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Jan 14, 2019

Mary and John
by fiestyMad

Mary took a deep breath when he walked in the room. He had black hair that peaked out of his baseball cap. He had kind blue eyes, which sparkled when he looked her way. She lowered her gaze to what had initially caught her attention. His grey T-shirt that hung onto his new-looking gut, which was still small by anyone’s standards. Maybe a couple beers too many, nothing major. That was fine with Mary. You see, she’d always known she was an FFA, but her favorite thing is taking guys like him who you can tell have an appetite, and watching them gain. She saw potential in him and it made her insides warm.

“Hi, is anyone sitting there?” his voice broke her concentration.

“No, go ahead,” she replied, keeping her voice cool. Apparently, this mystery hottie was going to sit next to her. How ever was she going to pay attention in her Psych 101 class? Thankfully the professor began introducing herself to the class and Mary flipped through her syllabus, following along.

“Now, I want everyone to introduce themselves to someone in the class and exchange numbers. This will be helpful later in the semester in case you miss lecture because I do not upload notes online. If you’re uncomfortable sharing numbers, use your university email instead,” the professor explained.

Oh my God, she thought to myself. She wasn’t sure if she should be relieved for an excuse to talk to him, or nervous out of her mind. Just as Mary was pondering, he turned at her expectantly.

“Hey, I’m John.” Mary’s throat felt dry. As he turned to look at her, she could see his stomach bunched up underneath his grey shirt. It looked bigger when he was sitting. Swallowing, she replied.

“I’m Mary,” she told him, internally cringing at how her voice shook slightly.

“Nice to meet you,” he grinned. She smiled back, trying to seem nonchalant. “I’m a marketing major,” he continued.

“Cool. I’m Psychology,” she responded.

“Very cool. So, this class is your thing, huh? I’m taking it to fulfill a gen ed,” John shrugged and Mary tried her hardest not to stare at his stomach as it moved. “I’m guessing you’re a freshman then?” he asked.

“Yep,” she nodded. “What year are you?”

“Junior,” he replied.

“Oh, so you’re more than halfway there,” she smiled.

“Well, I might have to take a fifth year,” John grimaced. “I partied a little too hard my freshman year,” he said, absentmindedly covering his gut with his hands. “Don’t make the same mistake,” he pointed at her with a laugh.

“I doubt that. I’m not really the party type,” she admitted. Why are you saying that? Do you want him to think you’re a total loser? She thought to herself, then added, “Well, not that I don’t have people to go with, I just like staying home sometimes.”

John leaned back and chuckled to himself. “I get it. Making friends here is a little hard at first, but for someone as pretty and cool to talk to as you, I bet you’ll be making friends in no time.” He said it so matter-of-factly that she hardly had a chance to acknowledge his compliment. “So, you wanna give me your number? I can just call you to make sure you have mine.”

“Sounds great,” she swallowed and smiled up at him. He handed her his phone and while he did, she touched some of his fingers with hers. She hoped he felt as much electricity as she did. After she put her number in, she handed him his phone back.

“Do you live on campus? Most freshman do,” he inquired.

“Yeah, I live in Kingston Hall.”

“No way! That’s where I lived my freshman year. Oh man, that place was wild,” he exclaimed.

“I like it there,” she replied, unsure of what to add. How could she explain that she was very shy and found it really difficult to connect with even her roommate, let alone other students in the hall?

“Well Mary, it sounds like you’re going to have a really nice first year here,” John said smiling.

“I hope so,” she said back.
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Jan 14, 2019
Part 2

Mary saw John on campus a couple times a week, and in their psych class. Of course, there was a lot less time for conversation now that syllabus week was over. When she would see John outside of class, he was usually with two or three other guys and would only give her a weak wave in response to her grin. What was she really expecting anyway? He’s a junior and she’s just some random freshman girl who happens to sit next to him. They had one conversation and all the sudden they’re supposed to be best friends?

It wasn’t until about five weeks into the semester that she got a text from him.

Not coming to class today. SUPER hungover lol. Can we meetup so I can get the notes from u?

Mary practically swooned on the spot from this one text.

Sure! I’m free tomorrow afternoon. Maybe 3:30?

3:30 is perfect. C u then!

“Well, yeah I guess he could’ve just gotten the notes through email or something, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up. That doesn’t necessarily mean he wanted an excuse to hang out with you. Sorry,” Mary’s roommate Jessica sighed. She was trying to be nice, but it just sounded condescending coming from her.

“Oh well,” Mary replied, trying to hide the how snarky she sounded and failing miserably.

“Look Mary, I know guys like that. They’re all in frats and just want one thing.”

“Okay,” she said, hoping to end this pointless conversation. Note to self: never tell Jessica anything ever again.

“Hey Mary,” John greeted her as he sat down at our study table in the library.

“Hey John,” she replied, trying not to sound overly eager. Although, he was obviously in a good mood. He smiled widely at her. Since it was late September, he was wearing a light pullover hoodie and reached behind his neck to peel it off in that weird way that guys do. While he did that, the T shirt he was wearing underneath was accidentally pulled up. Mary felt herself blush and prayed he wouldn’t notice. She couldn’t help it, he was so cute. His belly was a nice size, just barley pushing over the waist of his jeans, which were looking a little snug. He may have even put on a little weight since the start of the semester. As he pulled the hoodie over his head, she put her head into her notes, hopefully playing it off as if she hadn’t seen anything. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw his swiftly pull his shirt down over his gut. She looked up as he sat down, hoping the redness on her face wasn’t obvious to him.

“So, what’d I miss?” John asked, his eyes meeting hers. She tried not to melt under his gaze.

“Uh- right! I have the notes here,” she said, turning her notebook so that he could see it as he sat across from her. He picked up her notebook and held it close to his face as if to inspect it.

“You have great handwriting, Mary,” John complimented, lowering the notebook to stare at her. She felt her cheeks grow warm again.

“Thanks,” she choked out. Mary watched as he pulled his own notebook out of his bag and began copying her notes.

“How was your weekend?” he inquired while writing.

“Oh, it was fine. It went by way too fast,” she replied. She had nothing to do but watch him as he wrote down his notes. Mary studied his face a little. She noticed as he looked down that he had the beginnings of a double chin. He’d definitely gained a little more since the first day of class.

“Got any plans this weekend?” he asked, stealing a glance up at me. Oh God, I hope he didn’t catch me staring.

“Uh no, not really,” she told him and swallowed loudly.

“Well, my buddies are throwing a party if you wanna go. I know you’re not really a party person, but it’ll only be like twenty people,” John suggested.

“I’d love to,” she heard myself say. What? Why did I agree to that? This is going to be so awful!

“Cool, I’ll pick you up at eight on Friday,” he said as he finished the last sentence of his notes. He stood abruptly, gave her a wink, grabbed his stuff, and sauntered out of the library. She let out a breath she didn’t know she was even holding.


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Jan 14, 2019
Part 3

As John got dressed, he found himself thinking of Mary. She had the most beautiful brown hair. It had a little bit of a red hue to and the texture of her curls was very alluring. It always looked so soft when he sat next to her in class. Oh, and her gorgeous brown eyes seemed to fit perfectly in her face. Oh yeah, and her nose that was adorned with tiny freckles-

Wait, I must really like her, he thought. John didn’t think she would ever like him back looking the way he does, but the looks she was giving him in the library had given him the confidence to finally ask her out. The truth was, he’d totally blimped up his freshman year and no matter how hard he tried to lose it, it always seems to come back. He sighed as he looked in the full-length mirror. His stomach looked perpetually bloated and even his chest had fattened up. He had twin mounds up there than were starting to lean onto the crest of his belly. He gave his gut a quick slap, watching as it rippled in response. He began to search through his closet, trying to find a shirt that would conceal all his flab. John didn’t want Mary to see how fat he really was. He settled on a flannel, hoping the thick material would hide any rolls from sight. He glanced at the clock: 7:21 pm. He ran his hands through his thick black hair. As he did, John felt his stomach rumble. God, not again! I just ate like two hours ago, how can I be hungry? He looked back at the clock and decided he might as well have a snack before he picks up Mary. He wouldn’t want her to think he was that much of a fatass that his stomach was constantly rumbling.

Rummaging through the cupboards of his apartment, he found something that might satisfy his hunger. A couple grain bars and a banana. Sounded healthy enough to him. He scarfed those down and his stomach felt slightly better, but he was still pretty hungry. With a sigh of defeat, he opened the fridge and grabbed leftover pizza from the night before. Six slices should probably do it, he thought to himself. John tried not to think about what this would do with his already oversized midsection. Instead, he focused on getting to actually hang out with Mary. After the last pizza crust hit his lips, it was time to leave and pick up Mary. He sighed in contentment as he felt finally full. With a grimace, he stood up with a little difficulty and made his way to his car.


The text made Mary practically jump out of her skin. With one last glimpse in the mirror, she made her way downstairs. She had thrown on some black skinny jeans and a mesh, form-fitting black top. She didn’t want to look too revealing though, so she threw a tan sweater on, which was also nice since it was only around forty-five degrees outside.

“Hey pretty lady,” she heard when she stepped outside. She turned and saw John smiling at her with his window down. She couldn’t help the grin that spread across her face as she made her way over to his car.

“Hey,” she told him back, unsure of what else to say. Once she was settled in the car, he began making his way back to his apartment. She couldn’t help but stare as he drove. He looked so hot behind the wheel. She noticed that his stomach was looking rather inflated tonight as it pushed out over his jeans.

“So, we’re gonna stop at my place and pregame a little and then we’ll walk over to my buddies. It’s only two buildings over from mine,” John explained, seemingly unreceptive of Mary’s gawking.

“Sounds good,” Mary said, smiling to herself.

“You look really beautiful tonight,” John told her. Mary felt herself blush and she looked up and caught his eye.

“Thank you,” she replied. “You look great too,” she added. Mary tried not to notice his obvious grimace as she said this.

“Glad you think so,” he finally said, not looking her way. “And… here we are,” he exclaimed, pulling into a parking spot. As he led them inside, John noticed how much taller he was than Mary. She didn’t seem so short when they were sitting next to each other in class, but as they walked, he realized he was at least a full head taller than her.

“Nice place,” Mary admired once they’d walked in. It was a pretty well-kept apartment for a couple of college guys. It looked spotlessly clean.

“I take credit for that,” John said, raising his hand as if he were guilty of something. Mary raised her eyebrows. “I’m a neat-freak,” he confessed.

“No complaint here,” Mary stated, laughing. She was getting less and less nervous the longer they were together.

“Miss Mary?” John asked, pretending to be all fancy. “What’s your poison?” he directed her to his liquor cabinet.

“Uh,” Mary froze up. “I’ve never actually drank before,” she confessed in a small voice.

“No way!” John squinted at her. “That’s crazy. I mean, it all tastes like shit, but my recommendation is schnapps. That tastes the best.”

“Sure,” she smiled at him.

“You don’t have to, obviously,” he looked down at her seriously.

“I’m in college now. I’m not turning down free booze.”

“Fair point,” John couldn’t help but laugh. She was really fun and he was finding himself more and more attracted to her. He poured them each a shot and laughed at how hard she grimaced.

“Is the burn normal?” she asked.

“All part of the fun, Mary,” John replied smoothly. “Feel free to help yourself to more if you want. Just try not to get too trashed though. I don’t want our first date to be forgotten.”

Mary felt her cheeks get hot. He called it a date! Grinning from ear to ear, she nodded at him and poured herself another shot of schnapps while he disappeared into his bedroom. A few moments later he returned with a small bag.

“More alcohol to take over there,” he explained. She nodded. Is this what college kids did? “Yeah, we probably drink way more than we should,” he admitted, reading her thoughts off of her face.

“I didn’t-” she began to backtrack, but he held up her hand to stop.

“No worries,” he laughed. “Like I said, don’t follow my example.” Mary smiled at his reference to their very first conversation. “You might end up with a beer gut like me,” John said, giving his belly a pat. Mary could feel her cheeks getting warm again, along with the inside of her legs…

“Damn, did that alcohol kick in already? You’re looking rosy,” John said, moving closer to her. He looked down at her face. She looked so beautiful. Her cheeks had a warm glow about them and he could tell she’d spent some time doing her makeup and it looked fantastic. As she looked up at him, he reached down and cupped her cheek in his hand. She took a shaky breath, realizing what was about to happen. He leaned down and pressed his lips against hers. It was a short kiss, but it left her knees feeling weak. “You ready to go?” he asked, still only inches from her face. She nodded.


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Jan 14, 2019
Part 4

“What’s up Johnny?” John’s friend called as soon as the pair walked through the door.

“Hey Austin!” John replied. They engaged in some bro-handshake that Mary knew nothing about.

“Who’s this?” Austin asked, looking at Mary who was partially behind John in the entryway.

“This is Mary, we have psych together. Mary this is Austin. He’s an absolute idiot so don’t take anything he says seriously,” John joked.

“Oh, shut up!” Austin retorted. “Nice to meet you Mary.”

“Nice to meet you too,” she said quietly. As they made their way into the living room of the apartment, Mary started to feel a little uneasy. John was right, there weren’t that many people there. But Mary only knew John and now Austin. For someone shy like Mary, it was overwhelming. John seemed to pick up on her uneasiness and grabbed her hand. She looked up at him and he gave her a reassuring smile, pulling her closer to him. Because of how small the apartment was, she had to stay glued to John’s side. She could feel his girth on her side as they mingled. John introduced her to about a dozen people. He seemed really popular. Everyone here seemed to know and like him. After about twenty minutes, John pulled Mary out to the kitchen to grab a beer and get some quiet(er) time.

“How’s your first party?” John asked, grabbing a beer from the cooler and taking a swig.

“It’s not what I expected,” Mary admitted.

“And what did you expect?”

“Uh… I don’t know, beer pong?” she shrugged. John let out a chuckle and pulled her into him by her waist.

“I’m really glad you’re here,” he told her. Mary felt her breath quicken. The combination of his words and the feeling of his gut against her stomach was making her crazy. “You look really cute when you’re flustered,” he noticed. Mary let out a laugh.

“I’m sorry,” she started.

“Don’t be. You’re adorable,” John stated as he pulled her in for a kiss. This kiss was longer than the other; she wrapped her arms around his neck and leaned into his soft stomach.

Kissing Mary made John feel light as a feather. It was then that he realized that was not the case. John became aware that Mary was pressed right into his fat stomach. She must be disgusted, but she’s so polite she’d never say anything. John pulled away from her abruptly. He registered a little surprise on her face but it disappeared into a neutral expression almost instantly. He took another long swig of his beer.

“You wanna head back out there?” he asked.

“Sure,” she responded. Mary tried not to over-analyze the way John had pulled away from her, but it wouldn’t leave her head. Did I do something wrong? She wondered.

John took Mary’s petite hand back in his and led her back out to his friends. He made sure to keep her far away from his disgusting stomach this time.

“Bro! You guys want some of this?” Austin yelled, coming up to them. He held a bottle of jack in his hand.

“Sure, I’ll take some,” John agreed, lifting the bottle to his lips. He gulped it down like it was water.

“Mary?” Austin offered.

“Sure,” she said, taking a small sip. Ugh! How can he drink this stuff? Both the boys laughed at her obvious distaste.

“It tastes better with coke,” Austin explained. Mary nodded. John had let go of her hand to drink the jack and Mary reached for his hand again, this time pulling herself close to him. John moved back a little, keeping a distance from her. Mary felt like she’d been punched in the gut. What happened? He seemed to really like her until he pulled away in the kitchen…Austin and John started talking about some sports team that she didn’t even know exist.

“Can I have some more of that?” Mary asked, pointing to Austin’s fifth of jack.

“Uh, sure,” he said, handing it over. Mary took a big swig this time, swallowing instantly to avoid the aftertaste. After a long gulp, she handed it back.

“Laters man,” Austin told John, walking away.

“That was kind of a lot all at once Mary,” John said, referring to her slightly impressive chug.

“I know,” she replied. John’s heart sank. She’d felt his stomach and was repulsed. Just like he’d thought. She had to be drunk to be with him. “Can we stand on the balcony?” she asked.

“Oh, sure. You want some fresh air?” he suggested.

“Yeah,” she replied. Once they were alone out on the balcony, Mary snuggled up close to John’s side and he wrapped his arm around her shoulders. He didn’t seem to mind or notice her closeness this time. She looked up and caught him staring down at her.

“You look like you’re starting to feel it,” John said with a smile.

“Yeah, maybe I am,” she told him. Feeling the liquid courage in her chest, she reached up to kiss him again. Maybe a redo from their earlier kiss would redeem her. He bent down and met her lips, but only from a brisk kiss. He pulled away and looked the other direction. “Am I…” she felt tears welling up in her eyes. “Am I doing this wrong?”

John instantly regreted pulling away. Of course, she would assume you pulling away from her kisses has something to do with her kisses…which are so wonderful… But of course, she wouldn’t realize that it was really just my big fat gut getting in the way.

“Mary, I’m so sorry! No-no it’s not that at all,” he explained. He held her face in his hands, hating the way her eyes began to leak. “You’re incredible,” he felt himself blushing, “and gorgeous, and so-so-SO sweet.” He saw her start to smile again, but she still looked confused. Letting out a deep breath, John moved away from her. “Look, Mary. I really like you. A lot,” he continued without meeting her gaze. “I know we can’t ignore this.”

“What is it?” Mary asked, pulling his arm so that he would face her. She saw the hurt on his face and it reminded her of his face in the car when she’d complimented him.

“You’re so beautiful and I don’t know if I can get back in shape for you. I mean, I’m trying. I go to the gym and everything but-”

Mary hated this. She hated how this was obviously on his mind a lot and how the confident funny guy she’d come to the party with had deteriorated all because of his weight.

“John, I think you’re really attractive the way you are now,” she told him.

“Mary, you’re so sweet-”

“I’m serious, you’re really hot.” John inspected Mary’s face but it was rock solid. She wasn’t lying.

“But when we were kissing earlier, you felt my stomach,” he swallowed hard, “I know you thought it was gross.”

“I didn’t. I thought you were really sexy. I didn’t know why you even pulled away, I was loving it. I happen to like guys who uh-” Now it was Mary’s turn to stumble over her words. “I like fat guys.” John took a moment to digest this.

“You mean, guys who are stocky?”

“We don’t have to get into the mechanics of it,” Mary explained. “Just know that I really like you and I think your body is incredible.” As she spoke, she wrapped her hands around his middle. John’s throat suddenly felt dry. What in the hell?

“Oh,” was all he could think to say.

“Do you wanna head back inside? It’s cold,” she offered. He nodded, still holding her close as they entered the party.
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Dec 23, 2018
Very sweet. I admire Mary for just coming out and saying it, especially given she's the reserved type.

Is there any more?


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Jan 14, 2019
Part 5

The remainder of the party, John seemed more relaxed. Mary was really relieved that he didn’t freak out about her sudden confession of her preferences. At about midnight, they were getting ready to leave. She heard a chorus of “It was nice to meet you!” and “Bye John!” as they shuffled out the door. Once they were down on the sidewalk heading back to John’s place, he spoke.

“Sorry, I can’t drive for at least a couple hours. If you want, I can call you an Uber, or walk you back to campus,” he offered and then added, “or you can hang out at my place.”

“I’d like that,” Mary replied, snuggling in closer to him as they walked arm in arm.

“My roommates are still at Austin’s,” he explained as they walked into his empty apartment.

“Oh,” Mary replied. She was beginning to feel nervous again. She knew he was going to bring it up.

“You wanna sit down? I have some clothes you could borrow if you’re uncomfortable too. Although they’d be way too big for you,” John rambled. His face grew red at his last statement.

“I’m fine, thanks.” Mary took a seat on the couch and motioned for him to join her.

“So about tonight,” he began.

“I know it’s weird but it’s true. Ask me anything you want to know and I’ll try my best to help you understand.”

“Okay,” he swallowed, considering his next words. “Do you actually like me?” Mary laughed.

“Obviously! You’re like the absolute best, how could I not?” Her response made John relax a little more. She was looking up at him with the most adorable expression.

“I guess it is kind of obvious that you like me. Now that I know for sure that you like my-uh-body, that makes our interaction at the library and in the car make so much more sense,” John told her.

“I didn’t realize you noticed,” Mary stammered. She mentally chided herself for being so obvious.

“It’s hard not to notice anything that you do, Mary,” John whispered. They made eye contact for just a moment too long. Mary couldn’t help herself. Growing brave, she leaned in hungrily and smashed her mouth against his. He didn’t hesitate in pulling her closer. She moved her legs so that she was straddling his lap. She felt his soft belly pushing against her flat one. The burning between her leg grew.

It was then the lock to John’s apartment door jiggling that broke them apart. Mary reluctantly climbed off of John’s lap.

“Hey,” John’s roommates greeted him.

“Sup guys?” he replied easily.


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Jan 14, 2019
Part 6

“I can’t believe I’m still up talking to you at 3:56 am!” Mary sighed, her sleep-deprived happiness wearing off.

“I know it’s super late,” John stifled a yawn. “I can call you and Uber or if you don’t mind, you can just crash here. I’ll even sleep on the floor.”

“Okay,” Mary said sleepily. They were laying on his bed just gazing at each other.

“I’ll go get you some of my old clothes to wear,” John offered, standing up. Mary admired the view. John grabbed some clothes to change into and stepped into the bathroom. He swung the door only partially shut, so Mary still got to see him changing. Don’t be creepy, Mary thought to herself. But… oh God he was just so cute! John started unbuttoning his flannel and more and more of his chubby belly was being exposed. Finally, he slid the shirt off and started on his tight pants button. Mary smiled as he had to suck in to get the leverage to unbutton them. He slid those off and threw on some comfy-looking pajamas and headed back over to her with an over-sized T shirt.

“I know this is going to be way too big for you, but it’s the smallest shirt I have,” John told her.

“Thank you,” she replied, standing. She headed into the bathroom, careful to let the door stay propped just as he had. Knowing he was probably staring at her, she undressed slowly. She had to admit to herself that she had a conventionally attractive body. She was slim and small, but had curves in the right places giving her a stable, yet whimsical appearance. Mary slid his shirt over her small shoulders and looked at herself in the mirror. It did look like she was wearing a tent, but it smelled like him, so she loved it. She flicked off the bathroom light and came back out to the bedroom. John was still sitting on his bed and he grabbed her hand and pulled her close to him so that he was about level with her collar bone as she stood. She leaned down for a quick but tender kiss.

“The bed’s all yours,” John said quietly. “I’ll go make a bed on the floor for myself.”

“You don’t have to do that. There’s plenty of room on your bed for the both of us,” Mary insisted. John looked at her, puzzled.

“Well, I’ll have you know, I’m pretty cuddly,” John bargained, pulling Mary onto the bed with him.

“That I believe,” she replied, sinking into his arms and drifting off to sleep.

John had woken up with a killer headache and a stomach that was aching to be filled. He saw Mary still sleeping peacefully next to him. Their legs were touching and his arm was draped over her as she lay on her side. She had makeup all smudged under her eyes, but she still looked gorgeous. John tried to untangle himself from her so that he could get a glass of water to clear out is hangover mouth, but as he moved his stomach rumbled loudly. Cringing internally, he saw Mary stir awake.

“Good morning,” she said, arching her back as she stretched.

“Did I wake you?” John asked apprehensively.

“Maybe, I don’t know.” Mary sat up quickly. “Ow!” she clutched her head.

“Yeah, I have one of those too. A shower and some breakfast usually do the trick for me. If you want, you can have a shower here and then we can go out for breakfast,” John suggested.

“Sounds perfect,” Mary said, standing. As she turned the hot water on, she looked at her reflection in the bathroom mirror. God, she looked like a raccoon. That’s a little embarrassing. Once she hopped in the shower, she understood why John had suggested this. The steam seemed to melt her headache away and she slowly wiped her makeup off and washed her hair. I’m going to smell like boy shampoo, she thought absentmindedly. But wait…. Not just any boy. John. She smiled and finished up. She threw the same over-sized T shirt on with her black jeans from yesterday and threw her cardigan on top. After throwing her hair in a messy bun, she was as ready as she could be.

“You look so much better in my shirt than I do,” John muttered as he pulled Mary in for a hug, kissing the top of her head. “Ready?”

She nodded.


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Dec 23, 2018
"Mary smiled as he had to suck in to get the leverage to unbutton them."
Mmmmm... I would have done more than smiled :)
Thank you for posting so regularly.


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Jan 14, 2019
Part 7

John sat across from Mary at the tiny breakfast joint, glancing at the menu. He should get a light, healthy breakfast. As if on cue, his stomach grumbled. John met Mary’s eyes and she tilted her head at him, giving a squinty-eyed smile. After his talk with her last night, he figured he might as well eat a hearty breakfast like he’d been craving. He thought back to last night after his roommates had gotten home and John took Mary to his bedroom to talk. Mary had gotten a little shy when he asked her about her preferences, but she’d given him the best answers she had. He wondered if he was the first person she’d told. He recalled some of her answers.

“Why do you prefer bigger guys than small guys?” he’d asked her.

“Why do some people prefer blondes over brunettes? I don’t know,” she’d replied. That made sense to him.

“What is it about fat that is attractive to you?” John wondered. Mary smiled warmly at him.

“Close your eyes,” she’d instructed. He obliged. “Now how does this feel?” Mary asked, slowly rubbing circles into his stomach. John had felt slight insecurities initially, wondering how gross it must feel for her. It was a few seconds before he answered her truthfully.

“It feels fantastic,” he’d whispered in response.

“It feels that way for me too,” Mary murmured. John opened his eyes, meeting hers. She did look like she was enjoying herself.

“Have you ever dated someone who was slim?” John had pressed. Mary hesitated.

“Yes,” she said slowly. “But he didn’t… stay that way.”

“What do you mean?”

Mary let out a sigh.

“I may have persuaded him a little that he should quit all of his stupid diets and well…” she mumbled, looking embarrassed. John raised his eyebrows. “I kind of like…” Mary let out a long breath. “I seeing the gain happen over time. If I started seeing someone who was already very overweight, I probably wouldn’t find it as exciting,” she explained, still shyly looking away.

“So how big would be too big?” John questioned, trying his best not to press her too far, but she seemed fairly comfortable once she’d finish her thought.

“I’m pretty flexible on that, but as long as they’re still able to do things they enjoy in everyday life without any impairments, any size is fine with me.”

John had thought that was odd when she said that. Could she really be attracted to people who were morbidly obese as long as they could still live comfortably? She hadn’t given an actual weight limit, just mentioned their overall happiness and independence…

“What can I get y’all?” the waitress asked, breaking John from his thoughts.

“Ladies first,” he replied, smiling at Mary.

“Strawberry pancakes and a coffee,” she told the waitress.

“And I’ll do the breakfast special with scrambled eggs, French toast, sausage, and home fries, with a coffee as well,” John stated, placing his menu in front of him. Mary squirmed in her seat as the waitress left with the menus. “It’s for the hangover,” he assured her jokingly.

Mary nodded, unsure (as usual) what to say to him. Well, he wasn’t running for the hills so she had to be doing something right.

“How is it that you look just as beautiful when you’re hungover as you did last night when you were all dolled up?” John asked her pointedly. Mary couldn’t help but grin at his relentless compliments.

“Genetics?” she offered, shrugging. John laughed heartily.

“Your parents must have really blessed you,” he decided, leaning his elbows on the table. “So, Miss Mary,” John started. “What else is there to know about you? I know you like me for some very strange reason,” he winked, “and I know that you’re a little shy, you’re a psych major… and gorgeous,” he finished, trailing off. “So what else is there to know?” Mary sighed.

“I don’t normally like talking about myself,” she muttered.

“I could tell, although last night you seemed to be in the sharing mood…” he raised his eyebrows at her. She let out a giggle.

“Well I was tipsy,” she defended. “But I want to be a counselor. I’m from a small town south of here where my mom and her boyfriend live with my half-sister. I like the color purple,” she rambled, hoping it was enough.

“The color purple… the actual color or the book?” John questioned, a smirk playing on his lips.

“Actually both,” she realized.

“Here’s your coffee,” the waitress interrupted, filling their mugs. “Your food will be out in a minute.”

“Thanks,” John told the waitress, taking a sip of his cup of joe. Mary used this distraction to flip the conversation around.

“So, what about you, John? What’s there to know?” He took a moment to think.

“Well, first of all, nice job changing the subject,” he said knowingly. “I’m just kind of an open book. My life’s been pretty mundane as long as I can remember. Suburban upbringing, two younger sisters, my dad works a nine-to-five and my mom works at the dentist office. I like The Color Purple as well, but specifically the book this time. Although the color is nice, but I think I prefer red.”

“Interesting,” Mary replied, squinting her eyes back at him as if absorbing every word he’d said with her eyes.

Suddenly, the waitress broke her concentration by placing her pancakes in front of her and topping off her coffee before setting down Johns large spread.

“Everything look alright to y’all?” She asked.

“Looks great,” John replied, licking his lips. Mary felt a warmth between her legs at the look on John’s face as he stared at the food.

“Dig in,” she told him, taking a bite of her pancakes as well.

“Don’t have to tell me twice,” John said enthusiastically. That’s exactly what I want to hear, Mary thought. As she watched him eat, she wondered what he would look like with a hundred more pounds on him…


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Jan 14, 2019
Idk when I'll get back to this. Their story is definitely not over, but I'm not feeling inspired to continue with this. I'll probably write some other stuff for a while.

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