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BHM The Weed Store

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Jul 27, 2014
The Weed Store
by yo18

Andrew was by no means a “pot head”, but living in Seattle did have its benefits with legalization. He just liked to indulge in the occasional toke, an edible here or there depending on the situation. He had smoked occasionally before he had moved to Seattle for work, but the ease and convenience of having legal weed stores and not having to find a shady dealer had opened him up to more of the scene.

It was on one Friday evening after work that he decided to restock at a new place that had just opened up. A friend had recommended it saying it was one of the nicer spots he’d ever been to.

“The tenders are a little out there, but the place is really well kept and aesthetically pleasing. Huge selection.” He recalled his friend John saying.

“What bud tenders weren’t a little quirky?” Andrew thought to himself as he put in the address.

Weed stores had started out as sketchy little joints in strip malls when the act had passed in the state, but now they were high functioning businesses, both stylish and utilitarian with comfortable smoking lounges and areas to order food and drinks. The business was ever expanding and this new place happened to be one of those upscale joints (pun intended) that Drew had seen popping up more recently.

He pulled into the parking lot of the standalone structure. It was large and had a fresh coat of light gray paint complimented by black window frames. He walked up to the double doors, handed the doorman his ID and was then let into the store. He walked into the cool AC and marveled at the interior. There was wood paneling in the walls and industrial looking lighting fixtures. There were nice leather couches that lined the walls for patrons to sit while they browsed and there was a complete smoking lounge off to the right where he could see others watching TV, enjoying beverages, and of course a joint or two. This was one of the nicest places Drew had ever seen. He was slightly intimidated by how nice the store was but he made his way up to the counter and was eventually helped by a tender.

“Hey darlin’ what can I help you with today?” A heavy set brunette asked from behind the counter.

Drew was thrown off by her southern accent having been in the Pacific Northwest for a few years now, but then again plenty of people were transplants in this city, himself included.

He scanned the shelves behind her as he explained, “Yeah, I am looking for something edible to relax with, maybe lower dosage, but still has a nice body high?”

Drew was by no means an expert and still had trouble keeping different strands and their highs straight in his head.

“Honey, I guarantee we have something to please everyone.” She said with a wink. “Sounds like maybe a nice chill indica will do, you said low dose and edible? I have just the thing.”

She tuned around and bent over to retrieve something from under the lit up displays. Drew stared at her large rear straining the seat of her jeans as she did so.

“Man, guess the munchies will catch up with you when you’re working at a pot store.” He thought as he marveled at its size. She quickly turned around with what she was looking for and caught him staring at her well-endowed assets with a small smirk.

“So here is what you want for relaxing on the couch and taking in a flick or some music. I’m sure you know the old phrase ‘indica, in da couch’”. She laughed as she said it. “This stuff will definitely put you in the couch, but do me a favor hun since you seem like a sweet guy.” She leaned in closer over the counter, her belly and breasts spread over the surface as she did so. “Only take one at a time, the effects can sneak up on the more novice users.” She looked him in the eyes knowingly. Then she passed a package of mints across to him. “$30 even.” she requested as she leaned back.

Drew looked the package over and was pleased with what he saw. Mind Expanding Mints read across the tin and at 5 mg, they were just enough to get a buzz without being completely useless for the rest of the day or at least so he thought.

“Thanks for the recommendation.” He smiled as he handed her the money. As he proceeded to the exit he couldn’t help but feel her gaze lingering on him. He shook off the feeling as he got into his car to head home.

Once back at his apartment he decided to pop a mint and check out what was new on Netflix. He liked to have his Fridays to himself to unwind from the stress of the week and relax. He browsed his options for a while before deciding on a new action movie. He was looking for an easy and entertaining watch. It was then that he realized he should probably order something for dinner, as it was already almost 7 pm. He pulled up his grubhub app and began to scroll the options. Last he had eaten was at noon and everything looked amazing as he scrolled. He decided on a quesadilla with fries, nachos, and a buffalo chicken sandwich with onion rings. He knew it was too much food, but reasoned that he could have the leftovers for lunch the next day.

While his appetite may have been proof that the mint was working, he had yet to feel any other effects as he got settled to watch the movie. He took the box from the counter and looked it over again. “Another couldn’t hurt.” he reasoned to himself “I’m staying in tonight anyways.” With that he popped another in his mouth not realizing that it was actually two stuck together.

He started the movie as he waited for his food to arrive. “Damn, what were the chances that all the Hemsworths would become ripped movie stars?” He thought as the movie played. He looked down at his own slim frame. While at a healthy weight of 160 lbs for his height of 5’11”, he had never been close to being jacked or even toned really, but he was fine with this fact and he never had a desire or need to get stronger than he was. He had a runner’s body from years of track in high school and that suited him just fine.

It had been 40 minutes when her heard a knock at his door. It startled him from being sucked into the movie. The mints were now kicking in he thought as he get up from the couch. As he was getting up he realized how high he actually was. It took a moment for him to get his bearings and head to the door. The delivery guy was greeted by the shaggy brown haired and red eyed Drew who accepted his order and thanked him with a tip before taking the food inside. He laid all the food out in front of him like a feast and began to sample things from each container as he pressed play on the movie once again.

The movie continued to play and Drew continued to eat. It was about halfway through when he realized he had taken the last handful of fries and finished all of the food in its entirety. “Whoa, did I really finish all that food?!” He thought with a hazy amazement. “I better be careful with these things, I should’ve waited a little longer for it to kick in like she recommended. If I can eat like this while on just a couple of these little guys I’ll end up as big as that bud tender in no time.” He thought back to the wide and hefty form of his specialist from earlier in the day. He’d be lying if he said he hadn’t enjoyed the view of her expansive ass stretching her jeans to their limits. He leaned back from the coffee table filled with empty containers and placed a hand on his bloated stomach. He sunk back into the cushions (a little more than he had an hour ago?) and let his mind wander in and out of the movie plot line, his high taking full force as the second two mints kicked in.

Maybe if he would have been more lucid he would have realized that as he sat there his belly had continued to press further and further away from the couch while his butt and thighs sunk further and further into the cushions. His t-shirt inching up ever so slightly until a sliver of pale skin was peaking out to greet the world. As the movie played Drew continued to fail to notice his expanding form sinking more and more into the couch. His athletic shorts, while elastic, could only take so much as his belly (yes belly) began to roll over the waistband. He needed to upgrade the large t-shirt he wore to and XL to adequately cover his newly pudgy trunk, a small pair of moobs becoming defined against the tightening cotton fabric.
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