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serious methods for fattening

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Ample Pie

Fattitude Problem
Aug 15, 2006
, Undiagnosed
1: I know some people aren't into feedism and don't approve, this is for people who are and who do and who've DONE IT ACTIVELY.

2: We all have theories about what puts on fat, I'm not interested in theories, just in true stories of how you have put on weight or helped someone else put on weight.


I will even start.

Uno: A friend helped me put on 15 lbs in roughly four months by essentially feeding my every craving. If I said I liked something, he showed up with a HUGE amount of it...like jelly bellies or ice cream. The down side to this is that eating one thing over and over can get boring or hurt your mouth (toooo many jelly bellies). The upside is that overindulging really did help me put on a number of pounds. And...if one cheese steak sandwich is good, two is better. Just saying.

Dos: While I was sick this past week and the week before, I did a lot of sleeping and being in bed (sweet jesus it was fun being that lazy). In doing so, I lost 4.5 inches just around my belly. Really :( I just wasn't eating, because I was sick and sleeping a lot. Losing the inches really bothered me, so even though I haven't gotten my strength back in general, I did manage to force two trips to the buffet. The first one was sad. A mere two plates. :( The second was better. Four plates plus a big plate of random desserts. I have gotten back 2.5 of the inches. The downside: I overdid it the second time and it hurt. The upside: belly rubs make the pain okay and the inches are coming back and the food was quite tasty AND eating that much put me into a food coma as soon as I got home so it was most assuredly changed to fat! I don't know that it's added weight but at least 2.5 of the inches have come back so I'm calling it a success.

Now you, go!

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