What Are You Happy About Today? Part 3

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WVMountainrear's Husband
Apr 19, 2006
Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia
I got offered a new position last week. Still in higher education . For the same salary and better benefits, I no longer will have to commute 50 miles a day as it is a 100% remote position. I had been at this last college for over 2 years and I couldn't get out of there fast enough. Unorganized, chaotic, and enrollment was falling. Time for the old man in an office full of youngsters to bounce.


Just a Chubby Boy Looking to Be Huge
Nov 16, 2021
United States
Today I'm happy because I reached my current weight gain goal of 275. :) 300 is my next goal. I'm loving seeing how my body fills out more. Hopefully, I can meet a feeder who can help encourage me. :))


Well-Known Member
Oct 3, 2005
, Female
Happy but with trepidation.

My husband lost his job in December 2020. It took until spring 2021 for him to find one that offered full time hours and a healthcare plan. The pay was good but it was a step down for him career wise and the medical insurance had high premiums, and high out of pocket copays and coinsurance percentages. So he wasn't really happy with doing a job he's overqualified for, and the increased medical expenses have been stressful (trying to budget all the copays and additional coinsurance bills from lab tests and in-office tests).

He's been offered the same job he lost (with a different company) and with significantly higher pay and significantly better medical insurance. He's accepting the offer but I'm still anxious because it's so much change in such a short amount of time. I have to take care of myself 100% while he goes out of state to a corporate training program and I haven't been on my own for more than a few days in at least 10 years.

It's good news for sure. But I don't like change at all.

Sonic Purity

Apr 9, 2006
Pasadena, California, U.S.A.
I am happy that last Friday i was able to solve the following heating duct work puzzle:
does this even look like it’s in any way connected to anything? cropped.jpg
open ends.JPG
This “gift” was left by plumbers working under my mother’s house (house in which i grew up), about 2 years ago. Apparently they figured that it was OK to destroy a functioning heating system and not put things back together nor tell anyone.

Upon my arrival last Wednesday, i happened to notice when the furnace was running that no air was coming out of the register in the guest bedroom (my former bedroom). That’s duct #2 from the left in the lower photo, facing wholly the wrong way. Further checking revealed no air out of the register at that end of the living room (duct #2 from the right), but all good in the bathroom and hobby room (ducting not in either of these photos).

Friday i donned protective clothing, engaged sneaky snake mode, and slithered under the house in the crawl space, finding the puzzle as shown in the photos. The piece in the first photo and far right of the second photo is a Y split, connecting the heated air from the furnace (far left in the second photo) to the bedroom and living room ducts on the other side of the foundation opening.

It may look spacious in the photos, but that’s with the camera down in the dirt. Highest height is about 6 dm (60 cm if you prefer), with the low spots passing under the joists closer to 5 dm (1/2 m). I could kind of partly sit up on an elbow in the high areas, but no way to free both arms without lying down flat, making drilling holes in the sheet metal and applying (real foil-based very sticky) duct tape challenging.

Fortunately the puzzle was solved, with many additional joints not in the photos tightened, sometimes screwed together to stay together, and taped.

I am further happy that between midday last Wednesday and this past Saturday late morning, i accomplished all of the following (at my mother’s house):

✓ Reinstalled repaired audio system components. Tested whole system.
✓ Installed side water heater sacrificial anode
✓ Sinks + bidet drain flush: needs professional sewer repair
✓ Installed register downflow baffle near piano
✓ Guest end furnace duct cleaning, reassembly, & repair [detailed above]
✓ Replaced & tested X10 side of garage dark sensor
✓ Replaced holiday lights X10 module with previously repaired unit in stock
✓ Tested X10 modules
✓ Repaired stuck guest bathroom toilet
✓ Entertainment cabinet outlet strip MOV replacement
✓ Cleaned microwave oven interior
✓ Cleaned & modified wooden sliding screen door rollers
✓ Trimmed oak treen impinging on (damaged) TV antenna
✓ Cleaned items off garage workbench

I am further happy to be part of the Dimensions community, but that’s every day.


Dimensions' loiterer
Sep 29, 2005
The great white north, eh?
Impressive, Sonic Purity! We have an attic under a flat roof that is about that high, and yah, doing anything in such a low space in an ordeal. Colour me impressed.

Tracey, best wishes on managing while your husband is away, and I hope that the changes work themselves out quickly and you get to settle into a new, better, normal.
Nov 2, 2019
Today I was at a mall. A traditional glass blower was showing his artwork and everyone was invited to create individual Christmas ornament by coloring the blown glass Christmas tree ball.
So my son and I decided to make one each.
It was fun. (I could do that for hours.)
And the best thing was: when the the guy heated the glass to form a hook on top of my ornament he said - "oh, that's beautiful - I need to take a picture of this one to present it on my wall."