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Dec 23, 2018
Chapter 16 (2/3). Blanche: Courage

I needed to speak to him and make sure, on the chance he would confirm that I had understood him right the first time. However, how could I make sure he would talk to me? If I simply showed up at Lars and Evelyn's house, they might tell me that Griffin had asked them not to let me in. Perhaps what had worked with Silke would work with Evelyn, so I sent her a message through my old Facebook account that I hadn't touched in years.

Although it took Evelyn over two hours to respond, it was the answer I had been hoping for, and it was both with a hopeful heart and wobbly knees that I entered the small café close to Evelyn's house she had suggested for our meeting. She and a steaming mug were already seated at a corner table, probably unable to insert her baby bump into a booth, and she lifted one small hand in greeting when I entered. Although the thought bordered on blasphemous – or its equivalent for a believer in Karma – in this moment I felt grateful for my condition as it resolved the issue of whether to initiate a hug or not. Therefore I merely peeled myself out of my coat and scarf, sat and ordered a chai tea from a passing waitress. Whatever number of words may float out there, for the next few seconds we let them drift past, not even attempting to snag a few down that would do our situation and relationship justice.

“So, you and Griffin?”

So she was to snag down the very same her husband had used during the conversation I had eavesdropped on.

“I hope so.”

“I could tell when you two visited, I just wanted to be sure.” The previously neutral face in front of me underwent a subtle but perceptible change for the worse. “Does that mean you can see past his size or that you’re into big guys as well?”

Naturally I felt my cheeks comment before my tongue had a chance to. “The latter, but not in an unhealthy way like his ex,” I hurried to add, causing no erosion whatsoever on her critical facade. “I… I like that he is big but I want him to get down to a reasonable weight.”

“But you wouldn’t mind if there was enough left over?”


Evelyn's tone expressed her opinion all too clearly but I couldn't and wouldn't deny anymore what had taken me so long to figure out. Meanwhile, I was still being scrutinized like some lab species.

“Does he know?” Evelyn asked at last.

“No. I didn’t know myself for sure until recently. And… I’m not sure how he would take the news. I mean, what if that will make him lose his motivation to diet?”

As gradually as before, the features of the woman facing me eased into a new expression, this time one that let me draw hope. Then the head full of short curls shook. “I don’t think so, sweetie. The man is crazy about you and will do anything to spend as many healthy years with you as possible. I think you should tell him.”

Never before had it taken me so long to utter the two words 'thank you', and rarely had they done so little justice to how I felt.

“Nothing to thank me for,” Evelyn smiled back, bracing herself on the small table, most likely to rise and hug me before she bit her lip and lowered herself again. “Sorry.”

Only hours before I had resolved I would try, and if there ever was a right moment, this was it.

“Uhm, Evelyn? May I try something?”

“Try something? Like what?”

“Touching your hand.”

Her eyebrows leaped upwards but after a moment her small hand slid across the smooth surface palm up. After a breath that should have drained the room of oxygen, I slowly reached out with one finger.


Huh, had my fingertip connected with her skin or not? I had to give it another go.

Still no yell, only an expression akin to Griffin's when I had done the same with him. I couldn't stop myself, I just had to prod her palm again and again, each new soft stab pulling my cheeks upward. Oh God, it was working, it was working!

“Uh, as glad as I am that you're having fun here, what’s going on?”

I could only shake my head, already feeling the tears stream down my cheeks as I shoved my chair back with a screech and pulled the shorter woman to her feet to hug her as much as her baby belly allowed. After a moment I felt her arms around me, too. I could touch her now. There were two people that I could touch, and it was two that I cared about. Was Griffin right and that was the pattern?

After a while Evelyn's beaming face reappeared. “Whatever kept you from touching people before, it looks like you’ve had a breakthrough.”

“With you at least but I’m working on it.”

“Come on,” she smiled at me, her hands still in mine, “you should come home with me and talk to Griffin.”

A brief call to Lars verified that both men were not only home but sitting on the couch together, and since her husband caught on immediately, contenting himself with innocuous yepping and noping, Evelyn managed to convey to him that we were coming and Griffin was not to be informed.

A few minutes later I entered the house in Evelyn's wake.

“Where is he?” she whispered to her husband who had entered the den to kiss her hello.

The answer to her question stepped into view at this very moment. At the sight of me, his wide arms crossed over his chest, pushing out his belly even more. His thus acquired stance and mien did not bode well for my cause but this was my only shot.

“Hey,” my tongue offered before my feet pitched in and stepped closer. “Uhm, I need to talk to you.”

“You've had your chance.”

A few more steps conveyed me to him before he had a chance to fully turn and I managed to turn him halfway back towards me.

“I like big guys!”

If Lars's facial arrangement even remotely resembled Griffin's at the moment, they would look really cute in a photo together. However, Lars wasn't who mattered right now. I availed myself of Griffin's momentary paralysis in order to grasp both his hands and step in front of him, his belly instantly engaging in contact with me. Easy, girl, not yet. I treated myself to another deep breath.

“You asked me before you left what it was that I wasn’t telling you. Well, now you know. It just took me some time to admit it to myself and even longer to say it out loud because it totally goes against anything that's normal. Please believe me that I'm not just saying all that because you're the only one that can get close to me.”

“Blanche, I don't think—”

“Last night I slept on the couch next to a veritable cushion monster I wrapped in anything I could find that smelled like you in order to feel like you were lying next to me. I sat in the back of my van as if it were your lap. Heck, I even left the toilet seat open and made a mess so it would seem you were still there. I miss you, Griffin. You. I care about you. If you don't feel the same way because I'm admittedly a nutcase, I understand, but I'm working on it. Please give me another chance.”

“May I say something?” he asked when the words had stopped rushing out. I only nodded. “Could we take this over to the living room?”

Oh, right. I didn't dare turn my prickling cheeks to Griffin's friends but merely followed him into the living room and onto the couch. The dipping motion when he carefully lowered his weight on it did nothing to rein in my lower anatomy's reaction. When Griffin turned towards me in his seat, I caught the first glimmer of hope on his round face.

“You're actually serious? You're an FFA? I mean—”

“A female fat admirer, yes.”

His eyebrows contracted so sharply they appeared to be kissing. “You know what an FFA is?”

“I only found out recently.”

“What… what made you see clear?” he blurted out at last, never taking his eyes off mine.

“Looking back, I have always been drawn to bigger men, only I didn’t realize it was attraction that I felt. I only knew my heart wasn't in it when my friends made fun of them, but I went along with the bashing because everyone was doing it and because it made me feel normal.” I paused for a moment, mentally apologizing to all the people I had caused so much grief. “Back then I never wanted to look into the issue; I guess deep down I already knew what I would find and I was too scared to face the facts. When you came into my life, though, I couldn’t hide what I felt anymore.”

After another period of silence, Griffin shook his head and his thick fingers plowed through his hair before he turned back to me. “I can’t believe I’m hearing this. All this time you’ve never let anything on.”


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Dec 23, 2018
Chapter 16 (3/3). Blanche: Courage

“Even when I had finally figured it out, I couldn’t tell you because Evelyn said that… that Silke was partly responsible for your weight problem. I thought if you knew how I felt, you’d give up on your diet. I want you so much the way you are but I want even more for you to be healthy.”

When his mien darkened and his head turned towards the living-room door, I placed one hand on his wide thigh. “Please don't be mad at her.”

After a moment, Griffin's contorted features relaxed a little. “Blanche, you're nothing like Silke. I thought we'd stay together through… well,” a wry grin stole into his face, “not thick and thin but thick and thicker.”

Despite the tension holding my mind and body hostage, I failed to suppress a snicker, causing Griffin's smile to widen for a moment before his eyes grew solemn again.

“Ev is right, Silke's partly to blame for what happened, only it took me a while to see that. She should have kicked my big butt to weight-loss therapy but instead she just kicked me out. She was never good at confrontation.” His eyes, which had drifted off into the distance, refocused on mine and the smile that suited him so well crept back into his face. “Unlike you.”

Despite his heartfelt smile, his words failed to assuage my tormenting thoughts. Were my butt-kicking abilities all he appreciated about me?

“You just said I was nothing like Silke, and it's true in more ways than one,” I began, my eyes struggling to remain on his. “See, my fear of ruining your diet wasn't all that held me back from telling you how I felt. I… I overheard you and Lars talking in the garage and thought you didn't feel what I felt for you. This is why I tried to make you leave as long as I was still capable of letting you go.”

Again Griffin's fingers journeyed through his hair, leaving behind a nest-like arrangement. “This can’t be happening.”

Is that a good or a bad ‘can’t be happening’? Before panic had a chance to surface, however, I felt a pair of warm, strong hands tug at mine until I was straddling their owner as best as I could manage and breathing in the scent I had feared I would forever have to live without. In the same fashion, my body welcomed his one back, snuggling as deeply into his softness as possible.

“Blanche, do you honestly believe I don't want you because you're skinny?” I heard Griffin's voice over my shoulder eventually, causing me to pull back. His eyes were practically dancing with laughter. “Aside from being the smartest, bravest, strongest and most resourceful girl I've ever met, you're so beautiful that sometimes I can't believe you're for real.” His warm hands grasped my shoulders. “And you're an FFA! I mean, how lucky can a fat guy get?”

“So you’re OK with it?”

“'OK with it'? I weigh around 500 pounds and you’re into every single one – how can I not be OK with it?”

“Because... knowing how I feel might sabotage your diet.”

His round face was alight with such joy and hope, it was heartbreaking. “Blanche, listen: I’d never let myself go back to my old ways because I know I can’t stay at this size if I want to live a long, healthy life. Still, can’t you imagine how much pressure you’ve just taken off me? You know how frustrated I’ve been because I couldn’t drop the pounds as fast as I wanted. I thought I stood no chance with you unless I made some visible progress. And now it turns out it’s OK for me to take it slow and healthy because you find me hot already!”

“Mmmm, extremely hot.”

My hands immediately dove in to cosign the message and his body responded instantly. Within a few seconds I felt the evidence of my arousal seep through my underwear and possibly through my jeans as well.

“We need to leave,” I managed to gasp at some point.

“Yeah, we do.”

Lars and Ev emerged from the kitchen when we left the living room in a state of unkemptness and dishevelment that would have done the homeless proud.

“We need to—“

Lars only grinned and waved the remainder of Griffin's words away. “Be safe, kids.”

He pulled Griffin into a hug and, before I could react, me next. “Oh, shit, Blanche, I'm sorry.”

“No, it's...” I gulped, “it's… fine, I guess.” I could touch him now, too? Next I hugged Evelyn and then we were out the door. I would have ruminated on what had just transpired had I not had very different things on my mind now.

Somehow I conveyed us home on one piece, treading the fine line between obeying life-preserving traffic regulations and the vociferous demands of my nether regions. Once at the house, it didn't take us more than a few minutes before we lay next to each other in a sweaty bundle, and no more than thirty seconds before my hands began wandering and kneading whatever they could reach.

“So, you find all that attractive, huh?” I heard Griffin's lazy chuckle.


My teeth pitched in for emphasis, causing him to wince before he pulled me close for another protracted kiss. For a while nothing was to be heard other than our deep breathing.

“While we’re in the confessional: I found your YouTube channel.”

Instantly I lifted my head. “When?”

“Before we found out you could touch me,” he smiled a mischievous smile down at me.

“And let me guess, you have watched all videos, including the one about exploring your tastes?”


“Considering the outcome,” I told him after a moment, “I can’t really be mad at you. I’m just surprised you managed to keep it a secret. Usually you’re as readable as a book.”

“I know. By the way, how come you can hug Lars and Evelyn now?”

“I have no idea, and for some reason I've been… well, too busy to invest much thought into the matter.”

“Can't blame you.” He kissed the tip of my nose. “But what do you think now? What brought this on?”

“I don’t know. I found out at the café where I was meeting with Ev before we came over.”

“What were you doing the moment before you touched her?”

“Just talking.”

“What about?”

“How much you’re my type.”

“Not that I wouldn’t want to take credit for lifting the curse,” he grinned, “but I don’t get it. What’s the pattern here?”

“Beats me.”

I surrendered myself to the comfort of his doughy chest again, momentarily too content to explore the matter further. Griffin was back and all was in the open now. Literally, I grinned to myself as I looked across the tangle of limbs.

“Blanche?” The hesitant quality in his voice caused me to lift my head again. Naturally his face mirrored his voice. “What happens now?”

Good question. Now that I could touch three people, my earlier tentative life plans had taken on a more definite shape.

“First,” I began on a deep exhale, “I would like to see what it'll be like to really live together. Get a sturdy bed and move into the bedroom, for instance. Invite friends over. If that works out and if you agree...” I paused, momentarily insecure how my plans would be received, “I'd like to look for a condo or house for us in the city.” The tightening of his arm around me encouraged me to go on. “I'm sure you'll be able to go to work again soon, and I've decided I'd like to become a diet coach for teenagers.”

“You'll be terrific.” Griffin's lips pressed against the crown of my head. “Just stay away from their tubby fathers, OK?”

“OK,” I smiled back before I grew serious again. There was one more thing I had planned and it came before everything else I had named. “But before we even look at a new bed, there is something else: I'd like you to meet my mother.”


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Dec 23, 2018
Final chapter: BBB

Instantly Silke shrank away from the large window pane of the Aldi grocery store. Even though she had suspected her ex-boyfriend was still living in the area, he was the last person she had expected to see at this location. No, actually, he was the second-to-last person. The last one was the tall, dark-haired beauty with her slender arm around her companion's still massive but slightly diminished torso. Griffin had found a new girlfriend, not even two months after their breakup.

The loving smile Griffin sent the woman's way cut into Silke like a wicked blade and invariably her deeply buried insecurities reared their sneering heads again. Had she let go of a good man just because she had been too chicken to confront him about his eating when there was still a chance of a turnaround? What if she never found a man as loyal, gentle and funny as Griffin who appreciated her the way she was?

The mismatched couple in the store, however, remained oblivious to Silke's gloomy reflections as they steered their shopping cart through the aisles, not an easy feat with half their limbs intertwined with each other. Aside from the dejected woman outside, they were also drawing a great number of eyes, index fingers and comments from their fellow customers.

“People are probably wondering if I'll share any of this food with you,” Griffin murmured to his companion with a grin and a nudge of his wide hips against her narrow ones.

Blanche, however, failed to muster an equal measure of equanimity. Even though she knew that the whispers in varying degrees of volume didn't hurt her boyfriend anymore, that didn't mean she would tolerate them. Experience had taught her cruelly that many other people did not possess such thick skin, and the gossipers needed to be taught a lesson before they truly injured their next victim. Perhaps running running a stray finger over some of them would do the trick – finally an opportunity to put her condition to good use, she mused with a grim smile. Although tension still crept over her with tiny claws every time she remembered the upcoming visit to her mother, she had adopted an increasingly optimistic and constructive attitude towards her peculiar ability.

Nevertheless, each new unveiled comment or stare fueled Blanche's corpuscles until the pulsing of her blood through veins and vessels thundered in her skull. Just a second before detonation, she abruptly disengaged her arm from Griffin's and availed herself of a stray stool under a freshly hung price-sign holder.

“Alright, listen up, everyone!”

Instantly, a hush rippled through the small store like a rock thrown into a pond. The author of said silence now gestured between herself and her companion, whose round face had already begun to redden.

“Yes, we’re together, and no, there is no money involved! I’m with this man because he is amazing, among other things in bed. Ladies, if you haven’t been with a big guy, you’ve been missing out. And now continue shopping and leave us to do the same, OK?”

Blanche's audience remained stunned into inertia, except for a few heads that ducked and a couple of cheeks that mimicked Griffin's. The sound of sudden clapping and cheering abruptly transferred the quiet mass's attention to two heavyset women in their twenties as well as a rotund elderly gentleman before the discomfited crowd began to disperse. Griffin turned to Blanche, who had meanwhile descended, staring at her as if she were wearing a halo.

“On the one hand I'm afraid I can never show my face here again, on the other hand I’ve never been prouder of anyone.” His lips met hers in a passionate kiss. “I love you.”

“And I love you.”

A smile that a narrow, skinny face would have struggled to accommodate spread across his fleshy cheeks as he pulled his girlfriend as close as his expansive midriff permitted. “I hope the ladies won't show up in hoards now, insisting on testing your theory.”

Blanche's eyebrows rose to an impressive height. “About a big guy showing them the time of their lives in bed? I hope they know I was speaking in the abstract. You're mine, and I can think of more than one way of making sure they understand that.”

Their lips met again, their shared intimacy tender rather than tempestuous this time, before they gently pulled apart again and resumed their leisurely stroll through the store and through the parting sea of intimidated shoppers. There were standing in line at the checkout when Blanche felt a tap on her shoulder. It was the brunette one of the two big women who had applauded her speech earlier. Her artfully made-up oval face was stretched into a smile reminiscent of a groupie finally facing her life-long idol.

“I… I just wanted to tell you that your speech was the bravest and most romantic thing I’ve ever heard.”

“Uhm, thank you,” Blanche answered, touched but also warily eyeing the way the woman's hands were fidgeting as if they longed to pull her into a hug.

“No, thank you,” the brunette gushed, “you’ve made my day.”

And before Blanche could react, her fan's body made good on its promise and burst forth into a hug, her warm hands grazing the exposed skin on Blanche's neck. Impulsively, Blanche jerked and raised her hands like a shield.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you.”

“It’s… it’s OK.”

Offering another bashful but nonetheless admiring smile, she walked off and rejoined her more timid friend who had remained in the background.

“Did you see that?” Blanche whispered to an open-mouthed Griffin, paying no heed to their fellow shoppers' similar reactions.

“Yeah. Did she touch you?” he murmured back.

“She did, and nothing happened. Why the heck not?”

“Damned if I know.”

And they never would know. Neither that it had been Blanche's self-admission about her physical preferences that had lifted her condition for Griffin, nor that confiding in Evelyn and Lars had done the same to them, nor that her public announcement had restored her to the world.

Naturally not every tormentor of big people required such drastic measures as had been applied to Blanche, nor did they undergo such a profound change akin to a Saul-to-Paul-like conversion. However, Karma was proud of being able to produce an appropriate technique for each upon whom she zeroed in to – sometimes quite literally – even out the scales. Blanche had been wrong: Karma is a bitch. A big, beautiful bitch.


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Dec 23, 2018
Dear all, thank you so much for reading my story, and a special thanks goes out to those who took the time to post a comment. As I've said so often, it is what keeps a writer going.

If you'd like to read this entire story on your Kindle or other device, formatted and with a neat cover, you can download it here:

Should you be interested in my other stories that I published before I became true to myself. please PM me and I'll tell you were you can find them for sale.
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Sep 29, 2005
Thank you for your wonderful story. Loved the characters and the way the story advanced to its conclusion. I hope we’ll see more stories from you soon. :)


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Dec 23, 2018
I was very happy to share it and to have you along for the ride. I have one story that I wrote a few years ago, but with said few years' distance, I realize how much tweaking and revision it needs. Hopefully I'll find the time to do that. I also have another one but it's only in rough-draft mode so far, and I prefer uploading a story when it's finished so as not to leave you all high and dry ;)


Apr 10, 2018
, male
Incredibly well-written. Your writing has a delightful rhythm and very beautiful and evocative vocabulary. It's uplifting when a very talented writer as yourself tackles the subjects that many other writers avoid. Bravo!


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Dec 23, 2018
Wow, thank you!! That is something to save and look at on a bad day :) What do you mean by "tackling subjects other writers avoid"?

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