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Jan 28, 2022
North Carolina
Hello all of dimensions, I’m a 21 year old woman who is highly involved in the community of bigger sizes. (Feederism, gaining, blubbery inflations and DF) I’ve been actively exploring my interest for my size and growth online for about 3 years now! I realized my liking for growth and being a bigger person when I was just 13, moving forward 9 years later I went from around 273-300 pounds to my highest active weight activity being 811 pounds. As of today, I have decreased in size due to health issues and a overwhelming amount of stress, but we all get stressed huh? I went inactivate during the time for around 5 months. I am currently trying to restore my faith in loving the fat I’ve lived in all my life, and reaching m goal weight of 1,100 pounds. I’m a realistic person so I strongly feel I can reach my goal since it’s in my genetics! (big boned family.) I’m a gainer, feedee & DF, some may not take well to learning I will eventually actively be a deathfeedest whether it’s now or down the road, I made it clear to myself that I love anything that can be swallowed and add on weight to my body, that being said my lifestyle is very unhealthy and taboo and I love that! I’d love to meet people with the same Interest of wanting to grow a woman, indulge in all aspects of feederism and the growth of a person, and overall someone who’s a decent person Don’t get me wrong, im an overly horny person, and love to have my belly button ***. But not being what I’m looking for probably won’t be the best for you.

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May 22, 2017
Yeah, no.
Since I'm relatively new to all this, what is DF? I'm always willing to learn something new. Thanks in advance!

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