What are the advantages of being fat

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Sep 30, 2005
When the cat is on my lap, and my wife comes into the room and sits down, cat will reliably get off of me and move onto her. Not that my legs are all that skinny, but the cat makes it clear I'm not nearly as comfy as wife is!

I guess that's why my small dog has been venturing to my wife's lap in the last month or two. I guess her recognizes more and more softness and a larger lap.


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Sep 29, 2005
The great white north, eh?
I've been biking too and from work quite a bit, and the ride is long enough that sweat saturates my eyebrows and starts getting into my eyes.

What I've discovered is that my cheeks are chubby enough now that if I squeeze my eyes shut really hard, the skin just below my eyebrows meets the upper curve of my cheek, and let's sweat slide on past, missing my eyes almost entirely (some still decides to ooze that way, but not nearly so much). Of course I can't ride that way all of the time, but if stopped at a light or on a long level stretch with good pavement can do that and use a finger to sort of squeegee the sweat down to my cheeks.

(if I was lighter I might not sweat as much, but focusing on the positives here, lol)