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Basically New
Jul 30, 2010
Okay, I've been trying my luck on so-called dating sites and getting essentially nowhere. The majority of those sites are loaded with pretty guys, or college jocks, and they all start to look alike. Since this place is crawling with BHMs just wanting belly rubs, and I'm totally addicted to rubbing big bellies, I thought I'd give this a try. Sorry for the really long sentence.

I am in my 20's, single and female. TOTAL FFA. There is nothing about a chubby guy that I can't enjoy and appreciate.

I am a musician, I publish books (that I wrote), and I play my share of video games. I love satire, KoRn, heavy metal and industrial music. I like to go out to concerts, clubs, and any restaurant where I can watch my date stuff himself. If he does a good job, he gets a bellly rub later ;)

The guys I gravitate towards are Hispanic with that olive/tan complexion, but I'm not making that priority. I'm more concerned with him being intelligent, kind and the opposite of asshole. And open mindedness is always a plus, as I've been told I am rather eccentric.

I'm not looking to get laid right away. Just looking for a decent chubby guy with a belly I can play with and cuddle. In other words -- A RELATIONSHIP. If it's desperation you seek, you should look elsewhere.

I am located in Southern CA, North OC. PMs preferred. Thanx.

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