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Does anyone else HATE this fetish?

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Well-Known Member
Aug 29, 2022
I'm cis-hetero F with a fat fetish. But I'm also not kinky...It is so hard for me to find fat men who just... idk... like food and are okay with being fat without literally wanting to specifically gain or be fed... And who are okay with it all being a turn-on for me.

I have a new partner who is large (I think obese) and loves food. He loves that I love his squishy bits and he loves that I am happy to indulge his love of food.

But... He said tonight that he is into health, specifically "building muscle and losing fat". How, though, can I be okay with this?

I really, really like him. We have a fantastic dynamic and he is incredibly attractive to me. So far, he eats a lot in my presence. But if he ultimately wants to lose weight?

I don't want to lose attraction to him. I HATE that this dumb fetish means I can get so negatively fixated about weight loss. I KNOW that this fetish HURTS me when a partner loses weight, even if my (non-physical) feelings stay intact.


Uggghh if I could turn this fetish off I would...

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