Looking saying hey again:) ssbbwadmier from norway

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Dec 23, 2020
Single man living in norway:) looking for friends and maybe more who nows:)

alwasy been in to fat women,from early age remember from i went in scool i always protected the fattest girl in class so she didnt get bullyed from others,i was here best friend,it was from i was 12 age around that i understanded that i did think she was very pretty,and gorgeus and sexy,i felt ashamed and did think something was wrong with me.I lived in denial fat women and big girls should be looked as sick,ugly and not sexy at all,i was very afraid someone should find out that i was attracted to fat women,this was before internet:) so i remember my friend that asked why i didnt have any pornmagazines lolol,answer because all women in there was to thin looked like skeletons for me,so my porn magazines was to cut out from house magazines pictures of fat womens that usualy had gone down in weight so my porn was fat women with clothes on my porn lol:) it was when i was 17 that i didnt care anymore i remember from that day i felt 1000 stones lighter,i told my best friend he wasnt surpriced then class,my mother near famylie,i was not ashamed anymore:) so from that day i have been a proud FA,now that sayed i live in wrong country wish to travel to us on bashes and so on to meet and to get to now real big ssbbw:) 600 pound + range would love to visit one and maybe stay and help here for some time free of charche ofc anyway one of my dreams so if intrested send me a pm then would realy love to help out a realy big women.i have worked in healtcare with eldere people so i now it some:) and just to say i pay my own plain ticket also i would love to just chat first get to now better first,but i am 100 prosent sure us i want to se:)


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Aug 26, 2020
Reading, PA
Hi! Why would you want to come here? My daughter is in Norway now and said life is better there. Pay is better and there is free healthcare. If a person wanted to be with a SSBBW, their life would be easier in Norway where there is healthcare and services. Here, everything is a struggle. Just curious.


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Feb 17, 2009
I travel often to the Scandinavian countries in the past, in the summers and Norway is beautiful. I still miss the geitost cheese and the jarlsberg cheese. On my travels bought a scandinavian cookery book.


May 22, 2017
Yeah, no.
I've become very interested in the "beaches" in the Scandinavian countries; especially Norway, Demark and Sweden. I am so used to the beaches in the U.S. and southern parts of Europe. Some of the differences are so stark! But there are similarities that are also very interesting.

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