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Dec 14, 2012
That mouth stuff sounds horrible, Loopy :( FWIW, I've had genearl anesthetic for teeth removal a couple of times and it was OK (once in the hospital when I was a young teen, because my top eye teeth came in sideways and had to be surgically removed -- I'd make a terrible vampire these days), and once in this millennium at a dental surgeon's office to have a couple of wisdom teeth out. Not my favorite experience, but in the end quite underwhelming.
Oh, they allow general anaethetics in dental practises over there? Over here they are only allowed in hospitals. Which is the real problem; if I could just go to the local health centre and have this done it wouldn't be an issue. But they wont even give me IV sedation without sending me to hospital for monitoring the whole time, it's standard practise over here. Though oddly, that is supposed to be true for people with a BMI over 40. Mine is somewhere around 37/38. It's to do with breathing issues, so I guess they are concerned about my asthma?

Ooof, that’s a lot to deal with at one time! Thankfully so far i’ve only had to deal with one major tooth reconstruction at a time, and that’s intense enough.

Have you had general anesthesia before? Unfortunately i’ve had it several times (never for dental work). Fortunately each time the (different) anesthesiologist has been very good, so i’ve been totally out quickly, and recovered as they planned/intended/expected. Last time was a year and a few days ago, actually.

Avoiding hospitals when possible is a good idea.

Have you ever pursued mental/emotional health work related to dental phobia? I didn’t do that specifically, though other mental/emotional work for my depression and anxiety and other issues has wound up helping outside of the direct issues, including letting me be calmer as my dentist is blasting away what had been one of my teeth with his drill.

My thing: stress fracture of a long-ago filled tooth, due to thermal cycling and the significantly different coefficients of expansion of the metal filling amalgam and the natural tooth. Had part 1 of a crown job Monday a week ago, and because my dentist’s office is awesome, they were able to move up my routine cleaning 2 weeks earlier, so i got that done at the same appointment. Part 2 is tomorrow. Good thing i’m getting this done in the Crown City (nickname for Pasadena, California) 😆 .
I've had a general anaesthetic once before, but I was a really little kid, I think I was about 3? I don't remember too much about it, but I'm not afraid of general anaesthetic, really. It's more just the being in a ward in hospital part. I don't deal well being surrounded by strangers and in a strange place. They will have to let my my mum be with me the whole time or its not happening.

I've never had any help with my dental phobia, no, though it's a really common thing for autistic people. It's not uncommon for us to have to be knocked out for it, hah. For me, the real fear is being hurt; I have a condition that makes me resist local anaesthetics and so my teeth are usually not completely frozen when being worked on. That and I have a pretty big phobia of things that make the type of noise the drill does; I literally have to be shepherded out of the room with the dogs when the vacuum cleaner is on.

Ah, the first thing I asked at the start of this post was how your tooth was doing! I guess I don't need to ask that now, hah! I'm glad it is getting treated at least. If you are having a crown then I guess the fracture isn't too bad, at least? Otherwise they would need to remove the tooth or do root canal stuff. Best of luck for tomorrow!

Wild guess: pattern matching related to tribal signaling (communications) for forming and maintaining clans and excluding Others, many millennia ago. “That’s our song! That’s our group!” If these traits get passed down in DNA, that could explain it, and the original meaning would be long lost.
Oh, that actually makes a lot of sense, now that you say it. I guess as a Biologist I probably should have thought of that myself but sometimes it takes a fresh pair of eyes looking at something! It probably is a combination of that and cultural norms/exposure. The way humans - well, animals in general really - react to music is fascinating.


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May 16, 2011
New Zealand
Okay, update everybody!

I went to an emergency dentist and they gave me antibiotics. I got an appointment with my regular dentist the week after and it wasn't fantastic news and I've been in a bit of a slump because of it.

The top left tooth that was infected is going to have to come out, as this is the second time this has happened after lots of work and attempts to fill and fix it. But on the right side, she says I need to have two of the top teeth out and maybe one of the bottom ones, which I was not expecting because they don't cause me much problem.

Trouble is, I'm really phobic of dentists and three molars out would be more than I can cope with without sedation. I can't take oral sedatives, gas and air makes me projectile vomit so violently the specialist refuses to give it me again, and they wont give me IV sedation because I'm fat. Whiiiiich means I'm going to have to go to the hospital and have a general anaesthetic, which I'm pretty scared about. Mostly the hospital part, though I will have my mother with me the whole time.

Ironically, my teeth don't really hurt much at the minute. Eating soft foods means the inflammation has died down to almost nothing on both sides and there is no pain unless I eat or touch them. Unfortunately, it is not sustainable to live off tea and biscuits forever.

I'll be honest, I don't know much of Johnny Cash at all and I never watched that film so I don't have an opinion on in, though I'm interested to hear your thoughts.

I did know that about the recording of Bohemian Rhapsody, yes. I understand certain types of music not appealing to you though. For the life of me, I can't understand the appeal of the type of music they play in nightclubs. I think it is fascinating though that there is something wired into our brains that doesn't let us appreciate certain types of music, whilst other people can. I wonder how that works, biologically?
All the best for your trip to hospital. Get well soon.

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