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Xyantha Reborn

- Actually Very Tame!
Jul 23, 2014
Chapter 8

Fen touched her shoulder to wake her. It was a light touch, but it had her sitting bolt upright. A quick glance around showed the standard scrubbed inn wall and floor, and the nearly purple haze of the coming dawn.

The helmeted head tilted in inquiry at her flighty reaction as he straightened slowly.

“Nothing…” Melody murmured. Her body still throbbed pleasantly, and Fen seemed to be seeing more than he aught to, which made her flush, then grin toothily.

The man deposited a roll into her hands, watched her devour it, then tapped his chestplate.

Melody glanced at him curiously, licking her fingers industriously. “What?” she asked as she finished. The gesture was as terse as usual, but for some reason he seemed more relaxed than last night. Maybe it was the way he stood more naturally, or perhaps the slope of the broad shoulders.

Her gaze and thoughts turned towards the door. Maybe she would see Handsome again before the left. The idea held appeal. Maybe she could tiptoe to his room and apologize…with her body. In the cold of the morning, his frustration made her feel bad – and no one should ever leave her feeling bad. The hollow reverberation of his metal fingertips against his chest drew her attention. “We’ve been over this, love. You gotta use your words!”

Fen cast his head skyward, clasped her arm, and yanked.

“Wh-OA!” she yelped as her back impacted cold metal. Red light met her eyes, and she grinned at the marking. Interesting how he could put her inside him. Too bad he hadn’t thought of this when they were going round and round in the forest. Although… She tilted her head, eyeing the glyph. This position did put him in a particularly vulnerable position. And it wasn’t as if she was going to scratch him out of existence, after going through all the trouble of putting him back. And the trouble hadn’t even started, yet. “’Allo, handsome!” she blurted cheerfully, pecking a kiss onto the surface.

A tremor rocked through his body, and the light softened for several heartbeats before firming again. Stop that, he demanded. When she actually obeyed and settled back, his tone turned suspicious. What has you in such a good mood?

Her mood wasn’t exactly good per-say. Sure, she felt physically elated, but also kind of regretted her hastiness. “It’s girl business, Fen.” She kicked the inside of his leg with her heel, suddenly grateful she had redressed at night. “Walk on, good sir!” Quickly retrieving her pocket mirror, she thumbed the glass. “Heyya G.”

“OOoooo,” her friend crooned. “Someone just got rolled in the hay. Reow!” She made cat claws at the mirror. “Was it Fen?”

Fen’s energy stiffened, even as his long legs began moving.

“Harhar. It wasn’t so much…well let’s just say…I was in such a rush to eat the cake I didn’t really taste it, and now I kind of want more cake because I never got to enjoy it.”

The blonde locks bounced sagely, and Giselle stuck a lock of hair into her mouth, sucking on it excitedly, her blue eyes sparkling. “Deets, please-and-thank-you. We’ve all gone too big too soon and regretted it later.”

We have?

Giselle jerked back, plump and rosy cheeks whitening at the dry interjection. “What the hell was that?”

“What the hell was what?” Her friend murmured, yawning hugely and not covering her mouth. “Fen interrupted. Bad, Fen, bad!”

Baby blues opened wide. “What is that red glow?” she demanded, voice rising fearfully with each word.

“Fen. It’s his symbol thingy that makes his soul thingy attach to his armour thingy.”

“You are in his armour.” The tone was a battle of disbelief, fear, and also clinical interest.

Melody yawned again, casting a blasé glance. Changing her grip on the locket, she turned it one hundred and eighty degrees, so that the surface faced the symbol. “Yeppers. Fen, Giselle. G – Fen.”

Giselle cried out at the symbol, and the glowing symbol reacted instantly from a strong pulsation to a nearly extinguished glow. In the dark, all three were silent, though stressed breathing came through the locket.

Finally, Melody tapped the metal in front of her. “Helllloooo I need a bit of light here. How will G enjoy the full benefits of my tantalizing presence if she can’t see my face?”

Slowly, the symbol flickered to the sullen glow of nearly extinguished embers.

“Can you feel his mood, too?” Melody asked, snub nose nearly twitching with curiosity. In the glow, her freckles stood out across her cheeks as she cast a long look around her. It was like she could ‘get’ him more than before. That was cool.

“His mood?”

“Yeah. Like, right now he is all sulky and upset.” The red flared. “Like you hurt his feelings.” Her face was slowly illuminated as the intensity increased in threat.

Her friend seemed rattled when gazed down again. Confusion lit her features, and she had clasped her hands together, fingernails busy as she fidgeted. “No, I can’t…” she mumbled, her tone and following words indecipherable. Raising her eyes and voice, and inhaled deeply, large breasts straining upward.

Melody blinked as Fen’s energy slid behind her. If she didn’t know any better, she would say the man was peering over her shoulder.

“Anyways…how was last night, D? Too big too soon,” she reminded her friend. “I need all the juicy details,” she added as she gained her equilibrium back, an impish smile creasing her increasingly round face. “Size, positions…”

Melody snickered. “Well, the first thing you need to know is I practiced safe sex.” She paused for effect. “I tied him to the bed to make sure he wouldn’t fall off.” When Giselle pealed out a laugh, she grinned back. “I mean, it’s been a while…first there was drama at home, then I left, then I was taken prisoner,” she ticked off, ascribing each equal weight. Brightening, she winked at Fen over her shoulder. “Oh, hey, did you know Fen is shy?”

I am not.

“Hmm. I guess that is true,” she conceded after a moment of thought. “He’s more a prude.”

I am not!

“Oh good,” she sighed happily. “No panicking this time as I go into juicy details, kay? Sooo I met this super hottie last night, and was like – why not. He was like, maybe….five ten? And he had this fricken’ amazing sense of style. Tight pants, open shirt, big hat that kind of said,” she made her voice husky, “’I don’t give a damn what you think’.”

Giselle’s dimples were making an appearance again as she tried not to grin. “Love me some ‘I don’t give a damn’, especially in tight pants and big hats! What did he look like? What was his hair colour? Eyes?”

Her friend sucked her teeth for a moment, studiously looking away. “Um. Well, they were sort of a…purple colour. With a sort of…pinkish hue. And his hair was purple too. I think. It was kind of dark.”

“You had sex with a Shiva?” Giselle demanded, sounding vaguely dismayed. “I am pretty sure we aren’t even the same species! Guess I don’t have to ask about body type – he must have been thin then, too.”

Hands twitching as she remembered his muscles, generously overlayed with padding, she licked her lips. “Not…exactly. But anyways, pants stayed on and it was like the best night of my life. I think I’m in lust,” she growled. The way his belly had pressed into her and supported her… She growled again, this time in frustration. She had been so pushy about her orgasm she hadn’t enjoyed being in the moment – the details of his body were lost in a haze of lust.

“So good sex – pants on or off - will do that to anyone. Ooh – what’s his name?” G asked, snapping her fingers. “I can scry for him!”

Melody felt her face heating. “I, uh, didn’t catch his name. Shut up,” she told her gobsmacked friend, who hadn’t said a word.

Slowly, the blonde pulled her hair out of her mouth and pointed the damp curl at her friend with an accusatory air. “You really do like him. Wow. Never thought it was possible.” Determination settled over her features, lips thinning and chin firming. Even her dancing eyes grey solemn. “Describe him to me in more detail.”

“Well, he was a Shiva cross. Probably human? About half a foot taller than me, pretty big – and by that I mean in every way – reow!” She coughed, the continued. “Lilac eyes, dark hair…”

“That’s awesome,” Giselle snapped with dripping sarcasm. “With that information I should be able to narrow down the search – to about EVERY Shiva cross in the world!”

Melody tucked a lock of hair behind her ear, mumbling.

Her face drew larger as she leaned closer to the glass. “What was that?”

“I said, he was chubby,” Melody grumbled, crossing her arms across her chest petulantly.

“Alright, a little bit chubby, got it. Well that might help a bit, because most Shiva are rail thin.”

“Like, not so little…” Her friend was silent, and when Melody risked a glance, she found that little face creased in merriment.

“Oh, D, you are so cute. I love torturing you about that! Relax!” Giselle said hurriedly as Melody mock threatened to close the mirror with her free hand. “It’s great to see you happy!”

What torture? Fen interjected, breaking the frosty silence he had maintained since he last spoke.

“D likes fat guys,” Giselle answered, clearly struggling to overcome some residual fear. Her face also flushed, and her eyes dropped.

And this is a bad thing?
He queried, tone becoming amused.

“It’s just not…standard,” Melody interrupted, glaring at her friend through the locket, who glared back with a grin.

The last thing I would call you is standard, Fen responded in a wry tone.

“Awwwwww,” both girls crooned in unison, purposefully misinterpreting it as a compliment. Giselle smiled, though this time is was more wobbly. “Well, people with D’s tastes give me hope,” she confessed. “I’m not getting smaller as the days go by, and if there is one person who likes fat people, maybe there will be more.”

“You aren’t fat! Fen, tell her she isn’t fat!” Melody bellowed, jackknifing her body in place with irritation. “Oh, and when G says fat she doesn’t mean it as a synonym for sexy like when I say it, she means it as a synonym for fat and ugly.”

Then she most certainly isn’t fat, Fen responded with his usual taciturn implacability.

Giselle flushed until her hair looked three shades lighter, eyes falling again. “Easy for you to say. Look, I’ll do some scrying and tell you what I find out. Other than that, maybe you should use some good old fashioned investigative skills? Hmm? Chin up, darling. At least you aren’t trapped in a tower. But back to the root of the issue; you rushed your orgasm, did you?”

Melody pouted and nodded. “I did! I was so focused on chasing the wave that I didn’t enjoy the moment, and I don’t think there will be another one anyway. I kind of made him cream his pants,” she explained at both companion’s curious silence. “And then he was all like ‘rarar I am angry now! Dirty looks and depart!”

“So, you tied him up and worked him into such a lather with a lap dance that he creamed his pants? I would say your chances of meeting him again are about one hundred percent.”

“You think?” Melody asked, brightening.

“For sure. I’ve got enough experience that I feel confident saying you’ll run into him again – even if it is only just for him to regain his pride.”


“See?” Giselle smirked. “I knew all that experience I got by not barring the doors to my lady garden would pay off in the end!”

What is a ‘lady garden’?

“Oh,” Giselle breathed. “I love corrupting the innocent…”

Xyantha Reborn

- Actually Very Tame!
Jul 23, 2014
More chapters to follow today. Hubby has lured me away with promises of watching him eat big mea. Perhaps big inspiration will follow? =p

Xyantha Reborn

- Actually Very Tame!
Jul 23, 2014
Chapter 9

Inelegant snorts of laughter filled the room, and both women wiped tears from their eyes. The blonde sighed. “That felt great. Seriously though - I’m ok. Really. It’s gorgeous weather outside – and even if I can’t leave, I can still sunbathe.” Behind her, sunlight streamed through the open windows, the curtains fluttering in the wind. “I’m more worried about you. How much longer do you think you can carry on without getting trapped in a tower too?”

The brunette shrugged, pulling thick lengths of curly hair over her shoulder and fiddling with her split ends with some assiduity. “I don’t know - and I don’t care,” was the candid response. “I’m not going to marry some man just because of who I was born to. I’ll just keep going for as long as I can, I suppose. It’s worked for me thus far. To be honest, I don’t want to marry – period.”

Pale blonde brows rose. “You are just saying that because you haven’t met the right guy.”

Melody twisted a lock around, watching the sunlight transform her drab hair into a shimmer of golden highlights. “Right. And I suppose I will overcome my distaste for children, once I have them too?”

“You are so unpleasant this morning!” Giselle cried, stomping her foot. “You seriously do need to find that guy and get laid, or something!”

Her companion raised her snub nose and sniffed haughtily. “I don’t know what you are talking about. As far as I know, I am a delight.” After holding that position for a moment her shoulders sagged and her eyes lowered. “You’re probably right. I just…feel edgy. I haven’t been able to sleep well for weeks. I feel like something is hounding me.”

Cupids bow lips curled. “Your father? Fen? Any number of people you probably offended on a daily basis?”

Suddenly and momentarily serious, Melody shook her head, staring off with eyes unfocused. “No, it’s weird. I mean, Fen does have his own presence…but this is like…hearing rustles in the bushes. You think something is there, but the more you listen the more you jump at nothing. I feel like some magic keeps…touching me.” Her eyes brightened, and she straightened, concern forgotten. “Maybe it’s Handsome! Do you think you could scry a little more today?”

“For sure, I – ” Her best friend tilted her head, cutting her own words off as a merry grin spread across her face. “Oh, heeeeey there handsome,” Giselle purred, gazing behind Melody with a flirtatious air. “I knew you couldn’t resist me,” She blew a kiss, eyeing their newest companion brazenly.

Turning, Melody saw Fen approaching through the door. For someone who didn’t have a body, he seemed very aware of his movement, his power, and how he interacted with the world around him. It would be easy for him to rip the door off the hinges, but he moved with exaggerated care when grasping objects. He paused at being so addressed, then walked forward with more hesitation. Since the episode at the river he seemed less urgent – and he seemed riveted by Giselle’s presumptuous attentions.

There was other good news, Melody grinned. Her plump friend seemed to have returned to her normal flirtatious self after their conversations, too. Giselle has been growing more sad – Melody could see it, but couldn’t do anything about it. And what was she supposed to do? Tap the mirror consolingly and assure one of the most powerful witches she knew that surely things would be all right? Bah. Lying was stupid. They had tried for years to get her out – and the last time, they had almost entrapped Melody in the same snare when she approached. Giselle had more clout and had held onto her sanity for a long time – and as annoying as Fen could be, she appreciated the distraction he was providing her friend. If the same had happened to her, she’d have tossed herself out of the window ages ago.

“That’s right, into the spider’s web,” Giselle cooed, curling her index finger several times. “Pass the mirror to him, won’t you, dearest?” She asked Melody, eyes still locked on Fen. A familiar light had crept into those baby blue eyes, and they exchanged a smile before the mirror was passed.

A large gauntlet extended forward, and Melody deposited her friend’s visage into it. The tiny mirror looked like a child’s toy in the man’s hands. He gazed into it, jerked back, and almost dropped the mirror in his haste to hand it back to Melody. Whipping about, he hastened out of the room, back rigid.

When the door shut behind him, Melody turned the mirror towards herself again. Summoning all of her will she managed to school her features into stern look at the mirror, though her twitching lips gave her away. “What did you do to him?” she demanded.

Blond lashes fluttered in an unconvincing display of innocence. “What? Little old me? Just showed him ‘the girls’. Poor man nearly had a heart attack. Prude.” Giselle sighed, smiling with contentment as she adjusted her shirt. “He isn’t as bad as all that – even if he is trying to take you back home. Perhaps we can change his mind. I think he likes me,” she added in a stage whisper, raising her cupped hands to her mouth.

Melody rubbed a spec of dirt off the mirror. “How can you tell that a suit of armour likes you? Dearest, he doesn’t even have a face. Oh – and before I forget, do you think you could use the power of your meow to compel him to give me a few days to find Handsome?”

“Of course I can try and convince him.” Her intelligent gaze pierced as she frowned, biting her thumb. “Do you think…you could be cursed? I’ve never seen you so interested in a guy before. Or…are you in love? Maybe he is the right guy?”

Brown eyes widened, and the corners of her lips drew down in a grimace as she turned a horror struck gaze to the tiny face. “Ew, no! To both! No, I just need…closure. I was craving cake – I just need that piece of cake.”

Those plump lips stirred, then closed. “Fine, whatever you say, baby girl. I think if you leave the mirror out Fen will grab it at some point – he is lonely enough to talk to me, the poor thing!” Blond curls swung as she shook her head. Returning her attention to the present, she pointed a forefinger at her friend. “Remember, dear heart, good friends let friends live vicariously. Don’t wait for me to find this guy - go hunt you some more of that grade A quality man meat! I’ll still help, but don’t get all caught up in one guy – especially some Shiva half breed.” Her visage faded.

Melody found herself smiling. Giselle had always been such a flirty clown – which was why her father had locked her up in a tower. Her smile faded. Her own father was not her favourite person at present, and she resolutely turned her mind from the thought. Nothing could be done, so why well on it? Following her friend’s advice, she left the mirror on the side table and left the room. Fenwick, leaning against the wall, straightened at her approach. “She likes you,” she told the hulking figure.

He had his back to the wall, his right foot also leaning against the wall, and his arms crossed over his chest. Sulking. At her words, Fen rubbed the back of his helmeted head, shaking it slightly.

“No, it’s true. Although unless you are going to have a long distance relationship you’ll need to free her from that tower.” She chewed on her lip, ignoring how his head reared back violently. “Anyways, I’m going for breakfast – then I am having another bath before we go.”

Arms dropped from his chest, and his right foot dropped to the floor from where it had been resting on the wall. His entire, silent demeanour seemed to demand – what, again?!?

“Yes, Fen, again,” she sighed, running her hands through her tangle of curls. The humidity was making it ridiculous – it was time to braid it again. She sighed again at the thought of all that work. “I love being a witch, and I love the earth. But I also love being clean. I still feel dirty from all those weeks in the woods. And that was your fault.”

He raised a finger and pointed to her nose.

“Yeah, well, the earth loves me too, what can I say?” She rubbed her sleeve across her nose, trying to smudge the ever-present dirt on her face. “I tried to fight it – I’ll never be as neat and pretty as Giselle. I spend too much time rolling around in the dirt. But it’s nice to pretend, every once in a while,” she cast over her shoulder, trailing her fingers along the wall as she went.


The annoying chit rounded the hallway, and Fen turned his head to the left, staring at the clear surface of the mirror. It was just visible from his vantage point at the door. A brief turn of his head to check the hallway had him padding into the room. Sitting on the edge of the bed, he caught up the small piece of shiny surface. The blank visage of the helmet lowered to stare at it before he placed his armoured thumb against the surface.

It rippled in response, and the flushed face of Giselle dimpled at him. “I’m so glad you two are getting along.”

Of course Melody had left it on. He made a mental note to be more aware of that in future. Somehow, Fen gave the appearance of a snort of derision, and he made a noncommittal movement.

Giselle’s view of the world suddenly blurred after he turned his head to check around him. One of the disadvantages of the size of their mirror was that it made for some pretty disconcerting movements, especially when doing anything other than being perfectly still. “Hello?” Giselle called, curious as to what he had done with her. Raising her palm to the surface of her mirror, she blinked, wondering if he had ended the conversation.

After a long moment, a tentative answer came, sounding intimately close. Can you hear me?

An absurd level of pleasure flowed through her. “Yes!” There was no real way to describe his voice using normal terms – because it was a feeling, not a sound. Although his voice normally strummed with angry tension or derision, he sounded curiously cautious today. And his voice always sounded so intimate, like words spoken in a deep fog bank.

I am…no longer in practice for long conversations anymore, he finally admitted after a rather uncomfortable pause of several minutes. It is not comfortable.

The witch bit her lip, edging closer to the mirror on her seat. “You don’t have to force yourself to talk to me…” Everything was still darkness, which meant she wasn’t near his…well, his soul. She swallowed, remembering the simple lines that bound him to his body, and the angry red which shone from each marking. Though, he had seemed to try and dim his anger for her. Would he be pulsing red? Or be barely glowing? Her initial horror and fear at the idea of squan had faded somewhat. If he was really as evil as she had been raised to believe, he would have throttled her friend a dozen times over. Although he seemed exasperated, he never seemed violent.

I…am not forcing myself. He sounded rather astonished, if she was reading his tone correctly. It gives me a surprising amount of pleasure to hear you speak.

A heated flush eddied across her cheeks, and she gnawed on her lower lip as her stomach flipflopped. It had been a long time since she had received male attention, apparently. It still made her giddy, even if it was from a disembodied soul. And he was such a delight to tease. The way he had nearly dropped the mirror only moments made her wriggle with pleasure - at least she still had a fraction of her old charm. “Well, I already nattered your ear off the other night. How about you tell me about you instead?”

I am dead.

Determined not to let his abrupt coldness put her off, the witch shrugged. With nothing to look at in the mirror, she stood, pacing from one side of the room to the other. It took her exactly five paces to reach the window, and she looked out at the bright sunlight with a pout. “Well, what about your favourite colour? Food? Do you like dancing?”

I cannot taste or feel anything. I do not ‘like’ anything, he countered with some irritation, his tone a clear rebuff.

Don’t ask? Mysterious man? Pul-lease. Giselle rolled her eyes, sliding her hands down her sides as she stretched her back. “…so how can you feel pleasure hearing me speak?” She inclined an ear towards the mirror. “Oh, sorry, what was that? Oh, nothing? Sounds like I win!” A low chuckle floated from her mirror, and she flashed a triumphant smile. It faded when a sigh followed.

I am trapped.

“Do you regret D putting you back…?” No answer was forthcoming, so she slid onto her bed, curling up and running gentle fingertips along her soft hip. It was sore today, and she tried to let it relax as she massaged the muscles lightly. “I know how you feel being trapped. I’m trapped in a tiney, tiny tower.” That only seemed to be shrinking as she expanded. She had always been a glutton for the pleasures of the flesh. Both food and sex satisfied her immensely – in fact, was a source of power for her. With the distinct lack of male attention, extreme boredom, and limited physical space, her figure had gone from a more buxom version of Melody to an overblown matron, then rounded out further. When laying on the bed like this, her stomach rolled onto the mattress. She poked it and sighed.

Instead of answering, he countered her question with his own. There is no way for you to leave?

His diverting of subject matter was far from subtle, but the witch allowed it to pass as she shook her head. Belatedly realizing he couldn’t see her, she blinked at the oddity of this conversation. She was in his suit – the only time they could hear him. Of course he couldn’t see her. “No. And no one can visit me either. My coven spelled every nook and cranny so that anyone trying to leave or enter will die. Don’t think I haven’t thought about it,” she murmured, sitting up on the side of her bed. Taking up her comb, she slowly brushed her long locks of shimmering hair to distract herself. For several moments, she stemmed tears that were threatening to rise, her comb never slowing from it’s rhythm. Slowly, the tightness in her throat eased, and she rolled her neck as her shoulders relaxed, warming.

It looks soft, like silk. His voice was so close, it almost sounded like it was behind her.

Her eyes sought the darkened mirror. “You can see me? Even though the mirror is not in front of your eyes?”

Another chuckle. I do not have eyes…and so am not limited by them. However, I do try to emulate the typical motions when I am communicating with others. Without the ability to speak, physical cues become important.

“How long has it been since you spoke to anyone?

Many years. A lifetime.

Well, that explained his taciturnity, she reckoned. “No one spoke to you in all of that time?”

I was regularly given commands, but my previous masters were unable to hear me. None others have ‘ridden shotgun’ inside of me, as Melody put it.

“I am so curious - why are you taking her back to her father?” Giselle asked next, approaching the mirror’s surface once more. Extending the fingers of her hands, she pressed the palm of her hands against the cool surface. “What benefit could it possibly give to you? I guess your master command you?” Her eyes widened. “Wait – what do you mean, previous masters?”

His presence abruptly vanished, and the mirror returned her reflection, eyes wide in her round face. “Damn!” And she had only been dressed in a shirt the entire time, she realized as her gaze dropped. She hadn’t planned to stand up when talking to Dee…which meant all of her pale, fat legs had been exposed as she pranced around.
“Double damn!” she cried, snatching up a skirt to hide herself.


mostly harmless
Sep 29, 2005
The great white north, eh?
Happy dance! And re-reading the last chapter just now let me catch an important detail that I'd missed before, so I'm feeling all sorts of readerly investment and eagerness right now :)

Xyantha Reborn

- Actually Very Tame!
Jul 23, 2014
Chapter 10

Fenri gazed upon the spectacle before him. Like his brothers and sisters who filled the halls, he maintained perfect silence, hands clasped on loose arms.

His sisters scream made his ear twitch, and her mate roared in rage. The captive rushed the bars of his cage, fangs bared, flared hands desperately reaching towards her. He roared over and over, drowning out all other noise.

Beside him, Gulog’s ears flattened downwards – the only sign of pain from the unearthly sounds.

Lighter lilac eyes lighter than those of his companions turned towards his mother, the Queen. His ears rung in the relative quiet. The tall, powerful woman grasped the smaller woman’s forearm, bending her down before her will. There was no need to hear the words, however. As ritualized as they were, Fen could have recited them by heart.

Tala has failed in her duties as a daughter, and as a member of the family. Fail to protect, fail to worship – fail to live. “There is one thing I ask – one thing that is expected.” The Queen’s voice whispered in each of their ears. The breathy whisper sounded so close to each individual that ears across the room twitched. “Know your place, children. It is either by my side, or in the ground!” Another scream, and -

Her mate roared again, eyes nearly overtaken by black. His clawed hands ripped at his own chest and head as he fell to his knees. Suddenly, the roar stopped, and he listed sideways. A moment later, his prone form too lay on the black stone.

It would be a devastating and life terminating mistake to make any move, or voice any sound that might give away his sympathies. Yet, softly, within the confines of his own mind, he gave a brief nod to his brother and sister. Goodbye, Chol, Tala.

“Go.” Stalking fluidly up the chairs to her den, Mother sprawled on the stone bench. She glared moodily on her children and subjects, then transferred the glare specifically onto his approaching, rotund form.

It was the current fashion to wear the thinnest possible gauze of a fabric, held closed only by a single clasp at the sternum. In his current state of corpulence, Fenri had to stand very upright, stomach muscles perpetually tight. If he failed to do so, the two sides of the fabric would part, and his unusually pale flesh would push forward insistently. No need to draw more notice than he already did.

Under his mother’s intense violet gaze, every extra pound seemed exposed, wobbling or bulging. No gauze sheet could hide his broad form. At the thought, an odd current of pleasure coursed through him, ending in a pulse right to his member. Something had gone wrong with him about two decades ago, and this lard coating his body was the side effect.

“You need new things,” Mother announced, dark eyes lingering on the straining waist of his pants.

“Yes, Mother.”

“You know I regret having to punish my own children so severely…But I have high expectations rom each of you. Leaning forward, she slid long fingers, tipped with razer sharp claws, along his soft cheek. “Have you located the squan, my son?”

He had bowed his head and eyes the moment he approached and kept his eyes downcast. “No, Mother.”

Those claws dimpled the skin under them as their owner let out a most unladylike growl of rage. “Do your job, Fenri. You were appointed to return any children who stray from the nest, and to protect our home. Do you think a rogue squan fulfills either of these duties?”

Fenri gave a silent sigh and shook his head. “No, Mother.”

“And what do you think the rogue will do, loose on the world?”

“Maim, destroy, and kill, Mother.”

“And do you think that bodes well for relations with the humans? With the alliance we have been carefully cultivating for decades?”

“No, Mother.” It was imperative that he did not anger her – this close to clutching she was irritable to the extreme.

Pain blossomed in his cheek as she slapped him heavily, claws raking furrows across his skin. “Look at me when I speak to you, you disrespectful boy!”

The blow had been powerful, and he had made no move to block or mitigate it in any way. Hands on the floor, he pushed himself to sit on his calves. Slowly, he raised his gaze to his mother’s face, noting the erratic way her pupils were expanding and contracting.

Carefully soothing away the sting with her fingers, she inhaled deeply. Exhaling, she brushed his hair back. “Have you at least found out which squan escaped?”

He shook his head. “No, Mother. All records of their past lives are removed prior to the transference process…” Holding his gaze on hers, he swallowed harshly. “Though I suspect it might be…Ademar.”

At the word, a strong tremor shook the hand buried in his hair, and his eyes watered as she fisted a large chunk, raising him to his feet. For a moment, his feet left the ground, rising up until he was at eye level. “Find him, Fenri. You have no idea what he is capable of.”

A quick toss of her wrist, and he lay sprawled across the floor. Scalp burning, he bowed until his forehead touched the cool floor – despite the roundness of his stomach making it difficult, and squashing out to the sides of him. “Yes, Mother.”

Xyantha Reborn

- Actually Very Tame!
Jul 23, 2014
Chapter 11

“Will you be having desert?” She was staring at the furrows on his face in horror

The woman’s fear was almost tangible. Which was ironic, given how satiated he was on his way to becoming. Having changed into a comfortable tunic, he nearly chortled to feel how taut the fabric was becoming around his middle. This obsession with food was relatively recent, and gave him a perverse sense of sexual enjoyment.

His scalp still burned, but then, so did his stomach. The skin felt hot, taut and heavy, Sliding a hand down the plump exterior surface, he nodded. “Two, please.” He needed the energy, anyhow. Below the table, it brushed at the tops of his thighs, and he tried to relax it until it rested on it…almost - but not quite.

The buxom human scurried away, and he tugged at his left ear absently. Turning the bands of metal in a specific order – left right centre centre centre left right left – he began to sink the excess power garnered from his meal. As a half breed, he had neither of the full benefits of either of his parents. Full blooded Shiva rarely needed to eat, could see in near darkness and tolerate cold easily. The cold and darkness were less of an issue than the first, at this moment. Shiva produced and stored their own sources of magical energy, and when depleted, could rest and eat to replenish. Humans utilized spare energy from around them, quickly exhausting their ability to channel it, yet quickly recouping.

Him? Fenri could not produce or store his own energy. At least not at the levels that he required. Not anymore. Nor could he easily tease up a thread of power and turn it to his use. Instead, he was forced to gorge himself, and store a portion of that magical energy. Like a squirrel hoarding for winter, he thought with a guilty twinge of satisfaction.

A highly plump, now hiccupping squirrel. A hand stole to his belly, pressing as if to hold the quivering mass down. Quivering, because hiccups had overtaken him. Unbidden, the same hand began to rub a comforting circle against the side of the bloated middle. Light eyes fluttered in response, breath panting lightly as he shoved in another mouthful of stew, swallowing the noise deep, only to feel it ripple against the large quantity of food he had just consumed.

“Here we are!” The girl was back and gone in a flash. Bare civility was better than the murderous rage humans in this region had demonstrated only a few generations ago, he supposed.

The sweet smell of apple made the Shiva wrinkle his nose in distaste. “Disgusting,” he muttered. Too bad – the pastry looked particularly flakey, and steam still rose from the freshly baked surface. Sugar even sparkled on the surface.

Standing, he leaned back to stretch the heavy ball attached at his waist. The contents shifted down, and the man shivered in delight. Stepping around the stool and clapping his hat on his head, he headed towards the door. He had a job to do, and he had spent enough time lollygagging. It was just impossible to resist actually getting enough to eat; he could only do it in the human realm, and took every opportunity of enjoying himself. He still had two bowls of stew that he could eat, but…

He shouldn’t…

Fenri’s broad back halted as it approached the door to the street, and a roll appeared on the flesh below his arm as he swiveled back to face his table. Scooping up the remaining two bowls of stew, he chugged them back, trying not to inhale the cloying sweetness of the pastry. Tilting his head back, his hat tipped off his head – such a minor distraction to his goal was ignored. Each swallow warmed him, the tingling becoming a near painful burn, as if his organs were protesting each inch they gave way to make room for his stomach.

Stepping back and bending over to snatch it up, he gave a discreet burp. Unable to bend at the waist, he had to crouch slightly, knees out, belly drooping like a lead weight over his belt. As he reached the lowest part of his squat he felt, rather than heard, the seam on the ass of his pants give.

Flesh wasn’t the only thing burgeoning in him; his power hummed strongly in his veins. Whistling, he twirled his cloak back onto his shoulders as he sauntered out – a slow, careful-of-his belly saunter, but a saunter none the less. As he moved, a sliver of soft flesh winked above his waistband.

“Now. Where are you, little green thumb?” Placing both hands on his hips, he pondered the most economical route to locate her, staring up at the sky. Unbeknownst to the halfblood, his skin-tight shirt rolled upwards several inches, allowing more flab to shiver forth into the light.
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Xyantha Reborn

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Jul 23, 2014
How hard could it really be to find the hottest hottie she had ever met?

Apparently harder than she had thought. Although one of two people in the inn had remembered seeing him, no one had noticed them leaving upstairs together, or on him leaving.


A few blocks away, a full blooded Shiva was shopping. Even if his unusual height, unnaturally slim frame and longer limbs had not given him away, the full five feet between him and any passerby would have pointed him out clearly.

Lots of people still had a serious hate going on for them. Which was dumb, in her opinion. Just because they killed each other and had weird customs – it wasn’t like they set out to murder people or even bother them. The longer living species seemed mostly amused by humans, like a dog had suddenly decided it was people and sat at the table.

The male blinked at her description, then smirked. A wide slash of the lips revealed longer fangs, each tooth carrying a sharper edge than a human. Those lips drew back to display far more teeth than a human could, and his pupils flared several times. Always a sucker for ears, she noticed when they quivered in excitement. “Couldn’t get the real thing, so settled for half?” He grinned even more widely at her lack of denial. “Well if I had known you were that hard up…” Despite the teasing tone, dark violet eyes peered deeply, as if raking her for clues.

It was unnerving. “Keep staring at me like that and I will dig your eyes out with a spork – ” she didn’t own a spork “ – and use them in my next potion – ”. She didn’t use potions either. But he didn’t have to know that. She set about to beating on him, nose wrinkled.

“Fine, Fine,” the Shiva capitulated, fending off half-hearted smacks with a sort of amusement and astonishment at her lack of reserve. “Are you always this rude?” He demanded, elegant brows upswept. A clawed hand ruffled through his long hair, dishevelling it.

Melody glared up at him, the fabric of his shirt still clenched in her small hand. “No!” She snapped a denial, yanking him ineffectually. “Sometimes I am asleep!”

Those brows twitched, and he shook his head. “You are fortunate that I am gentle for my kind – there are others who would not take kindly to your rough treatment.”

As if he was the first Shiva she had met. Her first crush had been one, and she had spend the next twenty or so years stalking – er, rather, studying their culture. For, you know. Like, political reason. Yeah.

When she merely looked bored at the warning, he shrugged, that cunning look reappearing around his eyes. “He will not be found by you – unless he wanted you to find him.”

“What the hell is do damn wrong about me that he wouldn’t want me to find him?” The witch demanded, once again wailing on him with both hands, this time with far more force. “What are you trying to say?”

“I have no idea,” the Shiva replied dryly, fending her off.

“So…there is NOTHING I can do?” Melody half wailed, shoulders slumping. But she wanted him! Okay, so maybe that whine made her sound like a baby, but baby really wanted a soother in her mouth. A smirk overtook her mouth against her own will at the thought.

His long, sensitive ears twitched at her tone, and he grimaced. “Stop that. All you can do is invite him. Make him aware that you are looking for him.”

Melody mulled it over. “And how would I go about doing this?”

An elegant hand flipped over, revealing a bracelet. “Wear this. If you do, I can guarantee you will meet again.”

Giving him a pointed stare, Melody glanced at the trinket. “And why would you help me?

“Hopeless romantic,” he sighed, hand to heart. His claws looked wickedly sharp in the morning sun, and his dark eyes looked down at her unblinkingly. His long ears twitched, and he suddenly looked wary, eyes sliding to the right. “I may call upon you for a favour in the future. You will grant it to me, without question.”

“I’ve never heard someone say that and the outcome not be great! Sold!” Putting it on, Melody nodded and stalked away. A few feet away, she peered over her shoulder at him. “Name?”

“Dulog. And yours?”

She blew a kiss over her shoulder as she shoved the braclet on her wrist. “Byebye, Dulog!”

A darker sneer marred the Shiva’s face, and he snapped his teeth at the air, causing several humans to scatter before him.
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Apr 10, 2018
, male
This lady means business about getting to business. She is a lot of fun and I like it! Honestly, I'm really only partial to men but her personality is what has sold me on this story the whole way so far. She's great.
It's neat that you've given Fenri biological reason to gorge himself. It makes a better contrast to the expectations of him than "well, he's hungry and likes it" angle. Even if that may also be true!
I'll look forward to the rest of it.

Xyantha Reborn

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Jul 23, 2014
Chapter 12

A clenched fist opened, revealing a small case cradled carefully within. After a pause of several minutes, one large metal finger hovered over the surface. The hulking form had been seated on the log for several minutes with the tiny object in its hand. Previously, he had been pacing. And prior to that, he had snuck into his master’s bag and commandeered her most prized possession.

When Melody touched the surface, the entire thing rippled like a pebble dropped into a bowl. That did not occur this time. Rather than the reflective surface shimmering into a blonde face, the surface turned black. Not just dark, but void black. Slowly swallowing his entire vision, it tugged him forward into it’s depths. The temporary shedding of his suit left him weightless, and he shot through the other side with more speed than he intended.

In fact, he had never intended to travel through the two women’s shared connection at all.

As dusk had approached, a growing sort of anxiety had began to eat at him. Halfway between dusk and dawn, that vague anxiety had grown to dread, his thoughts centred obsessively around a beautiful human. As dawn approached – that state of general lightening that occurred far in advance of the sun’s arrival – that dread turned into full blown panic.

That panic had not eased, now that he had arrived at Giselle’s location. The room was a larger replica of what was displayed on the plump witch’s side of the mirror – yet still tiny. The woman herself, however, was anything but. Even despite the peak he had been treated to on their conversations, and when she had so brazenly lowered the hem of her neckline, it could not hope to reflect the sensual magnitude of the girl in front of him.

Oh, there were her plump cheeks, her red lips, and her soft arms. The mere hint he had seen previously was now exposed with exquisite contrast. Her plump upper stomach dramatically flared into a wide, soft expanse of tender flesh. That swooping outward curve continued to her hips, making her upper body look tiny in comparison. And her massive thighs touched from top to bottom. Seated and leaned back on her mound of pillows as she was…

He drifted forward, fascinated by the slightest tremor in her luxurious body with each breath. That bulging stomach pushed proudly away from her, surging forward to rest on her thighs. Not to be outdone, her wide limbs thrust upwards in turn, causing the edges of her belly to sag downwards, wobbling. A tantalizing triangle of black winked at him from between as she shifted.Eyes snapping upwards, he could have staggered, had he been embodied. From a laden plate beside beside her bed, tiny puffs of something travelled repeatedly to plump lips.

Floating closer, he clenched mental hands, a desperation to touch rising deep within him. Perhaps it was having Melody as his master, which propelled him to action instead of reflection. Maybe it was having such pointed attention directed to him…although that made less sense. Part of having one’s soul ripped from one’s body was an inevitable loss of self. Perhaps it had been all of the centuries he had lived in his own skin, but his sense of identity had not faded like the others. He could still recall his life, when he had been known by the name Ademar…if through a haze of distance.

He hovered over her body as she sighed heavily, lashes closing. Even when he had been flesh and blood, no one had fascinated him to this extent. Not even his former consort had engaged his unwavering interest. So why this young girl, of another species? Was it because she was so dearly loved by his master? But why had he been drawn here? His arrival had not been…fully voluntary.

He was lost in his musings when a sniff sounded from below him, and a tear rolled out from below spiked lashes. As another, and then several more joined the silent migration, a deep disquiet overcame him. Concentrating on his ‘hand’ he reached down to caress the plump cheek. Manifesting a physical contact without a physical form was exhausting, but again, that urge rode him relentlessly.

Her lashes flew open and blue eyes, made bright by tears, gazed wildly about. Another tear slid down her face, but no sobs accompanied it. “Hello?” she croaked, an expression of fear stealing over her face, eyes darting.

I need you to stop crying, he commanded, that sense of disquiet ramping into discomfort. Something about her current state set every bit of his being humming, desperate to resolve it.


Ademar, he corrected, sifting his hand through her silky locks. Though it amused him for Melody to call him by another’s name, it was imperative that Giselle knew it. He paused, attention focusing inwards for a moment. Imperative?

“Ademar,” the blonde murmured, reaching up a hand. It passed through him, and she lowered it back to her chest. Her expression, which had brightened, quickly dimmed. “I’m glad you are here, Fe - Ademar. I don’t think that I could stomach telling her to her face, but she is my best friend. I couldn’t just leave her a note, now could I?”

Panic clawed at him – a sensation he had not felt in many, many decades. Lowering himself to the bed beside her, he silently stroked her hair.

She gave another sniff, then chuckled rather wetly. “It’s been years. I gave it a good go. But I am tired – so tired, of being in this tiny room.” A vague wave of her plump arm encompassed the single room, and another tear slid down her face. “I’ve been thinking for a while on how to do it. I can’t jump, because there is a barrier.”

Suddenly, his urgency crystallized. No.

“I don’t have any poisons on hand, but I could do the same with turned food,” she added, giving a small shudder and a grimace at the thought.


“I’ve thought about drowning and hangings; I don’t think water will let me die that way, because of our bond. But if I could find a strong rope…”

NO! He roared, so loudly that she flinched out of his grasp. Lunging forward, he manifested both hands, catching her face between them. No! He snapped again, giving her a shake for good measure.

Her shock slowly faded, and tears began flowing again.

Each tear was like acid on his soul, and he roared at the unaccustomed agony. Blast it – why?

“Ademar!” she cried, reaching out for him. “What’s wrong? Are you ok? Are you hurt?”

He was most definitely not ok, and he was most definitely in pain.

“Let me touch you back!” she cried, reaching up to her cheek. “Oh,” she murmured in surprise at finding something under her fingertips.

Though not the same as a true touch, her fingers touched his soul, soothing him.

“What happened?” She asked gently. Her eyes widened, and she quickly added, “Is Melody ok?”

The oddest thing happened. Even as his mind began to respond with anger, his tone gentled. He wanted to shake the silly creature and yell at her; what did it matter if her friend was fine now? Did he believe Melody would be fine with her killing herself? Instead, he found himself pouring energy into manifesting more of his body, wrapping arms around her and drawing her closer. Easy, now.

The normally irritable or sombre voice sounded deeply wounded, and Giselle turned her face to where his face would be. “I…can’t remember the last time someone touched me,” she admitted after several long moments. Suddenly, her face flushed a deep crimson. “Ugh. I must feel disgusting,” she added, pulling back and drawing the sheets up to hide her form.

Or she tried to. Ademar found himself pulling her even closer, turning her to face him and stroking the curve of her spine lightly. You do not feel disgusting, he replied, despite not fully being able to feel her body. Then, compelled by that same force, he added, you are beautiful. Had he had a physical body, bafflement and a disconcerted expression would have vied for dominance. Beautiful? She wasn’t even the same species!

Giselle snorted, pulling a sheet up to cover herself. “You don’t have to lie to me, sugar. I used to be a gorgeous little thing; now I’m a bloated corpse of a woman.”

The same force which had compelled him to come to her, comfort her and hold her, now shoved him towards a new action. His duties with his consort had been perfunctory - at her request. Even so, Shiva did not suckle at each other, or stroke each other in intimate ways that human’s did. Despite never having performed the actions himself, he was vaguely familiar with the practice. Now, intimate knowledge rushed into his head, and a singular motivation to execute on them. Not because he desired it; without a body, what was the point? Rather, to please her.

Xyantha Reborn

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Jul 23, 2014
“Oh!” she cried out, arching her back as his fingertips moved from her spine to her hips, the touch flattening, exploring. “What are you…Oh…” she added more softly as lips closed over hers.

It was an odd, yet not entirely unappealing sensation, he decided after a moments reflection. Perhaps with a real body, rather than a memory projection, the feeling would be even more pleasurable. As it was, he was feeling himself weaken after so much effort. And even with the help of the mirror, projecting himself this far was a difficult task in and of itself. Do NOT kill yourself.

The glisten of tears was gone, replaced by a shy, shining interest.

Please, he added after a moment.

“Why do you care? I mean, aren’t you…dead?”

You are not entirely incorrect, he admitted after a pause for thought. And I don’t know why I care, I simply do. I knew something was wrong tonight, so I came. He considered the situation for a long moment, than asked; When I leave, will you be distressed?

“Yes,” she replied instantly. “I know you can’t stay forever…but could you stay a few hours? Until I fall asleep?” She had drawn the sheet up over her body, hiding the details of her curves from view.

Mm, he assented, watching her fully cocoon herself in a light sheet. I do not know how I was aware of your distress. Yet, I am glad I came.

She yawned, curling into her pillow and gazing at where his thoughts seemed to originate from. “I don’t know how you knew I was thinking about you, but I am glad you did, too.”

She had been thinking about him? You will not kill yourself. It was not a question. Indeed, it was hard to imagine this woman, so full of life, voluntarily destroying it. Her pale cheeks, tinged with

The blonde witch sighed but assented after a long moment. “For a while, at least. I am just so tired of being alone…”

You are not alone. I am here. And again, that wellspring of knowledge in his head had him once again exerting himself, manifesting his hand just enough that he could wrap hers within it. I will remain until you sleep…and then I will return. And when I return, we shall experiment with manifesting my body.

Those blue eyes darkened, and she captured her lower lip between her teeth. “You mean, you can make more than your hands physical?”

Mm, he assented again.

“…really?” she drawled, eyes closing, a smile dancing around her lips. “Now, that is something to look forward to.”

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