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Looking East of Toronto

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Feb 28, 2023
Oshawa, ON.
Here goes! Mature, but in-shape 60 year old moustachioed man. I am seeking a BBW, but a SSBBW would be awesome. I stand at 5'10"/178 cm. , weigh about 175 lbs. I usually keep my head buzzed/shaved, with a thick moustache (I look like the photo I uploaded); tattoos. Green eyes. I tend to dress sporty; athletic. I am a sober (7+ years) non-drinker; I do not smoke at all. I do not use recreational drugs of any sort. It's just not my vibe. I love pets. I love the great outdoors. I spent some time up in the Yukon Territory last September 2022. Wonderful time!

Things I do? Cycling, hiking, long distance walks; back to the gym after 3 years (pandemic related); volunteer at a local conservation group (4 seasons). And I tend to be a loner, but I do meet up with friends from time-to-time. I am gainfully employed (shift worker); have my own apartment. I am laid back and friendly, offering to help people whenever possible. Must be my east coast background (born in Ontario though). My ancestry is Scot/Ire/Norway and other western euro spices.

Looking for a friendly welcoming BBW/SSBBW woman, who wouldn't mind a fit and friendly 60 year old man. Trust me, I am no slouch. ;) It would be nice to be that fit guy, with a BBW/SSBBW waiting for me when I finish working out. It'd be so cool to be with someone like her, whomever she may be. I have dreamed of walking with a plus sized woman at the mall or out for dinner, and being so proud to be seen WITH HER! I would not be embarrassed, I would look at her company as a personal enhancement. Holding her hand and or rubbing her shoulders and letting her know, that she is more than A-OK with me! 🤗

Sex? There's definitely a time and place for that. I am not so vanilla, but I do like the flavour. 😇

Chemistry ultimately will rule the day, but this is my introduction. Thank you for taking the time to read it.


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