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BOTH Growing Together

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Jul 27, 2014
(Working on some new stuff and wanted to re-upload some old stuff since its been a while. Also did not realize this was still pretty active with stories until the other day, but I'm glad I checked back in. Hope you still enjoy even if it’s a second time around.)

Growing Together
by yo18

Bernard had always been a slim guy, with a hidden desire to see girls grow. A feeder at heart, as he grew up he slowly learned more about his kink and came to grips with it. Always embarrassed to open up to his significant others he had never shared his secret fetish with those around him. This would all change the day he met Reid.

She was a stunning young woman, short in stature and slim with curves in all the right places. Long black hair cascaded down her back and her skin was kissed with a light brown complexion from her Indian ancestry. They were both 22 when they met for the first time. Set up on a date by mutual friends, they hit it off. From this date they continued to talk to each other and several months later they transitioned into a full-fledged relationship. Even though she may not have been his “ideal” type he grew to love her for the smart, funny, driven, and sometimes weird person she was. Throughout their time together Bernard kept his kink hidden from her. It wasn’t until almost a year later that he would find the courage to open up to her.

It started with an offhand comment. Something that could have been a joke or just meant nothing at all, but being a feeder it resonated with Bernard. One night after having a roll around under the sheets Reid looked over to Bernard. “That was great, I do love when we change it up and try different positions like doggy,” she said to him. “Imagine if you had a big belly resting on my butt while we did it doggy, haha” she laughed. Bernard nervously giggled along with her, but his mind was reeling at the comment. “Was she a feeder? What if I did have a belly? I guess I couldn’t ask another to gain if I wasn’t willing to do the same. Do I tell her all this? Do I tell her I like making girls fat?!” His heart was racing as he saw an opportunity to open up to the girl he loved and for the first time he told another about his secret fetish. Before he could think he began to speak, not the smoothest of moves. “Would you like it if I had a belly?” he asked her. She looked over still smiling and replied “What? I don’t know, why?” He pushed further “ Well I’ve never told anyone this before, but I kind of like girls with bellies. Fat girls and more specifically making girls fat…” he trailed off and tried to read her expression. It seemed to be one of curiosity and enthusiasm. “I’m sorry, you probably think I’m a weirdo, I shouldn’t have said anything” he tried to backpedal. She then answered “ really? Hmm what do you like about this? How long have you known you like this?”

The questions continued and he slowly opened her up to the world of feedism. Showing her the online communities and how he had learned so much. She was impressed at how much he had learned about this and about himself. After many questions she stated, “I don’t think its that weird at all and I’m really glad you told me.” From then on they began to experiment with feedism in their relationship. Though she wasn’t as into the kink as he was she knew he liked it and liked to indulge him and his fantasies. She also expressed a want to gain herself, maybe not to the extremes of his fantasies, but in his eyes anything beyond her accepting him was a plus.

There was one other development that slowly formed an idea in Bernard’s head from that faithful day and conversation. That was the idea of himself getting bigger. He had never contemplated this, but when she talked about wanting him to have a big belly it stirred something in him. He was now not only open to, but also turned on by the idea of himself getting fatter. He expressed this side of things to her as well and from there they role-played and used food to feed and fatten each other.

Bernard began to realize that while Reid’s metabolism was a tough defender of anything he fed her, he was more in control of his own food intake and apatite. Any time he over ate he became turned on and slowly he pushed himself to eat more and more. He stayed active to stay healthy, but in smaller increments. Slowly, but surely he began to put on weight. While Reid had gained 5 pounds since they had started, Bernard had gained 10. She was always there to encourage him to eat another slice of pizza or grab a box of doughnuts for breakfast for them. She had grown fond of calling him “chubs” as a nickname now that they were in their gaining relationship.
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