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unsolicited condescending health advice

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Well-Known Member
Mar 1, 2010
i am about to explode, well not really i am just a bit, well amazed and not really sure how to handle the situation.

i have a blog and a youtube channel. and occasionally i get mail from viewers or people who are just passing through...but nothing like this

how should i respond. i might just post it in my blog and go off there, but like really people need to mind their own damn business. what motivates someone to send something like this?


You may get upset with me, but I hope you don't. Please, please, please, make every effort to lose weight to become lean. This is not about appearance, but truly about your health. You are still so young. I have family that are nurses and doctors and some of the stories they have talked about concerning all the complications people suffer due to being overweight, is heartbreaking. As my cousin who's a doctor once said, "look around next time you're out at the mall or wherever, how many obese people that are elderly do you see? Practically none because they either die young, or are too sick to be out. How many overweight people do you see obviously walking in pain, limping, using a wheelchair, a cane, etc. " Some of the stories he has told of the complications patients suffer due to being overweight, is so incredibly sad. This is not about fighting a fight to be accepted as being fat, it should be a fight to realize what fat does to your body, especially as you age. Don't throw your life and health away for food. You CAN change your entire body and health with nothing more than changing your diet. I came upon your video by accident, and when I saw how beautiful you were, it saddened me to think of what will happen as you get older if you don't lose weight. I hope you reconsider what you're doing to your life, it really can affect every aspect of it. Take care and best of luck and health."

what the eff? meh i guess this means i am getting popular