When did you realize what you liked, and what triggered it?

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Jun 30, 2021
I was approximately 14 yrs. old when I had a girl fall onto my face full weight & enjoyed it. She was 70 lbs. heavier than me. I told her to sit back down as I liked this. I asked if her mom & her friends be interested in sitting on my face. She said probably, I'll ask. I was invited to her mom's house. Her mom was 350 lbs. & neighbor was 250 lbs. I weighed 110 lbs. I got crushed by them together, wrestled them together. Since this happened, I have experienced several more women over 300 lbs. & high as 575 lbs. Have experienced a total of 1,110 lbs. on my body at same time. I am always seeking more opportunities to get crushed, smothered, trampled & face sat full weight. I'm located in southern Ohio.
Jan 11, 2021
Manawatu, New Zealand
I do like thin girls but one aspect I liked excessively as a teenager was a woman's breasts and big woman have bigger breasts.
One day I was messing around with an Asian girl with Size A breasts and made the discovery that they were just as delightful as the larger ones.
Then one day I hugged a friends mother who was of extra mass and her 48 inch chest and breasts filled my arms.
My lust of lying under the weight i was finding she was struggling going full weight, as she struggled to position her breasts so that they were not being hurt in crush of her own weight.
When she managed to lay on top full weight without hurting herself her slightly small sister turned up and climbed on top laughing. I then had 320 kilograms (705 pounds) on top of me. That lasted less than one hour before the one directly on me was was suffering pain.
I was wanting that weight on me again when a couple days later i saw a picture in a magazine at work that had Lucious 400 + kilograms. She was on her Hands and knees and her belly was touching the ground and her breast were just clearing the ground.
After feeling Monica's soft belly driven into me by her sister's weight on top I wanted to try under Lucious or closest to her. The most I have had in one person is 242 kilograms for 3 hours and she quite. And the most in a stack is 531 kilograms but that was minutes before one in the stack called it to an end.I wantto be a mattress to the biggest girl.


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May 6, 2022
Washington state
More of my childhood triggers from media: The Santa Claus doctor scene

Care Bears: Journey to Joke-a-Lot diner scene ( I can't believe I added a Care Bears entry on my list...)

Subway button popping commercial

Subway Fresh Fit Pac-Man parody commercial (lol another Subway commercial)

That one Simpsons episode where Homer plays around with his tight shirt and pants after eating from a steak eating contest.

King of the Hill had a steak eating scene as well. Bobby unbuttons his pants when getting stuffed during the contest.

Another Simpsons clip where Bart eats a lot of junk food from the vending machines. If I recall correctly he goes to fat camp afterwards.
Jan 8, 2021

I made a fairly comprehensive list of all of the "triggers" I can recall from the cartoons I saw as kid, with original airdates where known. Obviously, that wasn't necessarily the date I saw them.

Pigs is Pigs 1/30/37​
Ain’t We Got Fun 5/1/37
Goofy -- Victory Vehicles 7/30/43
Pop-pie a la Mode 1/26/45
King-Size Canary (1947)
A Scout with the Gout 3/24/47
Goofy - The Big Wash 2/6/48
Holiday for Drumsticks 1/22/49
Farm Foolery 8/5/49
Bye Bye Bluebeard 10/21/49
Chow Hound 1951
Cheese Chasers 1951
Woody Woodpecker "The Redwood Sap" (1951)
As the Crow Lies 6/1/51
Goofy in “Home Made Home” (3/23/51)
Goofy in “Tomorrow We Diet” (6/29/51)​
Cat Tamale 11/9/51
Mouse Meets Bird 1952
Hoppy Go Lucky 1952
Invention Convention 6/10/53
Do or Diet 10/16/53
Woody Woodpecker "Operation Sawdust"
Beanstalk Bunny 1955
That’s My Mommy 11/19/55
Baby Huey “Swab the Duck” 5/10/56
Herman and Katnip “Will Do Mousework” 6/29/56 1/81​
Egypt Us 1960 1/78
Popeye and the Giant ?
Hamburgers Aweigh
Wimpy the Moocher
Popeye’s Pep-Up Emporium
The Rain Breaker
Duel to the Finish
Weight for Me
Calvin and the Colonel “Calvin’s Glamour Girl” 4/7/62
Beetle Bailey - "Sgt Snorkle’s Longest Day"
Krazy Kat - “A Kat’s Tale”
Yogi Bear - “Touch and Go Go Go
The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends “Explosive Situation, or Don’t Make it Worse, it’s Badenov”
Little Fred Riding Hood (Fractured Fairy Tales, The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends)
Deputy Dawg - "Physical Fatness"
Yippee Yappee and Yahooey - "Throne for a Loss"​
Coyote and Road Runner - "Shot and Bothered"
Batfink - “Fatman Rides Again”
Cool McCool - “What Goes Up…Must Come Down”
Cool McCool - “Horsehide and Go Seek”
Motormouse and Autocat - “Soggy to Me”
Ant and the Aardvark The Aunt From Uncle 4/2/69 theatrical 10/23/71
Doctor Dolittle - "The Bird from O.O.P.S." 1/9/71
Templeton - Charlotte’s Web 3/1/73 11/77​
The New Scooby Doo Movies “The Haunted Showboat” 9/15/73
ABC-TV Bod Squad PSA Watch Out for the Munchies 9/74
The Tom and Jerry Show (1975) - The Supercape Caper - 11/22/75
The Tom and Jerry Show (1975) - Jerry’s Nephew - 11/27/75
Dynomutt - Dog Wonder - “The Queen Hornet” 11/6/76 1
Woofer - Clue Club - “The Missing Pig Caper” 11/20/76
Dynomutt - Dog Wonder - “Lighter than Air Raid” 12/11/76
New Adventures of Batman--"A Sweet Surprise on Gotham City" 3/3/77
New Adventures of Batman--"Birds of a Feather Fool Around Together" 5/7/77
The Robonic Stooges "Dimwits and Dinosaurs" 9/17/77​
Dynomutt - Dog Wonder - “The Lair of the Beastwoman” 9/10/77
Gleek - The All-New Super Friends Hour “The Mummy of Nazca” 11/26/77
All-New Popeye Hour - “Don’t Overeat” 9/30/78
"Cavey’s Mexicali 500" Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels 9/30/78
Dino - The New Fred and Barney Show - Blood Brothers 3/10/79
Taz in “The Fright Before Christmas” - Bugs Bunny’s Looney Christmas Tales 11/27/79.
Dollar - Richie Rich - Chowhound 12/27/80
The Flintstones Comedy Hour - Dino and the Cavemouse - Goofed Up Golf 9/12/81​
The Flintstones Comedy Hour - Dino and the Cavemouse - Handle With Scare 10/3/81
Gilligan’s Planet - Turnabout is Fair Play 9/25/82
Dollar Richie Rich - Dollar’s Exercise 11/6/1982
Yogi Bear - Yogi’s Treasure Hunt - “Yogi and the Unicorn”

I guess there were others like Garfield and The Simpsons and Tiny Toons and Ed, Edd and Eddy and Jumbo Johnny (Bravo) and that sort of stuff, but the main ones are the ones listed above. I'm sure there were some others I'm not remembering. There were a few in the Chilly Willy cartoons. Some others in Woody Woodpecker. But those are the ones off the top of my head.
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