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The Official Recipe Trading Thread! Share Your Recipes Here! :)

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Well-Known Member
Jun 17, 2019
Ontario, Canada
Hey everyone! :)

I thought I'd create a thread that celebrates our love of food and foodie culture by creating a thread where we can share our favourite recipes! I think it would be a great way to learn new things to make and as a way to inspire us to make or create something new, as well as to just chat about things we like and how we like to make them! :)

This thread will have only a few simple rules:

1. When sharing a recipe, you MUST include the full ingredient list, as well as directions on how to make it! You can either type the ingredients/directions out in text, provide a link, or you can just take a picture of the recipe and directions from a book or a handwritten copy. Just make sure the picture(s) and/or handwriting is clear, complete and legible.

2. No negative comments about recipes. Just be respectful and keep things lighthearted.

3. Have fun! :) If you don't have a recipe to share, please join in on the conversation about recipes shared in the thread or about things you've made from people's recipes here.

But please do share as many recipes as you like and whenever possible, try to include pictures too! That's what this thread is all about!

I'd just like to open up more dialog about food, about things we love to make and new recipes we'd like to try. Food is a wonderful medium for discussion and for bringing people together, so what better way to do it than to share some the things we love to make for ourselves and for others! :)

Cheers and bon appétit!
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