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Enjoying being fat (not about food or sex)?

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Sep 29, 2005
The great white north, eh?
In the online fat community, liking being fat often gets lumped with being a gainer or feedee, basically with wanting to be fatter. I wonder if that is just because of limitations of language?

I know that right now I feel fat, and like the feeling, and want to go enjoy and emphasize that feeling. I want to actively be fat. I’m not even quite sure what that would entail, yet that is how I feel right now.

It has nothing to do with eating or stuffing. Well, sitting on a shaded patio in snug clothes and eating some awesome amuse-bouche would be nice, I admit, but this feeling certainly isn’t about eat food ==>get fatter. It isn’t necessarily sexual either, although slowly undressing for someone who was eagerly awaiting the uncovering of the flab would also be nice. But again, it isn’t about fat ==>sex.

It is more like, strolling along a high street while feeling my fat shift and wiggle, then sitting down on a bench to watch the world go by while caressing my belly and discussing with someone how much belly is resting on how much padded lap, then maybe later going and getting to try on some clothes that are proportioned for men who are at least as thick in the middle as around the chest. Maybe going out dancing and shaking all that I've got to every song. And none of that is quite ‘it’ either, but somehow I just want to verbify fat - "I fat, you fat, he/she/it fats, we fat...." somehow turning ‘being fat’ from a state to an activity.

Is this just me? Anyone else? Anyone? (Bueller?)

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