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it's only me

Well-Known Member
Aug 25, 2010
I'm sure there's a few people that has gone through a divorce, I just wanted to ask a few questions, they may sound silly but I just wanted to know what it was like.

it looks like I will be headed in that direction soon after 22yrs, I just wanted to ask a few questions one is was it unexpected, or did you see it coming, was there others involved(affairs), or the 2 of you just got tired of each other & decided to just call it quits.

where there kids involved(none here), how did you handle it I mean was it hard on you or was like a big relief to finally get away from things.

and how did the 2 of you handle it financially I was told that I didn't deserve nothing cause I didn't work out side of the house(his choice), I didn't contribute a dime to the house hold so I don't deserve anything, & he(husband) didn't care what the system says, I didn't waste my time arguing cause I know better.

any advice on what to expect & how to handle things will be helpful, thanks.

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