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Jan 11, 2021
Manawatu, New Zealand
Squashed in a Pyramid BBW – Body Squashing – Inter Dimensional Properties of a Pyramid – Body Expansion.
Writers Notes

I am a person who from early child enjoyed having my body-compressed front to back by whatever means available. Then one day I found an ancient pyramid and it is special chamber, what happened in there I refer to as Merlin level of Magic.
Some parts of this is true but there is fantasy merged in.

Life of being Squashed
by NZ Mountain Main

Chapter 1

I live basically in the wilderness and generate income by hunting Deer, Possums, Stoats, Weasels, Ferrets, Rabbits, Wild Cats and Dogs.

Most of the animals I only get money for the fur but the Big Red Deer and Rabbit I sell to local Butchers.

During my childhood I was raised on a farm and by 5 years old I was very heavily into self-crushing. From what I hear from other people most children who did this would use normal trouser belts and over tightened them. This did not suit me as the belt pulled in sideways squashing the kidneys in.

I enjoyed having weight on the rib cage, and pressing the navel towards the spine. In these early years I used only the bed leg on the belly. The wooden bunks in the workers sleep outs of which were empty most of the year were empty weighed 70 kilograms. One corner would be 17 kilograms but the twisting of the Totara wood frame applied extra force.

Lifting the corner is the reason why I was 5 when I first started to successfully self-squash. I had to learn how to operate lifting devices so that I can raise the bed to the point that I could get under the leg. The next hurdle was the 4-inch square leg edges and corners did not spread the weight. I resolved this buy using a metal water bucket over the bottom of the bed leg, which fitted my abdomen area.

With these issues resolved the harder problems remained. Doing a squash, in privacy, no parents discovering the activity, older brother catching me, or my kid sister. I had a two-hour window before school, which I could sneak over to the sleep outs. Dad was milking and mum was getting things ready for us children. School holidays I spent 6 hours one day a week under the bed leg. I could not leave the bucket or lifting gear in the sleep outs so I had to bring them in and remove them afterwards.

I would lift the bed up; slide the bucket up the bed leg and climb under. I lowered the full weight on my taunt belly and hold it for what seemed to be minutes. Then I would release the abdominal muscles succumbing to the weight. The weight compressed my stomach thinner I could fell crushing of my intestines. I felt sensations that had rolling through my midsection that others called white-hot.

I had no watch at that age so I cannot say how long I handled the intense compression, but I did reach a limit. This point I would flex my abdomen and pushed the bed leg up. During the first days of this I used the lifting bar to assist my muscles to push the leg up but as I strengthened I did it all by muscular flexing.

By 6 months I could push the leg up so fast; it creaked the bed cross member, bounced higher than my belly and landed back on it. I began reaching up the bed leg and trying pull it into my belly harder. I started to put heavy objects on the bunk. This got risky as bringing many objects in and taking them out of the sleep outs increased the chance that I could have been seen or accidentally leaving them in there. It was time to move on and I was looking around for a new crushing device.

I was 7 when I saw an old truck in the back of the barn. It had a low cross member on the front, which mounted the wheels. The problem was I fitted underneath without contact with the cross member. I found a 12-inch square length of Totara. This left the distance between the wood and the cross member one quarter of my front to back measurement.

I had seen dad lift the front end of a tractor to fix a puncture. The shackles and winch were all there under a roof beam. This set up was for lifting 2 tons up to the loft. I raised the front end; slid underneath the cross beam and lowered it into my belly.

It was an absolute compression disallowing my to fully lowering the truck. I could not flex against the weight. This was not a good set up but I realised with the Totara beam under the engine sump there was better clearance. The sump fitted my belly perfectly in an absolute crush. This was annoying as I was constantly raising and lowering the truck, as I could not handle full weight.

Facing the fact the truck was at no level suitable for body compressing I moved to the draw bar on the trailer. I could handle the full weight and lifting it with the abdominal muscles.

It was during this year that I had my first squash by being pinned by a boy 4 years older. He was not fat just 4 years bigger and I enjoyed this far more than equipment squashing. I was not in control; well not in total control, but I chose when I succumb to the weight or flexed against. This bully had no idea that I loved what he was doing to me. Then a super spoiler happened, a teacher came to rescue me.

My mind was racing all over the place; I wanted more of the chest sitting this kid did. How could I get this kid brought out to the parent’s farm and taken home afterwards? Would he still do the pinning if he knew I loved or would he victimise me?

After a week of trying to think of a way where I could get this kid to pin me again and no one discover that I wanted to be pinned I returned to heavy objects. There was nothing intense white-hot crushing objects available until I was ten. I got sent to my Uncle farm for the summer school holidays. His barn was full of old cars. I was to learn about using sprung weight.

A Humber Hawke with giant size wheels and wide chassis rails allowed me lie under the 3-ton beast and set the depth of crush but placing half-inch wide boards underneath me. Using the hydraulic jack I got myself underneath the car, as time passed I decreased the gap by putting more boards underneath me.

I had reduced the front to back measurement by two thirds and still had the ability to flex lifting the car up for relief of the crushing just to restart the crush over again. I enjoyed longer periods of white-hot compression. When the summer break was over I still had sensations in my midriff from the prolong squashing when I stretched.

When I returned home I built a tool consisting of a strop tensioned by two ratchets. Mounted on a backboard. My belly is 5 and quarter front to back on average. The ratchets are positioned to pull the strop down to the level of my rib cage and hips. It has extra length to fit 6 inches high pile of clothing into my stomach. The reason it fitted more depth of packing than I had at the abdomen is that I was working on the clothing compressed more than me.

The rib cage has Caret ^ shape so the strop’s two parallel edges had to reach from top of the Caret to the top of the hipbone. The positioning of the ratchets was key to it working. It must never crushed the ribs but be able to drive packing deep into the Solar Plexus, and drive heavy packing along the hipbone without crushing the hipbone. It so had to be able to push packing over my navel without distorting excessively. Achieve this seemed to an act of divine assistance as I had no skills on my own, I could use this in my bedroom for prolonged belly compressing, an all-nightlong crushing.

This is when I learnt of a physical property of sitting; as the legs and trunks become right angle the whole abdomen extends forward becoming larger. With the strop on the abdomen is denied this expansion and become a secondary squashing. I started packing the midriff so tight I could not sit and then force myself to sit over a twenty-minute period.

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Jan 11, 2021
Manawatu, New Zealand
Chapter 2

This carried me over to High School, which was in the city. The city folk were not all thin like country folk. I meet a girl Wendy who appeared to be twice my weight in my class. I started befriending her with the intention of getting her to pin me.

Now and again the cosmos gives a person their wish and the Science Teacher put both of us together on the same project. I was already doing my homework with the backboard and strop on and now I had this heavy girl visiting me. I had schemed a scenario; where I have her sitting very close to me and I would be looking over shoulder, make her flinch back and we fall to the floor with her on top of me.

Two nights later and her first visit to my parent’s farm to ‘work on the project’ happened. I was nervous and excited. I introduced Wendy to my parents and talked about the project. What they said next was major derailment. “You two will need the Main Table to work at”.

No privacy of my bedroom. My heart sank, how called my parents spoil this so easily?

I was lucky Wendy was a bright girl and we started pouring though the project in front of my parents. My parents were impressed with her; they loved her. At 6 pm her parents came by to take back to the city. I had no idea what both sets of parents talked about but they all looked happy with the arrangement.

I was not of high education and apparently my parents thought Wendy was going boost my levels. I had to move this from the Main Family room to the Bedroom next visit. Once more the Cosmos granted the wish. Dad was planning the ploughing and planting of the south paddocks at the main table. Wendy and I went to the bedroom to work.

Mum shouted up that the door had to stay open, which was not a problem because they were not going to come up the stairs and check. I wanted to try my earlier plan of having her roll back onto me. What happened was each time she did something that advanced the project I gave her a squeeze hug. She responded to this in a positive way. She was feeling appreciated.

Just before her parents arrived she noticed the strop and board and asked what it was. I was so comfortable with her; I straight out said it was for squashing my belly in, without any control or filtering I had said I would like to experience your weight on me.

Suddenly I realised that I had said it all out aloud. I looked at her and she had an awkward smile on her face. I had blown it was racing through my head. She finally spoke and said, “could you come into the Town on Saturday and we see what we can do about that?”

Just like that I was willing to bike into the city in pouring down rain to make this happen.

Saturday came I had not successfully organised a ride so I did bike into the City. Found her house half mile inside the city limits. I was nervous but as soon as I saw Wendy I became confused. She was with a friend another large female, just as pretty but a bit heavier.

“Hi Wendy, are we still on?” I asked getting nervous.

“Yes, Stephanie here would like to join us, she is pretty good at trampling. Is that okay?”

Two BBW squashing me, at the same time. With all the scenarios that went through my head during the week I did not come close to this. I only could say yes.

Stephanie asked if I had ridden the bike from the farm. You must be really keen she said afterwards. I had total trust in Stephanie from her words. I noticed she had a set of keys in her hand and we were walking towards a car. They both climbed in so I followed. I ended in the front seat next to Stephanie and just before she drove of she ran her hand over my belly giving it small presses. “I am going to love today,” she said to me.

She started to drive towards the centre of the city and turned into McDonalds, “my treat” she said once again pressing my belly in.

Stephanie rattled a long list of food into the speaker system. Wendy started calling out numerous food names. They both look looked at me and said it your turn to order.

I replied that I wanted an empty belly when we do this. This was followed to my surprise Wendy reaching around my bucket seat and squeezing my stomach in an absolute squashing like the cross member on the truck.

Where did all that power come from?

We drove up to the last window and many bags of food came in. She drove to a nearby park and they both ate five days of food. I was starting to wonder where this squashing was going to happen.

When they polished off all the food the question was answered. Wendy stood behind me with arms around me and moved her forearms across my belly. A white-hot crush sensation was rolling through my abdomen.

Then Stephanie touched Wendy’s arms and pressed me into Wendy reducing my midriff depth resulting in exploding pain.

“They hollow”. Wendy said to Stephanie, which was replied with a nod.

They gabbed me by a hand each and dragged me into the bushes. They dropped into a hollow and somehow the lay me on my back. Stephanie and Wendy standing to my side place a foot each on my belly. Stephanie had her right foot across just above the hipbone. She had soft sneakers on her feet.

Wendy had her left foot above the belly button.

In a swift smooth action they stepped up in Unison with all their weight on one foot each. I was trembling under the suddenly introduced forces that were causing my innards to displace, this was too much too quickly. Stephanie started counting down from ten. For some reason I thought at 1 they would step down given me relief but they bounced. I passed out.

I woke up in a concrete structure; I was sitting on a concrete block, with Wendy behind me propping me up, her hands over my belly, she pressing in my abdominal region and then releasing it. She was pressing it in with same force I achieved with the backboard and strops when pulled in tight with the ratchets. She seemed to be doing it without effort.

I turned her head to her and asked, “your are so super strong, a lot stronger than you look, Hulk Hogan strong. How are you so strong?”

She chuckles at first and then replied. “This is not normal, I can only do this in Stephanie’s presence. She is not what she seems; in fact I do not think she is human, of our realm, of our dimension.”

I had a million questions; but no doubts, because of what Wendy was doing, something that I needed equipment to do and she was doing it effortlessly. I looked at Stephanie and she was physically different. Before she was plump compared to Wendy, now she was super thin. Her rib cage; was about 25 inches, with small just noticeable breasts, the waist tapered in along the front and was well under 20 inches, her hips were the same width of her chest, skinny rump of about palm size, thighs looked about the width of my wrists, the arms were as wide as a 6 year olds. She would have 75 pounds at the most.

I had not taken all that much notice of her until then. She was someone that Wendy knew and she had a car plus I assume a drivers license. She must be older than Wendy but not by much. I look to Wendy for answers.

“Explanation is not normal reasoning here as this place is different to any physics we all accept.” Wendy said with doubt of being believed. This structure dates back 2,500 years and she has always been here.”

Stephanie jumped in and said, “I am the Guardian of this Temple; I am the first and only Guardian of this Temple, I have been here since the manufacture of the Temple, I think I might be immortal in this dimension and vulnerable to rules of your dimension when I visit it.”

I interrupted her asking; am I in your dimension or are you in mine at the moment?”

She looked at me and said, “We are both in our own dimensions, but we can cross over.” She then instructed Wendy to lie on top of me.

As Wendy climbed on top of me; with hers soft but generous belly pressing down on mine, her chest, her breasts flattening on my chest, her hips transferring weight squashing my bottom into platform everything went dark, pitch black dark. I felt the weight on me increase over my belly and I let my belly succumb to it. The soft flesh pressed deeper and deeper into mine displaying my innards.

Jan 11, 2021
Manawatu, New Zealand
Chapter 2 continued

“You are now in another dimension, not mine but a dimension where some of the rules you know do not apply” Stephanie continued.

I was being seriously compressed like when I had the Humber Hawk on my belly. It was starting to overwhelm me as the weight kept building. I was enjoying the intensity but concerned about if it would carry on to my devastation. I flexed my abdomen and lifted the weight off my organs, I felt Wendy lift but the weight kept increasing. I relaxed my abdominal muscles and her belly bulge slammed my innards down.

I went to place my arms around Wendy but my arms did not reach her back. With my arms fully extended I was touching the side of her belly. I can reach around a 53-inch object; this girl was close to 100 inches. I could not see anything but her mass was doubled.

“I will pause her weight gain until you stabilise and can handle more.” Stephanie said. “You really enjoy the intensity.”

She must have been able to see me or sense my overload. It was white-hot but I was at my maximum. I lifted my head and kissed Wendy and said to her, “thank you this is magnificent. I could not ask for better. What does it feel like to you being so large?”

I think the kiss in the dark threw her. She responded by saying, “my own weight is squashing into me. I cannot reach the front of my belly. Am I too heavy for you?”

“I am loving it” I said joyfully but strained. I kissed her again.

I again tensed up my abdomen and lifted her up. I felt Stephanie standing beside us, she climbed on top of Wendy, and I lowered my abdomen and this time I was flattened to the spine. The extra weight pressed Wendy’s stomach into mine to the point where her fat occupied the entire abdominal cavity.

Some of the intestines were moved into the chest some were in the hip. There was some flattened out in the middle. Breathing was laboured; I had squash sensations all over, but I could not squirm as the big weight on top had me pinned solid. This made me pass out.

I come round some time later and Stephanie was still on top.

“Can you still press her up with your muscles?” she asked.

I tried but I was too flattened to get any movement.

“Nothing.” Stephanie said. “Hmm here is a question. If I added belly fat to your abdomen would it just squash back into your body or would it lift Wendy up out of your abdominal cavity? Would you like to find out?”

Logic said to me the first was most likely however in this dimension the opposite might apply. “Lets find out” I responded.

I have never had belly fat in my life so what I felt inside my abdomen felt very different. The organs and intestines stayed where they were and I felt my navel being pushed up from underneath. It was no tighter in my body; still white-hot sensations, but I felt Wendy was now not occupying me but above me.

It was then Wendy started to stir. I did not realise that she was unconscious during this time. Stephanie got down and I felt Wendy lift even more higher. I felt the weight leaving Wendy as her waist returned to her normal size. Mine remained flattened but with a bulge of fat. As Wendy shrank she climbed off me asking what had happened. I sat up and my insides relocated to the original location but the front of my belly was part way down my lap.

I asked Wendy how much does she remember.

“Not a lot. I remember lying face down on you and then I was lifting. As I lift I was squashed by my weight but I felt my belly jammed between your ribs and hip. I think I could feel your spine on my belly button. That is a big belly you got there now.”

Stephanie spoke, “for the last 120 hours the both of you have been squashed and squeezed. You both experienced extremes; Paul here did show some concern to what you were experiencing.”

I spoke again, “I loved every moment of your crushing me. Hang on a second, 120 hours, what day is it?”

“It is not what you think. It is what 120 hours in your normal dimension feels like but it is 2 pm Saturday in your dimension.”

Relief fall on both of us, missing 5 days is hard to explain to parents, schools and by this stage Police. The room was full of light again and I still had my potbelly. It was 44 inches from my normal 28 inches. The normal size was about 9 inches left to right and 5 inches deep (give and take for curvature) but now it was 13 inches deep. Sitting it had moved towards my knees.

I turned to Wendy and asked her if she still have super strength to which she nodded. I turned my back to her and placed her hands on my bulging guts and single her squash them in. Still with no effort she flattened my midsection to the ribs and hip level. As she held it flat her lower fingers found the point the new extra expanded from the hip and pressing and massaging the area while holding it flat.

“Could you press the lower section in 3 millimetre deeper with every pressing but stop 50 millimetres (2 inches) below the ribs please” I requested Wendy.

With her forearm she covered the area above the hip bone and started giving squeezes getting deeper each time. The other hand covered from the navel to rib cage lightly sinking it in to matched the forearm. It was when she was pressing in mid depth of the rib cage I asked for a change. She was letting the tummy out to the flat with the ribs position and the bottom to flat with the hip. This time I asked not to go any deeper but varying the amount of release.

The pattern of shuffling is the sort of instruction that would be given to a robot but to my surprise Wendy could react as accurately as a robot. Before you say it is only a two-inch pull in that was after the 15-inch overhang was flattened to the level of the hips and ribs.

The pattern I tried was to go in and return to flat position twice and the third was fully out. I alternated to 1 to flat and two to fully out. The difference was very noticeable; the short squeeze went very white-hot and the release was still intense and the full release the crush was went away and then instantly absolute white-hot. Going into an instant white hot and then immediate release so I asked for 2-second hold at full crush 2 inches below the ribs and hip height.

This seemed to improve the sensations in the belly and I changed to the sitting position when the belly is pushed out by the right angle of the legs and lower body.

After a few rounds of this I asked her to start going deeper each cycle. It was so effortless to her and she was enjoying it as much as me. I knew I was going to miss this after I left the Temple and Stephanie presence. I asked her to go in deep enough for me to pass out. When I do pass out to go in a further 15 millimetres and do the cycle twice and if I am still out then hold in for 15 minutes so I will feel it for a long time after I wake up. Do a couple more cycles of release.

If I am still out go over half way, which I was already was by a few millimetres and go 3 inches and hold for 15 minutes. Wendy and Stephanie were smiling.

Chapter 3 soon
Jan 11, 2021
Manawatu, New Zealand
Chapter 3

I woke up in Stephanie car at Wendy’s place and yes if I straighten my body from keeled over position I felt the crushing. I quickly realised I had a fat gut that was not there this morning. I asked Stephanie if I could keep the belly but have it full time squashed flat to look like it did this morning. With this request Wendy moved her hands around my seat and wrenched my stomach back to almost the point I passed out earlier. Stephanie gave me a big smile and said to put the bike in the boot of the car and she will take me home.

That is when Wendy released my belly. Suddenly I asked how did you two get together. I grabbed Wendy’s hand and put them around my protruding belly. She put me into the deep crush again.

“I was walking in the park off the trail and I found the hollow. I went down into the hollow and sat in the bottom of it. Stephanie tapped me on the shoulder and took me into the temple.”

That is when I realised that I had not seen how to get in or out of the temple.

After asking about that Wendy said she has never seen the entrance. “

It was go into the hollow and Stephanie will bring you in. It was on my first visit that Stephanie described to me your backboard squashing apparatus and to bring you to the temple.” Wendy looked at me as if I might of felt betrayed.

Wendy had let me go again was about to get out of the car. I asked Wendy to crush me out again and then super crush me for another 15 minutes. She crushed me unconscious almost instantly. Stephanie woke me up on the roadway outside the farm. I had exploding pain throughout my guts. I curled up in more pain than the first time Wendy did the post pass out crushing.

Stephanie said, “Wendy absolutely loves squashing your belly. She almost snapped you into two. I had to return you to the Temple where it was safer. She squashed you in 15 millimetres for 15 minutes and then another 10 millimetre for 15 minutes until all the innards was displaced into the chest and hips and all this belly fat quarter of the distance of your ribs. If you remember that fat supported her full weight while she was 100-inch waist.

“I am going to remove your extra belly now. I found your belly squeezing backboard. When you place the band over your belly you can grow back to this size if you want to. Just say ‘give me the rest of it’. It will suddenly be there.”

“What if I do not want to play with all of it? Lets say I only want a small lump or half of it?”

“Small lump is a set unit so that will not work. Percentage will though, it will only work when you have the board and strap around you.”

“Cool” I said excitedly. Having an extra 16 inches of waist to play with but the moment I need to do anything I am back to my low weight.

“What are you doing on Tuesday night?” Stephanie enquired. “It is the New Moon of the Solstice and the Temple power is balanced and renewing.”

“You want me to go on a school night?” I said with concern. “My parents will not go for that.”

“The New Moon is at 1.30 in the afternoon. Come straight after school and I pick you up and take you home by 5.30 in time for dinner.”

I could not argue with that so I agreed. My parents would allow me to stay in the city if I was home by 5.30. It would mean I have to be an up to date on assignments. Tomorrow, Sunday will be experimenting with my enchanted waist compressing equipment.

“Before I vanish your large potbelly can I give it a squishy or it still overly painful?” Stephanie asked with gleam in her eyes.

I looked back at her and replied, “there is a lot of pain shooting around but there is no such thing as too much”.

She placed her hand over my belly and pressed it all the way to flat and held it there. I was expecting her to release it but she pressed it to the mid point to the spine and held that. “You are fun to squash.” She said releasing the stomach. The extra vanished as she lifted her hand off.

I looked back at her and her 20-inch belly was 50 inches wide on a narrow frame. I put my hand over the centre of her ballooned belly a pressed it all the way back to the rib cage. Stephanie passed out and I panicked. I released her stomach and she came to. I thanked her the extreme experience and I would see her on Tuesday at the school gate.
Jan 11, 2021
Manawatu, New Zealand
Chapter 4

Late Saturday night after the house had settled I put the backboard on with the strap fully loosened off. I said ‘give me 250% of it’. My maths was bad otherwise I would have realised that was 16 inches. The strop only opens 6 inches.

This started the expanding process, which was not instant. I reached the point where the expansion was bigger than the strap allowed and the strap start squashing the all the further expansion. I realised that I had not asked for a quarter of the extra but two half times the extra. My innards were displaced into the chest and hip area. The compression was intense and I was standing so I decided to see what the intensity increase by sitting down would create. The answer was none because the innards were elsewhere. The muscle structure was flattened. I turned the ratchets to tighten the strap. Three clicks are all I got before it tightened to its limit.

If Stephanie was here she would push the stomach flat and I could adjust the straps until it took the load. I thought.

That is when I realised I had gone too big to enjoy. Displacing everything in the beginning left no compressing of the abdomen contents in the abdomen cavity. I said, “Give me 0% of it”

Immediately the excess started to shrink. This was weird as it felt the same through most of the process up to the point when the pressure started coming of the band. Just like in the Temple I had to move around to get the contents to resettle in the correct location. When a section of innards moves I felt it ooze and flop inside me. This was weird. It took 3 minutes to resettle into normal spot.

The ratchet was only done up three clicks so there was a gap between my belly and the strap. When this strap was full ratcheted down it sat flat with the rib and hip. Its job was allowing soft material like clothing to be pressed into the abdomen. I now had another option of adding fat to stomach and the strap stop it expanding outwards. I grabbed a jumper and evenly placed it under the strap and tighten it down with the ratchets.

This felt snug but there was no intensity. Up to now it would had taken packing the band tight as possible by had and then driving the packing in with the ratchets but this time I said, “give me 10% of it.

I worked out my math that if the extra is 8 inches forward of flat then 10% is less than 1 inch. 20% is almost half the distance from front to back. With the jumper in there I knew not to exceed 15% (about 1.2 inches). I asked for 10% I felt it tighten up but I still could sit so I increased by 1% increments and at 16% I could not sit. I tried for 5 minutes to sit and released everything and pulled the jumper out.

I have tried clothing ever since I built the squashing board. Now I wanted to see what fat felt like as a crushing force.

Question: Do I wind to flat and then add fat or leave it because at 40% my tummy was still touching the fully released strap?

I called for 49 %. The feeling of expanding under compression was a total crushing from with in. At 49% I could still sit so I sat down. I made myself comfortable on the armchair in my room. My mind went back to earlier in the day inside the Temple. Wendy expanded in the pitch black and her fat forced it is way into my abdominal cavity, as she got heavier. I thought of the squeezing sensation of my innards being displaced into the chest and hip. Weight crushing is very different squash compared to this band restriction method.

I thought about the sensations of when I first started getting my own fat on my midriff. It was squashed immensely but no white-hot burning sensations. As the fat increased I felt her lifting out of the cavity. I could still feel my diaphragm in my chest under stress and breathing reduced. The bladder although it was empty was under pressure by everything pushed that way.

The intestine that passed under the fat was pressed flat and I could feel that it was flat and not crushed like the rest of it.

I tried another command to increase to 65% over twenty minutes, then go down to zero. I thought of the possibility of passing out so I added a release time afterwards. The increase pressure started immediately and was not as gradual as I thought it would be. This did not just get tighter but turned very horrible as the fat started squeeze between the band and my rib cage plus squeezed along the hipbone. This was a pinching sensation. I commanded it to stop and return to zero percent.

This was a big failure but my memory of waking up at the farm driveway after Wendy pressed my stomach half way in and held it. I want to pass out under compression and be held there so I ratcheted the strap flat I laid on the floor with a blanket over me. I fastened the strop to the hip and ribs.

The mid depth point in fat percentage was 16. I did not want to displace all my innards so I went to 7% of it command and added 1% every two minutes until I could not sit or it started to displace. I got to 14%, it was very tight and nothing was spilling out.

I came up a new command of 21% over 40 minutes and hold for 30 minutes returning to zero. I felt it getting tighter and tighter. I woke up and immediately wanted to roll on my side but the backboard stopped me. I released the strop in the ratchets and curled up. I climbed on my bed hugging my guts, as this was not as bad as when Wendy did it but it was registering. Two hours later I wanted another go. This time though instead of going for immensity I would go for a long intense squash. Back down on the floor I slide under the strop and placed the blanket over me.

I started to get creative with my commands; I asked for 5% more than the point I passed out and hold for two hours, then return to zero.

I woke up in the holding section; all my intestines were not displaced, every thing was firing white squash sensations, I was breathing quite well. When it released me I got on the bed and decided that I had today’s quota. The tingling went all the way to dawn.

My mind raced through the rest of the night to combinations I could try. It suddenly hit me that the board monitored when I passed out. It knows when I am in trouble so I can give impossible instructions with an abort clause should I approach non survivable.

Sunday morning I went to the dinning area of the main room. Any flexing in the abdomen registered and walking flexes the abdomen, the muscular movement of sitting down and getting up produced noticeable sensations. Eating breakfast was easier than expected. I help mum clean up the dishes when the phone rang.
Jan 11, 2021
Manawatu, New Zealand
Chapter 4 Continued

My brother wondered in with a teasing, “there is girl on the phone for Paul.”

Mum was staring with interest. “I said it would be Wendy with the last part of our Science Project.” Mum suddenly looked let down.

I went over to the phone and I was right that it was Wendy but she was buzzing about the 100-inch belly she had yesterday and me handling all of the weight. She talked about how wonderful it was to compress my belly with her hands and asked if I still had the potbelly.

I said no the belly has gone but I loved her squashing me when I had it. I then thought my family might be listening and changed the subject. Wendy asked if I had a cell phone and I heard her disappointment when I told her that the farm had no cellular service.

“We are off the grid”. I joked. “We farm folk are tough.”

She laughed and asked if we could meet today. I had to hose out the milking shed but after that I was free. Her parents could not bring her out to the farm so I was going to bike to the city.

The science project was in my bedroom as the room was so big. I could not use that as a reason to go to the city. I was going to look at a part of the project she had at her place. Yes that would work so long as the parents do not talk to each other. I showered and changed after the milking shed and biked into the city.

I was excited having someone I could talk about this to. It was a fast ride to Wendy’s place. I assumed she wanted to go to the Temple but that was across the city and Wendy was way to big to ride on the handlebars.

She said to me that her parents were out for another hour and told me to lye down on the lounge floor. She sat on my chest facing me lightly bouncing. I felt fluctuating pressure and was enjoying when she asked.

“Can I move down onto your belly is that still too sore from yesterday?”

“Lie down on me and we can discuss yesterday” I started my reply. She looked at me and I continued. “Stephanie told me what you did after I passed out. She said when my belly was so large it reached half way down lap while I was sitting; you placed your hand on my belly and pressed it in, you pushed to the half way of my chest depth and held it there.”

Wendy was looking concerned so I continued. “When I woke up at the farm I was feeling the crushing and I loved it. I am going to work out the best way for during and after. If it is more pressure or longer holds? Can you help me find this out?”

Wendy looked at me, smiling and nodding.

We both started talking about every detail of yesterday including the fact she fitted 120 hours into a quarter of a day. When Stephanie and Wendy both stepped on my belly what that felt like. Wendy got off me and moved over by the wall where she stepped both feet on my belly. I got her to move the feet around, placing one just at the edge of the hip so she was on the non-bone structure. I asked her to go one foot and see how far I can handle her sinking. In thirty seconds I had pushed her back up to reset the stomach for the squash. I worked out I needed a few millimetres closer to the centre. I practice having her step onto the chest, hipbone and thigh.

After covering what ways I liked to be stood on I went into her laying on me. Putting all or most weight on the hip did not crush me so try to go belly to belly. If you slide too high on the chest it restricted my airways and No big weight on my head. Then there was the discussion of when she expanded.

I told her that he whole dimension was pitch black and Wendy told me several things about that dimension. One is it is always pitch black but Stephanie sees perfectly, second there are other entities that join in, last is you cannot die from what happens in there.

“What happens there that should have killed you.” I asked.

This was the shock that got me most excited. All the immense squashing I had done in the past was by a plan going wrong. I now can do immense without regard to my safety.

“What did you do that should of killed you?” I asked.

“DO you remember the McDonalds I had yesterday?” Wendy started with and I nodded. “What you eat before you go in or what you eat in the dimension makes the fat for 1000 times as much. I ate most of Stephanie’s food. The fat from what she ate, she gave you.”

“As you got heavier I put my arms up to place my hands on your back. I touched the side of your belly. It felt like this part of the side with fully stretched out arms.” I said like I was still bewildered by what I touched.

“I remember you touching my sides here. Was that full reach?’

I nodded and said, “You were two steps from front to back. I enjoyed the incredible weight you were. I felt your belly push my guts out of the way and your fat fill the gap.”

“I felt you push me out again when your belly filled up with fat. But what impressed me the most was you pushed me up with you stomach muscles.”

“I loved every moment. I wish that I were a wake when you flatten my guts at the end. How much pressure, weight, and force can your hand press on my belly with Stephanie presence?”

Her answer increased my excitement. She said, “the weight of the Temple.”

That did not puzzle me as all of it was beyond comprehension.

“How much pressure can you put on my guts without Stephanie help?”

She pushed me down flat on the floor, straddled over my legs, hands on top of each other, and started a rhythmic pressing. It felt good.

“Kept doing that for as long as you can.” I said to her.

She smiled and carried on the pressing. “Have you ever seen Mentos put in Diet Coca Cola? Have you ever seen that done with Baking Soda as well?

She put a tube in my bottom around the large intestine. Then the small intestine releasing the Mentos and baking soda mix. She placed her hand on my stomach and got me to drunk a small barrel of Coca Cola. Some how made it all fit in. Then she asked if I was ready, removed her hand I was three times wider than yesterday. My weight altered marginally. I took 18 hours to come fully down again.”

“When she told me that I was about to meet a boy who has equipment to squash himself would let me crush him I thought she was off the mark until I saw strop mounted to a board.”

Wendy was starting to tire from pressing my belly so I asked her to go on the bottom. We changed positions and I was sitting on her stomach. It was soft, bouncing was easy, I felt the curve where the bottom edge of the belly raised from the hip and the point the midriff bulged from the rib cage. Her natural fat felt so soft and pliable. It curved away from her bone structure in gentle curves.

I lay on her hip-to-hip, chest-to-chest and belly on belly. She reached up and gave me a bear hug. Even without Stephanie power boost it was a strong hug.

“Can we go to the hollow without invitation?” I asked hoping Wendy would go today.

“I suppose so, she cannot stop us. We might not the benefit from the other dimensions though” she was looking at the clock when she said that. “Parents due home now.”

I set off for home but tracked towards the park with the Temple. I was standing above the hollow when I heard Stephanie voice saying, “do not spoil the new moon.”

I went home and pasted some pieces of the science project together.
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Manawatu, New Zealand
Chapter 5

That night after the house settled I slipped into the squashing board, ratchet the strop down to the bone structure. I did not put any clothing packing under the strop, as I wanted to use fat only. I commanded for 2% over two minutes, which felt like someone lightly resting the palm of the hand. I commanded for 8% over 150 seconds. I felt this enter but when at the end of the time it did not fell like someone leaning their weight on the hand. I asked with the command method for 80% of what would make me pass out over 4 minutes.

This was more of what I wanted, as it felt like someone placing a fist against the belly and trying to push the fist in. This was not on the one spot but all over the belly. The belly was white hot in crush sensation, which left me wondering it is the amount or the speed the fat went in. I ask for a return to zero and all of the fat left. Numbers were flying in my head of what to try next. I asked 87% of pass out amount in 200 seconds.

This was a fast fill up; in the first 30 seconds I felt the pressure, 1 minute I was moving the legs a little. The second to third minute was like a punching secession on my belly. The final 20-seconds I felt like I was going to throw up. The insides felt tightly packed. I tried to a straight legs leg raise. No stomach muscles abilities available. This was feeling uncomfortable so I asked for 97% of passing out in 20 seconds. I was desperately trying to turn on my side and curl up. I asked for 95 % of passing out instantly.

I still wanted to roll on my side but the relief was noticeable. I asked for zero again as breathing was labouring. I felt my intestines pushing my diaphragm trying to move my lungs. I could feel that above the white-hot crushing.

When I composed myself I asked for 95% of passing out level in 2 minutes for 10 seconds and then drop to 87% of passing out level over 10 seconds and hold. When I reached the 95% I could recognise that less fat was used which means a slower fill up allowed more stuffing. As I lay there at 87% feeling white-hot crushing what felt like a combination of punching and deep pressing I realised I was loosing sleeping time.

It was super crushing time. Midnight. I started with 110% of passing out in 30 seconds and hold 2 minutes. Increase to 120% of passing out in 5 seconds hold 4 minutes followed by 130% of passing out level instantly for 30 minutes. Then lower to 50% of passing out level instantly forming a cycle of increasing to 75% of passing level in 80 seconds and down to 50 in 2 seconds until I wake up.

I woke up to a tight squeezing at 4 am. I had school today so I returned to zero and climbed in bed. I felt like I had slept but I wanted no tell tale signs I had been up very late.

My focus was during school scattered with any flexing of the lower body reminding me that I had an immense crushing last night. Wendy was not at school; I wanted to talk to her about the abilities of the board. She was due to come around home tonight and finish the science project tonight. I hope that was still on.

I climbed off the school bus and started walking down the road towards home. I could see the driveway but not her parent’s car. I walked up to the house and saw Mum in the garden.

“Hi Mum, has Wendy arrived yet? We have to finish the science project today.”

“She is inside waiting for you.” Mum replied. “Good luck on the project, with her help I think you might get better than a C grade.”

Up to now my best Science mark was D+, as was my maths marks. I am not the brightest student and the city system is harder. Wendy certainly knew her stuff, having a squash buddy who was going help me pass school. She is a gift.

Then I went into the main room and she was not there so I went into my bedroom. “Hi” I said to her when I saw her. She smiled back. “I think we have to work in the main room.”

The entire project was in the bedroom from last time because dad had needed the main room for farm related office work. My parents are strict about who is in the bedrooms so I went to pick up parts of he project to carry through the house. Dad saw me and said you might as well finish it in your bedroom.

“Okay Dad” I replied with realising the privacy I just got. Dad was still watching us.

I turned to Wendy and said, “This first piece does not fit the rest of it now we included this section.”

“We do not have to change much, just the overview.” She replied.

Dad then walked away. I looked at Wendy and said “how come you were not at school today?”

She replied that it was a private mater then she beamed and said that Stephanie had said that she could use the crushing board. It is apart of the Temple now pointing at some decolourisation on it. It is fully enchanted with all of the abilities of the temple.

“I have used it every night to crush myself out.” I said feeling safe to tell her. “I am looking for the best way to feel the crushing afterwards.”

I rewrote the first piece and printed it mounted it to the A size cardboard sheet. We both started moving the components consisting of graphs, databases and text around the cardboard. I grabbed the paste and started sticking it down. That is when I notice Mum watching us.

“I have never done a project like this in the country school” I said to Wendy in front of mum. “I actually understand the work.” Mum walked away with a smile on her face.

I know she did not hear any of the squashing talk. I had won my parents over having Wendy in the bedroom. Suddenly I realised I could not take the project to school on the bus, as anything over a school bag was excessive.

“Can you bring this school tomorrow as it will be difficult on the bus?”

Wendy look at me with a strained look, “I will not be at school tomorrow, I cannot tell you why.”

I then heard dads voice, “It is okay I will give you a ride to school tomorrow. You will need to take the bus home again though.”

“Thank you dad. I am visiting a friend after school and getting a ride home by 5.30.”

Both Wendy and dad were looking at me. “I am making friends with city kids.” I said defensively.

“Okay if there is any problems ring home and we will come and fetch you.”

Wendy was marking arrows on the chart in red and green colours. “Finished bring on my A.”

“An A, I have never had an A ever.” I heard dad chuckle and walked away. I want to talk without any family member over hearing.

“Can we go for a walk? I want to getaway from this project now it is finished.” I said looking at Wendy with desperation.

She nodded and the picked up my squashing board and gave a command ‘Small’ instantly reducing it to smaller than a hand.

I walked down stairs to the main room and said to dad that we were going for a walk. “Dad smiled and said dinner in an hour.”

I walked behind the tractor shed and down to the wooded area. “Wow Stephanie taught you some tricks.” I said to her. How do we go about sharing this device? When can meet? When are you back at school?”

Wendy pulled the board from under her jacket and commanded ‘open’ and the returned bigger than before with the strop opened more so Wendy slipped in, she was happy with the position and commanded ‘flat’.

It instantly flattened to her rib cage; her round belly disappeared, her eyes bulged out and she expelled the air in her lungs.

“This is brilliant. I will be at school on Wednesday. We will work out a fair schedule.”

‘Open’ she commanded. The strop opened she started putting her jacket underneath. I took off my jacket and motion to put my jacket underneath the strop. She forced it in with the commanded ‘flat’ again. I watched as she took the crush.

“Try and sit down”. I said to her.

I help her down to the ground with her legs straight in front of her I propped her body upright. She was feeling it as I started rock her further forward.

“I cannot pass out, I am getting picked up soon.”

“That much crush is nice,” I said to her. “I want to be in it all of the time.”

We talked until we saw her parents drive down the road. ‘Open’ she commanded. I lifted the board over her head and commanded ‘small’. Wendy passed my jacket back to me as she got up and stated walking to the house. We got there and her parents were looking at the project.

“That is good work,” her dad said.

“It is the first time I am not scared to hand in work” I said turned to Wendy and hugged her. “Thank you”.
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Jan 11, 2021
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Chapter 6

I knew it was the concept of being scared to hand in work would bewilder her. She was excited to get her work graded where as I was concerned about whom else will hear how poor it was.

I walked her out to the car and thanked her again. I watched them drive away and went back in the house. I put the miniaturised squashing board by my bed and got ready for dinner.

It soon was house-settling time. I got the board out and commanded ‘open’ follow by ‘give me 100% of it’. Because of the open command the strop allowed the entire belly to fit uncompressed. I was amazed to see so much that I had reach out to touch the front of my own Belly. I laid flat on the floor with my blanket and I noticed that I could feel all the weight on my guts without using the strop compression.

Without thinking I commanded for 400% of all of it. It stood including my real 5 inches a yard high. I could not reach the top. It felt heavy but it did not generate a white-hot crush; none of my innards displace but the organs moved around.

I then commanded for ‘800% of it’. It was 60 inches high and looked like it reached the ceiling. I glad this house has solid beams I thought to myself. A 6-foot person might be able to look over it but the average could not. I felt the weight and it was a lot of weight. It was different sort of crush from having the same weight in car on top of my belly.

It lacked the white-hot crushing. I commanded the strop to give me Wendy sitting on top. It went instantly went white-hot, I felt my innards squash down hard but not moving into the chest or hip cavity. I thought of a safety command to hold this for one hour then return to open. I was conscious through most of it, I slept through most of it but felt every rolling sensations going through my gut and when the time was up I felt weight come off but it remained white hot. I kept my eyes closed until I felt the weight drop to zero.
The next command was to give me 100% of it and my stomach shrank down until 81.5% percent was gone. I then decided to test the immortality clause of the Temple. I commanded for 350% of passing out level in two minutes and hold for three hours. At the completion of the three hours dropping to 40% of passing out level and start a cycling of building up to 65% in two minutes with an instant drop back to 40% until I woke up.

The reason for choosing the massive 350% in two minutes is with fast rate crushing is probably the same as 105% of passing out rate in 10 minutes. At the end of three hours the body would be adapted to the pressure.

In 22 seconds I passed out but I woke up at 2 hours 55 minutes because of a light coming in the window. I did not know how much time was left so I looked at my bedroom clock and choose to ride it out. Then I wanted to find out how long can be in a crushing before I can be woken up. I dropped to zero when the time was up and missed the cycling but I was feeling the every squashed-inch of intestine inside me.

It was one in the morning I wanted to try another 3 hours. The pattern I decided on was 105% of pass out time in 15 seconds with a 10-minute hold followed by 135% in two minutes with 10-minute hold. Then 185% in two minutes with 15 minute hold. Increase 230% in 3-minutes and hold 20 minutes. Increase 315% in 20-minutes with a 2 hour hold. After the last hold go to 40% instantly starting the cycle of rising to 65% in five minutes and instant drop back to 40% until I wake up.

I did not wake up at 4 am. Or at 6 am. I woke up at 6.45 am. And I could not stand up. I was having a string of pain explosions in my guts. The squashing board was in the open position so I wiggled out of it and forced myself to stand up. I could not stretch out and stand up straight so I curled up on the bed. I was in trouble as I might not be able to hide this. I cried in my bed. “Help me Stephanie.”

I recognise the voice talking to me. Stephanie was in my room and here to help. She rolled me onto my back and started to massage my belly. It was one of the nicest sensations I ever experienced. The light in the room was orange and I asked Stephanie if we were in a special dimension.

“You have given me 6 minutes to do three hours healing. I have to use this dimension. It has creatures I do not care for but I am desperate.”

I was enjoying the massage and hearing there was 3 hours of this massage. There was a lot of pressing of various depths, rotating pressing, stoking the area and pushing in and pulling down.

It seemed like an amazing long time but it came to an end with Stephanie saying to me. “I pick you up after school.”

She went translucent and then vanished.

Dad was milking so I went down for breakfast. My sister was teasing me about handing in another assignment. I help my mother in the kitchen, and then got ready for school. I wondered out to the car carrying my bag on my back and the project in my hands. I slid the project onto the back seat and climbed in the front. “Where is dad, I am going to be late” I muttered to myself.

After another 10 minutes passed I went down to the yard to see where dad was. It was then I saw dad waiting in the work vehicle. I ran back to the car and grabbed my bag and project. I got back to dad and apologise as I was at the wrong vehicle. When I got to school I walked tall and upright as I carried the project in my hands. My first assignment that was not below C.

I put in the corner of the classroom by the teacher desk. There was two there already. I watched the class bully look at it and then he looked at me.

“Not bad, not bad at all” He said to me.

“Wendy did A lot of it” I replied to him.

“What the fat girl, she must be pretty bright.”

I nodded as a response and walked to my desk.

I watched the teacher flick through the handed in projects. He called me to his desk and quieting starting asking me about the project. The rest of the class was reading but people looked up occasionally to see why I called up. I answered all the questions asked. The teacher said thank you and I saw him write B+. I walk back to my desk thinking I like new moons.

School end came and I went to the gate. “Had you a good day” came from behind me. I turned and it was Stephanie standing behind me. She pulled me back into the only blind spot in the crowed and pressed by belly with her palm.

“I need you to eat heaps of junk food tonight. The most fattening on the menu, about 3 weeks worth.”

Suddenly something Wendy said about 1000 times the calories in fat. “How do I fit in that much?” I asked.

“In my presence you will not notice the quantity but you will enjoy the result.”

We both ordered a lot each and went to the park and walked off the path to the hollow.

Stephanie started feeding me, an experience foreign to me. I know in my pre-toddler days mum fed me but this was kind of special. Stephanie was eating some of it but I was getting the lion’s share. I remember Wendy got 100-inch waist when she ate 5 days worth. I tucked through 3 weeks worth, no I ate a lot of Stephanie’s as well.
Jan 11, 2021
Manawatu, New Zealand
Chapter 7

I am frightened about the amount of food I ate plus the amount of fat I was about to have. I looked at the hollow and we were in the Temple. There was a soft blue light everywhere. There is something new every time I come.

“When you asked for 800% percent of belly I was hoping you would take it further”. Said Stephanie. “I am going to get you to go further now while lying on your back.”

“How much further?” I asked thinking 800% of it all was massive.

“Every time I tap you on the shoulder you will add 100 % of the full amount it took to lift Wendy up until you were flat again.

I laid on the raised surface and Stephanie placed her hand over my stomach. She started palpitations on my stomach but each pressed was 1 millimetre deeper than the last. After 25 presses she was pushing an-inch deeper she tap my shoulder and I was instantly fatter by 8 inches, 100 % of the full amount it took to lift Wendy up. She continued palpitations going in deeper each time.

She sat on my chest reach up and stood on my ribs making shoulder taps made too far to reach. Then she started to levitate to do the palpitations on the guts that the shoulder tapping was made weird. The palpitations on the stomach at the beginning felt like someone friendly fingering the belly but the more weights on top by the fat it felt more intense until the innards displaced. The sensations keep changing in intensity. The belly above me just bulged outwards with the pressing.

She stopped and came down and said, “That is forty times the amount of fat that lifted Wendy out of your abdomen cavity. It is 320 inches high (26.5 feet) as you can tell more fat does not mean more crush. Also now with that being so big you cannot sit up. If you turned slightly sideways and in here you have the strength to move you will full over. Try”

Lifting my left side slightly, I felt like I was swung by and there length in front caused resistant in the swing. It was a physics of swing a stick and the longer the stick the slower it can be swung. When it finally hit the ground it there was several seconds from the first contact until the last part touched. The skin felt abused by the sideways bending. I could feel my guts returning to where they were displaced.

Then the entire excess vanished and Stephanie whispered in my ear come to the pit. I got up and followed her to a small hole in the concrete. She motioned to climb into so I dropped down into the hole. It was a millimetre wider on the side than my hips; it was mid chest deep and a recess gap on all the walls so that my feet sat flat on the ground.

“I cannot pat and press your stomach here so you are just going to expand three times, this first one is going to be slowly of an-inch every two minutes until you tell me to stop or hold.”

This started with an instant expansion of ten inches forward of the ribcage so it reached the wall. The potbelly was double the chest depth.

“Place this velvet behind and in front to stop the cold getting at you.” Stephanie told me.

With contact front and back she asked if I was ready, I nodded and slow pressure was applying to my midriff by the pit getting shorter. The first two minutes was so mild but the next few started getting intense and I was looking forward to immense. Half of my chest/hip depth was displaced at my waist. Minutes past and the now white-hot crush sensations became stable, as the organs were moving around.

Then I reached the point where the cavity was empty of innards and was just fat. The fat was being compressed. And this was not the same but I wanted to see where this would go. My entire belly had the immense squash ache rolling through it. I asked if I could have a hold at this level.

In less than a minute I asked for another-inch and hold. I was starting squirm with the immensity, every muscle was flexing and releasing. I stayed like this for 5 minutes and I think Stephanie knew was not going any further. Stephanie came up to me and said we can come to this point at a later time. We have a lot to look at before you go home tonight.

Realising that this state was available again I agreed and suddenly my abdomen was fat free. I was standing in the pit with my hands on my knees. It was a tight fit in this crouch down position but I had to because the immensity of the last crush was not clearing. Then suddenly the pit grew longer and wider. Stephanie was behind me reaching around massaging my stomach and it felt wonderful as she pressed and rubbed in circular motion.

After what seemed like twenty minutes she stopped and climbed out of the pit. My body felt like it did before I arrived and the pit narrowed and shortened up. My belly was touching the far wall. Stephanie sat on the edge of the pit.

“You are 5 inches at the chest. Then you had ten inches of fat. You squashed in 9 inches leaving only 6 inches front to back and you were just fat in the abdominal cavity. You tried another-inch and you were stuck.” Stephanie summed up. “This is going to happen twice as fast. If you want to hold and then carry on it is okay. If you want to stop or stop and release that is okay as well. Are you ready?”

I nodded and smiled up to her, this was so exciting as I could tell this would be extreme. First 90 seconds was tight, the 120 seconds was overwhelming and I called for a halt. After a minute decided to go for a pass out and said continue. This only lasted 15 seconds and I called for a halt.

“That was only 4 inches. Do you want to try something special?” was whispered into my ear.

I was in a lot of pressure that was becoming unacceptable pain but the word that came out of mouth surprised me. “Always”.

Vibration was coming from the walls into my abdomen. It was defusing the pain and I asked for the expansion to continue. After eight minutes I called halt again. This was too extreme to and I passed out.

I woke up lying down and Stephanie working my guts over again. I could not tell what was better. The belly squashing or post massage?

She was palpitating my guts and then sat me up. “You got another 8 inches making you 12 of 15 inches crushing.”

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Chapter 8 tomorrow.
Jan 11, 2021
Manawatu, New Zealand
Chapter 8

“What is the experience that spun your soul the most so far in being compressed?” Stephanie asked me.

“It was working with someone else is definitely high but squashing Wendy on Saturday. That really excited me. I passed out, she passed out, she squashed me and I out squashed her. She lie on top of my whole body and found my bottom, guts and chest being squashed. The fact we could trust each other. The fact it could not go wrong.”

“I also enjoyed lying on my back and the belly getting taller and heavier becoming increasing dead weight on my innards. It was good when you gave it light pressing allowing the true weight of it to fluctuate and also when it was just weight. Something I want so often is when you or Wendy placed your hand on my belly and pressed it in. Light presses are as nice as ones that make me pass out. I like how I did not have to worry about getting caught by others. I like you always willing to indulge me. Oh the vibrating crushing so I could go super immense without passing out.”

“Post crushing massage were heavenly, reviving from being crushed out and feeling all the pressure, white-hot squashing afterwards. I like feeling fat verses no fat and against muscle.”

Stephanie nodded when she heard my answer and then asked. “What was missing that you would have liked?”

“Feeling the other person experience, feeling them over powering me or being over powered by me. Being sat on, stood on and laid on although the hand belly pressing were magnificent full body squashing, being a pin, or pinning someone and feeling their innards taking the weight or ribs or hips.”

“Hmm” Stephanie said at the list. “Would you say being horizontal and weight on one another is better than vertical in a pit of set space and you expand exceeding the pit volume therefore both occupying or attempting to occupy the same space?”

My mined was racing as that both are the right answer. “Change the pit for a tube where it can roll from vertical to horizontal. We can both be pressed into each other vertically and her soft breasts and bottom pressing my body. Our stomachs are expanded or just one of the stomachs expanded and there is no space given for the overhang to exist so it is either flattened to hip or chest height or occupying each others abdominal cavity. Again in a receive or give scenario, one with a muscular belly that is vacuum in with fat pushing it in prolonged time or muscular belly flexes and pushes the other person pot belly flat. Or do as I did with Wendy when she pushed heavy fat into me and then I pushed her out with heavy fat.”

“Now the kicker is changing from vertical to horizontal and rotating on the horizontal axis so we are changing from being under the weight of the other to being the weight on top of the other.” I was pleased with my answer.

“You have really been thinking about this.” Looking a little overloaded with information. “I have fashioned something that covers most of that during the new moon. But first I want you try out some of this. It is a ‘be careful for what you wish for’ caution.”

“There is something I absolutely love to try and experience with another person, preferably a female. When I started using the squashing board I also placed heavy objects on top of the strap while already having things squashing me underneath. It only could be done lying down but a twenty-kilogram steal box of rocks felt more like someone standing on me. It was another secondary crushing like sitting down with the guts already been not just squashed but held.”

I stopped talking as I thought about what I said. I meant every word of it but I did not have the education to describe like that. Was I being helped to say it, I know I was not being forced as it was very true what I was saying.

“Do not panic, you are being helped. You must verbalise what you want and confirm it. We will have three talks like this so you can adjust things so do not worry about things you forgot this time. Carry on, you were about to talk about corsets were you not?”

“Yes and about super thin people. On Saturday you changed from wide and big belly person to a person who was narrow and very thin. I do love woman who have soft surfaces and massive volume that places high pressure on me. I also like putting compression pressure on them. But as a thin well skinny person I would like to also to do this to ultra thin girls and strong muscular girls.”

“I would like to press into a 20-inch waist like you had on Saturday or even thinner waist. I want to feel the thinner waist succumb to my weight, to any compression I put on it by any means. I would like to feel from my belly the thin belly yielding, collapsing, and adjusting. Or under my hand feel all of this. I would like to sit on them and feel through my bottom the changes that they go through. I want to lie on top of them and feel the changes in rib cage, abdomen, hips and legs.”

“Corsets on woman fascinate me. The body shaped and held in reduced space. I do not want to feel the corset itself but the body underneath. I want to feel with my hands the body react as if a corset was reducing the space it occupies. Before and the corset goes on I feel the same body under mine. Expand my waist in theirs seeing if I could influence the shape and size while it is bound by a corset comparing that to no corset on the same body”

“I also want to feel what it is like to be a muscular person in a situation like Saturday with a 100-inch waist Wendy on top with the capability still press her up. To have a compressing session with someone who could out muscle my belly.”

“A soccer ball between our bellies; we have powerful Rectus Abdominis but also fat pot bellies that are half the ball width each, the pit walls press us until the fat and ball squash as our Rectus Abdominis prevents our innards taking the crush. Hold until one of our Rectus Abdominis gives out and the ball slams into the other. We both get to experience the collapse.”

“Then we have no potbellies and the walls pressing us the ball flat and when one of our Rectus Abdominis gives out they get the ball pressed in.”

“I want all of that but to also experience what the other person feels when losing or winning over me. To be corseted and then pressed.” I felt I had completed my list of bizarre requests, I felt like I had made myself look weird.

“I thought you would ask for double teaming a person or against you.” Stephanie said looking for a yes.

I realised that could be top idea and smiled and nodded.

“We will do most of that tonight.” Stephanie said to my disbelief.

She stood beside and she was as tall as me. She swayed her body and it enlarged. She was as big as the first time we met. Her now flabby arms went under mine and around my rib cage and she gave me a bear hug that got continuously tighter. Then spoke these words. “Do not go easy on me, I cannot break. Take it to extremes you know to be wrong. When I pass out carry on as if I was just a rag dole. Massage my belly the same way I done yours when I revive. Expand me as much as you want; shrink me to as thin as you want, corset me to as small as you want, remember that as a fat girl I can be corseted and squashed too, If you pass out while I am out we will both wake up with immense white-hot crush sensation and be as equally helpless, use squashing chambers. I can do soft or immense belly pressing on you and you on me at any time.

Her hug was so tight that I had not taken a breath for some of that. She said, “Lets begin.”

I stood besides her facing her; she reduced back to skinny again. I place me left hand on the small of her back and the right hand on her belly. Her 20-inch waist consisted of 6 inches left to right and 4 inches front to back. She ask, “Which do I prefer”

Chapter 8 will follow
Jan 11, 2021
Manawatu, New Zealand
Chapter 8 continued.

Suddenly she increased an-inch sideways and reduced an-inch in depth. And I replied, “Both are good.”

She then dropped back to 6-inch wide again in an 18-inch natural waist. I stood behind; with the finger tips on the left and right hand touching, placed on the front of her belly, my thumbs were around on her back, I ran my fingers up and down abdomen while my thumbs stoked her back. This was the thinnest girl I would ever touch. Every thing felt firm and packed solid. There was no fat on the tummy and there is no give. This made it seem wrong to squeeze it.

Stephanie reading my mind started talking about the muscular structure of the abdomen. She told me that muscles called Transverse Abdominis (the bodies corset) achieve the thin depth. There is a set of exercises that makes this muscle so strong that it squashes the midsection. This stops the person from over eating. This makes me pre-squashed any anything you do is a secondary squashing.

Now this is when the light in the Temple turned green.

She gave me the instruction to link her and feel what she is experiencing. I ask if I can still feel my hands squash her belly as I feel her belly collapse under my hands. She told me I would feel two time lines. Wendy and Stephanie are the only stomachs that I had handled, this ultra thin waist did not feel like a stomach so I just put my hand in the middle and pressed. I felt funny inside my own stomach as if I was being lightly held. Then it felt like it was trying to displace but there was nowhere to displace to. Then I felt pressure on the exit points. She told me that she was about to prolapse; the innards are about to push out of my body.

I released her belly and she did a stomach vacuum. I placed my hand on the front and back there was no difference in size it just changed shape. It was minimum already.

I asked about the effect of a corset on the tiny waist and she said try it out. Because I physically had no corset to put on and orange surround went around her waist and I pulled the laces on it and reduced the waist to 14 inches. This confused me until felt what happened inside her. The corset changed the waist from wide thin to narrow and a little deeper. It was as deep as the chest. Which gave the innards a way to move around. If I placed any pressure on the centre front her belly contents would jettison out.

The orange light went out and her waist was corset free. She then told me there is an option used during the corset era. It was a plug fitted to the virginal used to stop the uterus from ejecting out when over compressed. I then waited for her to insert two plugs then hand on stomach pressed her navel in. I flattened the intestines but kept the pressure off the organs. I pressed the navel to millimetre of the spine. Stephanie was badly keeled over but as I was about to release her she said no and to explore the flatten midriff. She was in massive pain but insisted I kept pressing. She asked me to help her lie down and she told me to lie on her. She clearly wanted to roll up but she said expand your stomach to 80 inches (My width was still 9 inches with a depth 31 inches). I felt the intestines go flat again but did not displace.

Feel me again she said and I could her innards flattened as if they were mine were. I then noticed that she was passed out. I increased my waist to 90 inches (1 Yard deep) and waited 30 minutes. Normalised my waist and started to massage her waist. She woke up and said ‘is that what immense feels like’. 2500 years and that is the first time I ever feel anything like that. This is when she told me that what just happened was a lie. A person cannot have an 18-inch waist caused by muscular means. It is caused by deprived state of starvation or and body training compression wear including corsets.

Now lie on me with 40-inch stomach. I heard an ooff as she flattened out. She looked like I do when being compressed. And she told me expand and hold as much as I want but massage her back afterwards. I decided to try something else and placed the orange light corset on her and reduced her to 14 inches again.

I could feel inside my own midriff things moved around and I placed my 40-inch stomach on hers. I could feel the conflict of shape from the corset and my pressing down on her. I reduced to 30 inches and felt the conflict reduced. She was experiencing white-hot compression but was under no extreme hardship. I increased to 60 inches and the corset was only dictating the volume of the area but my bulging stomach was setting the shape. I increased to 80 inches and the corset set the volume still but it was a wide oval, I also noticed she was out cold.

I wanted to give her an immense squash but would I be more effective without the corset on?

The largest belly I ever had was 40 times the amount that I had to push Wendy out of my abdominal cavity. I choose 113-inch (4 feet deep) belly created from 80 inches over 10 minutes and held for 2 hours. I was monitoring her shape and pressure but also exploring having a 113-inch belly. Lying face down one does get gut crushed when they have a massive potbelly.

I went to sleep and woke up as my stomach started shrink in size. I could feel the load coming off my own innards but I could also feel her stomach becoming unloaded. When I felt the corset become in control of the shape I asked for the size reduction to stop. She was white-hot squash sensation and I asked for the corset removal. I felt her waist spread to 6 inches wide but I could feel her spine with my stomach.

I started reducing my stomach size but at 35 inches I had very little effect on her stomach. I decided to raise my stomach up to 50 inches (16 inches deep) over two minutes and drop back to 35 inches instantly 5 times just to feel the process on me and her. I was on the fifth time when she started recovering. She was squirming and I asked her if it was massage time. The answer was yes.

I climbed off her and I felt her exploding pain I her abdomen. It took two hours of massaging for the pain to dissipate. I sat against a wall with her on my lap with my hands over her belly. I started to ask questions about being super skinny and when is used her bodies muscles to keep it so thin. I talked about pictures I had seen of people with over thin bodies that they claimed they got by working out. She went into demonstration mode.

Her chest increased to 28 inches and breasts stayed the same size. Then her waist grew to 23 inches and it looked super thin still. It started rolling between 25 and 23 inches and it still looked very thin. I pointed to my Rectus Abdominis muscle and I ask if this is the muscle.

She looked at me and said “Transverse Abdominis is underneath that and runs across the body and wraps the innards like a corset. This vertical set in the middle with the Internal and External Oblique muscles stop it from outside forces. These muscles Rectus Abdominis can actually make you look fatter but can become very powerful.”

“I will weaken my transverse muscles without adding anything to my abdomen.” She said

I was running my hand over the front of her low body and I felt it spread to the same size of he chest. Now I will slowly strengthen them to the maximum of a fat free abdomen. The stomach started shrinking inward from all four sides. Before I put any control on what I was saying I asked her to do that again. With the muscles released I found the innards very squishy and easily to move, as it tightened they became firmer. Yes I asked for three more cycles.

After that she then offered to demonstrate the Rectus Abdominis muscle. Abdominis muscles. “I release the Transverse Muscle half way so they do not confuse you. Now I will weaken the other core muscles from the Pelvic Floor to the outer muscles.”

She went all floppy and her guts became super easy to mess around with. I was not drawing any extra strength; I could move the contents to any position in the abdomen, all up top or in the bottom. I squeezed them once they were in the bottom that is when I noticed she was passed out. Oops. I thought. I stopped squeezing and she woke up, stood up and shook herself.

She sat down in my lap and said, “You do love gut squeezing.”

“Right I am now going to strengthen these outer muscles and watch the sensations.” She said. “Make sure you are monitoring them.”

More Chapter 8 to come
Jan 11, 2021
Manawatu, New Zealand
Chapter 8 continued

I was lightly pressing in using fingers and palm her innards and feeling her intestine momentarily flattening. This was weird because I could feel intestine flattening inside my body but I also felt it inside her with my fingers. I was intentionally staying away from the organs, as I did not want to bruise them. That might be the main reason she was doing dual sensations to stop me from being reckless.

What I refer to as palpitations; is not lifting my hands off her flesh, pressing her inwards using fingers and palm, releasing pressure but staying in contact. In some cases the release is partial so some squashing is sustained. There is no slapping action on the skin.

What I refer to flat is a line between the chest most forward point and hip most forward point. Concave is curved like a sphere surface between hip and ribs. Excess refers to extended in front of flat line. Pressed in refers from flat line to back bone.

I felt resistance to my access to the intestines move further away. Soon I was pushing against a hard lump, her Rectus Abdominis

I put more effort in and started squashing the resisting muscles, which kept growing stronger. I reached a point where I had put my strength in to make her muscles move in. Suddenly I felt my own Rectus Abdominis muscle being pressed in as I sat.

I decided I was sitting on her belly and putting more weight on as she strengthened her belly. I asked if there was a limit to how strong a belly can be.

“I can hold the weight of the forty times size stomach (365 inches around) for several minutes.” She replied almost like a request. “Then the time scale up as the weight decreases, there is time limits though. If you tense your bicep it will tire out. The abdomen tension goes in waves but eventually a reset is required. Do you like to try your weight at 75% of my capacity and see how long I can handle in a partial release of muscle tension?”

“I will go 15 times of the lifting Wendy size. Tell me when you are full strength.” I replied.

“Climb on now lye down and slowly count to 15.” I was instructed.

I counted one and she was already creating waves with her Rectus Abdominis muscles. Deep waves going nearly all the way down. By the time I got to 5 times the size the waves were starting to shallow. When the count and size got to 15 she let go. I fall a sleep again.

Movement awaked me. I felt myself moving like I was on a waterbed. Stephanie was pressing me up from flat with her powerful stomach muscles. I was very impressed and she looked happy she had done it but for some reason I carried on counting 16, 17, 18 and felt he belly quivering. My own guts were white-hot from lying on my massive belly I was crushing under my own weight and I had not had relief the whole time and now I intensifying my own crush.

I lowered myself down to 12 and I felt Stephanie stabilise her abdomen. I wanted a super crush from my own obesity so I whispered to Stephanie. “I am going for full fatness. Are you Okay with that?”

She had confidences up and agreed. I got to 19 when I thought how nasty it would be if she gave out on me. Eh her muscle rated to handle all and I wanted to feel my guts self-crush with every cubic foot of fat that was mounted to my midriff. This time I messed up and went 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, and 27. They were words to me and I knew the food I ate could achieve forty times. I was immensely squashed by my own weight but it was not Stephanie’s spine my belly was touching but Rectus Abdominis muscle. Her Rectus Abdominis muscle, it felt like tree branch, as it was that big and irrepressive.

I want to pass out on my own weight, it felt immense at forty and I was lying on my back. It felt ridiculous being so far above her, as I started with chest on chest and hip on hip, now my arms dangled along the length of my stomach and legs dangled that my feet could kick the sides, but I kept counting 33, 34, 35, 36, and 37. At 37 nothing more happened. My guts felt like a blow touch and then Stephanie start quivering her abdominal muscles. I recognised this as the vibrations in the pit squashing. This was to prevent me from passing out.

Then I felt something that felt like a belly punch that went from front to back, Stephanie had bounced me on her stomach muscles. The vibration was doing their job well; I could only squirm and not pass out, another bounce followed by another. She can press the full weight of the Temple so I was nothing to her in my giant mass. It was a triple bounce that followed. And the vibrations kept me conscious I could not rub my stomach because there was so much of it. Another bounce and the vibrations stopped my belly felt like an immense fire. I thought I was going to throw up but another bounce and I was out cold.

I woke up sitting on Stephanie’s lap with a flat stomach. She was massaging my belly from behind but also using vibrations to interfere with the pain. The pain was white-hot crush sensation level with the vibrations.

“Go back to sleep.” She said. “Your intestines are shredded. I went to far and it will take another day to heal.”

The light in the room was teal and did she say another day. Using the Saturday session to calculate from I only 60 hours. “How long have we been in here so far?” I enquired. “I have slept quit a bit this time.” I added.

“This is your tenth day. Never tell Wendy of this dimension.”

I nodded thinking of how much had happened since I left school. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the vibrations and massage. I became more alert several times and I was lying down with her sitting on my chest working my lower guts and sitting on my hips working the upper guts. Standing on my stomach trying to push in with her feet. The vibrations were going all of the time. My stomach still had white-hot crush sensations.

Then I one time I woke up and there was no vibrations, I was on Stephanie’s lap with a belly protruding 6 inches forward of my hip. The light in the room was a tree green and I was sitting against Stephanie’s solid belly. She was pressing my belly flat and releasing it.

“Ready to go again?” She said with enthusiasm.
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Some parts of these chapters seem to be 'Over the Top' because they are like a 'Child in a Candy Store'. It is full of i want everything regaurdless of how bad they appear afterwards.

Chapter 9

“We have covered skinny and muscular well. Now it is time for fat against fat,” she said placing her hand on my chest. “It requires the paradigm to change in order to change rules.”

“Up to now I have been able to change the size of my body but you were limited the same volume above and below the midriff.” She said as my chest almost double in size and shrank again.

With her hand still placed on my chest Stephanie said, “This has always been this size though out everything we done so far. It will be wider and deeper 50 inches circumference. But you can increase by another ten inches or go back to this size at anytime.”

“In this new scenario you have been working in a gymnasium for 3 years building your arms, chest, abdomen, your buttocks and legs. You can carry 70 kilograms over your shoulder for 8 kilometres. Since then you could have maintained this level or allowed it to turned into flab or fat. Change as much as you like.”

“You can crush me with mighty strength or extreme fat or return me back to lightweight state. Instead of the pit we will use this concrete wheel with variable size hole in the middle. The hole will be velvet lined despite how many times you alter the dimension. It can place us in a horizontal position which means we can share underneath and on top positions but also a neutral on the side.”

“The two skinny people over there can be size adjusted and used on either of us. Do you agree to these changes?”

“Hell yeah” I said not considering all the implications.

“Let start.” Stephanie said.

I turned Stephanie around and placed my hands on her stomach and said 35 inches without getting wider. She turned her head and looked at me. I squeezed her flat to her ribs but let her go without having the chance to pass out. ‘Enlarger her all over to a 35-inch waist with flat stomach.’ Her rib cage was 35 inches and her hips were 36. My next command was simple ‘very weak Rectus Abdominis muscle’. I pulled her stomach in by 65% could feel everything moving but also compressing. It was beautiful to handle such large quantities so easily. She was so soft and pliable. Her innards were in a white-hot sensation. I realised to get her tighter was beyond my strength so I asked for strength that could lift the front of a car off the ground.

She turned her head again and said to me. “Do not hold back.”

I pulled her stomach in 85% of her depth. I could feel her underside of chest resting on my forearms, as she had no ability to support herself. I held her there for 5 minutes then she said that she needed to breath a little more so I released her.

Next I said make her Rectus Abdominis muscle strong enough to support a 1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass entire weight on top of it. She again turned her head with an inquisitive look. I pulled her stomach in and it was a stalemate.

Lets use ‘support a 1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass entire weight on top of it’ as a standard unit of Rectus Abdominis strength.

With Stephanie still in front of me I felt her Rectus Abdominis, which now covered her whole abdomen. I pressed it in; as she had not flexed it I felt it yield under my palm. I pushed it in to the mid point under the rib cage and asked her to push it out again. It was effortless for her.

‘Extend my belly three inches forward’ I command making me 41 inches in circumference. I felt my whole balance change. I was still holding her belly so I felt her move away with the push of my enlarged guts. I tried pulling her into my belly but the angles were all wrong. I could feel her flesh against my tummy front as she leaned against it. She had firm body that covered the whole width of my potbelly.

I signal one of the side lined helpers over and got him to stand behind me and reach around us with hands on Stephanie stomach and to squash her into me until my stomach was flat. I asked for average strength Rectus Abdominis muscle. Stephanie turned her head sideways and said, “Nice.”

Stephanie felt good pressed against me. She was under no real load and was more relaxed than fighting the crush. Her bottom was pressed against my hip and her shoulder blades were against my chest. She was not forcing herself against me and any pressure was because her lower back was holding my belly flat. I think she was curling the lower apart so her bottom was not be pressed into my hips. The more I thought about that later on I wished I used the second helper to pull behind and compress her bottom into me. My 35-inch chest had front to back measurement of 9 inches and I wanted to see how much I could make into fat pressed into it.

Her back just touching my chest base to the hipbone top and the fat rammed into my innards felt nice.

I asked for another 2 inches extended forward and the helper held us together. With the just over 50% of the abdomen is extra fat added my inside were noticing the crushing level. I requested another 1 inch but for the helper to let my gut out fully as it came and then pull us together again after the expansion finished. I repeated the 1-inch again with full released and then pressed flat. I could feel the firmness of her back pressed my innards in a steady crushing action.

I thought about the amount inside me being 78% fat plus normal contents. Most of my innards did not move into the chest and hip cavity but the fat squeezed its way into there. The crush sensations on my innards were rolling through me. I flexed my Rectus Abdominis against the crush but it was ineffective against Stephanie’s Rectus Abdominis. My 35 inches with 7 inches forward of fat is 50 inches in circumference. All of this was pressed back to 35-inch circumference with Stephanie back. With my giant hips and chest I was handling this quite well. Stephanie was comfortable because she had massive amount of strength to not even strain but that was over.

‘Soften Stephanie’s Rectus Abdominis muscle until weak over two minutes.’ She turned her head and looked at me with fright. I placed my hands along the bottom of her rib and top of her hipbone feeling the sinking in of her innards. My own stomach had its white-hot crush sensations sustained. When Stephanie got 3 fingers deep I asked for a ‘hold’ while I explored her cavity caused by the displacement. Then I command to ‘continue’.

At 75% Stephanie passed out. And her belly instantly went to her backbone, my own stomach had white-hot sensations but I want to explore her open cavity caused by displace intestines. I heard her voice say in my head, “The longer you leave me like this the more massage I need to recover.”

I was not ready to loose this crushing before I had a chance to explore the compressed body. I command ‘lock her to this shape and for the helper to let us go and return to the side line.’

My 50-inch belly was uncompressed; I should have locked it in the concave flat state. It felt strange manoeuvring around her body having so much weight forward of the hip. It was a weird balancing act.

I prop her up with one hand and walked around to her front. Her midriff missing guts was a weird site and I started very lightly palpitating inside her hollowed abdomen area. She was not flattened to the spine, as there was almost an inch to go. On the area above the hips it could feel intestines and an organ. In the chest underside it felt more intestine I asked the helper to hold her up while we stood her against the wall.

I zero my body to flat and placed my abdomen over hers. I asked the helper to pin me against her and commanded ‘expand my belly forwards’. When it I touched all surfaces inside I said stop, my guts was holding her chest up. She was still passed out. I command to be locked to her.

I asked the helper to lay her on the floor face up with my belly still occupying her abdominal cavity. With my weight on top I expanded my belly to fill every part of the cavity until my belly was white hot inside.

I enjoyed the feel of my obese belly squirming inside her midsection but I asked for the hold on her belly to release her crush. I was pushed up out of the cavity by the fact my fat heavy belly was not enough to place that much crush on her. The crush that emptied the cavity on her was the force required to press my stomach with a 30-inch overhang flat. I requested a reset to her been crush in as before.

more to come
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Chapter 9 continued

I asked the helper beefed up to 160 kilograms mostly around his waist to lye on top of me. I asked the second helper beefed up 140 kilograms to sit on his back in alignment with our bellies. My stomach started to flatten out under the 300 kilograms so I added inches forward of the hip until my back was a more comfortable alignment. I asked for the slow release of the hold on Stephanie belly. Once again I was lifting out.

I reset her crush back to the level before. I added two more inches forward of the hip and my chest and hip started to lift off Stephanie. I added 20 kilograms each to the helpers followed by another 20 kilograms to each so finally my belly squashed enough for the hips to touch hers. My innards were burning in the crushing. I released the hold on her belly and I rose slightly. The burning on my innards was increasing so I asked for the helpers to climb off; I got off Stephanie.

I started to massage Stephanie belly while sitting on her hips. I was looking forward to massaging her abdominal area while I was squashing her. I had moved and was sitting on her chest when she started to stir.

“Nicely done” she said. “A few things I was not expecting”.

I smiled and then stood her up and hugged her. Her returned hug drove the air out of my lungs. I broke my hold and walked over to wheel. We fitted from the bottom of our buttocks to mid height of the ribs. I commanded for the gap to be 150% of our chest depths and our fat bellies to touch in the middle with both very weak Rectus Abdominis muscle.’

I was just sprouting numbers and not thinking of the physical dimensions. Stephanie 35-inch chest was 10 inches wide and 7 inches deep while my 50-inch chest was 13 inches wide and 12 inches deep. The pit was 28.5 inches long and we had 9.5 inches of potbelly between us. It was not even as I had not specified that in the command, a fact I would remember later on, our bellies were proportionate to our chests. I had two thirds leaving her one third, 3.5 and 6 inches respectively.

“Are you going to press us together?” Stephanie asked.

I smiled and commanded ‘keep expanding us until both of us are 180% of passing out level in 3 minutes. Put us in a spinning rotation of 6 seconds per half rotation with 30-second pauses when each of us is at the bottom for 1 hour. Then release us and the helpers massage our bellies until recovered.’

“You come up with some really great ideas.” Stephanie said. “We are totally equal and pass out together. You will be heavier than me in the roll over because of our starting sizes. Oh that is getting tight now. We are equal on internal pressure.”

I interrupted. “Would you like a small amount of Rectus Abdominis strength so you squash me with belly rolls and flutters?

She nodded so I commanded ‘stop this current squashing’ and we returned to touching bellies.

I commanded ‘expand us until I am 180% of passing out level in 15 minutes. Then put us in a horizontal spin of 6 seconds per half rotation with 30 seconds pause when one of us is at the bottom. Give Stephanie the Rectus Abdominis strength she calls for so she can do belly flutters and belly rolls through out this compression sessions. At the end of the hour of rotation the helpers give us stomach massage until we heal.’

“I love it.” Stephanie said. “I can keep changing calls.” Stephanie calls were not stomach size or crush levels but she called a Rectus Abdominis strength level of 100% could support the full weight of a 1972’s Oldsmobile Cutlass.

3% she called but she did not put any of it into practice. She was squashing down to the same level as me. After the first minute She said “halt” and compressing stopped intensifying, She looked me in the eyes and said ‘ready’. This was so different from the narrow thin body, which had nowhere to store extra mass. I could feel Stephanie over soft belly squishy against mine. There was no immense crush or shifting organs. Things were relaxed; still tight, we are equally pushing against each other.

Not knowing what was being offered I agreed to let her do what she wanted. Stephanie suddenly pressed her Rectus Abdominis stomach outwardly and mine got a little tighter. The nice thing was that she was pushing my stomach in with a soft ball. Then she relaxed her stomach and we both started expanding into each other.

“Halt” she said again at the three and half minute mark. Stephanie attempted to her pushed her stomach out. “5%” she said and her belly pushed all the way out. Then she started fluttering her belly through her soft ball on front of it. Then the expansion started again and I was noticing the mildness of compressing a lager body. I commanded an extra ten inches on Stephanie. I felt her belly leap into me and she called for 8% and despite that she was relaxed Rectus Abdominis.

Stephanie tried another tummy flutter but she was short of strength so she asked for 25%. I could feel her tummy with the extra strength pushing my soft ball back into me. I asked if she would want to be pushed together closer. She commanded for the pit gap to close up by 4.5 inches leaving 5 inches between the ribs. This game changing move got me excited. I decided to not add any more to Stephanie but take some off her. I commanded her chest to stay 35-inch circumference mine was brought down to 40 inches with flat tummies. (10 inches wide and deep and 8-inch gap between chests). She immediately pushed her Rectus Abdominis out to protect her self but found a gap between us.

“Should we pick our own belly sizes in a contest to test our keenness in the squashing? The measurement are forward of the ribs.”

I commanded ‘8 inches’. This left me touching her flat belly with my fat bulge. Stephanie commanded ‘7 inches’. This pushed almost to the middle of gap between us. I felt the white hot crush sensations rolling in my innards. I commanded ‘3 inches’ and I saw that I was pushing into her midriff cavity.

The balance was so easily upset but to my surprise the pressure was shared, as it was my own belly collapsing back into me as I had the majority of the mass and chest size. When I went 8 inches it was less than my front to back chest measurement and when Stephanie went only seven inches it matched her chest depth. I added 3 inches, which went in my chest as hers was already used up.

“You need to call at least three inches to move me out.” I said to her knowing she would not.

“I still have my 25% Rectus Abdominis strength to lift an Oldsmobile Cutlass.” She said back. So I commanded for ‘2 inches’. There was only 25 inches between the walls and 20 inches of belly overhang with 17 inches of chest. This was too much for me, but I was not backing off. The crush was rolling through my stomach and then she flexed pushing 7 inches out from her abdomen. This put 20 inches of belly hang into my 10-inch deep chest and the 8-inch gap. I decided to make her strengthened Rectus Abdominis weak against the load before she has a chance to compensate for it. I commanded 230% of passing out (I was saying numbers but I actually was already there) instantly followed by rolling horizontal with 30-second pause for one hour and then massage by the helpers.

I heard her command another Rectus Abdominis strength of ‘222%’ before I passed out. I woke up in the air facing down at her. I was in the hour of horizontal rolling and she was pushing me up with her with her Rectus Abdominis. Then when I was at the bottom the load was lighter as she relaxed her muscles. I spotted that she was wider left to right, than at the start.

“You are a lot wider than before.” I said to her.

“I had to be widen so the body fitted the Rectus Abdominis of this size and power. The muscles keep becoming fatigue and replacing with new muscles is the only way around it. I have only two more changes left in this body and eighteen minutes left in the cycle. I asked her to do belly rolls on my seriously crushed belly and for some reason she did it. I was close to passing out waiting for the moment she rested. I command for another ‘8 inches’. I woke up with the helper massaging my guts and Stephanie was beside me not needing recovery work.

“Next round we are-inch apart.” I started as suggestion of improving from here now that I have an idea how to work with extra chest and hips. “There is no Rectus Abdominis strengthening for either of us. We share turns of overpowering the other. Something I found massive last time is that spread a part and push together again.”
Jan 11, 2021
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Chapter 9 continues

Both of us had 35-inch chest of 10 inches wide and 7-inch deep.

Stephanie quick reply was “You are going to change terms before the round is over.”

“I just want a squashing session.”

We stepped back into the pit, which was now the vertical wheel, and it closed to one-inch gap. I looked at Stephanie and said “4 inches each?”

This pressed the overhang to the mid depth point of chests.

First pressure was on and I looked at her “1.5 inches on each of us”. She Okays that and we were expanded. Chest depth 7 X 2 + Overhang 5.5 X 2 = Pit width 15 + displacement of 10 inches. Therefore 14 inch waste with 10 inch displacement + 1 free inch.

“Lets hold and see who calls quit first” I taunted. We were both squirming, as this was a lot much than white-hot crush. Only minutes passed and I gave in first. I was prepubescent so the rib cage one inch apart Stephanie breast pressed my pectoral muscle.

The pit gap was 15 inches so I suggested 20-inch gap and then close to 17 inches; hold for 30 seconds and instantly go out to 20 inches and close to 16 inches over one second, hold for 30 seconds, and instantly go out to 20 inches and close to 15, hold until one of us say stop. Stephanie agreed out of desperation knowing it was opening to a one-inch crush and closing to a 4-inch crush, then opening back to a one-inch crush and closing to a 5-inch crush, and again to a six-inch crush between us.

I asked if we could make our rib cages 2 inches in a pit gap of 20 inches minimum. Stephanie asked about width. Go with the same width the first time and inch wider with 9-inch deep chest the second and decide on another inch wider on a third try.

With the chest cavity expanding to 9 inches deep the crush load on our abdomen reduced therefore we will use a greater percentage of chest depth as fat.

Stephanie commanded for 7 inches each, which was two-thirds chest depth in a minimum 20-inch pit gap. And starting gap of 31 inches, which is 1-inch crush.

The pit opened to 36 inches and we both climbed in and lined up our bodies. The pit closed to 31 inches. We both agreed the alignment was right and to start the squeezing cycle. Press in 1 inch and after 30 seconds release to 31 inches instantly then press in 2 inches. Hold 30 seconds and instant 31 inches until the pit reached 20 inches deep. Hold until one of us gives.

Neither of us gave up after 5 inches so I suggested trying again with 8-inch overhang and 33 maximum pit width. Stephanie countered with open up to 31 and add 1 inch to both of us. If that is too tight for a return spot then open to 33.

I thought quickly and agreed. When we got to a very hot 20-inch pit gap the 30 seconds was too long. Then we widened our bodies by one inch and 20 inches I made 5 minutes just before asking for a released. The next attempt was 1-inch wider bodies again and at 20 inch I made 5 inches comfortably.

“How about we stay where we are and use Rectus Abdominis to press the other one.” I suggested.

“How much muscle strength are we going to use? She asked.

“Can we use muscle this pressed in?” I asked.

Stephanie said, “abdominal muscles strong enough to support a 1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass.” And then she started to flex them.

This is a tight hot crush now and I wanted a chance to squash her back. I asked for the pit to open to 28 inches and pushed heavily with the abdominal muscles. Stephanie passed out and went back to oscillating the pit gap size. This was less exciting than I thought it would be so on the fifth cycle I stopped the pit gap at 21 inches.

“How about flexing Rectus Abdominis into each other from here?”

“Agreed” came back for Stephanie with an “I flex first.”

The pit a 21 inches had a lighter load but this massively increased as her Rectus Abdominis pressed her pot into mine. She moved slowly and I asked for stop and hold before she got all of the way.”

After a few seconds she asked, “Ready for some more?”

“Half an-inch more please.” I replied. This was tight, super burning. Explosions in my abdomen meant I could not even hold this level so I ask to do the pushing. She released and I started at the same pace she did.

I could feel my own stomach fat crush trying to squeeze into her. I passed the point where I stopped and she was indicating to keep going. My Rectus Abdominis had reached my hip height; she had taken it all. I thought of myself as a woos until I noticed that she was unconscious. I decided to hold the load until my Rectus Abdominis tired.

My innards were not under pressure but the fat in front of the Rectus Abdominis was burning. As I released my tired Rectus Abdominis I felt the hot burn go back onto my innards. I opened the pit and removed our overhang and started massaging Stephanie belly. I love the post crush feeling in my own belly as I fixed Stephanie.

I asked her if we can go again but when pressing into the other person we do not exceed 45% of chest depth and Stephanie was keen. We returned to the pit, with our 10-inch wide and 9-inch deep chests, 8-inch gap and 8-inch overhang each. The process was having innards without pressure and a fat ball on front squashed tightly to feeling the fat ball collapsing under my chest and innards in white-hot crush.

The first few times as soon as the stomach fully extended the retraction occurred but I asked for a hold for as long as she could hold it. This was not an exciting crushing but I would like it on a daily bases.

I asked Stephanie if she wanted to bring the 16 inches of belly into a 24-inch gap of walls and hold for 30 minutes and then release and massage.

“Why not.” She said.

The post crushes massaging I revived before she did. I had a lot of burning in my belly and asked the helper to leave me with the sensations rolling in my body.

When Stephanie came to I was ready for more events, I still had the crush sensations rolling through my belly. I sat down which actually put more noticeable pressure on my belly increasing my belly crush sensations. Stephanie was clear so I asked her to stand with her bottom against my stomach with my legs wrapped around her thigh when I reached the rock that could be used as a barstool. My chest was reduced to 32 inches

I asked for the helper to stand behind me and to squash Stephanie’s bottom into my stomach. I asked Stephanie to keep her bottom super hard. I commanded my belly to expand 6 inches forward and the helper to let me out 2 inches during the first three inches and pull Stephanie flat with my body on the last three inches.

Because I was using her bottom I was not flat but concave. That was intense squeezing of the innards and crush sensations rolled through my body. I asked for Stephanie’s bottom to increase in size as muscle. I asked for it again for her to be pressed into me followed with full release. Then I asked for the bottom to consist of more fat than muscle. The muscle gave the better crush and the fat crush was deep but also was soft.

Stephanie was okay with being the helper pulling her in by the hip. So I called for 21 more squashes with every seventh one fat bottom. My stomach expanded quarter of an inch every second compression.

If I passed out if I was held there for a day before release. I asked if Stephanie could handle this without passing out, or needing help herself.

I did not pass out so I just asked for the cycle of compressing and expanding to continue until I did. Then I was given 6 hours unconscious with her bottom in fat mode to muscle in a 15 minute cycles holding my expand belly in a constant concave flat state.

When I woke up as she was already released. She did not last 6 hours before her muscles tired and she was having massage to her bottom. Looking back as I was prepubescent then I would have liked to have done this massage on her.

A preloaded crush she suggest as she woke up.

“We use the two helpers in the pit. We all have 13-inch wide 12-inch deep chest and hips. We all have 7-inch overhang in a pit 54 inches wide and expand and contract our bellies or pit opens a little then closes.

“I will give that ago.” I responded

Last part of chapter nine tomorow
Jan 11, 2021
Manawatu, New Zealand
Chapter 9 continued

We all stood in the pit; the pit opened to 54 inches, our chest expanded until we were 12 inches deep (50 inches circumference). The two helpers faced each other and I was back to back with one of them. I was face to face with Stephanie and her back was to the pit wall. There was a 6-inch gap to the pit ends so I asked for 2 inches overhang on all 4 of us.

This felt light but I was interested in how a squash up would effect the chest as the pit went to mid height. I asked the pit to close to 49 inches giving our chest quarter of an inch clearance. Stephanie reduced her breast to none and she seemed very feminine still. The bellies were in light compression so I asked 1 inch on everyone. It was not about white-hot crush as it was to see if chest this close together would have issues. With breathing a lot of chest bumping was happening. So the pit was opened up 54 inches again.

We then expanded the bellies to 7 inches overhang (front to back 19 inches each). We went into a hot crush mode but I was being pushed from behind and I was being rammed into Stephanie. This was over the top and I wanted either smaller chests or bigger chest gaps just see how chest cavity felt in a preloaded crush. Stephanie suggested that all 4 loose 2 inches each. This released pressure on the bellies as overall front to back reduced by 8 inches. Our stomachs became 68 inches from 76 inches in 54-inch gap and chest were only 40 inches deep. The pressure a gut level reduced and the chest level was increased.

I was being driven into Stephanie by the helpers behind me. So I commanded ‘Stephanie and I have an inch more belly each and the pit was 54 inches long.

“Our two bellies combined is 36 inches and 20 inches of chest, the helpers bellies were combined 34 inch with 20 inch chests. Total 70 inches in 54-inch pit gap.

“With this preload can we press Rectus Abdominis into each other one at a time?” I asked.

One person 18 inches leaves 34 inches for 2 at 17 and 1 at 18, total 52. The three chests add up to 30 inches so it was safe on the chest. I went to solid Rectus Abdominis and felt the helpers push back but I also drove into Stephanie. After compressing the workers they were applying more pressure that went into Stephanie. My eight inches was in a hot crush while everyone else’s innards were in white-hot crush.

I asked Stephanie to swap to her with the flexed Rectus Abdominis and I went soft. Her belly drove into me with the helpers pushing me into her belly. I asked the helpers to flex enough for Stephanie and I to become 1 inch apart at the chest but Stephanie said I was filling my 10-inch chest with 16 inches of guts so I dropped that idea and went to sleep for 2 hours in white-hot crush.

When I woke up I had another idea. The pit was opened up and we all got out. I lay down and motioned Stephanie lie on top of me. I placed the helper on top of her and asked if she could handle the other one could sit over our bellies.

She said “Okay but they massage us when we pass out.”

I agreed to this not knowing that after 20 minutes neither of us passed out.

Lets try something else I said.

“Lets all four go back into the pit. Open to 50 inches with all of us 12-inch deep chests. Once in the pit create belly over hang of 12 inches of 3 inches each. With the pit opening and closing to 60 inches we add half an inch to all our bellies per closing, until one of us passes out. Open and close in 3 seconds. Holding for 30 seconds when closed.” I suggested.

Stephanie threw back the first openings is 52 inches until we are all and inch bigger the 55 inches until we are 6 inches each then opening to 60 inches until one of us pass out. Stay at that level at 54 inches pit gap for 2 hours. Then we revive still in crush”

We got immensely tight when I passed out.

“Is your belly on fire” I asked her when I woke up.

“In a pleasant way” she replied.

“Can we change the whole system to something else now?” I asked.

“If we go another three inches between us all now and I will discuss it” she said back.

I found it was difficult to talk when these inches went on but Stephanie stayed conscious so I made a big effort. I suggested that we are apart with 24-inch bellies combined and slowly press together with pauses to adjust when loosing consciousness became an issue. Stephanie came back with we are combined 44 inches front to back in the ribcages so you had 18 inches forward of flat and I have 10 inches in front of the hip. We go until our chests are 2 inches apart. We carry on even if one of us is out cold. We start at 2 inches per minute and anyone can call hold but we both have to agree to a stop if both still conscious.

“Lets do that.” I said.

We both had ribcages that 22 inches front to back and 60 inches in circumference. But Stephanie belly only 10 inches forward of the ribs where I had 18 inches to be flattened. Would my bigger guts squash into hers?

I was squashing into Stephanie but assumed she planed once she got so far I would take on more of the pressure. At 2 feet apart I could see where our bellies were in relation to each other but close up I had no idea apart from Stephanie was unconscious. At six inches apart I paused and went to sleep. I woke up and continued until our lower ribs touched. I went to sleep again. I woke up and Stephanie was still unconscious. I asked for her to expand 1-inch forward and she was expanded. I went to sleep again. I woke up some time later and decided I had everything out of the crush I was getting. I separated us until our bellies just touched. I was astounded by the gap; I added 10 inches to my waist and asked for Stephanie to be sitting and the quickly close the gap to 10 inches to allow for her legs. I passed out and woke up a short time later.

Stephanie started to come around and she said, “We are loosing time here. You have not found out where the limits of the belly with bigger chest and hips. Turn your back to me.”

Stephanie placed her hands on my belly and I immediately understood we were going to basics that work well.

First command ‘zero extra belly’ Stephanie placed her hand on my stomach and pulled it to the mid depth point of my chest. She did gentle palpitations going a millimetre deeper each pressing and returning to midway. At the-inch point she stopped. Next command was ‘half body depth of fat’ placing her hand on my stomach she pulled me to mid point and started palpitations with the pats getting I millimetre deeper each time. At the two-thirds deep mark she stopped.

The next command ‘half body depth in fat’. That was a decent pot on front of me. She was palpitations the belly from the full length. It was interesting sensation as my belly jiggles. Instantly it was flat to the rib cage. It was like a snug hug but not really crushing. It was enjoyable but became boring quickly. Instantly she was mid point of belly which is full size reduced by three quarters. She went into palpitations with 1 millimetre sinking each press for 6 presses.

“This is still not in an exciting zone for you. But we are getting there.” Stephanie said to me.

I replied, “This is pretty good though. I could do this every day. I do want some intense and immense compression though.

Her next command was three quarters body depth in fat. I was 33-inch front to back. Actually seeing it front of me was exciting but knowing it was about to be all pressed into me below hip height got me anticipating the burn coming. Seeing Stephanie arms comically long to reach the front made me about what was about to happen.

Stephanie halved the length of the overhang. She was giving it the palpitations treatment. I was feeling the compression on my innards and feeling compression on the fat. I could feel the hand pressing. All these sensations all at once were exciting. Then she pulled my belly flat with the ribs. This was white-hot and rolling all through the stomach cavity. Then she started palpitations with it getting deeper.

“You are getting into your favourite zone. How does it rate when I bring it to mid point.”

Instantly she pulled my stomach to the mid point. It did change but it was not better. Tighter which is nice but not better. It was the pressure on the chest and hip contents was being bypassed. As I was saying this to Stephanie I realised that is what made having the other person belly enter the abdominal cavity so special.

A bit more to come
Jan 11, 2021
Manawatu, New Zealand
Chapter 9 continued

Stephanie released my stomach and command ‘full chest depth’ and instant pulled that in flat to the ribs. Pulled to mid point and asked, “Was this less going to mid point?”

I said “yes” and she sat me down. “This is good”

Stephanie released my stomach and commanded ‘1.1 body depth’. Stephanie instantly pulled it in 4 inches before the ribs. I had felt such intense squash but Stephanie slowly pulled in two inches inside the rib cage and slowly released it to 4 inches above the ribs.

Repeating the squash continuously Stephanie asked, “Where is the ultimate point? What is your rating on each point?”

“Fully out it is impossible to stand up. You are doing it all for me. When at the four inches of pot belly it is nicely crushed but as it reaches flat the whole body was enjoying but as you over shoot it becomes less in the body.” I replied hoping that was helpful. “Thanks for this rhythmic pressing it is very nice.”

Stephanie sat me down and asked the same question about each point of the squash. It was different. Tighter in every position. The pull in of six inches and releasing six inches felt more magical. The anticipation of increasing intensity was exciting every time she went in.

“Can you please go to the mid point for a try?” I requested and Stephanie delivered.

The crush is nice on the 4 inches to rib height on all of the body but losses out once crossing the rib cage line. The guts are not displacing like it was when I was skinny and giving an immense squash feeling. Can you please go to the mid point of what is left?”

Stephanie pulled my stomach to the point three quarters of the way to the back and I was fading in and out so she released to halfway again. She started a rotation; of going to the front of ribs, to three quarters point, to the mid point, to the three quarters point, 6 inches in front of ribs, to mid point, to three quarters point.

After a dozen changes she went to 12 inches in front of the ribs. There she commanded one and half times the body depth and it was white-hot crush sensations. She pulled to flat with the rib cage and it was immense but I was not passing out. The crush was exploding in my body. I had the shakes and she let out to 12 inches again just to pull back to the rib cage. A quick flick with her forearms so momentarily pulled it the mid point and released it. It left me keeled over riving in pain, I fall to side out of her arms and my belly was 33 inches in front of me with shooting pains emitting from my innards.

“There is your limit. We must move onto limits of occupied abdominal cavity. We need to drop back into the pit.” Stephanie said pulling me upright and towards the pit. “Do you want me to rub the sting out of you guts?”

Stephanie rubbed my belly from 33 inches in front down to flat. I loved the way it made the entire inside of my body feel until she exceeded the front of the ribcage depth. It then got close positioning; the smallest movement and our ribs banged each other.

I felt soft surface pushing on my stomach and suddenly with great Rectus Abdominis strength she pushed navel to 2 inches of my spine. I involuntarily thrust my chest downwards but the Stephanie potbelly stopped me from dropping and getting relief. She withdrew and slammed her potbelly in again. Then it shrank back to the halfway mark.

“As a flat stomach which is the nicest instant crush?” Stephanie asked.

“The smaller one” I replied.

The pit grew in length; she moved back, and then my stomach extended forward 12 inches. Stephanie was still further back and her belly extended 10 inches. Then the pit pressed us together so any movement our ribcages touched. It was a nice sensation and she used the Rectus Abdominis to push her belly into mine. It was a lot nicer with fat on mine.

With our chests 22 inches front to back and our bellies are both 8 inches forward of hips and ribs. Standing face to face the walls will press them in until 45 inches leaving one-inch of gap between our rib cages. STEPHANIE placed her feet in between mine.

Then as we breathe we either jam our ribs against each other or we controlled our breathing to prevent rib contact.

I command ‘4 inches in front’.

‘Same here’ she commanded.

This started a race for her to say ‘same here’ each time an-inch more. At times I was behind and times Stephanie was. We were both in too much pain to carry on so we ended it. Strangely it was at 22-inch front of ribs.

This was based on the what ever we added had to be pressed into ourselves because there was no gap as well as an existing compression.

The next time we did this each time we added the pit widened to the previous total. So the pit opened to 45 + 16, which is the 8 inches each and then add 4 inches to both of our bellies. Squash down to 45 again pausing when we want it to expand again in would open to 45 + 24 and then squashed in the new amount. The pit then closed down to 45 inches with any pauses requested. When we had reached 22 inches in front of the hip and it was so comfortable we decided to try 24 inches each and then 25. It was very white-hot but also comfortable so we both went to sleep in the crush. We sleep for 8 hours and it still was a comfortable and white- hot compression.

Then I introduced a new concept in the pit of standing back to back with bellies against the pit wall. While we stayed balance of expansion the rib cages stayed off the wall. Breathing threw the balance out; abdomen flexing also threw the balance out. It was the worst idea I ever had.

I wanted to go back to face to face with a combined expansion of 22 inches and swap turns pressing into each other with the Rectus Abdominis This was fun for the first 5 minutes but seemed like a lot of effort.

The next event was a real surprise when we both got out of the pit we both had 12-inch extended midriffs. She lay on the concrete facing up and motioned to me to lie on her. Hip-to-hip, chest-to-chest, gut-to-gut. Then the unexpected happened a helper with 60-inch waist laid on top of me face down. Then the other helper at 100 kilograms sat directly on the back over the aligned bellies. My belly was being driven into Stephanie belly I went to sleep.

Stephanie was adding to her belly quickly to stop my crossing the front of her ribcage. I had waked up realising I needed to add to mine, as it flattened under the weight and Stephanie s belly was entering mine. I was unaware Stephanie was adding weight to the helpers putting me in a situation of countering. I also did not realise when Stephanie passed out because she emptied her abdomen of all excess make me enter her fully. I felt my navel pressing on her backbone. I commanded ‘stop’.

I did not release us, as the squashing was amazing. I was fully in her abdominal cavity I sleep for hours. I woke up and told the helpers to climb off. As one of the helpers helped Stephanie belly to recover I asked the other to press mine flat. I thought it was my turn at the bottom but when Stephanie was ready we changed to Stephanie in an orange light corset.

The conditions were totally against Stephanie again but she insisted on it. The corset could reduce her waist by 3 inches up to 12 inches. I was to lie on her in the first part with a waist no smaller than 70 inches but could go a big as I dare. Ignore her losing consciousness and carry on.

If it was immense secondary crushing she wants I shall give it to her.

I lay on top of her and my stomach circumference went to 70 inches. I increased her stomach to 70 inches and corset down to 67 inches. I commanded the corset down the full 12 inches. She started shaking and I expanded to 112 inches. Stephanie was out cold. I reduced Stephanie to 35 inches with the corset at 12-inch reduction. She had a nice shape and my weight flattening the 23-inch waist I increased my waist to 150 inches. But I changed her corset reduction to 3 inches. And started expanding her to 100 inches corseted to 97. My weight was holding her to wide oval so I reduced to 70 inches to see if the corset would dictate her shape. I had lost interest in it all so I got off her and returned my waist back to flat. I returned her to 35 corseted to 23 inches. I just explored the shape with my fingers. I released the corset and got the helper to recover her.

Moments later Stephanie was standing behind me with her hands over my guts. “Expand,” she said. Causing my belly reach out in front of me. “I will teach you how work with a body in a corset.”

A little bit more to come
Jan 11, 2021
Manawatu, New Zealand
Last section of chapter 9. It is long winded but it is a story of a person in infinate options trying out everything.

Stephanie pulled my belly in flat to the rib cage let it out to half it is length and pulled it flat again. During the next cycle she said “60-inch chest”.

My chest expanded and I was handling the belly squash so much easier. As she let out my bulging guts she said, “122-inch circumference”.

As she let out my stomach I felt it tightening. She pulled it flat and it was tight and at the low end of white-hot. She released it out 12 inches in front of me and pulled it back in 4 more times. Then she held it flat for 5 minutes while she talked to me about future things.

“That has settled quite well at that crush level.” Stephanie said as she started a round of bouncing presses that got deeper each time until the half way mark when she paused.

Stephanie looked at me and I could feel the look and became nervous. She let it out to 12 inches in front of me and pulled it back to the mid point of the chest depth in a rhythmic pulse but on the 6 times Stephanie said “153 inches circumference” as she let the belly out and held it at 12 inches out from the rib cage.

I was tight in my abdomen she was just holding it to see if I was handling it and squashed it back to the rib cage. My chest was tight, my guts were very displace and under immense compression. My hip area could feel the extra contents pressed into it. A rolling agony going through my innards she held everything crushed.

Her face pressed to mine on the left side she said to me. “Tomorrow you will give Wendy the squashing board at school. Tonight is your last chance to use it but I think you might rather use these two things.”

She used one hand to compress my stomach and the other to hold a tin plate and a large tube of cloth.

“Your squashing board is very suited to Wendy belly and her squashing desires.” Stephanie continued. “Your body is adjusting well to this pressure. The crush is becoming quite comfortable for you.”

She was right I was finding the crush pleasant as will as intense. I was entering the stage when I would want more.

Stephanie continues, “I will sit you down in a minute to give you a bit more. This gear has three small sizes to help hide them. Small small small” she said.

They were the size of a thumbnail.

“Easily lost. No” she says as she throws them away.

“Come to me” she calls and they returned to her hands. She holds out the micro tube and puts it into my hands. “Give the command to ‘open’.”

I did and she told me to slide into it and cover her hand. She then allowed her hand forward as my guts expanded into the 153 inches it was. Stephanie removed her hand from my stomach and withdrew it from the body tube.

Tell it to close down to halfway to flat. Flat is flat with the hip and ribs. Then if you can go to flat or make more stops along the way if desired. The percentage starts the front of belly so you are narrower at three quarters than one quarter. Just like when you say ‘of flat’ is ratio of the distance to the spine.

I ordered to midway, then two thirds of the way, (it was very snug in a white-hot crush), then 80%, which worked but was over tight. My guts needed setting down so I tried 10 inches from flat and the command worked. It was squashed down to 10 inches forward of the ribs and was white hot inside.

Stephanie then told me to reduce my stomach size to 10 inches forward of the hips. There was no pressure on my belly.

“The band cannot go less than flat except the command concave. The concave command creates a smooth curve from the Claret on the ribs to the hipbone. It only works if there is no plate fitted. Are you ready for flat?”

“Yes” and I flattened my stomach.

“Think of a ball sitting on this surface and how it would touch at one point.” Stephanie pauses. Think of the ball touching the ribs as well as down here in the hipbone. Think of all this area in between touching the ball like it was flattened by it. Say concave.”

I did and it was a powerful tuck up. The ribs were not being stressed but all the soft stuff was looking like a partial stomach vacuum.

“Sit down” Stephanie said and I sat down.

I did not want to at the time but I was under her command. My innards were pulled and disallowed the expansion from sitting. I could feel the fat was squashed and squeezing into any point it could fit. This was very intense and I wanted to stand up and lean back. Stephanie did the opposite and ran her fingers and palms inside the hollowed surface.

“Lye down I going to sit in it.” Stephanie said.

As I was lying on the ground; I could feel the weight of the fat on my innards, I could feel the pressure squashing the fat on the abdomen, staring at her as she straddle my body and lining up with my chest. I had not agreed to this position but she never negotiated for it. My will was not ruling here. Stephanie weight registered on my ribs but not crushing or any sort of threatening manor. She pawed my stomach following off the edge of the ribs down the slope to the hips several times. She looked back at me with a big grin on her face.

“The crush is still a little to strong for you.” She said moving her weight onto her feet through her bent knees.

She plonked her bottom on my squashed stomach and I did not feel it. Stephanie bounced again and still nothing. She stood up and placed one foot across the soft tissue between hip and navel. There was still nothing where my squashing board would have brought me secondary crushing.

Stephanie straddles me again and I was waiting for something to switch and I was given more pressure but she sat on my ribcage facing me.

“The band sets the pressure on your belly from above the rib level to the rib level. Nothing including 100-ton machine driving over it can affect your abdomen pressure. You have been here for 18 days and I do not what you to have fatigue when you go home. I will give you this band but not the plate yet. I will fetch you from your bedroom on Friday night at 10 pm.” Stephanie said.

I was overloaded with 18 days, a super body tube, chest from 25 inches (smaller than normal) to 60 inches at any time. A waist from 20 inches, (somewhat thin) up to 153 inches. Hips that adjust to balance in size.

Then came more fuller instructions. “Discuss nothing that happened this afternoon with Wendy but give her the squashing board permanently. You can wear the band 24/7 but do not get caught in it. You can be in a crush 24/7. You can have squashing session with Wendy but the band will make it ineffective and needs to be off. Other than that enjoy the next three days. Grab your school bag and I will materialise a car.

I was not sure whether to wear the tube home. Normally there would not be risk of it seen. Stephanie dropped me off at the farm gate and I commanded ‘flat and stomach expand-inch forward per step for 50 steps. At 35 steps I was noticeably walking slower so I stopped the expansion and removed ten inches.

“How was school” mum asked as I came in the door.

“B+” I replied.

“I think Wendy is a good influence on you.” Dad said.

“Oh no, she wanted an A for It.” I said realising B+ was a low score for Wendy.

“Do you think she can help you with your maths?” Mum asked.

“Going to her place would mean not using the school bus. Wendy would not bike all the way out here. Parents time transporting us especially in the rain.” My parents could see that I liked the idea but it was problematic.

“Dinner in 30 minutes, go clean up.” Said mum.

I walked up stairs with a compression tube on 50 inches extra stomach being crushed, and no one noticed. Life is great.

Chapter ten tomorrow
Jan 11, 2021
Manawatu, New Zealand
Chapter 10

I went to bed that night and apart from the shower I had my stomach with a 38-inch stomach squashed flat. That was more than a hand resting on top but it had no crush. I commanded ‘48 inches in circumference in 10 minutes’. Now this was worth putting a band on for.

I was wanting more by 1 o’clock.

I commanded ‘concave’.

I woke up at normal time and sat on the edge of my bed. Sitting with concave band and twenty inches of extra circumference put a smile on my face. I knew I could not meet family with concave band on so I let in flat but I increased to 50 inches. Tight but different I was happy with it because I knew I would settle with 50 inches and could flick the concave on anytime I was alone. I packed my school bag including Wendy’s squashing board. Yes I had emotionally let it go for the update.

Breakfast, dishes, on the bus and finally catching up with Wendy. We were sitting by each other in class now. I was not allowed to tell Wendy what happened last night in the Temple but all the other stuff could be discussed.

Little did I know before school I would be discussing Quadratic Equations with her. X as in all algebra was a nasty item that plagued my school years.

It was this Wednesday Wendy started showing me there is always a way to resolve algebra. That night she invited me to her place after school to look at why I did not how to resolve the equations.

I had to let my parents know I was not going home on the bus. Wendy had to make sure I could get back to the farm. By lunchtime I had my stomach up 51 inches. I would have to hide the band from Wendy. By 14.30 I got confirmation that it was all on. Wendy had learnt about the B+ for the science project. She just looked at me and said she was distracted with the squashing events.

“I will get my grades up again,” she said. No disappointment and lots of confidence.

We arrived to her place and she quickly went in trying to explain the purpose of X in the equation. I was wearing the band and because she put on the squashing board we had a psychic link. My mind was racing as 5 days ago this girl given me a super crushing that I enjoyed greatly. I could not allow anything from last night with Stephanie into my mind.

I was so lucky that the stress of not understanding the whole X thing that Wendy saw my why I did not click. At high school level algebra was constant all year long thing compared to earlier school years.

She grabbed Knives, Forks, Plates, Cups and even used the chairs. Once she knew the problem it took 30 minutes to explain to me sets. I never understood multiplication and division. I had learnt timetables but never associated them to something occurring.

It was home time but Wendy said would try and catch me up to high school level tomorrow night if we can jack it up with parents. I asked her father to drop me off at the end of the drive so he did not drive through cattle mess. The true reason was I wanted to add an-inch and concave the band before I went to normal to eat dinner.

My dad asked me how did my math lesson go.

I said “I now understand things that caused me to fail over the last decade. I have to learn how to do equations now. Wendy wants me to have a go tomorrow night again learning algebra. I want to but we have other assignments coming due.”

“If you go there tomorrow night I will bring you home. We cannot expect her parents to do the entire extra workload. We might need her to pay a tutor fee to.”

I went to bed that night realising I am becoming a burden being friends with Wendy. Dad is too busy to driving into the city all the time. I should have clicked learnt this stuff, years ago and now everyone else is paying the price.

I thought about being fat and useless. ‘Open’ I commanded the tube as I went to bed. Then I asked for a 40-inch chest and started expanding my belly without a limit on the command.

As I lay in bed on my side I noticed I was starting to overhang the bed. The over hang kept growing and now was starting to effect my balance of being on the bed. ‘Stop growing belly’ I commanded. It was so large I could not get up, sit up or turn over. I started feeling the immensity of it with my hands. I was immobilised but my arms still worked.

I felt useless but I was fascinated with the mass I become. Then I knew how to feel my midriff weight squash me. I commanded ‘lay me on my back’. I could feel the wobbly state of the sides. It was trying to implode on itself but my innards were immensely compressed. As I started a wobble wave from the side I felt it roll the crush around my abdomen. The moving white-hot crush sensations were actually cheering me up. I was wobbling the tower of fat from all directs apart from the end as that was totally out of reach. The squashing on the innards was wonderful but watching the fat push lower levels in was intriguing me. Just out of curiosity I tried a command ‘30 kilogram person sitting on top’. Things intensified in a nice way. I went to sleep wondering what was really going on because the bed was as firm as the Temple structure instead of bending under my weight. 11 pm I command ‘increase person sitting on top 20 kilograms per hour’.

It was just after 2 o’clock and I was having breathing problems. I command ‘stop growing’. I added 2 more inches to my chest and breathing eased. I gave the belly a wobble and felt the heat in my innards and went back to sleep until 4 o’clock. My need for a bit more crush kicked in and I was debating more fat or heavily weight on top. Minutes into the debate I remember Wendy saying she was 108 kilograms so I asked for that on top.

These prepubescent years had a simplicity of which I was soon to miss. Wendy was not girl or female but an excellent belly squasher. Thinking about the time I over slept I asked for a 6.15 belly squeeze to wake me up.

I had spent the whole night under the weight and increasing weight on my guts. I felt good about things and slept solidly until the wake up squeeze. Once the tube left open mode it isolated me from the weight on top and pulled me down to 5 inches higher than flat. It was a great squeeze making it opposite to what I wanted. I wanted to start my day but instead I had a new and wonderful gut crush happening.

‘Flat’ I commanded as I sat up in my bed. I want to keel over to relieve a bit of the new intensity but commanded ‘concave’ instead. I was rocking on the side of my bed. Even the muscles in my bottom were flexing in reaction to the load on my midriff. I wanted this to carry on for a while but my bladder was saying morning time discharge so I command ‘my normal size’ then ‘open’. I took the tube off my body and commanded ‘small small small’. I placed it in the back of my middle draw.

I was going to do today the normal way. Thursday I was to be a school kid.

I was on the school bus and I questioned my move to take it off. I was wasting this opportunity of sitting in a belly crush. To my surprise I was conversation of the bus. I was not on the bus again last night because I was with Wendy. That I found myself explaining I was getting tutored in maths. The reaction surprised me and later years I learned it was because they were all struggling in maths.

I arrived in the playground and I saw Wendy was talking to several teachers; one of them was the math teacher. I was wondering what was going down but I was not going to walk up to teachers so I stayed back. “I ask when I see her in class” I said to myself.

I wanted Wendy to bring it up just in case it was about having Monday and Tuesday off. She said nothing all morning.

Just before lunch break the art teacher told me that I needed to go to the office and talk to the Deputy Principal Mr Ross. I walked down to the office area thinking I was in some sort of trouble. The only other time I was sent to the office was when I was a suspect for putting possum legs in a teachers draw.

Memories of my parents meeting me at the office and when my dad saw the legs immediately said that he skinned the section of the legs where these were not skinned possums. Dad always skinned rabbits and opossums where most farmers only chopped ears of to be paid under a government pest control scheme.

I got to office and Dad was there. I became very scared as my activity of self-squashing or my working with magical being has been exposed.

I sat outside the offices with Dad not talking to each other. Mr Ross approached with a teacher I hand never seen before. We were invited into the office then dad and I sat down. Mr Ross introduced the teacher Mr Talbot. Explained he was from an Intermediate School across town that ran catch up classes for pupils. A conversation with Wendy apparently started the ball rolling when she described problems that I was having with algebra. This School knew Wendy for her helping of children in several subjects.

A discussion went through to offering a position in the catch up class to help me reach a third former level. It means going from here to the Intermediate School on Tuesday and Thursday night after school. As I was rural bus pupil transport issue had to be resolved.
Jan 11, 2021
Manawatu, New Zealand
Chapter 10 continued

“How far is the school from this one” dad asked.

“It is 2.4 kilometres.” Mr Ross answered.

“15 minute run with a school bag.” Dad responds. “He is going to arrive late.” Dad added.

Dad looked down at the floor and looked up pained. “I will have to hire someone to do the 4 o’clock milk so I can come into the city. How many weeks will he need these classes?”

“Getting to classes will not be a problem as Wendy passes the school to go home her parents have offered to drop him off.” Said Mr Ross. “It is getting him to the farm afterwards.”

“This class ends 4 o’clock does it?”

“Yes but Mr Parker, Wendy’s dad said he can wait at their place. He is three blocks away from the school.” Mr Ross said.

“The 4 o’clock milk starts at 2.45 going out to the current feeding paddock and rounding up the cows. Drive them to the shed, prepare milking task, milk them and move them to the back of the shed. Drive them back to the paddock and clean up the sheds. It is 5.30 before I can head to the city making 6.15 by the time I can pick him up. Is 6.15 an okay time with Mr Parker?”

“Dad you start work at 3.30 in the morning. It will be after 7 at night by the time we get back to the farm. What if you leave the shed for me to wash and come out earlier?”

“The shed must be fully wash within 30 minutes of completion of milking or they refuse to pick up the milk.” Dad replied. “I have to find, hire, train and somehow pay someone else to do the milking or come after 6 o’clock.”

“I sorry I am being such a problem dad. I sorry I got behind.”

“Hey, it is not your fault what happened 5 years ago. It is your chance to catch up and make the damage done nil and void. Finally start winning back what you lost from what that monster did to you.”

I ran out of the room screaming and shouting. “I did not mean to make him kill her.”

Dad followed me out. The school staff members were bewildered, as they had never been told what happened. Dad was crying as it was his eldest daughter that was carved up because Tommy and I tried stopping her boyfriend from hurting her. It was the first time I had a full melt down since we had counselling; but poor learning was a symptom of the trauma. The acknowledging that I could be doing better was a trigger to the horrors of the day.

Dad caught up with me and convinced me to go back and we would work through a find away to attend the catch up classes. I went back to the office still crying and dad was still a bit.

“Sorry about that, we have being working on some problems and still not quite there yet.” Dad said apologetically.

“We are sorry we did not recognise Paul was from the Foster Farm tragedy.” Mr Ross said. We would have done things differently if we had known. Our condolences for your loss.”

“We have guidance counsellor at this school however we can get a psychologist in if required.”

“We have had counsellors in the past. We all sleep at night and so long as we do not get into conversations about it we get through. Thank you for the offer.” Dad said back to the staff members.

We can start this extra classes immediately if it is alright with the Parkers if I pick up him up at 6.15.”

“Because of court suppressions there was very little about the event a part from it were horrific and done in front of the children.” Mr Ross said.

“It is because of the court suppression we did not inform the school. I buried my daughter in a closed coffin. He gets all the protection.” Dad was getting angry.

“We will contact Mr Parker and enquire about a late pick up and get back to you.”

We left the meeting with things up in the air. I was nervous about everything, I was concerned about dad because we manage to keep thing secret. He had never cried in front of me. I felt I was bringing hardship on the family.

After school Mr Ross meet me outside the classroom. I had no idea of arrangements. He lead my to the faculty car park and we climbed into the flashiest car there. It zoomed smoothly through the streets and we quickly arrived at the Intermediate school. He knew where he was going and we went through building, around buildings, to a large open room there were 4 teachers, ten children and Wendy.

Mr Ross Told me he was leaving me there, and Wendy would take me to her place afterwards.

One of the teachers looked at me and said, “group we have something very special today. This is Paul and Wendy from a high school across town. They are going to work on algebra, something that all you have struggling with so if you want you can join their team.”

I went from a singled out for being a ‘behind child’ to one of eleven. Wendy was in her element.

“We are going to talk about groups sub groups and intersecting sub sets. Who knows what an intersecting subset is?” she said looking at the group of children. She spotted what she was looking for and pointed to a child.

“It is an item that could belong to more than one set.” The child replied.

Nodding she pointed at another child and ask, “He was correct but do know what he means?”

The child looks at her blankly to scared to speak, as he clearly had no answer.

“It is alright to not know right now. We will make sets up and see where they intersect. I want names of food.”

She points to a large child. He said, “Donuts”

The group laughs and Wendy said, “Yes they are food.” And wrote it on the board.

She points to someone else and they said “Porridge”.

Wendy watched closely at who laughed and wrote it on the board.

She got twenty items of food in a list. Okay she said. We are going to put these into sub groups. These foods here, kumera, potato, corn, spinach and lettuce can be grouped as What?”

Silly suggestions come up like yucky but somebody said vegetables.

She circled them and was about to vegetables when she asked, “Are they all vegetables?”

She pointed them to me.

I replied, “Corn is a grain like wheat and rye, barley and oats.”

I heard a teacher say “That is correct, they are all grown in the ground.”

“Okay we group these a ground grown. Beef, Lamb, pork, chicken and fish. What group should they be put in?”

I said, “meat”.

Then came a shock when someone called out, “fish is not meat”.

“Okay what group would you put fish in?” Asked Wendy. She looked at some confused faces of children did not actually know it was meat.

“I do not know,” said the child.

“It is meat,” said one of the teachers.

Wendy drew a circle with Land Things including grass, trees and a circle with Water Things. There was an overlap between the circles and she put crocodile in the middle.

“Can anyone explain what the this part of the Venn Diaphragm means?” Asked Wendy.

“It is correct to put crocodiles in both circles.” Said the child that thought fish was not meat.

“We will now look at subsets. Is there a matching subset in both circles that cannot go into the intersection set?” Wendy asked.

“Animals and vegetation,” I called out.

“Vegetation is correct but animals occupy can Land Things and Sea Things and pointing to the crocodiles the intersection set.”

“Miss. What this got to do with Algebra?” a voice comes from the group of children.

“Good question. Great question. Algebra is talking about things and making statement about things. Lets say this set of land creatures is all the creatures and vegetation. This set is all water creatures and vegetation.”

“What of all of the world.” Asked a child not quite grasping the concept Wendy was making.

“Lets say Australasian as we have no crocodiles in New Zealand.” Wendy replied. “How many Land things, are animals compared to vegetables?”

Wendy looked around. No hands up or answers called out. “Count up the number of items in the subset land animals, count up items in land vegetation. If you count up items in land items would it be the same as the total of land animals and land vegetation?”

She was not surprised that some said no. In fact she was expecting that as she already identified peoples misunderstanding.

She asked one person to add up each sub groups and one to added up the group of land items. Then asked these people to add the sub sets together. They were surprised to see the same grand total. She then got them swap what they had done and added up again. As they did they spotted adding up the sub groups and then adding the sub groups.

“There is 8 items in this sub group and 20 items in the main group therefore if X equals the ratio of land animals to things on the land X=8/20 or 2/5

If A equals the ratio of count vegetation as ratio of all land things is 12/20 or 3/5.”

“Where does 2/5 and 3/5 come from?” came from a teachers watching. Seeing loose ends in Wendy had left.

“Ratio of 8/20 is 4 sets of 2/5 just as 14/35 is 7 set of 2/5.” Wendy said looking for the most baffled looking children.

I was starting to understand how what she was saying meant and I lost connection to Wendy. My mind was thinking about her sitting on my chest talking to me about this. I was thinking about her lying on top of me with a 100-inch belly. I needed to learn this because it has been trouble and painful experience for 5 years for me. Does this mean I would be troubled by this other connection to Wendy that I cannot learn from her?

“Do not panic, you will know all this algebra before tomorrow morning.” It was Stephanie voice I could here in my head. “The original plan of walking to Wendy place after this class has changed.”

It was then I thought I was imagining the voice. I was getting a ride to Wendy place and waiting until after 6 0’clock for dad.

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