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Apr 24, 2007
Clarksville TN
I am a long time member, signed up in 2005, but I haven't been here for 8 years now. Things have really changed since then. After my diabetes diagnosis and needing to lose weight, I didn't feel like I fit in anymore (unintentional pun there).

I also had found a boyfriend, which became my husband, but the marriage ended in separation last year and divorce was finalized at beginning of this year. If anyone wants more details, please check out my profile. My weight has seesawed despite my efforts, and always trends upward rather than downward, especially when stressed.

I am still rather heavy and I love to eat, but at the same time I need to cut back to lose the weight for health reasons. So it's frustrating because I am left feeling hungry all the time, but the weight seems to go nowhere. It's enough for me throw up my hands and just give in to my desires of eating to my heart's content, diets and diabetes be damned.

I am sorry for the long post, but just saying 'hi' again and that I am well.
Not long at all.
Hi Mystic!
No apology needed for a long post; I have that same tendency myself. :)

I was a member back in the Olden Days (late 90s to early 00s), but I wasn't around when you were here last (I was on my own fitness/weight-loss journey from about 2003-2008).
I didn't create an account on the new site until 2007, and then I only peeked-in occasionally to see what was going on.

I didn't start sticking around again until this year. My weight had yo-yo'ed from 2008 through the end of 2019, but I've been [very] steadily gaining weight again since Christmas. (I've gained 90+ pounds since Christmas Day.)
Chronic depression and being furloughed in April then losing my job in May due to the pandemic have fed that increase (no pun intended).
(I'm an emotional binge-eater with an addictive personality).

I've been putting a little more effort into controlling my appetite in the past few weeks, otherwise I'd be fast approaching the 400-pound mark.
(I'm 366 right now; I was 270 on Christmas Day.)

I enjoy eating, and being fat (a lot), but there's also a side of me that enjoys fitness (strength-training, martial arts; and I put together my own weight-room in my house so I could avoid paying a gym membership [that I currently wouldn't be using]), and fitness-minded nutrition.
Those two sides of my personality are kind of in constant battle with each other (so I understand your struggle),
but (very obviously, looking at my avatar) my Fat Side is currently very much in control.

Anyway... I honestly didn't intend to make this a long post, but see? I do it, too.

Nice to meet you, and I am glad you are doing well. :)
OK that was long. ;)


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Sep 29, 2005
The great white north, eh?
Welcome back Mystic Rain. Sorry for the circumstances, but I'm glad you remembered the place. I hope you get some support here to help make the struggles between diabetes and appetite easier.


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Oct 18, 2008
I need to get on here more often, been a member since 2008. Have moved a couple of times, married, and now divorced over 9 years.

Will definitely be posting and interacting more. Hello everybody once again. Ladies, grab a plate and Let the Men appreciate the abundance of curves.

Jack Secret

tickle my amygdala
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Oct 3, 2006
I was a regular here from the late 90s until around 2008 or so. Had a spinal cord injury in 2007, so that pretty much turned my life kind of upside down. Since then not much as been going on. Of all things, I miss work! I would do anything to be able to work again. Anyhow, just kind of pulled away from the dimensions community. Just recently thought I would check it out again to see what it looks like and how it felt. Glad to see the site is still up and running and doing well.

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