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The Game is afoot!

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Mar 14, 2006
My SO and I are playing a Game. I've been fantasizing about it for a long time, and I can't believe he's agreed to do it! (Dear Penthouse, I can't believe it really happened to me... 😂)

For two months, he is in charge. I am not to check the scale or measurements, and I am not allowed to masturbate. 😳🥺🍆 I am to eat as much as (un?)comfortably possible to gain as much as I can. My job is to fatten up, and be his fat sex toy. We started about Mid-August.

Coincidentally, I have been home from work with an injury and am spending more time on the couch than ever, unable to go to the gym. I'm always/only in boxer briefs and loose shorts. No restrictive clothing.

I have *no idea* how much I've gained so far. I think I feel a bit heavier, I think my belly looks a bit bigger. It's hard to tell and it's driving me crazy!! I am constantly horny, which makes him laugh because even if/when he helps with that, I'm very quickly back to where I started soon after. I'm a mess. 😂🐖

This past weekend some friends invited us out, and I could manage a short outing only. The size L shirt I wore - previously loose - gaped at the lower buttons when I sat down. 😳😳😳🍆🍆🍆

I go back to work end of Sept. I have no idea how big I'll be, or the reactions of others when they see me. I assume I'll need bigger clothes, AND the Game will still go on to Mid-October!! Just typing all of this is making me crazy. OMG and I can't DO anything about it except eat more. Sex/food reinforcement. This could be ...dangerous. Whew~~😳

Losing my mind. Thought I'd share

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