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Oct 12, 2005
BHM, Transformation, Romance, ~VWG: Here's a fantasy romance for all you moonlight lovers out there. . .

The Night Bear
By P. Kirk

I nearly passed Pete by without saying ‘Hi.’ I only looked twice because I was checking him out, but I hardly recognised him.

It had been a busy shift for me at the hospital where I’m a nurse, and I was finally on my way home when he lumbered in through the doors. He’d moved into my neighborhood about five months ago. He was always cute; 5’ 10”, smiley brown eyes, stocky build, slightly curly dark hair, permanent 5 o’clock shadow, but he seemed to have put on loads of weight really quickly. He used to be about 205 lbs, but he seemed to have put on about 60 lbs in six weeks. The extra weight looked good on him. Made him even cuter perhaps, which was why I was checking him out. Me likey!

He smiled shyly as we passed each other and it struck me then that he was Pete from round my way.

“Hi Pete,” I said cheerily.

“Hey Kira,” he replied, his cheeks reddening, thrusting his hands in his pockets.

We were only on ‘Hello’ terms so it wasn’t unusual for him not to stop and chat. I feasted my eyes on his juicy rear as he went off. Nice.

I saw him speak to the receptionist, who called over a nurse, a friend of mine called Liz. Liz led him away.

That night I gave Liz a call. I knew Pete’s hospital visit was none of my business, but I just wanted to make sure he was okay.

“You had a patient at about 3 today, Pete Brannigan. He’s a friend of mine. Don’t tell me the details but I just wanted to know if he’s alright.”

“The fat guy? He was referred to us for a blood test. Apparently he’s been putting on weight really quickly. He says he’s been getting up in the night and pigging out. We’ll check if he’s lacking in any nutrients, or if there’s anything wrong with his thyroid, anything that’s making him do it. It’s probably not medical though, more likely to be psychological.”

Trust Liz to tell me more than she should. Poor Pete. It sure was a lot of weight in a short time. He was a writer, so sitting at home at his computer all day with snacks on hand and no exercise was bound to put more weight on him eventually. Besides, he was never skinny to begin with, and in his mid-thirties his metabolism was probably slowing down. Night eating on top of that wasn’t a good idea. Not that I didn’t like him bigger. In fact, I was in danger of developing a serious crush.

As I hung up the phone, I heard a noise outside. I looked out of the window and couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw a huge black bear. He was eating something from a trashcan up the street. It was early summer so it wasn’t very dark outside yet and I could see clearly. I was scared but transfixed.

He stood on his hind legs to rummage for food and then sat down to eat his booty of left over pizza. He was almost adorable as he ate his cheese feast pizza slices with comically good table manners. I noticed that he was pretty fat. His huge round belly bulged out. He looked soft and cuddly. I had to remind myself that he probably wasn’t. If anyone tried to hug him, he’d most likely maul them to death! Still it was tempting. Especially for a girl like me who likes her men bear-shaped.

I wondered what to do. This wasn’t an area usually frequented by bears. He must have escaped from somewhere. I considered calling the animal welfare people so they could take him back safely to where he belonged. I didn’t want anyone panicking and shooting him or something. He only wanted something to eat. He wasn’t hurting anyone. But if the animal welfare took him away I wouldn’t be able to watch him and in the end I ended up watching him for over an hour.

He ate and ate, going from trashcan to trashcan including mine, until there was nothing edible left. He licked his paws clean and then lolloped away on all fours. I sighed. I was strangely pleased that he seemed to particularly enjoy my leftover lemon sesame chicken. And at least it hadn’t gone to waste.

The bear returned every couple of nights, week after week. Watching him became a major interest for me. I sometimes even declined offers of nights out with my friends because I didn’t want to miss him.

No one else in the neighborhood seemed aware of his visits. He’d just come, eat everything there was to eat and then leave again. I saw a documentary on the nature channel about Black Bears one night. I learnt that from May to December, bears concentrate on gaining as much weight as they can to see them through winter hibernation. Their metabolisms slow so they can store as much fat as possible. They become eating machines and unlike humans, there’s no harm to their health if they become massively obese.

A bear can never be ‘too fat’. When they emerge from their dens in March, the excess fat has been used up. I was right in thinking my bear is male. A female would probably have had some cubs with her. Bears who venture into urban areas can get really fat because of all the waste food we throw out. They’re pretty clever and resourceful. One stole bags of shopping from someone’s car. He was even fatter than my bear.

Pete, meanwhile, was continuing to gain weight. Whenever I saw him I marvelled at the way his massive belly had grown, swelling out, pushing down the waistband of his jeans, which were being replaced frequently by larger sizes. He was gorgeous. A human bear. Fall was coming and Pete looked to be about 350 lbs.

One night in November, I was returning home from a late shift. It was about 10 pm and I’d brought home a pizza for my dinner. I’d got an extra large one so I’d have plenty of leftovers for my bear. As I approached my driveway, there he was! He was tucking into some chocolate chip cookies from my trash. He turned his head when he heard me and fixed me with his dark eyes. He sniffed and turned his whole body to face me.

His belly was enormous and when he proceeded toward me on all fours, I could see that it hung down with only about an inch between it and the ground. He was agile though. He sat down in front of me and when he landed on his backside he looked down, seemingly amazed at how huge his belly was. In fact he was now fatter than the bear in the documentary. Up close, I realised that not only was he fat, he was tall. If he’d stood on his hind legs he’d have been nearly eight feet tall.

He held out one paw to me. He wanted the pizza. I opened the box and offered it to him. He scooped up a few slices together using both paws. He was so cute up close. His fur was glossy and silky. I couldn’t help but reach out my hand and give his back a stroke. I figured if he turned nasty I could placate him with the rest of the pizza. He was happily eating so he didn’t even seem to notice. I placed the box down on the ground close to him so he could easily reach the rest of the pizza and then stealthily moved off into my house.

I got an empty box and filled it with goodies from my cupboards and fridge. Cake, ice cream, cookies, fruit, cherry pie, chicken wings, bologna, meatballs. I rushed out to find him finishing the last of the pizza. I held out a chicken wing to him, which he chewed and gulped down in seconds. I put down the box next to the empty pizza box and tentatively gave him another stroke. He was so engrossed in the food, now dipping a paw in my tub of Ben & Jerry’s and licking it, that he didn’t mind me touching him.

I gave his belly a gentle rub. I’d never felt anything so nice. It was big round and furry, just like the belly my dream man would have. I gave him a big hug, reaching round from behind while he finished everything in the box. Then just as he was eating the last thing I eased away from him slowly. He licked his paws clean, manoeuvred himself onto all fours and went onto the next house.

In bed that night I got to thinking about Pete. There was a hot single guy right on my doorstep. A guy just like the men I dreamed of. My very own bear. It wouldn’t cost anything to actively go after him. I resolved to make the effort to snare him. I would extend our exchanges beyond ‘Hello’. I could even ask him to come out for a drink or something. Why not? Why should I just admire him from afar? I decided that the next time we bumped into each other, I would go for it. I enjoyed thoughts of Pete before drifting off to sleep.

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Oct 12, 2005
The next day was an earlier shift and I got home at about five. I’d been in about 10 minutes when there was a knock on my door. I opened it and there, looking magnificent, was Pete. He had on jeans and a gray hooded sweatshirt, the pockets at the front accentuating his enormous paunch. He smiled.

“Hello,” I said warmly.

“Um, hey,” he replied. His round cheeks flushed red. He was so cute I just wanted to take a bite of him.

“I…well, I was wondering if you’d like to…” He cleared his throat. “…Come over to my place for dinner tonight. I haven’t entertained anyone since I moved here and I need to stop my social skills getting rusty.”

I nearly whooped with joy. “I would love to! Shall I bring anything?”

“Everything’s taken care of. Just come round about 7:30.”

“See you later then,” I said.

I wanted to hug him goodbye, but thought that might be overstepping the mark. Dinner with Pete! What to wear…

I turned up at 7:30 with a bottle of wine, having showered and changed into a purple off-the-shoulder sweater and jeans. Casual but sexy. Not trying too hard, but still trying! He welcomed me warmly. He’d changed too. He was wearing a charcoal coloured heavy rib sweater and jeans. Casual but sexy just like me!

Inside, he told me that dinner was ready. He sat me at the table, poured us some of my wine and served up the meal. It was delicious salmon. We chatted easily all through dinner. We’d never had a full conversation before so there was a lot to discover about each other. I hadn’t even known what kind of books he wrote (historical thrillers). He was interesting, funny and a good listener.

When he went to bring in dessert, I got up and looked at the books on his shelves. My heart stopped when I spotted a number of books about bears. There were at least eight of them. I picked out a large book with loads of beautiful photographs of black bears.

“Are you a bear expert?” I asked.

He laughed, bringing in two plates of lemon cheesecake. “Just interested.”

“We’ve got a bear,” I said, excited. “I mean, there’s one that visits the neighborhood some nights. Have you seen him?”

“I’ve seen the mess he leaves behind,” he said, sitting down.

“Oh, I see him all the time. He’s adorable. Well, I know he’s a wild animal, but I think he’s lovely. He’s just looking for something to eat. Bulking up for winter.”

Pete smiled. “I know how that goes!” he laughed, rubbing his gigantic tummy. “I must be nearly as fat as him by now.”

I blushed, resisting the urge to join him in his tummy rubbing.

“You’ve put on quite a lot, but it really suits you. As long as you’re healthy, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of meat otherwise.”

He took a big forkful of cheesecake. “Well, I feel alright health-wise.”

“And emotionally?”

“Well, I’m a bit lonely, maybe. But the extra weight keeps me warm at night.”
I smiled. Poor Pete.

“Well, anytime you want someone to hang out with, I’m just up the street,” I told him. “Working from home can be so isolating.”

“I just feel like I’m hibernating sometimes.”

I put my hand on his arm and gave it a squeeze.

Around 9:30, when we’d finished eating, Pete hefted himself out of his chair, went into the kitchen and began to get out food from his cupboards and refrigerator. Bread, cookies, doughnuts, the rest of the cheesecake, pizza, ice cream, tuna casserole, lasagne. He brought it all into the living room and placed it on the dining table.

“What’s that for?” I asked.

“For you to feed the bear.” He checked the watch on his pudgy wrist. “He’ll be here soon.”

I looked puzzled.

“I’ve got a feeling,” he clarified.

“Back soon. Call of nature. Help yourself to more wine,” he said cheerily, heading out of the room.

About five minutes later I heard a noise like soft growling. I turned my head and nearly jumped out of my skin. The bear was sitting right there in Pete’s living room. He dwarfed the room, he was so enormous. He came closer. I rose to my feet slowly, grabbing the ice cream. I opened it and put it on the floor.

While the bear was occupied with that, I quickly sidestepped around him and went towards the stairs. On the first step was a charcoal heavy rib sweater, jeans, shoes, socks, underwear. I called for Pete. There was no answer. Either the bear had undressed Pete and eaten him or…Pete was the bear.

I tiptoed back into the living room. The bear was licking the tub of ice cream clean.

“Pete?” I said.

He looked at me.

Was I crazy? This was insane. There must have been a simple explanation. But the only explanation that fit was that the man I’d just had dinner with had left the room, undressed, turned into a bear and come back. That’s why the bear had let me stroke him last night. He wasn’t wild.

Pete The Bear was sitting on his rear now, his paws resting on his belly, which projected out a good 3 feet in front of him. Pete had wanted me to feed the bear so I resolved to do just that. I fed him the pizza, tuna casserole, leftover cheesecake, six boxes of cookies, 18 doughnuts.

I heated up the lasagne and microwaved four burritos I found in his freezer. He ate it all. I made a huge cheese and ham sub, which was gone in two bites. He ate the contents of the fruit bowl, which included a pineapple. He ate solidly for two hours until there was no food left in the house. Then he curled up sleepily on the floor, gathering me to him, and we slept.

He was so comfortable to sleep on that when I woke about 7 am I forgot that I was on Pete’s floor. I reasoned that the night’s events were just a dream and that I was tucked up in my own bed, so I was surprised to find myself in the arms of a softly snoring and naked Pete. Pete The Man.

He was sleeping so heavily that my waking hadn’t stirred him. I observed him closely in the dawn light. He really was hairy. Almost as furry as the bear. His belly a perfect rounded mound with a wonderful deep belly button. He was probably just over 400 lbs now. It was cold, but his excess fat was keeping us both toasty warm.

I rolled away and got his coat from where it hung beside the front door and laid it gently over him to save him any embarrassment. I sat back down next to him and woke him. He looked at me unsurely, not knowing what I thought about what I’d witnessed.

“You’re the bear,” I stated.

“Yes,” he said. “I hope I didn’t frighten you. I wanted to tell you, but how do you tell someone something like that? Especially a girl you like. So I decided to just show you. That’s why I invited you round. You seemed like you’d be able to accept it. You were so kind to the bear, to me, when you fed me that other night…”

“But Pete, how can you be a bear? People don’t just turn into bears!”

He sat up, which threw forward his monumental bulge of belly.

“I don’t understand it myself. It started 3 years ago. From spring to December I become a bear every night. A were-bear!” he chuckled. “He eats and eats and eats, which is why I gain nearly 200 lbs in eight months. I get hairier too. Then in December, he’s gone and the weight disappears eventually.”

“When the bear’s in hibernation,” I deduced.

“Exactly. And I’m back to normal by March. And then it starts all over again in May. Apart from the thought of eating out of the garbage, I don’t really mind. But that’s why I have to keep myself to myself. Not a lot of women are going to want a man who suddenly turns into a ravenous bear. But I don’t want to be alone anymore, Kira. I need someone who can love me and the bear.”

“I love the bear!” I exclaimed like an over excited child.

We looked into each other’s eyes. “And you’re not bad either.”

He kissed me and I reciprocated passionately, melting, snaking my hand beneath his coat and raking my fingers through the thick hair on his stomach.
I figured that me, Pete and the bear would get on fine.

(I would welcome feedback on this story. p_kirk66@hotmail.com)


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Sep 29, 2005
Nice Idea, I enjoyed reading but the story is not worked out enough for me, it went all too smoothly.


Oct 9, 2005
A cute little reformatted oldie bumped to the top of the stack.

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