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Dear Conrad:

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Mar 2, 2008
Dear Conrad: You may remember me as Boteroesque Babe, former active member and moderator here. I hope you’ll call upon the good will from my many years at Dimensions and hear me out.

A female member here has just been scammed and robbed by another member. This fact is not in contention. The perpetrator has admitted to his crime, and it has since come to light that he’s done similar to others, plucking his victims from this forum. Thanks to the assorted fat communities on Facebook, I’ve just learned that a thread warning other women was posted here, and subsequently closed by you, saying it was not a board matter.

I’m baffled and vexed by this seemingly irresponsible decision, and urge you to rethink it. I imagine your goal is to protect the reputation of Dimensions, but please understand that this action puts a fairly huge dent in that very reputation. It also puts the women of your board in danger and sets a wildly reckless precedent. Do you want to be responsible for future crimes between forum members? Perhaps violent crimes? That may sound outrageous, but I see it as the logical progression of what you’ve put in motion.

I was once the victim of a crime at the hands of a member of this forum, and at the time you said you were unable to give me the information that would assist me. I believed you. I’m now forced to question that.

Please, Conrad. Invest in the safety of the members here. Allow this uncontested crime to be discussed.

Thanks in advance for your [re]consideration.


Edited to add: Hiya, to any old-timers who may still be here.

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