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Mar 19, 2017
, male
Just to make a point what will happen if Alan dont pay his gamble debt,with the eye signal of his boos straining his gigantic unreal fat body layerss of fat lard and massive muscles completely tear a part ,like a newspaper his own suite with iron chains suspenders under the jacket,
from the pressure of his monstrously fat and strong body already small office became 2 time smaller,giant masculinity and male odor fulfilled the room,skinny Alan start to shake and piss in the pants from fear,just the fist from monster was so huge fat and solid in the same time,from years working as a bus mechanic before he get job as
smasher,security bodyguard of this local gangster.whose imense ocean fat roll belly (after belt and suspenders went down from his body ) spreading all over his knees,blocking at first office desk ,where under was scary Alan,as aproaching slowly in his direction
pushing with a squeak noise the office desk in the small corner of the office near window, mad and horny,Alan was in a trap corner,with no exit,the desk crush and colaps under incredible fat matter ,power from fat mad perv dom gigant


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May 22, 2017
Yeah, no.
Umm... The title of this thread is "One Completely Random Sentence", not One Completely Rambling Sentence". I can understand if you are not a native English speaker, that this might be a tad confusing. But jut by observing the previous posts, you should be able to figure out that what Hutti posted misses the mark by a mile.

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