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Dec 13, 2018
United States

A Matter of Time
by The FlamingHades14

Part 1:

I remember the first time that I met my sister’s college roommate Alex. My parents, in their usual absent mindedness had failed to mention that we were going to have a guest staying with us for a few days and my sister, was... well, my sister. We got along well enough by staying out of each other’s way, which meant that we didn’t communicate much outside of when we were around each other in person. Especially when it came to coordinating holiday plans, and definitely not about anything as specific as an attractive friend staying over for a few days.

With no warning that I should be expecting anything out of the ordinary, I strolled into the house with my bags in hand on that fateful morning, fresh off of a final night of partying and an incredibly long morning car ride back from campus. Opening the door to the kitchen, I was greeted by the sight of a stunning blonde girl wearing nothing but a sports bra and skin tight shorts that barely covered her toned derriere and were visibly straining as she bent over to examine the contents of the fridge.

I was stunned by the marvelous sight before me, and remember distinctly dropping my bags with a loud thud as my jaw went slightly ajar at the sight of this incredible young woman who, with her back turned to me, naturally jumped in surprise at the sudden bang of my bags hitting the floor. Quickly turning around and in doing so, providing me with a full frontal view of her toned abdominals, slightly flailing hips, acceptably sized breasts, and sharp facial features, was the startled but stunning Alex.

After overcoming the initial shock of a college age male suddenly appearing behind her and the loud thud of his bags dropping, Alex gracefully regained composure and put on her most disarming smile as she extended her hand to introduce herself. Quickly recovering from my my own shock at this positively stunning young woman, though likely fumbling through the interaction more than I would have hoped, I reached out and shook her hand. My crush was instantly solidified by this beautiful and poised young woman as her delicate and manicured hand touched mine. After some brief pleasantries where I did everything I could to get over how insanely hot my sister’s 19 year old roommate was, she returned to her original task at hand of getting breakfast together and I headed off to my bedroom to drop my things off and calm down.

With my sister still likely sound asleep and my parents off somewhere else for the day, I had decided that it would be my burden to play host to the lovely young lady downstairs. With renewed conviction and a better control of my emotions, I returned from my room only to once again be shocked by this unbelievable blonde, though not by her beauty this time.

Alex had taken it upon herself to scramble what looked to be a half dozen eggs, bake several pieces of bacon, and make pancakes on the other available skillet. It was a spread that could have filled up an olympic athlete after a grueling workout let, alone two college age women.

“Do you want me to go wake up my sister since it looks like you are pretty busy?” I politely asked, assuming that half of this must have been for her.

“Oh no, that’s alright,” she declined, clearly trying to deflect attention away from the variety and volume of breakfast items that she was attending to.

“Are you sure, that food is going to be cold by the time she wakes up,” I joked.

“Well to be honest, I didn’t make any of it for her,” she replied, a slight blush on her angular face as she turned away from to disguise her embarrassment.

“Well, judging by your workout attire, it seems like you’ve already earned it at least,” I complimented, assuming she felt guilty or embarrassed about being caught about to eat a feast and trying to deflect her attention from the previous awkward moment. I immediately cursed myself for the stupid comment and how I had just blatantly called her scantily clad.

“Oh thank you, but truth be told I didn’t do anything to earn it, I’m just really hungry and I didn’t expect anyone else to be around this morning so I chose to be comfy. I should really go get a sweater or something though, your parents seem keep this place cool even in the winter.” It was an obvious lie since my parents were notorious for cranking the heat, but not one I was about to call our attractive guest on.

Alex quickly bolted out of the room, providing me with a flashing view of her tight derriere as it swayed and bounced to match her smooth glide before she disappeared to grab a sweater. Upon her return, now fully clothed in sweats, the conversation changed to more traditional polite fair, with nothing truthfully of note from what I could remember, but that likely wasn’t due to it being uninteresting. No, while Alex may have been more conservatively covered, her appetite was on full display.

The image was positively striking. A petite blonde sitting down at the counter with a plate full of bacon, eggs, and a massive stack of fluffy pancakes that steamed and dripped with butter and syrup. In a flash, Alex went to work, greedily scarfing down bacon at an alarming rate before forking eggs rapid fire into her mouth and making quick work of the tall stack of pancakes. Her gluttony was incredible to watch and seemed to be in stark contrast to her lithe and fit physique. Sitting back in her chair, Alex dabbed the syrup off her content face as I stood there in absolute shock at her gluttony
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Dec 13, 2018
United States
That behavior, I would quickly learn, was just typical Alex. She was big on trying to to stay under the radar but was practically the definition of a glutton, or at least a ravenous young woman. In many ways she reminded me a lot of my sister, never one to shy away from a hearty meal and always with eyes bigger than her stomach, but with no lasting damage. Although, judging by my sisters softer figure, she may have begun to finally write checks that her body couldn’t cash, and seemed blind to that fact, which made Alex and her reckless eating behavior all the more of a perfect roommate for her.

For those next three fateful days until Alex left, I was forced to suffer through day after day of my sister and her hot roommate lounging around, munching, and just decompressing after surviving their first semester. After that initial encounter, there were no more chance encounters of booty shorts and sports bras, but Alex seemed more than comfortable strolling around in tank tops and tight yoga pants, almost appearing to deliberately linger at angles around me, inviting me to enjoy the view. I just assumed it was her natural sluggish movement after each meal she devoured before her normal digestion kicked in and her lighting fast metabolism turned on to maintain that wondrous physique. At least, that had been my prevailing theory until she turned returned that summer for a visit.

If my first sight of her had been jaw dropping, the next time I encountered the beautiful blonde pushed me to a whole new level of admiration and desire.

My parents may have been forgetful, they may have been constantly off doing their own thing instead of spending time with their kids, but they had at least done us kids a solid when we were younger by installing a pool in the backyard. It had always meant that we had the popular house in the summertime and were both in relatively good shape through all of the swimming we would do. As we grew older, my sister and I would gradually fight over who would have access to the pool in the summer time, be it lounging by the pool in her case or my buddies and I horsing around in the water, naturally refusing to share it all. It had led to some tension in the house that my parents had naturally been oblivious to or had just selectively chosen not to mediate, leading to countless fights back in the day. On my next trip home however, I was not only eternally grateful to my parents for that pool, but was going to make sure to give my sister, and by extension Alex, all the pool time they want.

Returning home from a long but enjoyable semester of college, bags once again in hand, I was amazed at how quiet the house was as I came through the kitchen door. I knew that my sister was already home and this time around she had at least given me the heads up that Alex would be staying with us again for a week, which had made the silence all the more surprising knowing there were two college age women in the house. In my mind, I had hoped for a repeat of last time with the wonderful sight of a toned behind in booty shorts to greet me, but that was not to be.

With no sign of immediate entertainment or life, I went and unpacked my clothes, listening for the slightest signs of Alex and my sister, but doing my best to control my emotions. It wasn’t until I was walking by my bedroom window facing the aforementioned pool that I picked up the slightest bit of chatter outside. While it took me a moment to recognize the tones, I quickly came to realize that my sister and her good friend Alex were out lounging by the pool.

Curiosity and lust getting the better of me, I peered through the curtains and felt my eyes bulge a little bit, though likely not as much as Alex’s hearty breasts were now bulging out of her too small bikini top. With a full year of hearty college meals that mostly lacked nutrition but more than made up for it in calorie count, coupled with presumably a surplus of alcohol, Alex’s previously trim physique had certainly undergone some impressive changes.

To be fair, it wasn’t as if she had suddenly exploded with curves, but that once slender hourglass frame with toned abdominals had softened in all of the best ways possible. Her once pert breasts that had just been enough to show that she had something up top previously had positively blossomed into hearty handfuls with excellent cleavage in that too small bikini. That once small but mighty bum supported by slender hips had blossomed into a nice juicy booty with full but still fit cheeks, supported by wide flaring hips that grown to help her body manage her increased backside. Admittedly, these gains were relatively nominal, but certainly helped to further accentuate her blossoming hourglass physique. The only other real change that was noticeable from a far was the lack of muscle tone she previously possessed in our last encounter, but the gains clearly outweighed the cost from my perspective.

Things would only get better for me as Alex suddenly had decided to rise up out of her lounge chair, empty glass in hand, and started to stroll around the pool towards the house. It was like watching poetry in motion as her breasts bounced with each and every step while her juicy derriere seemed to have a jiggling mind of its own as it swayed violently with each step.

It took all of my willpower not to sprint down the stairs to meet her in the kitchen and gawk at her newly developed curves. Doing my best to stay cool, I walked deliberately down the steps into the kitchen to ‘get a glass of water’ and greet her.
Dec 13, 2018
United States
Walking into the kitchen, I was treated to exactly the sight I had been hoping for. Standing next to the blender was the radiant and curvy blonde in her straining bikini as she aggressively shook the remnants of the strong margarita she and my sister must have been drinking. Each shake forced her breasts to jiggle and bounce as she tried valiantly to force every last drop into her glass.

I stood there captivated by the mesmerizing sight for a moment until the first whiff of the margarita blasted into my nostrils, knocking me back to reality and reminding me of my original ‘task,’ though I couldn’t help but keep eyeing her up and down. It was in doing so that I confirmed my previous thought about all of her muscle tone having evaporated, leaving her with a soft yet truly divine hourglass figure that was nearly irresistible.

“Oh hey cutee….uh...Carol’s older brother,” Alex teased with a goofy grin on her red face, the impact of several margs apparently having already done their damage.

“Hey Alex. I see you guys raided some of the tequila my parents have been keeping around,” I remarked, gesturing to the now empty blender and the full glass in Alex’s hand.

“That is a very astute observation,” she responded, stepping closer to me with the glass in her hand and the strong smell alcohol on her breathe. “I’m sure you will be shocked to hear that this isn’t my first marg of the day either.”

“What, you? Eating or drinking a lot? Never. I thought you just lived on air,” I teased trying not to get too excited as she stood in front of me with her cleavage on full display and those cute eyes beaming up at me.

“Clearly that’s not the case, or else I would be wasting away instead of nicely filling out this bikini” Alex confidently remarked, staring me right in the eyes as she said so, as if daring me to look down and admire her form. “Did you enjoy the view from your room by the way?”

‘Busted,’ I thought. She had caught me red handed, while drunk, and it was only the first day that she was here. “I saw the curtains move and just the faintest hint of your face peering down on us, well at least on me, through the window.” There was a mischievous glint in her eyes as she said, a seeming pleasure in my admiration that had not been there at Christmas time.

“Well I was trying to figure out where you two were,” I pretended to defend my innocence.

“Oh I am sure that is all you were doing for five. whole. minutes,” she teased, poking me in the chest for emphasis. By now I had no idea what was going on but this emboldened Alex both excited and scared me simultaneously. .

“And what if I was doing more than just looking at you two?” I boldly asked

“Fix your statement, otherwise it’s weird,” she commanded with a stern look on your face.

“Well, what if I was doing more than just looking at you?” I responded, knowing fully well that I had been doing nothing more than admiring her sumptuous curves.

Alex placed her drink back on the counter next to where I stood and in a sudden motion bounced on to her tiptoes, shooting her bulging breasts up against my chest as she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled her plump lips towards my ear, whispering, “than I hope you can make fantasy a reality.” Without warning she moved her lips towards mine and kissed me passionately. I was resilient at first but as her relatively firm body kept pressing and wiggling up against me, it became impossible to resist and my excitement wasn’t exactly easily hidden.

A beautiful yet wicked smile spread across her face as she pulled away, exuding confidence as she did so. “Your sister would be so mad if I ever told her about this.”

“Please don’t,” I smartly remarked, knowing the hell it would unleash upon me if she ever found out that I had hooked up with, albeit briefly, her college roommate.

“You’re not the only one with skin in the game if she found out,” Alex said with a wink as she turned, providing me with a wonderful view of her fuller, rounder and slightly wobbly bottom. She reached for her margarita, turning sideways to provide me with a perfect profile view of her incredible body as she took a generous swig before further elaborating.

“As you have clearly already noticed, mother nature has decided to generously bestow upon me a wonderful physique. As I’ve filled out this semester, it has driven your sister mad because boys that even last semester wouldn’t have paid me much attention just can’t help but drool over me,” Alex said swaying a bit to highlight her killer curves.

“Do you know what the best part of it all is?”

“What?” I asked, taking the bait.

“I can have whoever I want, whenever I want,” she said with a teasing wink as grabbed her drink, motioning down below my waist, and then strolling out the backdoor to the pool, leaving me with a nice view of her bouncing booty as she bounced toward her lounge chair, my eyes glued to her incredible physique the entire time. I was hooked.

That week was full of surprises with the exuberant Alex constantly toying with me, teasing me, secretly hooking up with me, and even sneaking off for some more intense activities. At first I had assumed she was just emboldened by the alcohol, but it quickly became apparent that even sober, these newly developed curves had altered her personality, emboldening her in ways that she may not have otherwise possessed during her freshman year.

Part of it, I also assumed, was the thrill of being with her best friends brother and having a secret tension in the room that only two of the three of us knew about. The other part of it, based on her freudian slip earlier in the week, was that she had always at least found me mildly attractive and that she now felt confident enough to have me. Of course, it was difficult to fully believe either of those theories. As I constantly glanced out the window at her sexy body each day, lounging in slightly too small bikinis, it occurred to me that she may have simply been sexually starved after being able to have any item on the menu while away at college. Or in her terms, ‘to have whoever she wants, whenever she wants.’ I was the only fish in the sea so to speak, so all of her attention shifted to the only place she could find satisfaction around here.

The one thing I was able to confirm for certain as we continued to spend time together throughout the week was that Alex’s hearty appetite had remained unchanged. Still greedily gobbling breakfasts for three, eating whole pizza pies by herself, drinking both my sister and I under the table without even a hint of discomfort, it was almost comical to watch a woman with essentially a perfect physique eating herself into what I presumed would one day be its ruin.

It was an incredible week for us both, perhaps her absolute pinnacle of relaxation, sexiness, and enjoyment, and then she was gone again, off into the abyss of life.
Dec 13, 2018
United States
Part 2:
The week after Alex left was hard to get through. I had become so enamored with having a sex crazed bombshell toying with my emotions, my physicality, and my mind, that it was a struggle to come down off of such an exhilarating high. For a few days after she left, I found myself hoping for another glimpse of her somehow back in the house, or that just maybe she’d add me on Facebook or message me. But no such image or message ever arrived, and my foolish hope soon dissipated.

Thankfully, the start of the next college semester was right around the corner and with it came a welcome distraction from thoughts about my sister’s super hot roommate. From time to time, I did find myself missing those inviting curves, that delicate sliding touch, the warmth of her passionate kiss and that unbelievably feeling of her luscious body pressing up against mine, but I found plenty of distractions to help stave off my craving for her. It was my senior year after all, and it was truly the best time of my life, a time where I was able to immerse myself in plenty of other distractions and enjoy all life had to offer before the harsh reality of adulthood settled in.

With that mentality, a full year passed and following my long awaited graduation, I found myself at home for a couple of weeks, relaxing before officially throwing myself to the wolves and starting my first adult job. It was a glorious few weeks with nothing to stress me out, no post-grad plans to rush through, no obligations to handle, and my near future already worked out. It was a time to decompress and enjoy being free before the real world hit me.

Yet, in spite of the virtually absolute freedom, I found myself uncharacteristically rising up early each morning and working out, inadvertently developing the good habits that college had prevented me from being able to achieve. The rest of the day, however, would quickly devolve into a sad attempt to fill the void of boredom from having too much time on my hands with no one to fill it with, not even endless Netflix binge watching could filly scratch the itch. As one would expect, my parents were either constantly out working, socializing, or just being absent, and my sister was constantly working some sad hourly job that took up all her time, leaving me with the house to myself. As the weeks went by, the boredom began to really seep, causing my to be almost irritated in a way, at least until that one fateful morning when a curvy blonde silhouette appeared in the basement gym doorway.

For me, it was an unforgettable moment. I was completing a final set of bicep curls for the morning, sweat dripping down my face as I really pushed myself to the limit when I sensed a presence watching me from afar. Not wanting to ruin the set, I completed the last few curls and dropped the weights back onto the rack, my arms feeling heavy as lead as I did so and I took the opportunity to stretch my arms and glance around the room. In a matter of seconds my eyes locked onto the source of my discomfort: a curvy hourglass blonde resting on the door frame.

Truthfully, curvy was something of an understatement by this point. Voluptuous may have been more appropriate for the blonde with cascading locks that glistened under the bright doorway light, a mischievous smile subtly spread across her face. Leaning up against the door frame, her wide hips pressing softly against the woodwork, Alex had clearly undergone further growth since the last time I had seen her with a new width and thickness that made her old hourglass physique feel narrow and skinny by comparison.

Extending a thickened arm to push herself off of the door frame, it became abundantly clear that not only was Alex now devoid of any muscle tone, but those once relatively fit muscles had begun to be buried underneath a supporting layer of fat that had accumulate around her divine body. Her mischievous smile, while still positively striking and highlighting her beautiful face, also highlighted a newly softened and rounder face, a stark contrast to the previously sharp features she once possessed. By any standard she was still stunning, but it wasn’t the same kind of hot sexy face of before, but more of a soft, radiant beauty.

Of course, those were lower on my priority scale as she extended her plump thigh forward, slowly and slowly towards me, visibly straining her tight yoga pants as her hips swayed outward to counterbalance her step. Both her hips, and the thighs that supported them, were noticeably wider and thicker, though it didn’t seem as if she had managed to close her thigh gap just yet. An impressive image in their own right though as each step she took lead to a series of jiggles and bounces as her body fought to control it’s additional baggage.

Stopping just in front of me on the weight bench, I was forced to look up at Alex and it was impossible not to notice her increasingly protruding breasts, their large round outward curves pressing sternly against her straining sports bra and low cut tank top. That glint in her eyes told me she was hungry, and not for another tasty meal, those she’d clearly had plenty of over the past year. No, as she leaned forward, providing me with a brief glimpse of a mild roll pushing over the waistband of her yoga pants before it overshadowed by her pendulous cleavage, she fixed me a daring gaze, challenging me to look down and start to satisfy her desire for admiration.

It took all of my will power not to stare into the impressive amount of cleavage she was now able to put forth with an assist from gravity, but I forced myself to keep eye contact with her and admire the flames of lust burning in her eyes. A strand of her shimmering blonde hair finally fell down in front of her eyes, breaking our staring match and causing her to flash that beautiful smile and release a chain of laughs.

Standing back up as she worked to control herself, I greedily eyed over her noticeably fuller side profile and was genuinely shocked at how far her hourglass had come. Both her front and back were noticeably deeper as her once juicy booty had swelled outwards and downwards, providing truly eye opening spheres of jiggling flesh, supported by strong, thick thighs. It was quite clear as she laughed and her now soft arms shook that she had thickened everywhere this time, even despite the majority of the growth still focused in her chest and lower half.

Without question, Alex was still strongly an hourglass, but it seemed that her main curves had reached their capacity and now her once flat stomach had finally fallen begun to grow, albeit subtly. At first glance, Alex would simply appear to be an incredibly well endowed cute blonde with a slightly softer than normal figure, but I knew better. This was simply the next stop on a larger growth trend with no end in sight if she didn’t control herself. But in that precise moment, she was an absolutely divine voluptuous vixen who oozed sex and confidence, bolstered by her unbelievable physique and there was no way I wouldn’t fall for her.

“So I heard that this is a great place for a girl to work out,” she teased as she finally stopped laughing and started eyeing me up like a piece of meat, clearly still fully confident in her sexual powers.

“Eh, the equipment is OK I guess,” I joked, gesturing towards the old treadmill in the corner and the free weights sprawled around the floor that I hadn’t put away yet.

“The equipment looks just fine to me,” she teased, eyeing the bulge in my shorts as she bent back down towards me, providing me with another opportunity to gaze into her eyes or fall prey to her massive cleavage trap. This time, however, she took it to another level by moving and shaking, as if pretending that she was lightly stretching. I like to think that I’m strong willed, but that was too much for my feeble male mind and I quickly became lost in her jiggling and bouncing flesh.

A naughty smile spread across her face as I finally looked back up at her, the slight accent of a blossoming double chin emerging underneath as she maintained her grin. “The equipment I’m looking for seems to be working just fine,” she teased as she slid a single finger down around the newly tight region of my shorts.

“Well I’m done with my work out, but I think I can coach you through some exercises if you would like” I teased, suddenly thrilled that this wondrous creature hadn’t fully fallen out of my life.

Coaching was certainly one way to label what we did on that bench. While she may have been softer, Alex was just as spirited and exciting to play with as ever. In full confession, I surprised even myself by how much I enjoyed her new curves and greatly appreciated her newly developed love handles. How else was I going to stay with that wild bronco that was my sister’s sexually charged college roommate.

The only real surprise of the week came with her appetite, or rather, her meal choices. It seemed that Alex had at least somewhat heeded the warning signs of her steadily expanding body, and she seemed to be at least attempting to reel in her appetite by forcing down salads and doing her best to portion control other meals. Of course, she would still help herself to multiple servings of salad or any meal we had, which I thought defeated the purpose of the portion control, but it at least seemed to have stymied her growth for the time being.

Her sexual appetite, however, was not to be satiated. All week those mesmerizing curves bounced and jiggled around me, tempting me into grasping, wrapping and playing. Alex would surprise me around a corner or sneak out of the guest bedroom into my bed at night, pushing her softer figure against me and inviting me to try and satisfy her. Once again Alex was full of surprises, as seemed to be the case every time I saw and experienced her.
Dec 13, 2018
United States
While the unexpected and secretive time together was a lot of fun, our time together inevitably came to an end. I soon moved out of the area and Alex headed off for a full year abroad. Recognizing our situation for what it was, neither of us attempted to maintain a pretense of continued communication after our week of fun. As soon as Alex walked out of the door to the house, that was the end of whatever it was that our time together had been.

Almost two full years passed without much more than a fleeting thought about my sister’s roommate, her incredibly desirable body, or our romantic time together. Sure, on a rare occasion I would try and find her on Facebook or Instagram but always wound up hitting the inevitable private profile walls and could gather little news about her. I even, in my early lusting stages after she was gone, begrudgingly added my sister on social media in hopes of seeing some fun college party photos, but my sister thought herself above social media so it was rare to see anything surface since she was so inactive. In time, my memory of her began to erode and she was filed away in some deep recess of my mind, all but forgotten unless I somehow ever saw her again.

Of course, for whatever reason, it never dawned on me that I would almost certainly cross paths with Alex again. Aside from her being my sister’s best friend and college roommate, there was also a rather momentous occasion fast approaching that would require both of our attendance: graduation. As I hung from a call with my parents where I was kindly reminded to make sure that I was home for her graduation, whatever pent up lust and excitement that had been stored in the vast corners of my mind suddenly exploded to the forefront as newfound curiosity stirred within me. The thought of seeing that bodacious blonde again, the subtle bounce of her hearty behind, the tantalizing jiggle of breasts and the that inviting smile had my adrenaline spiking.

I couldn’t help but beam with excitement when my parents informed me that they were going to treat my sister and all of her friends, plus their parents, to Texas de Brazil for a nice final dinner before the chaos of graduation day and beyond. By my parents standards, it was an unprecedented and extremely generous gesture that they certainly had not extended to me and my friends two years prior, but at that moment, it was one of the best gifts they could have given either my sister or I. My only challenge was going to be controlling the flashback and fun and exciting memories from the days of old before I saw Alex once again in the flesh.

On that fateful evening, my parents seemed determine do things right for once and made sure to arrive first to play the role of the gracious hosts. I dutifully sat next to an open seat beside my father and waited for the arrival of the other guests. It felt like an eternity before her first friend showed up. Then another family appeared, followed closely by another and before long, the table was alive with conversation as parents chatted with one another, the graduates to be did their best to control their shrieks, an indication of how nervous they were for tomorrow, and I sat there waiting, and waiting, and waiting. I was doing my best to stay calm and not seem overeager for the last set of guests to appear, focusing on bits of conversation here and there but never able to fully dedicate myself to any one uninteresting conversation, desperately waiting for her to finally appear.

For what felt like an eternity, the seat beside me sat vacant and the servers had already begun to bring around their meat sticks, offering us different cuts of meat, when at last the chair next to me was pulled backward by a dainty, well manicured hand. My eyes uncontrollably shot upwards over my shoulder in excitement, expecting to see the same reality as my numerous memories and dreams of a seductive siren, hourglass figure outlined by a fitted dress, with hair done perfectly so that everything seemed to fall into place, beaming her angelic smile down upon me.

What my eyes found, however, were two positively bulging spheres of human flesh straining up against a sky blue dress, nestled above the outline of a bulging belly that was only partially hidden by flesh filled arms. The cascading blonde hair was there, slightly messier and wavier than I remembered, though still a brilliant gold, and it did little to disguise a new roundness to her now puffy face. Buried were those sharp angles, and seemingly with them, her angelic smile.

Teetering on her high wedges, Alex plopped down next to me without any pretense of sexual play, her chest and perhaps even her whole body slightly quivering in response to the sudden motion. Sitting down next to her, even with her truly impressive chest pressing up against the table, it was difficult not to notice how wide her hips had become, how thick her thighs were, and the numerous minor rolls that formed in her lap with no other space to go.

Alex looked over and fixed me a meek smile, almost entirely devoid of her former confidence and sexual prowess. Something had definitely changed within her over the last two years since we last saw each other. Obviously she had changed externally, but for her to be ashamed of such an incredible bust and figure seemed at full odds with the previously sexual power house. All I could do at the moment was shoot her a pleading look before she subtly shook it off and focused on the conversation of the table, seeming to ignore me.

Now that all of the guests were seated, my parents who were already several drinks in after waiting everyone to arrive, took an opportunity to start a toast to the beautiful young women around the table preparing for their futures. A resounding chorus went around the table as the well wishes were bestowed by all assembled and the clinking of glasses continued for several moments until the servers took their cue to rush forward and help replenish any empty plates around the table to continue dinner.

It was in those following hours that I began to understand how Alex had managed to further blow out her hourglass, which I noticed had grown into something more resemblant to a pear since our last time together. Plate after plate of meat and accompanying delectables were matched with an impressive amount of wine as Alex did little to suppress the pure enjoyment she took from consumption. Clearly she had not changed at all as she polished of an never ending stream of helpings, even as the rest of the guest had seemingly finished their meals.

While it went relatively unnoticed by most of those assembled, I could hardly believe how much Alex was able to subtly put away, though the hint of alcohol on her breathe did start to linger when she and I would talk, an indication that she may have perhaps overdone it with dinner. The brightside, of course, was that she began to more actively engage with me and have conversations, providing me with several opportunities to admire her bountiful bosom from a frontal view in her low cut sky blue dress.

When at long last everyone, inclusive of the gluttonous blonde next to me, were done with their meal and the check had been paid, we all rose unison to depart. It was only then that I appreciated how much expanse her voluminous derriere occupied. Each round cheek was almost individual identifiable against the admittedly slightly too tight dress she wore, and her cheeks stuck out so deep that the shelf behind her could have easily held a phone if not for her impressive jiggling.

After a round of goodbyes, inclusive of a delightfully soft and squishy hug from Alex, we headed off in the car back to my parent’s hotel. It was there that the biggest surprise of the weekend would occur.

As we headed in so that my parents could regroup on plans for the following day before dropping off my sister at her apartment for her final evening as a college student, my sister shocked us all with an unbelievable request.

“Hey, the girls and I are going to have some fun later tonight and I was wondering if we could have someone maybe help chaperone us and make sure that we get home safely,” she inquired.

“Oh hunny, we’d love to but we’re so tired, I don’t think we can,” my mother deflected.

“Well, I was more thinking of someone else,” she replied, looking towards me, my mouth already beginning to form the word ‘no’ when my mother volunteered me anyway.

“Oh that’s a great idea! Your brother can help make sure to keep you girls safe tonight and make sure you get home safe.”

I shot my sister a venomous look but knew it was foolish to argue with my parents and quickly gathered my things and started mentally preparing for a night on some disgusting college dorm floor. Grabbing the keys from my parents, I began driving my sister back towards campus, anger seething through my every pore at having to babysit her and her friends instead of comfortably relaxing in the 2nd bed of the hotel room.

“So let’s get this straight now, I’m not doing this as any favor to you,” she finally remarked, breaking the uncomfortable silence in the car.

“Favor? How could babysitting you and your friends be a favor for me?”
Dec 13, 2018
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“God you're dense.We don’t actually need any babysitting and we have Uber to get around. I’m bringing you on campus for Alex. She’s been having a rough time lately and I thought you might...cheer her up.”

I practically crashed the car at that suggestion from my sister. For several seconds I simply sat there, driving the car as my mind raced a mile a minute, unsure as to what to say. Seemingly the elder statesmen in the conversation, my sister finally broke the silence.

“Look, I know about your flings with Alex. I always knew. And for some reason that is entirely beyond me, she seems to be genuinely interested in you, even now. Neither one of us can pretend that she hasn’t taken a few shots to her confidence as she’s gotten fat and guys she previously could have had any day of the week won’t even respond to her texts anymore, or some assholes even have taken the opportunity fucking insult her and call her a fat cow. She’s still my best friend, she really needs someone right now, and desperately needs to get laid. So you’re going to be that someone for her, at least for tonight.”

For several minutes we drove on in silence. I honestly wasn’t sure what to say as I struggled to overcome the surprise of my sister knowing about my fun with Alex and the absolutely ridiculous request that she practically demanded at me. It took every fiber of my being not to yell at her, to express my frustration, but something still stirred within me. There was a sense of excitement by the opportunity that I just couldn’t quite escape, even with her much softer and larger form than those first days in the booty shorts and yoga pants.

“I’ll have a drink with her, but nothing more,” I stated, hoping that would be an acceptable compromise.

“Just don’t you dare fucking hurt her,” my sister warned, but an appreciative look spread across her face.

“I'll try not to.”
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Dec 13, 2018
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I’ll never forget the moment when Alex opened her bedroom door. It was the exact moment that I knew hurting her emotionally would not be a concern for the evening and that, for all of her pouting and guarded demeanor at the restaurant, she still was fully capable of playing to her strengths and using her body confidently. Why would I say that? Because upon seeing her holding the door with an expansive amount of cleavage on full display in a flowing green top and tight hip hugging pants, I knew that the old Alex wasn’t fully gone and that she was still sexually dangerous.

It started with her ungodly amount of cleavage that was now on full display, the bra underneath her low cut top seemingly pushing her breasts together for maximum effect as each of her melons swelled against the fabric, pleading for gravity to aid them in breaking free to no avail. Each of her wonderful round mounds noticeably rose and dipped with each breathe before bouncing at the slightest movement, a magnetic sight for even the strongest willed men. Sure it was a cheap trick, but there was no way Alex would have done it if she didn’t have faith in the power of that bountiful bosom. The top, so cleverly selected, also subtly masked her now pudgy middle, further amplifying her extended cleavage that pressed far out from chest and highlighting the roundness of her generous bosom..

The other half of her hourglass, or more likely pear shape at this point, was a similar story. Where the top ended, her hips instantly began and with each of her thick thighs squeezed tightly into jeans that more closely resembled tights, clearly designed to highlight her wide hips and allude to other prominent assets. To say that she was a thick girl down below at this point, would probably have been an understatement given her lack of thigh gap and impressive width and depth to each thigh. But that all paled in comparison to the shelf behind her, a sight that was hard to discern from the doorway but gave off an image of impressively sized cheeks. The entire outfit, top to bottom, had been strategically selected to play her unmistakable strengths and rely on those to distract from her noticeably softer appearance elsewhere across her body.

But while her body was confidently on display with a tantalizing, albeit inordinate, amount of curves, her face betrayed the facade of confidence she was putting on for the occasion. Her smile beamed brightly up at me, accompanied by her twinkling blue eyes as she clearly displayed her excitement at my decision to see her. Buried underneath that excitement and joy that I had arrived was a noticeable sense of relief in her eyes. No longer was she able to fix me with that enticing seductive stare, instantly drawing my attention and eliciting a feeling of lust for her, but instead overwhelmed me with a warmth and vulnerability in her look that I was totally unaccustomed to with her.

Of course, that was just my observations of her in the split second I had to look her over before she grabbed my hand and pulled me into the room, shutting the door behind us in one smooth motion. There was hardly enough time for me to drop my bag on the floor before she had pushed me up against the door, wrapping me in a soft embrace and pressing her abundant flesh against me. As she wrapped her thick arms around my neck and rose up on her tiptoes, she pressed her already hefty chest further against me, leaving just enough room for her to lean in and kiss me.

It was a kiss of clear passion, of longing, of excitement, and of joy. Each time our lips embraced, her energy and vigor was redoubled as she pushed further against me, making sure to press her breasts harder against me as if to remind me just how well endowed she now was, but also constantly shifting to keep my attention attention up top instead of elsewhere. Yet in spite of her best efforts, it was nearly impossible to miss the soft pressure resting up against my abdomen where her soft belly now uncontrollably jutted out over the waistband of her jeans. Each movement and shift may have been exciting, but it also gave me an idea of just how much she had changed in the two years since our last encounter.

When at long last she released me, dropping down off her tip toes and unleashing a violent wave of jiggling from her breasts, and more subtly across her body, I couldn’t help but admire how robust she had become. True she wasn’t the same seductive siren that I had come across and played with previously, but she managed to still play to her strengths and they were quite captivating.

“I’m glad you came!” She remarked with a naughty smile on her face, prominently featuring her soft face and double chin. “Of course, I knew you would.”

All I could do was provide a goofy grin at her and try not to spend too much time staring straight down at her prominent rack. In the back of my mind, I noted how her tone sounded less than convincing and that there was audible relief in her voice, but quickly filed those away and focused on enjoying the moment.

“Well I’m glad you could squeeze me in to your busy schedule,” I teased, alluding to what I quickly recognized was a planned encounter from the start. Immediately her face shifted and shame seemed to spread across her now chubby cheeks at being caught in a mild game of deception.

“Yeah...well let’s just say my calendar has been pretty light lately and I wanted to spend some time with you since it’s been a while,” she replied, a dejected look on her face as she stared towards the ground, assuming she was able to see it past her prominent chest.

“But you’re here now and I can’t tell you how happy I am to have you here tonight.” Her demeanor noticeably shifting towards the more positive tone of a moment ago, another smile breaking out across her round face as she turned towards her desk, providing me with a full view of her overburdened jeans that were strained with not only her thick thighs, but bulging butt cheeks. It was hypnotizing to watch as each of her short strides resulted in a serious sway of the hips and bounce of the glutes.

Bending over to reach into one of the drawer’s in her desk, the strain on her jeans was all too audible as I watched her cheeks spread outwards towards the sides before she came back up holding two tumblers and a small bottle of Bulleit.

“Your sister said you wanted a drink, so I hope bourbon is OK,” she stated, a hint of concern nestled within her remark as she cracked open the unopened bottle, a sign that she likely rushed out and bought it just for this occasion. It always was another instance in which her once overflowing confidence was gone, replaced by a slightly more timid and even perhaps a little bit desperate attitude.

“Bulleit is great,” I reassured, happily reaching for the freshly poured glass and the admittedly generous amount of whiskey she provided each of us, doing my best to focus on her still pretty face instead of her squished breasts.

“So what are we toasting to?”

“To me obviously,” she giggled, causing her cleavage to violently jiggle as she worked to subdue her laugh. “I am graduating tomorrow after all.”

“To graduating then,” I toasted, extending my glass out for the two of us to clink and after a gentle tap of the glass, cautiously taking my first sip of the bourbon, knowing that there will still be some excellent burn at the end of it.
Dec 13, 2018
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My blonde counterpart, however, was either quite thirsty or far less cautious with her whiskey and practically downed the whole drink in one strong swig. While she held it down impressively well, and was admittedly in far better drinking shape than myself, it was clear that even she had bitten off more than she could chew, contorting her face slightly as the full burn of the alcohol came into effect.

For several moments she cringed and took deep breaths, trying to alleviate the burning sensation that was in her mouth and throat, in turn causing those tightly encased breasts to once again and rise and fall. Positively mesmerizing. Shaking off the initial bite of the whiskey, Alex set her glass back down on the desk before sauntering over to me, delicately taking the now mostly empty glass out of my hand and placing it over on her nightstand.

“Still thirsty?” she teased, placing one hand on my chest while carefully using her other to prop up her cleavage from underneath.

“I am, and I think you spilled a drop right there,” I nodded towards her chest before making a dangerous plunge full onto into her soft warm bosom, her flesh jostling and shifting as I simultaneously pushed her down onto her bed. For several moments I reveled in the opportunity to feel her soft, warm flesh bounce and shake as I did my best to bury myself further into her bountiful bosom. Her laughter and partial scream were lost on me at the delight of being able to touch and caress her hefty breasts, so warm, squishy, and yet still surprisingly resistant to additional pressure.

Finally, after several vain attempts to liberate me from her bosom, I finally allowed Alex to push me back out of her breasts and up right so that we were staring face to face, our breath shorter and heavier as we worked to regain air for a moment. The tension between us had positively skyrocketed after my initial ploy and I all too greedily wrapped my arms around her, fully intending to equal her earlier passion with my own growing excitement.

As we once again resumed our passionate exchange of kisses, the flavor and aroma of whiskey lingered continuously, adding a different taste to our locking of lips. When I began to explore her with my hands, mirroring her own excitement at gliding her hands around my body, I was extremely cautious where I went to touch her so as not to alarm her or to trigger any self doubt that she may still possess after our series of passionate exchanges. Of course, what I had failed to notice in my first round with her against the door, was that everything about her was so soft now that it practically impossible to find a safe spot, instead defaulting for her most generous curves.

Whether it was myself, Alex, or both of us in some sort of unspoken agreement, we slowly shuffled towards her bed as we renewed our earlier passionate exchanges of kisses, taking time to explore each other’s bodies as best we could. Upon finally bumping up against the bed, Alex greedily grabbed the bottom of my polo and quickly pulled it over my head while I happily relieved her of her top, providing me with a complete view of both her straining bra and bulging doughy belly. With surprising dexterity, Alex undid my pants and let them hit the floor before gently feeling me, a goofy smile spread across her face before she tore off her own pants and sat down on the bed, looking back up at me, expectantly.

What a sight she was in that moment, her large breasts surging up against the bra and pushed further upwards by the real estate otherwise occupied by several soft rolls underneath that flowed towards her thick thighs, completely covering whatever underwear she had on. A true testament to her growth, her hips still managed to spread outwards beyond her love handles and doughy belly. It felt almost as if I was staring at a completely different woman with how much she had changed since her last time at the house, but that expectant look was there, and I didn’t plan on disappointing her on the eve of her graduation.

“Like what you see?” she asked coyly before looking down towards my waist. There was a hint of vulnerability in that sentiment, but either the alcohol she’d consumed that evening had begun to imbue her with a new confidence or she was better at masking her emotional discomfort. Or, perhaps, her confidence was strengthened by my own biology betraying me in that moment.

Deciding that I didn’t truly need to answer her question, I took one step forward and then lunged for her, causing both the bed and her entire body to shake. Laughter broke out before I smothered her lips with another kiss, digging my hands into her doughy flesh and greedily exploring her soft body. For several moments we shifted on her full size bed before she shocked me by pulling me down and taking over the top position.

With her bra still on and having positioned herself to sit fully up on thick thighs with that generous behind as a cushion, her hefty chest practically blocked the overhead light with how far it projected outward above me. Perhaps even more surprising in that wonderful moment as I looked up at her, taking in all of her wonderful curves and the sheer amount of chest meat she now had, was how close her belly was to catching up to those breasts. In the position that she was in, her belly naturally rolled towards her knees and showed just how large and doughy it was, even in the shadow of her hefty melons, which I noticed were spewing ever so slightly under her bra. Had she let her breasts free flow downwards and relinquish to gravity, it might have even been possible that her belly had swollen to catch up to her breasts, that old hourglass now long forgotten.

She had really lost control of herself in the past few years and it was definitely showing, but with the light shining down on her and all of her curves on full display, I felt that Alex looked amazing and I couldn’t help but smile at the thought of the what the rest of our evening was going to be.

“Huh - what?” she asked, confused by my sudden display of emotion, a smile having broken out across my face as I looked up at her, or what little of her I could see past her bosom.

“Nothing. I just am excited to see you with your bra off,” I teased, earning me a half hearted slap.

“So are these why you came?” she goaded, pushing against her bra with her dainty hands, causing her breasts to wobble and jiggle playfully.

“They’re definitely a reason,” I joked before using my legs as leverage to push her forward and send her crashing on top of me with a full view of her pendulous cleavage as it came crashing towards me.

“Is. That. So,” she wheezed as she tried to catch her breathe after the exciting exchange, providing me with an ample amount of time to admire her chest pushing and resting against mine.

“It is. But mostly, I just wanted to make sure you still missed me,” I joked.

“Gotten your answer?” she asked before fixing me with a stare that I assumed was supposed to be menacing.

“Not quite yet,” I teased.

“Well let me show you just how much I missed you,” she joked, grinning mischievously as she reached back behind her to undo the clasps of her bra, and with that final move, kicking off the true beginning of our night together.
Dec 13, 2018
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It was a night that was everything she seemed to have hoped for, full of sensual moments, passion, exhaustion, and a lot of cuddling. The feeling of her warm, soft body pressed up against mine was a constant overload of stimulation that no amount of exploring with my hands was able to satisfy. Between cupping her more than hearty handfuls, softly kneading her doughy belly, squeezing her thick thighs, and squeezing her gelatinous cheeks, it was impossible to get enough. Of course, the more extracurricular activities were also quite fun as we went after it round after round. Admittedly, her stamina was not quite what it used to be, having likely diminished as her voluptuous body expanded, which gave me more than enough time to recover to go again and again. While even the most exciting sex usually wears me out inevitably, for that one night, she was absolutely spectacular and neither of us seemed to ever be able to get enough, or run out of new things to try. It was pure bliss for both of us. But as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end, and this story was no exception.

As we lied there after truthfully only sleeping for a couple of hours, exhausted and reeking of sex, we both stirred uncomfortably, knowing that this was likely the end of whatever we were. Alex was doing her best to pretend as if she were still lightly snoozing, trying to enjoy her final moments of rest and delaying the inevitable morning rise while my hands gently slid around her body. Our quiet time was unceremoniously interrupted by a loud growl from her stomach, a sign that she was both awake and hungry for some more food. We had done a lot of demanding exercises that night, exhaustion and sweat inducing activities, but at no point had her face turned as red as it did in that moment when her stomach roared to life.

“Do you want to go grab breakfast?” she asked politely, conceding that we were done sleeping and needed to move on with our day.

“Sure,” I replied so eloquently, pretending to be surprised that she was awake.

Slowly we stirred, gradually finding acceptable clothes to go out in for breakfast, taking a moment to wash up and in her case, putting on enough makeup to disguise some of the signs of profuse amounts of sex we’d had. At long last, adorning some rather tight looking spandex and a flowing t-shirt that did just enough to mask her softening middle, but still featured her ample chest, Alex was ready to go out.

We made small talk as she drove us to the closest International House of Waffles, but the conversation was by no means distracting enough for me to miss the handful of empty fast food bags in the back seat, or the empty box of Crispy Cremes stashed in the drivers side door pocket. It seemed that her unbridled appetite had not diminished at all over the years.

That observation was soon proven further correct after we finally arrived and sat down for an early breakfast. Thankfully for both of us, most of the college students were either off with their families having a nice early breakfast, or were still sleeping after their final night of celebrations, which meant that it was still pretty quiet.

It also meant that Alex wasn’t concerned about seeing anyone that she would know, and had decided that now was an appropriate time to have one final pig out before a long, boring day of pomp and circumstance. Ordering a chocolate chip waffle, bacon, a stack of pancakes, cheese grits, scrambled eggs, and oatmeal for good measure, Alex was practically drooling with excitement before realizing how unlady like she was coming across.

“Will you really eat all of that?” I asked, dumbfounded by the sheer amount of calories she was about to inhale.

“Well...I guess we’ll find out,” she remarked, looking off into the distance as she tried to mask her embarrassment at being caught redhanded and prepared to overindulge.

The answer, of course, was yes she could. Alex had known that even before she ordered all of that food and over the following half an hour, I watched as the plump beauty ate like clockwork to finish her massive meal. At no point did she rush, at no point was she overly expressive in her consumption, at no point was she a slob, but she diligently consumed all of it with evident pleasure. Never in my life had I seen such a display of gluttony, and while it may have been one final sinful meal in her mind, it was a clear sign to me of how she had transformed over the past several years from a petite beauty to a voracious, plump co-ed.

After dutifully paying for what in truth was her meal with a side of breakfast for me, we both rose up and headed back to the car. I couldn’t help but notice the complete and utter lack of change in her motion, another sign she was accustomed to her expanded figure and full belly. It was impossible for me not to compare the chunky lady in front of me with that young stunner in the booty shorts that I had first walked in on four years earlier. Had she been the one to eat the meal that I had just witnessed, assuming she could somehow finish it, I had no doubt that her flat stomach would have been bloated and given off the appearance of being pregnant, that she would have struggled to get up, and that she barely would have been able to waddle to the car to drive us back to the apartment. This was clearly not that Alex anymore. Then again, as I reflected on that younger, leaner Alex, the pieces were always there. She had always enjoyed food and spirits, had always had a voracious appetite, and had always been a glutton. Maybe it had always been just a matter of time before she arrived to her current state.

In either case case, it was the current version of Alex drove us back to the apartment so that I could be with my sister when my parents. We sat in relative silence for the ride home, Alex presumably in something of a food coma or too tired to speak and I was out of things to talk about.

We eventually made it back and headed back into her room where she began to strip down to go into the shower before stopping herself and just grabbing her towel. Her body language noticeably changed and a new shyness, or embarrassment seemed to take hold of her. Sensing her unease, I told her that I would go see if my sister was finally awake and spend time with her to give Alex some privacy. She nodded and mumbled something about needing to go back out soon for breakfast with her family which caused an additional flush to her cheeks. I pretended as if to not have noticed the comment and gave her one final smile before heading out to my sister’s room, preparing for a tedious day of graduation activities and the big event.

Graduation day came and went. There were many tears of joy and sadness, countless photos taken to capture the moment, and more than sufficient amounts of Alex’s cleavage on display for all to enjoy, so long as they didn’t let their gaze wander down to her almost matching stomach. While she was fun to still admire from afar, that lack of inner confidence seemed to once again come through and that sense of vulnerability came through in her gaze.

At long last the fateful moment for us to say our proper goodbyes arrived and Alex gave me one quick, soft hug. It was a last fleeting moment where I could feel her whole body pressed up against me before she pulled away so as to not raise any suspicion by the parents. Shortly thereafter, Alex wandered off with her parents, leaving me with one final parting view of her wobbly behind, pushing against the tight fabric of her dress as it jiggled and bounced, propped up by tight wedges. It was an image that would be forever ingrained in my mind.

We surprisingly never crossed paths again in the years to come. She had a falling out with my sister some time shortly after graduation and never came back into our lives. While it was sad in the moment, I soon came to accept it for what it was and looked back with fondness at our wonderful, sex filled, times together, but recognized it had never been anything more than youthful exuberance that had come to pass. Sure, from time to time I would peruse her Instachat to check in and see how she was doing, but even though we were finally connected, she rarely posted anything of interest on there. In truth, it was more entertaining to flip through her Instachat from start to finish and see her progression of growth, a growth that seemed to have only continued since college and continued to instill that same thought from after that final breakfast together: maybe it had always just been a matter of time.

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