak over to the sleep outs. Dad was milking and mum was getting things ready for us children. School holidays I spent 6 hours one day a week under the bed leg. I could not leave the bucket or lifting gear in the sleep outs so I had to bring them in and remove them afterwards.

I would lift the bed up; slide the bucket up the bed leg and climb under. I lowered the full weight on my taunt belly and hold it for what seemed to be minutes. Then I would release the abdominal muscles succumbing to the weight. The weight compressed my stomach thinner I could fell crushing of my intestines. I felt sensations that had rolling through my midsection that others called white-hot.

I had no watch at that age so I cannot say how long I handled the intense compression, but I did reach a limit. This point I would flex my abdomen and pushed the bed leg up. During the first days of this I used the lifting bar to assist my muscles to push the leg up but as I strengthened I did it all by muscular flexing.

By 6 months I could push the leg up so fast; it creaked the bed cross member, bounced higher than my belly and landed back on it. I began reaching up the bed leg and trying pull it into my belly harder. I started to put heavy objects on the bunk. This got risky as bringing many objects in and taking them out of the sleep outs increased the chance that I could have been seen or accidentally leaving them in there. It was time to move on and I was looking around for a new crushing device.

I was 7 when I saw an old truck in the back of the barn. It had a low cross member on the front, which mounted the wheels. The problem was I fitted underneath without contact with the cross member. I found a 12-inch square length of Totara. This left the distance between the wood and the cross member one quarter of my front to back measurement.

I had seen dad lift the front end of a tractor to fix a puncture. The shackles and winch were all there under a roof beam. This set up was for lifting 2 tons up to the loft. I raised the front end; slid underneath the cross beam and lowered it into my belly.

It was an absolute compression disallowing my to fully lowering the truck. I could not flex against the weight. This was not a good set up but I realised with the Totara beam under the engine sump there was better clearance. The sump fitted my belly perfectly in an absolute crush. This was annoying as I was constantly raising and lowering the truck, as I could not handle full weight.

Facing the fact the truck was at no level suitable for body compressing I moved to the draw bar on the trailer. I could handle the full weight and lifting it with the abdominal muscles.

It was during this year that I had my first squash by being pinned by a boy 4 years older. He was not fat just 4 years bigger and I enjoyed this far more than equipment squashing. I was not in control; well not in total control, but I chose when I succumb to the weight or flexed against. This bully had no idea that I loved what he was doing to me. Then a super spoiler happened, a teacher came to rescue me.

My mind was racing all over the place; I wanted more of the chest sitting this kid did. How could I get this kid brought out to the parent’s farm and taken home afterwards? Would he still do the pinning if he knew I loved or would he victimise me?

After a week of trying to think of a way where I could get this kid to pin me again and no one discover that I wanted to be pinned I returned to heavy objects. There was nothing intense white-hot crushing objects available until I was ten. I got sent to my Uncle farm for the summer school holidays. His barn was full of old cars. I was to learn about using sprung weight.

A Humber Hawke with giant size wheels and wide chassis rails allowed me lie under the 3-ton beast and set the depth of crush but placing half-inch wide boards underneath me. Using the hydraulic jack I got myself underneath the car, as time passed I decreased the gap by putting more boards underneath me.

I had reduced the front to back measurement by two thirds and still had the ability to flex lifting the car up for relief of the crushing just to restart the crush over again. I enjoyed longer periods of white-hot compression. When the summer break was over I still had sensations in my midriff from the prolong squashing when I stretched.

When I returned home I built a tool consisting of a strop tensioned by two ratchets. Mounted on a backboard. My belly is 5 and quarter front to back on average. The ratchets are positioned to pull the strop down to the level of my rib cage and hips. It has extra length to fit 6 inches high pile of clothing into my stomach. The reason it fitted more depth of packing than I had at the abdomen is that I was working on the clothing compressed more than me.

The rib cage has Caret ^ shape so the strop’s two parallel edges had to reach from top of the Caret to the top of the hipbone. The positioning of the ratchets was key to it working. It must never crushed the ribs but be able to drive packing deep into the Solar Plexus, and drive heavy packing along the hipbone without crushing the hipbone. It so had to be able to push packing over my navel without distorting excessively. Achieve this seemed to an act of divine assistance as I had no skills on my own, I could use this in my bedroom for prolonged belly compressing, an all-nightlong crushing.

This is when I learnt of a physical property of sitting; as the legs and trunks become right angle the whole abdomen extends forward becoming larger. With the strop on the abdomen is denied this expansion and become a secondary squashing. I started packing the midriff so tight I could not sit and then force myself to sit over a twenty-minute period.

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I would like to add more if people want to read it.
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