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Root origin of my attraction to fat women: figured it out

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Sonic Purity

Apr 9, 2006
Pasadena, California, U.S.A.
Anyone who’s been attracted to fat people and/or being fat themselves has likely been asked something like “Why? What’s the attraction?”, or perhaps internally wondered. After a lifetime of the usual “It’s just how i am”, “I’m made that way”, etc., the origin of this attraction for me (personally and specifically) has come into my awareness.

Something happened when i was an infant, which somehow went Very Wrong for me in terms of my needs being met. I was a normal vaginal birth, and my mother assures me i was breast fed. Stable mid-20th. century U.S. nuclear family: married father and mother, new baby, owned home, father had job. It’s not that my parents made any (known) mistake(s) or that there was something intrinsically wrong with me: it may have just been an unfortunate mismatch. Something related to cuddling, nurturing, and maternal bonding did not work out for me, leaving me with a life-long gaping hole of need/desire for “infinite” soft, warm, loving cuddles.

So why (US | SS)BBW?
When you’re an infant, no matter the adult-judged size of your mother, Mom’s huge! And soft. And warm. And loving. And your source of life, food, security, and all other needs. Scaled up to adult proportions, very soft, warm, affectionate, loving femme people represent the manifestation of what i as an infant so dearly needed and somehow failed to get (enough of).

This explains almost everything, in terms of my attractions and interactions:
  • My strong attraction to intelligent, communicative, often powerful (in some way) women: who’s more powerful to a newborn than Mommy?
  • Extremely powerful attraction to plentiful warm fat softness, anywhere and everywhere on a BBW body: comfort and security!
  • Why i tend to be deferential/borderline submissive in intimate interpersonal relationships
  • Strong interest in/attraction to big breasts, with so far unexplored desires for possibly benefitting from an adult nursing relationship. (Human breast milk could be highly beneficial for some of my un-health conditions, the latter of which may have roots back in childhood.)
  • My sense of ease, comfort, and often security being around fat people (any/no gender, though especially fat women—cis, trans, whatever)
  • My tendency to want to latch onto fat lovers, seeking the security and comfort of being able to continue sharing physically intimate contact
  • My interest in affectionate cuddling more than (what most people think of for) sex, with restful, sensual skin-to-skin contact in a friendly, loving context being ideal
Plus likely more things not coming to mind right now. I’ve let this idea marinate in my mind for a couple of months now before posting, hoping the wording will be clearer and better. It will never be optimal.

This does not directly address the lusty/sexual aspects of my powerful life-long attraction to fat women, other than for adults in our culture, it seems most common and easiest to arrange for intimate loving extended-time skin-to-skin contact in sexual-romantic arrangements. Maybe deeper insight into this aspect will be forthcoming, at some point.

If you have thoughts on any of this, or wish to share your own personal insight on the specific root(s) of your fat attraction, i look forward to your posts below. Otherwise, thanks for reading!

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