700 lb woman wants to weigh 1000 lbs

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Dec 14, 2012
Also, whilst you are all entitled to have strong opinions and voice them, please bear in mind that this is a site that is accepting and inclusive towards members of the feederism community. All communities have their bad apples but making blanket statements about entire demographics of people isn't fair or helpful.

Just because you don't understand/experience a certain kink, doesn't make it inherently bad or wrong. Things that go on between consenting adults are their own choices and your kinks don't determined whether or not you are a good person. Kindness, communication and honesty are the most important aspects of kink relationship with someone. People who lie, manipulate and abuse are trash and not worth the ground they walk on, but you get people like that in all areas of life.

Also, bear in mind that people who are into feederism can't exactly help it, anymore than people can help being attracted to men, women, fat people, brunettes etc etc. Practising these things safely and with the full consent of the other party is always the best way to explore these things. The world would be a very boring place if everybody liked the same things and nobody ever wanted to try anything kinky.


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Sep 29, 2019
New england
Please keep in mind; people relatively new to the site peruse the posts, often without regard to the age of said posts. They are excited and interested in what people have said and shouldn't be faulted for that.
Heck, even those of us who have been here for a little while liek to go back and read old posts. That's why forums > chatrooms, because the information lasts "forever".

But I agree with Loopy's take. I think there are definitely a lot of bad eggs among feeders, but if everything is constantly consensual, then it's not an immoral thing or wrong at. However, if it severely affects one's quality of life and they still pursue it, then I feel like maybe seeking help is the best. Even if consent is involved.

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