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Sci-fi Impending!

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New Member
Apr 1, 2019
Florida, US
Hello, I am new here and very unskilled at using computers for my generation.
I am, however a very passionate artist and I am going to be posting some things on the Library board. I am not a terribly great writer (I'm okay, mostly the problem is dialogue and I know it, so I'll try to avoid it where possible, ) but I am looking for ways to combine my fetish and sexuality with my creative drive, which must have everything.
I like girls with belly fat ( especially the lower part that bulges out over the waistband ).
I understand that this is not a porn site, but since so much of what I find pleasing is not really that conventionally sex-related, I think I'll be alright.
I also am used to swearing a lot in my writings, so I'll try not to over-do it, but if I start to be too much,
( Regarding any of the rules, really, ) please let me know.

This project is going to be very surreal. I know there's a Sci-Fi genera board, but anyone who likes there story to have any sort of ground in reality at all will not like this. It doesn't even take place in this universe, you will need an entire new suspension for you're disbelief. It's going to be complex, too. I plan on making a number of shorter stories that connect and interweave as I draw up the universe, but I'm a pretty complete-it-as-I-go sort of writer so I'll try to just upload finished sections with very little additions or changes.

Also, I am a lot more of a visual artist than a writer and I am planning on adding as much illustration as I conceivably can, a reply defining about how much that is would be greatly appreciated, but either way, I won't be ridiculous about it. All of the artwork I use will have been created by me. I am planning on borrowing themes from various movies and games, but I seriously doubt it would get close enough to any of them to be called a fan-fic.

If this is not the place for this, I absolutely understand, I just chose Dimensions because of it's fat-positive focus but I don't mean to make a mockery of any actual people. I'm just trying to build something cool.
If you could suggest somewhere where this sort of thing would be better received, that would also be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
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