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First Weight Story You Recall Reading

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Xyantha Reborn

- Actually Very Tame!
Jul 23, 2014
A quick perusal didn't show me a thread like this, but then I am on my phone.

What is the first BHM/BBW story you read that just absolutely resonated with you - the one that drew you into the addictive (at times) world of this type of writing? And, have you re-read it? Now that you have read more, does it still vibe with you?

Mine was off of an old site, and was called something like "Kickflips over Trashcans" and it was a pretty PG story of two youngish men. It was the description of his size though that really jived with me. When I went back to read it years later, it did not quite incite those same emotions, but it was still cute. I LOVE when I find new stories that make me feel that way again.

Curious to see what others are!

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