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BHM Dolls (Not What it Sounds Like)

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Active Member
Jan 4, 2008
So I'm going to come out . . . as the crazy doll lady. Sort of. I only have a couple collector's dolls of my own, but have lately gotten into painting, costume design, and general customizing of dolls, mainly what are known as Asian ball jointed dolls or BJDs. (Those with pediophobia or fear of dolls, do not look these up--some of them look so alive my husband has confused them for photos of people when he walks by the computer!)

I've also begun sculpting dolls, and am learning about how to reproduce my clay sculptures using various techniques and materials. So one night, I come across a video of this guy in Japan who makes customized replacement parts for a particular brand of anime doll. Specifically, he produces soft chest pieces with gigantic, soft, squishy, jiggly silicone boobies.

I'm like, "Ugh, so dumb, much weird, why guys like boobies so much?"

And then I come across a thread where people are debating materials for (what I think are rather creepy) super-realistic infant baby dolls, and one objects to the very soft silicone because it feels too "squishy" and "quivering."

And suddenly I'm like, "But wait--this means I could sculpt something that was big and squishy and jiggly ALL OVER and especially in the TUM."

Not like a sex doll--get your mind out of the gutter! Just a mini-BHM for admiring and squishing affectionately. Le sigh.

#howmymindworks #IamnobetterthanJapanpervdollmaker

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