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May 22, 2017
Yeah, no.
Someone keeps stealing my soda from the office fridge. So I posted this on the front of it:

To the person that keeps stealing my Canada Dry Ginger Ale & Lemonades: STOP. It’s pissing me off and that is not good for anyone, especially you.

If you’ve fallen on hard times and cannot afford your own, let me know and I will start a GoFundMe page or organize a food drive for you.

The holidays are a tough time for many of us, I know. But stealing from your fellow coworkers is NOT the way to go. There are other avenues you can take. Maybe you can reach out to the EAP.

If another one of my cans is taken without permission… Just DON’T!

And yes, I am putting my name on this just so you know I am not #[email protected]!ing playing.


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Still a Skye fan

Normalcy is overrated
Oct 1, 2005
Good ol' Upstate New York!
After all these years, that's still an outstanding song which always cheers me up.😃

As for the inconsiderate clod stealing your soda? I like Green Eyed Fairy's solution. Your story reminds me of a nitwit I used to work with who was fond of helping himself to co-worker's drinks. The fool finally got fired and my current batch of co-workers are a decent bunch.
May 16, 2011
New Zealand
When I was doing my computer programming course, we used to go out for drinks occasionally. There was a guy, who would steal the other guys' beers. If you put your pint mug of beer down, it would vanish. He got done for "being drunk in charge of a motor vehicle". He was just sleeping on the back seat of his car! In the UK at the time, you could be prosecuted for just being in your car intoxicated.

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