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May 11, 2009
Note by Author: I wrote this story about 15 years ago under the name “The Taxidermy.” (Its somewhere in the BHM archives of Dims. It was a poorly written story including bad dialogue and poorly written characters, especially my male protagonist. I felt he deserved to be written better and to have a happier ending. I saved the story on my laptop to revise, the muse hit, and here we are. Additionally, I wanted to tell a story that reminisced about the old days of Dims, with an active message board and chat room. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the nostalgia.

Quick note: while both my protagonists stories begin in high school; they are both 18 and consenting adults; therefore this story should not violate the terms and conditions of the Story Board. If I am; please let me know.

His Student's Secret
by fireonthemountain

Chelsea Grover ran her French manicured fingers through her long brown hair as the boredom of Anatomy and Biology hit her full force. She was in her last semester of her senior year and Mr. McMalasky made it clear on multiple occasions that if she didn’t pass, not only would she not walk with her classmates at commencement ceremony in two months, she would need to retake the course in summer school.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of panting and thudding footsteps coming from down the hall. Dakota Smith came running in, his round belly jiggling with every step he took. He tripped on the floor, spilling the contents of his backpack. Several popular boys near Chelsea laughed. She felt helpless because she couldn’t get up to help him. How could she?

Chelsea had a crush on Dakota since they were both freshman. She had transferred from a small Catholic school and as a beautiful young girl with affluent parents it was her destiny to become one of the most popular girls in school. Dakota, who was overweight and not as stylish as she was, found himself an outcast and was often found hanging out with the offbeats. The nerds, the drama kids. Chelsea found they often started rumors about her and her friends. Not that sitting with Chelsea’s group would have been any better. They were just as shallow and catty in their own way. Dakota probably thought she was a snobby bitch, an entitled rich girl, a moron, an easy lay. Money can’t buy class. Thats what she would catch the girls in drama club saying behind her back. The usual routine was that Chelsea would find out, tell her friends and her friends would threaten them with violence. She wished she could break the cycle. She wished she could properly introduce herself to Dakota, instead of admiring her fat Adonis from afar. Throughout her academic career at Northeastern High School, she’d never spoken to him once.

Chelsea found that the high school hierarchy was becoming tedious. She found herself bored with petty gossip and fed up with the brain-dead jocks leaving on football scholarships. She’d date them because it was the acceptable thing to do, but there was never a connection with any of them: physically or emotionally. Most of all she hated the irony that she was known for being one of the prettiest girls and not being able to have the one guy she truly desired.

She learned to cope with her frustration the summer of her freshman year. She would scrounge the Internet for websites, support, anything that would make her feel less like a freak. She had even joined a message board for FFA’s (as she learned, this was code for female fat admirers). The women on the message board told her she wasn’t a freak for her sexual preference, but society was telling her otherwise.

She especially enjoyed coming back from summer vacation. Dakota’s weight had plateaued at 335, but he started high school at 259. Watching him gain was exciting to her: She would watch him in her classes, his soft belly forming rolls and hanging down when he sat. She thought about how nice it would be to bury her face in his ample belly or at least run her fingers along his stretch marks.

"Chelsea..Chelsea.." Mr. McMalasky put his hand on her bony shoulder and shook.


“Slept through my class again, I see? I apologize I couldn’t be more entertaining.” he remarked dryly, his flat affect comparable to Ben Stein. “Well, no matter. Please come to my desk. Mr. Smith, I’d like to see you too.”

She’d slept through Anatomic Biology again. Oh shit! She thought This is probably the last straw. Her embarrassing fate of missing graduation, summer school, how angry her parents would be was sealed. But wait? Why did he want to talk to Dakota as well? Dakota was more than just handsome. He was smart; certainly not in any kind of academic trouble. From what little she knew of him, Chelsea knew he always made the honor roll without fail. She grabbed her designer bag and shimmied over to Mr. McMalasky’s desk. She looked at Dakota and he looked away.

He was 6 foot 3 and he had a perfectly round belly, almost like that of a Buddha statue, but with more of a "spare tire shape”. He had shoulder length blonde hair and deep green eyes, almost like you could see his soul in them. He wore his usual cargo shorts and a band t-shirt. He wasn’t going to make best dressed at Northwestern High, but Chelsea wouldn't change a thing about the boy standing in front of her.

Mr. McMalasky approached them, leaning over almost so far that they were looking into the top of his balding head instead of his face. He seemed disappointed, yet somewhat hopeful. He lifted his head and spoke:

"Miss Grover, you have a 59 per-cent in this class. Now, Bs and C’s get degrees, but a 59 won’t even get you a high school diploma”

Chelsea looked as if she was about to cry “Mr.McMalasky, please! I'll do anything! My parents will kill me if I don't graduate. I really don’t want to go to summer school. Please, I’ll do what it takes!”

She swore she could have seen Dakota roll his eyes at her while she was pleading with the older man.

Mr. McMalasky calmly responded: “Chelsea, I’ve already spoken with your mother about your grades. We discussed your options and she thinks that what I'm about to do is a good idea. Dakota has been a Mathematics and Science tutor for three years and he’s an A student. You could learn a lot from him. I’ve already spoken to him and he’s agreed to take you on as a student. So, you kids have fun, knock yourselves out. And get to your next classes. Chop chop!” he continued in his monotone voice, “I don’t want to see tardy students, do you understand?"

"Yes Mr. McMalasky." They both responded in unison.

They parted, Chelsea leaving with her best friends Samantha and Krystal for a mirror check and Dakota leaving with a pale girl in a tie dyed shirt.


"I’m sorry Dakota, I’ve just…I just can’t be with you anymore. I’ve met someone else. We’re growing apart. You're not the same person I’ve been with since freshman year…"

Natalie’s voice played over and over in his head as he left the massive brick school building. He felt sick, betrayed, screwed over. He wanted to throw up. Dakota had met Natalie during his freshman year. She was his only love, the only one who really knew him. He felt tears burning in his emerald green eyes as he got behind the wheel of his car. It was getting hard for him to fit into the old Saturn. He looked down at his massive belly with regret.

Natalie was a feeder. In the 3 years they had been together, he put on 95 lbs. He loved the look on her face when he told her he’d gained a few more pounds, when she saw an extra roll in his chubby body, and when she would watch him wolf down enormous portions of food. Occasionally she would force feed him. That was her kink. Her dad owned a bakery and she’d always have extra goodies around.

After school, they’d do their homework and then she’d make him lie down and stuff him full of fattening treats, no matter how full he was. She’d stuff him so he wouldn’t be able to move-then they’d make love. It was like a ritual.

Now he looked at himself. Who would want a tub of lard like him? She would leave to be a theatre major; probably performing on Broadway. And him? Best he could hope for was to become an obese tech guy living in a basement. Yep. An obese nerd who never goes out and never has anyone come see him. Unless it’s the pizza man, he thought bitterly. He continued his self directed vitriolic thoughts until tears burned down his chubby cheeks as he drove to Chelsea’s house. Self preservation kicked in and he quickly wiped them away.

Perfect fucking end to my day" he thought, “Time to try to help a hopelessly stupid rich girl while she cracks fat jokes at my expense. I wouldn't have even be here if the princess’ parents weren’t paying me extremely well for my time.
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May 11, 2009

Chelsea breathed in a sigh of relief. Samantha and Krystal came over to help her pick out dorm accessories for next year and somehow got distracted by her issues of BuffBoy! Monthly. Buffboy! she smiled to herself Another cover up. She always kept issues of Teen Dream or BuffBoy! Magazine on her marble white coffee table to convince everyone that she was into the norm, the standard of what a "sexy" guy was.

The magazines were bursting with steamy, sweaty hard bodies and Samantha and Krystal could never get enough of them. They would grab a copy and debate with her which ones were hotter.

"Oh the one in the blue trunks,”Chelsea would answer casually when they bickered.

"If he were a couple pounds heavier that is…" she would think to herself.

“Hey guys,” Chelsea said, trying her best to sound disappointed “My mom said you have to go. My tutor will be here in ten minutes.”

Krystal frowned “Is it that fat kid Dakota. I saw you and him talking to Mr. McMalasky.”

“Mr. Malasky’s suuuuuch a loser. He think’s he’s funny, but he’s not. Its like, give it up old man.”

“At least McMalasky’s got a decent body for an old man,” Krystal responded

“Eww thats so gross!” Samatha threw a pillow.

“I'm not saying I'd fuck him, ewww. What I'm trying to say, stupid,” she hissed at Samantha “At least he’s not obese like that Dakota kid.”

Samantha glared angrily “I'm not stupid, you bitch!” She then calmed herself. "But I agree. He’s a a total lardass and he’s probably only gotten fatter since the beginning of school.”

“If I was that fat, I would do something about it.” Samantha continued. “Or I’d just kill myself.”

“I think that his mousy little girlfriend likes him fat,” Krystal said, leaning in towards Samantha “Or at least that's what I hear.”

“Who Natalie Slatsky?” Samatha responded “Oh my God, she’s so gross. Her hair is always so greasy. Did you see what she was wearing today? Its like, uhm hun'? Tie dye shirts and black jeans are so tacky?”

“Who wears black jeans? Ew.”

“Well,” Krystal said sharply “You’re awfully quiet over there, Chelsea.”

Chelsea was standing by her closet, trying to look like she was sorting through her clothing “Sorry, I was distracted.”

“Yeah,” Samantha chimed “She’s probably thinking about her poor furniture. I don't know where Fat Boy will sit without breaking any of it.”

“And probably so distressed she has to slum it instead of spending time with us,” Krystal grinned, placing her palm on her forehead to mimic distress.

“Look, I'll get through it. You guys would be embarrassed to be seen with me this summer if I didn't graduate and was in summer school. You know summer school is full of weirdos. It's a sacrifice for the greater good. Some sacrifice Chelsea, she thought to herself: You’ve been looking forward to this since the moment Mr. McMalasky told you about it.

The girls had left in a fit of air kisses and giggles, vowing they’d see each other the next day at school. She closed the door behind them, took a deep breath and frantically began cleaning her room. She hid all her teen magazines, picked up articles of loose clothing and skimpy underwear. She ran down to the kitchen and grabbed 2 cans of Coke and microwaved some popcorn. She ran back upstairs with the snacks; looking in the mirror she smoothed her hair, touched up her make-up, checked for particles of food in her teeth and reapplied her perfume. She heard the doorbell ring and her mother answer it. She breathed deeply again.

She heard the stairs creak and a slight pant as he came up to her room. She got hot thinking about him. The moment he walked in she wanted to maul him, throw him down on her bed and go at it for hours and hours making sweet passionate love. She imagined how her slender body would feel rubbing against his ample body. She sighed dreamily as she heard a knock on her bedroom door.

Her mother stood there with Dakota. Her mother, Lisa was an attractive woman in her late forties and a successful lawyer at that. Her build was similar to Chelsea’s; both she and her mother were short and slim. Lisa was a natural beauty; cheerful, upbeat, fair to clients and loving towards her family. Dakota seemed entranced when she spoke with him, perhaps because most wealthy suburban moms wouldn’t give him the time of day. She knocked on the door.

"Chelsea honey, your tutor is here. I have to run, I've got to pick up Julie from soccer practice and call Eric to see how long he’ll be at Vince’s house, then I’m having dinner with some clients so I’ve got to run, have fun kids, I’ll be back around 11."

She kissed her daughter on the cheek. "Oh- and it’s so nice meeting you Dakota. I hope Chelsea can follow your academic example!" She winked and smiled at Chelsea and kissed her on the forehead “Bye hon!”

It was almost hard to speak after her mom rushed in like a whirlwind, but she smiled curtly. "Hi there. Umm - I’m really glad you’ve come to help me, please sit down."

She motioned to a pink fuzzy beanbag chair near her coffee table. "Thanks so much, I really don’t want to have to go to summer school.”

It would be just tragic if anyone ruined your summer plans princess, Dakota thought before shooting her a serious glance. "Lets just get to work, okay? You don’t have to pretend to be nice to me. I'm here to be your tutor until your grades improve. I need this job, but I don’t need your pity. I show up, I teach you what you need to know and I go home. Can you handle that?”

"Umm okay."

“Wow, he’s here for not even five minutes and he's already on the defensive," she thought. It was true. After being overweight his entire life and bullied for it, it was his modus operandi. Chelsea responded in kind and didn't go out of her way to be anything more than civil. And that’s how it continued for the remainder of two hours. He taught and she (in between longing glances) listened.

The session ended on a slight high point. Chelsea actually understood the material Dakota explained, and he left thinking he’d written her off as a moron way too soon. Well, to some extent. He still hated her type. Or so he thought. As smart as he was, he was in for the shock of his life once he made it home and didn't see it coming.

(continued on post #5)
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May 11, 2009

It was around 9:00 pm when Dakota got home. He lived across town in a tall apartment complex with his mom and older sister Amber. His life was the polar opposite of Chelsea’s. Not only was he an outcast due to his weight and his academic passions, he came from what a former guidance counselor once referred to as a “low income household.” (He would have preferred she just said poor). Dakota’s father had left the family when he was born, leaving his mother Leann to care for him and his older sister Amber on her own. He found he, his mother and his sister had often been on the receiving end of insults due to their appearances and their economic class.

He assumed his father must have been tall and overweight like he and his sister because his mother Leann was short and rail thin. She wore her hair in a long permed style that hadn't been in style since the 1980s and often wore minimal makeup, usually only wearing mascara and lining her emerald green eyes with a dark eyeliner. Once, kids in middle school insulted him by saying she looked like a “thrift store Stevie Nicks,” but he had found that as more of a compliment.When they did their thrift shopping together, she was always finding fun pieces of clothing to wear and decorate their apartment with. Her voice was raspy from years of smoking and she looked old before her time, but he could never find her anything but beautiful. She worked two jobs and Dakota always looked forward to their schedules lining up; allowing him to sit with her while she enjoyed her cigarette, a diet Coke and cuddled with their two cats in her massive armchair that made her look so small. No matter how bad things were, she always found a way to laugh. His favorite was watching stand up comedy with her and hearing her raspy laugh. She was outspoken and never held back what she was thinking. While he loved that about her, he wasn't eager to discuss his breakup with his mother.

Amber’s name was appropriate for her. She had long straight auburn hair and had his same green eyes as Dakota and his mother. She stood about 5’10 and had to have hit 300 lbs not too long ago. Amber unfortunately understood his plight all too well. Bullies were merciless to her in high school due to her weight. After graduating, she dreamed of attending college to become an art teacher. (Like her mother, she had an eye for beauty and she excelled in high school art classes). When she graduated, however, she quickly realized her mother and little brother needed her help financially, so she began working at a local grocery store. He understood the pain she felt: she was six years older than him and still living at home, unmarried and had to endure the insults of former classmates and immature teenagers at her job (because its pretty easy to lob cheap insults at a fat woman working at the grocery store). Amber was quiet and often kept to herself, however, the family was close. They needed each other to survive.

Dakota worked hard as a tutor and planned to pick up a second job over the summer. He’d hoped to obtain scholarships and financial aid. He wanted to be sure his college tuition would be paid so that he could work while going to school to continue to support his family.

Dakota stepped out of his car and walked towards the entrance of the building. He considered taking the stairs to try to lose some of the weight Natalie helped put on him, but gave up on that notion considering how hard it had been to climb Chelsea’s stairs. They lived on the eighteenth floor, which he reasoned was too ambitious a task to consider tonight.

Better not to risk an early heart attack, he thought, indulging in a bit of self deprecation as he rode the elevator up to his floor. He unlocked the apartment door and was alone; both his mom and Amber working the night shifts at their respective jobs. He threw some leftover chicken wings and potato skins from the night before in the microwave.

As he waited for those to heat up, he grabbed a soda and logged onto his computer. He went to his usual chat room, Fatty Chatter, looking to see if Natalie was on. (Thankfully she wasn’t). He soon struck up a conversation with another person in the room.

2MuchAngel4U85: Hi there. I read your post on the message board. I’m soo sorry about what happened. This girl doesn’t deserve you. You're too good for her if she’s going to feed you some crappy break up lines.

ChubbyBunnyBoy5: Yeah..we were together for 3 years. I’m really depressed :( Besides, crappy breakup lines aren’t the only thing she fed me. I’ve gained 95 lbs and I doubt anyone thinks I’m attractive now.

2MuchAngel4U85: I know its hard, but try to cheer up. Oh and don’t think there aren’t any girls (FFA or not) around who will find you attractive. They’re more common than you think.

ChubbyBunnyBoy5: Riight. And where are they hiding now?

2MuchAngel4U85: lol! It's their loss if they don’t notice you. I actually have a similar problem.

ChubbyBunnyBoy5: Really?

2MuchAngel4U85: I’ve liked this guy since the beginning of high school, but because I’m "popular" so to speak a) My friends will totally make fun of me and b) He’ll totally think I’m laughing at him if I were to let him know.

ChubbyBunnyBoy5: Is he fat? If you don’t mind me asking.

2MuchAngel4U85: Not at all. And yes…he’s very fat…deliciously fat }:)

ChubbyBunnyBoy5: lol OK, first off thats adorable. And second, if he’s worth your time he’ll come around.

2MuchAngel4U85: thanx Same with you and your ex. Or for that matter the girl your destined to find. -I’m gonna go out now-my friends are here and we’re going clubbing.

ChubbyBunnyBoy5: have fun! Miss Popular ;-)

2MuchAngel4U85: lol you too!

ChubbyBunnyBoy5: thanx..bye.

2 MuchAngel4U85 signed off at 9:54 P.M.
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May 11, 2009
Two weeks passed. Excitement was buzzing among the seniors at Northeastern High School. Senior Prom was coming up and graduation was almost immediately after. Dakota was thinking about his new chat buddy and Chelsea of hers. Chelsea had some time to kill online two weeks ago and began talking to a guy in the Fatty Chatter room. He had occasionally posted on the websites message board, however, this was her first one-on-one chat with him. He seemed to understand what she was going through. She knew he could be some 50-year-old guy who never moved out of his mom’s basement, but still. Just to know someone understood her situation helped. Dakota was happy with his new online friend as well. She was an FFA and seemed to be eternally upbeat. She always encouraged him when he was having a rough day. While she was working on the spring musical, Natalie was both demanding and cold to him on and off stage and talking to his new friend was a welcome respite.

Offline, their Tuesday/Thursday tutoring sessions continued. The sessions, while platonic were not without benefit. Chelsea’s grades had improved and she was working her way towards graduating with a C+ in Mr. McMalasky’s class. Dakota was a good teacher, thinking conceptually, explaining fairly complex things in simple terms and making sure she understood the material before moving on to the next stage. Dakota was impressed by her progress, however, never let his guard down or let her in. Anytime he felt she was faking sincerity, he would sternly remind her that Chelsea’s parents were paying for his services and they expected results. Thats all this was after all. A transaction to help Dakota work towards alleviating his financial stress and Chelsea (who had never known financial stress) continue on to college.

One night, Dakota came back to his apartment after the worst encounter with Natalie he’d had since the break up. He had stayed at school later than usual tutoring another student and while walking to his car he saw her kissing a guy he didn't recognize. He couldn't see the guys face, but he had to be about 6’1 and 400 lb. Fatter than he was even. Dakota felt like he had been punched in the stomach. He needed to pull himself together. His brain raced and he had to get out of there before Natalie saw him. He wouldn't give her the satisfaction of seeing him hurt. Everyday since the breakup, she become more hostile towards him. He was getting pretty sick of her, but still seeing her with a fatter guy so soon after the breakup tore him up inside. He couldn't deny he missed her and it cut him deeply knowing she had found another guy while he was still hurting from the breakup. She had told him about the other guy when she dumped him, but it was more devastating to see them together in person.

He came home again to an empty apartment and tossed his keys onto the table. He logged on to Fatty Chatter to see if 2MuchAngel4U was logged on. When his friends were with Natalie and his house was empty, his chat buddy helped curb feelings of loneliness. Before he could enter the chat room however, a flashing banner caught his eye.

**Member Pics section-now added***

"hmm.." he thought. "Maybe the Queen Bee has a picture. He looked for her name under an alphabetical list and clicked the link. His mouth popped open. It was Chelsea. His school’s Queen Bee; his bi-weekly student. It had been Chelsea who logged on and posted all her secret FFA fantasies and desires .One of the most popular girls in school and she didn’t even like the jock types she dated! His mouth nearly dropped open in shock.

Chelsea was at home babysitting her younger sister Julie that night and chatting with some friends on her computer when she received a message from ChubbyBunnyBoy5.

ChubbyBunnyBoy5: Theres something you need to see. Go to the Fatty Chat section for members pics. And look for my picture.

She was confused, however, sure enough she did as he said and saw his picture. She was in shock as well. This whole time, while she and Dakota had curt exchanges in person, they’d been chatting for hours online!

2MuchAngel4U85: OMG. You’re my tutor

ChubbyBunnyBoy5: Guilty as charged :)

2MuchAngel4U85: I have a lot of things to ask you, but I’ll wait until I see you in person tomorrow. Meet me @ Starbucks at 6:30 before school?

ChubbyBunnyBoy5: Sure. Looking forward to it. :)
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May 11, 2009

Elevator music played as Chelsea sat with her frozen caramel Frappucino at 6:24 a.m. exactly. She’d vowed to get to the coffee house a couple minutes early so Dakota wouldn’t think this was all some big joke to embarrass him.

No, the jokes and games were over, the childish high school behavior had to stop here. It was time to admit her feelings once and for all. She was nervous. She twirled her hair with her fingers and took deep breaths, feeling like her lungs were going to collapse. Explode maybe. She kept breathing in and out; every time the door opened and the wind blew in, her glare would be fixed on the door.

A few minutes later, Dakota’s car pulled up and he got out. He looked amazing. He was wearing a pair of camo shorts and a black t-shirt with some strange logo on it. His shirt was a bit too small and showed off every bulge and curve in his body. He saw her, and smiled, emphasizing his dimples and rounded cheeks.

He walked in and sat down beside her. Both laughed nervously, neither one knowing how to start. Finally he chimed in:

"Chelsea Grover is a female fat admirer. I never would’ve seen that one coming..”

She smiled. "I guess I'm not who you thought I was, or should I say, who other people said I was.”

He didn’t respond, however, he looked ashamed when his eyes met hers.

She tried to smile. A sad smile crossed her face. "Just like I suppose Natalie wasn’t the girl you thought she was."

"I’m sorry for the way I judged you. I didn't think it would go down like this. If you had told me last year I’d be confiding in you and not her, I would’ve laughed.”

She looked at him thoughtfully, ”I think we’re just growing up. We’re not the same people we were last year. In one more month we’ll be out of there and into the real world. Well, I will be thanks to you.” she smiled.

“Natalie already has another man, so I guess I'm pretty replaceable. She got what she wanted and on to the next. And fuck what happens to me, I guess? I’ll be real with you Chelsea. It's hard to be hopeful about my future. As a fat guy, sarcasm’s a pretty good defense but I'm scared shitless.”

“I think you’ll be OK.” Chelsea responded.

“And why would you say that?” he responded wryly.

"Because..because you're brilliant and talented and you're going places. You've been my mentor and teacher and because you helped me make sense of that class I'm graduating. That type of thing is a gift. You’ll have your whole life ahead of you to make millions and maybe be famous for something. She’ll never have anything but the memories of what could have been." Chelsea took a deep breath and swirled her straw in her drink. “Besides, once you get over Natalie, I know a girl who’s interested."

“Huh?” he asked, blindsided by her question.

"You know the first time when we talked…and I mentioned something about the guy I liked?"

"The deliciously fat one?"

She giggled flirtatiously. "I was talking about you."

“Oh…yeah,” He chuckled “Hey look, I just remembered I have to get to school early to help Ms. Haskins get her AV equipment set up. So I'll see you on tonight, OK?”

He didn’t wait for her response, instead he turned around quickly and headed to his car.


It wasn’t a complete lie. Ms. Haskins was horribly inept at setting up her AV equipment (which itself was a relic from the 1980s). He needed to get away to think. She had thrown him for a loop. It was one thing to find out she was the rare breed the internet called an FFA. It was another that she was into him.

There was a sadness in her eyes at his response he couldn't shake. He felt a deep regret as the day progressed. She'd opened up to him and he'd gotten cold feet.

Of course he found her beautiful. What straight man with a pulse wouldn’t? He remembered the moment he saw her walking nervously out of her dad's Lexus the first day of their freshman year. She was a teen goddess, an Aphrodite brought to earth. The sun seemed to highlight her features while other kids were bent over and sweating in the August heat.

He'd been less than fair concerning her and he knew it. He felt he wasn't worthy, fat guy or not, of being her dream man. Not at least unless she knew the truth. As he had met Natalie and the drama kids that Freshman year, and heard all the nasty rumors about her, he found himself actively trying to diminish his attraction to her.

"She's a whore," one would say "She slept with the whole football team."

“She doesn't need to whore. Mommy and Daddy buy her everything. Thats why she thinks she’s better than everyone else.”

“Yeah, they buy her everything alright. That includes her nose, her lips and her breasts.”

Even with his crush diminished, nothing could completely put out the flame he held for her or the curiosity. He couldn't lie. When he heard his friends gossip or a football player claim to be with her, he wished it was him she was with instead. Some nights, he thought about her soft lips, her small figure, her lying in bed with him. Once in a while, he found himself taking a few second glance at her. Sometimes he'd almost thought he'd seen her looking too. Yet he was oblivious until now. Now that he knew her, now that he’d talked to her, he realized how wrong he was. She was too good for the mob, so they'd tried to bring her down. And like a boob he’d gone along with the pack.

He felt like a complete jerk for running out on her. He had to talk to her.


After school, he sped quickly to get to her house and rang the doorbell. Her younger brother Eric answered, he quickly said "Hello" and then excused himself, bounding as fast as he could go with such a restricting body and made it to her room before he and Eric could exchange pleasantries.

She was sitting on her bed, looking out the window. She looked upset and her eyes were red from crying.

"I think she needs you," he heard her Mom murmur behind him as she drifted away, going down the hall to allow them privacy. He looked in Mrs. Grovers direction and she looked at him like a protective mama bear would look at him if he was too close for comfort to her cub. He knocked on the side of the door to get her attention.

"Chelsea..can I come in."

She went from lying on her bed to sitting up quickly, her eyes blazing with a mixture of anger and vulnerability.

"Why? Why did you even bother showing up? I'm sure you had fun laughing at me all day with your friends. Besides, you said it yourself, you’re only here for your paycheck. Well, I hate to inform you, but I'm done. I quit. I'll figure this out on my own. You don’t want my pity, well I sure as hell don’t want yours.”

"Chelsea, I'm so sorry. What you said this morning was just overwhelming to handle and I did a shabby job of it. I haven't told a soul or made fun of you at all. I just needed time to think things over, and I'm so glad you were brave enough to say something or I would've never told you, well I still haven't told you, what I've been feeling for years.

Chelsea glared at him, but the look in his eyes was sincere. She was perceptive enough to know he was telling the truth as he saw and felt it.

“Look, I'm sorry for what my friends said. Im sorry I went along with it. Its hard being the fat boy who's the butt of every joke. C’mon, I'm not a stupid guy. I know what your friends say about me. Do you have any idea how nervous you always made me? I was so scared of ever being close to you. You were something so far out of my reach I never thought I could ever have it. So I believed the gossip I heard about you like you probably listened to the things your friends said about me.”

He paused and got his breath. His mind was clear, but his voice was shaking. Any false bravado he’d tried to muster seemed to fail him, but hell. He had things to say, and he knew he had to say them.

Chelsea was thinking she had played up a false persona of her own. The banter with her girlfriends just to keep up appearances, the catty remarks, the coquettish behavior towards the jocks was all a farce. Her own mom, who normally knew about and supported her on everything, hadn't known about her feelings towards Dakota and about big guys in general until just about an hour ago.

Dakota’s, always the intellectual, waxed philosophical:

“Its like Aesop once said "There are those who pretend to dislike what they cannot have. And I was pretending very well to dislike you. I could fool everyone around me, but I couldn't ever fool myself. But I don’t want to fool anyone anymore. If you were just another pretty face, I would just throw in the towel, but you're so much more than I'd ever expected and its so nice."

"You honestly mean that?"

"Yes. And I'm sick of playing childish games too. I'm sorry I wasn't able to pull down my defensive shield when you did. The truth is, well, you've been my dream for years. I was thinking of you like you were thinking of me."

With that, he leaned in and kissed her on her lips. She received his advance willingly and they began kissing passionately. His tongue enveloped hers. She stopped briefly:

"Are we talking this too fast?"

"Not at all."

She reached out and hugged him. Fully clothed, she pulled him down on top of her. He lay on top of her as they kissed. His soft belly fell on her flat one and she felt for the first time, fulfilled. She caressed his soft love handles and his back rolls. They softly moaned and they both knew a new something was beginning.


Chelsea and Dakota lay in each others arms after their lengthy and passionate make out session.

“Break from studying today? Your tutor needs to let this all sink in.”

She responded by squeezing his soft love handle and snuggling closer.

They lay in the afternoon sun holding each other.
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May 11, 2009

Dakota continued to tutor Chelsea and found himself looking forward to each session. Almost immediately after that first passionate afternoon, Mrs. Grover sat both of them and informed them that studying would continue in the kitchen (and simultaneously embarrassed Chelsea with a remark about she was too young to be a grandmother). They continued to chat nightly and see each other more often and away from the prying eyes of Northeastern High School. Mostly he would come to her house. Sometimes they’d go out for coffee or a bite to eat a few towns over. They both wanted to enjoy their blossoming relationship away from the judgmental eyes of their peers. They would acknowledge each other subtly at school, which gave them both a thrill. When Chelsea took her latest Anatomy and Biology test, she saw Dakota wink at her as he left after finishing his exam.


After finishing her exam, Chelsea headed to the cafeteria. She purchased a salad and a bottle of water and sat down with her friends. Both were staring at her with concern in their eyes.

“Hey girls, whats up?” she asked. A dark energy seemed to hang in the air above her and she could feel in the pit of her stomach the storm was coming.

“You know damn well what’s up Chelsea.” Krystal hissed.

“No, I actually don’t,” she opened her dressing packet and poured it on her salad.

“We know you’re committing social suicide. Unless this is a joke. Please be a joke. No it has to be a joke, theres no other explanation..” Samantha pleaded with her.

“I’m being honest. I really don’t know what I did to upset you guys.” Chelsea responded. “And I don’t understand why you’re accusing me of ‘social suicide’ Samantha.”

Krystal rolled her eyes. Samantha looked annoyed “Ok, so my crazy aunt, you know the one with all the cats..”

“Aunt Beth?” Chelsea asked.

“Thats not the point, Chelsea, who gives a shit???” Krystal exclaimed. “Oh my God, Samantha you take forever to tell a story!”

“Im telling it how I want to bitch!” Samantha exclaimed

“Guys, please just tell me what’s wrong?” Chelsea exclaimed. Oh my God, she thought, I’ve officially lost my patience for high school drama.

Krystal slammed her Diet Coke on the table. “Fine, Chelsea, I’ll tell you because you’ve obviously lost your goddamn mind. Samantha had to go to dinner with her crazy aunt and her family in Bluffton this weekend. And there she saw you with Dakota Smith. You were snuggling him! You had your arm around him! She even saw you kiss him! I cant believe you got that close to that him! Chelsea, he’s not just fat, he’s fucking obese! Oh my God, Im going to throw up. Im literally going to throw up! I cant think about it or I will literally throw up right now.”

“It could be a joke,” Samantha’s distressed, high pitched voice piped in “You know, for making her life miserable. She hates having to study with him after school. What if he was mean or flirted with her or was just his disgusting whale boy self? What if she’s pretending to like him? You’re just pretending right? C’mon that would be so funny!” Samantha laughed nervously.

Chelsea took a deep breath. She had been waiting for the right time to tell her friends. There is no right time, she realized. And maybe, as much as it broke her heart, she was slowly admitting to herself their friendship wasn't as strong as she thought. She was devastated to think of life without her two best friends, but now they had both shown themselves for who they truly were. Cruel, superficial and shallow. How could they think she would treat another human being so horribly? They had just told her that they couldn't accept her unless she dated someone they found acceptable. Unless she followed the unwritten rules of her social caste, they wanted nothing to do with her.

“Well,” Krystal spat angrily “Aren’t you going to explain yourself. You aren’t saying anything. This is really weird Chelsea. And gross! Im so grossed out! Say something!”

Chelsea exhaled. “Ok, I will Krystal. And I had planned to tell you. You know what? Im glad this happened. Im glad I finally get to say something. Dakota IS my boyfriend! I really like him! He’s smart, he’s funny, and I think he’s incredibly sexy! You know what? I like fat guys! I’ve always been attracted to fat guys! I faked attraction to every other guy I’ve dated! Did you ever wonder why I never slept with Joe or Steve or Jake? I barely even kissed them! I didn’t want to! And I am so sick of having to live a lie just so you're happy! You know what? I’m done bitches.”

They both looked at her in shock. Krystal, never satisfied until she had the last word, shot back. “Im glad you told me too Chelsea. I only wish you had told us sooner so we never would have associated with you in the first place. We’re done with you. You’re an embarrassment. I don’t even want to be seen with you! For all I care, you and Lard Ass can get married and go live in a trailer park somewhere if you can even find one he’ll fit in. Its what you both deserve after all.”

Chelsea looked Krystal directly in the eye and promptly told her to go to hell and left her with a few choice words (including the big C-word, which was rare for her).

She looked at Samantha who looked away and told her to go. Samantha’s betrayal hurt the worst. Krystal she understood and expected. Krystal had always been a miserable and cold hearted person. Samantha, on the other hand had the potential to be a decent person, however, status was the most important thing to her and there were few lengths she wouldn't go through to maintain her popularity. As Chelsea picked up her tray and walked away, she heard Krystal screaming about how she’d ruin Chelsea’s life.

Chelsea moved quickly through the cafeteria. She walked between the tables looking for a place to sit and quickly bumped into Natalie and Dakota. Natalie was glaring at Dakota and looked like she was belittling him. Chelsea was angry and ready for a fight. She wasn't a violent person but at that moment she could have fought Natalie and Krystal at the same time if it came down to it. She walked up to him and smiled and he smiled back. She looked back at Krystal whispering among the lunch tables and people glaring at them. He looked around nervously, knowing the worst had happened. Her fall from grace had started and he was to blame. He felt a mixture of affection that she would make that sacrifice for him and guilt at what he had cost her.

“Do you want to find a place to sit?” she asked Dakota “Im really hungry.”

Natalie glared angrily and turned her attention from Dakota to Chelsea “Wow, you’re so fucking immature.”

“Excuse me,” Chelsea shot back. All she wanted was to sit down and finish her lunch. She was becoming angrier by the second.

“Oh, I know you’re game princess,” Natalie sneered. “And I don’t care how much you and your friends make fun of me. Im not afraid of you anymore and Im going to tell you to your face what you really are. You are a spoiled, cold hearted, rich bitch slut! And right now, what I see, is you trying to play some immature prank on Dakota.”

“No, Natalie, actually Im not.” Chelsea responded. “I’m trying to sit with my boyfriend and have lunch if you don’t mind.”

“And Natalie?” Dakota chimed in, “She’s not a slut nor is she spoiled or cold hearted,” He made direct eye contact. “You Natalie? You are the epitome of cold hearted. You have no regard for anyone but yourself. You threw me away once you were done playing with me and replaced me so quickly. Or have you forgotten?”

She could hear whispers and laughs behind them and tried to drown them out. She felt more and more overwhelmed and couldn’t imagine how he felt; how much torment he had endured during his four year tenure here. She hurt thinking about how hard high school had been for him. Still, she radiated inside after he had defended her.

Natalie wasn’t backing down. “Dakota, I don’t know whats happened to you, but you’ve obviously lost you damn mind! This is the oldest trick in the book! She’s popular, she’s pretending to date you and she’s going to humiliate you! She’s not really your girlfriend! So go ahead, insult me! Its your funeral!”

“Believe it or not Natalie, I am his girlfriend. I know you think you’re unique and special, but your really not.” she leaned in towards Natalie and told her quietly “Im an FFA too, hon. I know you know what that means.”

Natalie responded with a scowl. It couldn't be true. But how did she know the lingo? Oh God, maybe it was true? She felt a wave of insecurity wash over her.

“Well Natalie,” Dakota said said “As much as I’ve enjoyed our post breakup arguments, I have to admit Im tired of this one. If you’ll excuse us, my girlfriend and I are going to have lunch together. Tell Rod or whatever his name is I said hi.”

Natalie, much like Krystal, couldn't handle not having the last word. “You want to play this little game? Fine. Im going to tell all our friends what you’ve done! They’ll know you’ve slept with the enemy! You are dead to us! Do you understand?” she screamed as he walked away, hand and hand with Chelsea.

Natalie stormed over to her group’s table and immediately and frantically told them what had just happened.


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May 11, 2009

Over the course of a few hours, Chelsea Grover fell from Northeastern’s golden girl to social pariah. Dakota always felt like a social leper, however, was now left without friends to help him cope. They were assaulted on all fronts. Krystal had led a campaign of nastiness in which insults were hurled at her, the jocks made cruel jokes at her expense (especially her ex boyfriends) and someone (she was pretty sure was Krystal) had written “I fuck fat fucks” across her locker in permanent marker. She was also insulted by the drama kids, who had begun to throw paper at her in class and whisper as she walked by. Dakota tried to have a thick skin, however, he’d noticed he’d been more of a target from the popular group than ever. The insults seemed more frequent but that could have also been that there were more people to insult him as his former friends had turned their backs on him and sided with Natalie. He’d tried to have a thick skin, but he couldn't deny the bullying got to him. He tried being strong for Chelsea, who tried to put on a tough front. He knew she cried everyday after school. She’d put on a brave face when they were together, but it wasn't convincing. It hurt him to see her hurting. Chelsea had never been bullied in her life. He sometimes wished she had never had to learn and at times the guilt consumed him.

He came over one day after school to see her and found her in her room crying. He brushed back her hair and kissed her cheek. “Hi sweetie.”

“Hi,” she sniffled.

“Im so sorry I caused you all this pain.” he looked at her sadly.

“You didn’t do that. This is all Krystal and Natalie’s doing.”

“They’re more alike than they are unalike, Dear Captain,” he chuckled.

“What?” she asked

“Star trek quote,” he responded.

“Nerd,” she chuckled between her tears.

“Please tell me what happened sweetheart,” he asked her gently. concern visible in his deep green eyes.

“I took my prom dress back today.”

“Why?” he asked

She shook her head “You know why. Its been hard enough to show up at school. Im not going any more than I need to.” She brushed away her tears.

“You’ve been looking forward to prom since the beginning of the year.”

She sniffled “Not anymore,”

He hugged her, pulling her in close, pulling her close to his round, soft body. She felt instantly comforted when her big teddy bear of a boyfriend held her. Prom hadn’t meant as much to him as it did to Chelsea. When the school year started, he had planned to go with Natalie. Once she dumped him, his plans for prom night changed to pizza and a Star Trek marathon without a second thought. But then Chelsea came along and he didn't know what his plans were. He loved every moment she spent with him, however, felt less than optimistic they’d ever go to prom together.

“I’ll go with you if you want to.” he said “Its not too late to buy another dress.”

“No. I just want to be with you. Im so sick of dealing with everyone else.”

“Im sure we could figure out something better to do,” he smiled

“What did you have in mind?” she asked

“Anything we want. We could go out to eat. Or we could go to my place and get some pizza or takeout and cuddle on the couch.” he suggested.

“Are you inviting me to your Star Trek marathon?” she smiled

“Whatever you want to do. I can introduce you to Star Trek, we can watch non-nerd movies, we could spend the night reading a few chapters in Anatomy and Biology…” he joked.

“Oh god no. Im ready to give that book back to Mr. McMalasky as soon as possible.”

“I guess in a way its indirectly to blame for your loss of social stock.” he said somberly.

She squeezed him. “You have to stop saying that. What Im going through is so hard, but I’d never blame you. It’s just sometimes I don’t know who I am anymore. I was getting tired of the way things were, but I didn’t expect everything I’ve known to be taken away from me so suddenly. The worst feeling in the world now is when I have to get up and go to school and the best is when I come home. Especially if you’re here.”

He looked at her sadly.

“I talked to my mom and told her what happened.”

“Lisa the wise,” he smiled “What did your mom slash legal counsel say?” he asked

“Well first she said, “‘Thank God for Glamour Girl Dresses’ return policy! Do you know how much that pink sequined monstrosity cost me?’”

He chuckled and she shot him a look “Sorry.” he said.

“Sorry not sorry I like pink and sparkles. Anyway. Much like I had to tell you, I had to tell her this wasn’t funny and to take this seriously.” she threw a pillow at him.

She continued: “My mom asked me to imagine if I had lived my life as planned: if I went to prom with Dan Petersmit, if I kept being friends with Krystal and Samantha and if I had never told you how I felt. Then she asked me how I felt now. I realized things are so bad right now, but I’d be worse off if I continued to live my life to make others happy. Im finally honest with myself and it feels right. And you're such a wonderful boyfriend, Dakota. I wouldn't want to be with anyone else. Please don’t blame yourself anymore,” she asked him.

She looked up at him sadly “Does this nightmare ever end?”

“I wish I knew. I wish I knew, so I could tell you it would. But we’e not alone, love. We have each other.”


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May 11, 2009

Chelsea slung her large pink and black paisley Vera Bradley bag over her shoulder, tossed it in the front seat of her car and backed out of her driveway. She drove, well sped, past Northeastern High, the faint boom of speakers and lights visible from the road on prom night. She was leaving her old life in the dust and the need to get to the destination she truly desired to be was urgent. She drove on for what seemed like an eternity before pulling into visitor parking at Dakota’s complex. She began climbing the eighteen flights of stairs with the hopes the exercise would calm her nerves. This was her first time at his place. And tonight may be the night, she thought. She had fantasized about it so so many times and every moment with him drew her closer to the certainty that this was what she wanted. However, to make love for the first time, to make love to him specifically, gave her butterflies in her stomach.

She knocked on the door and Dakota answered. He was wearing a pair of comfortable looking plaid pajama pants and a white t-shirt. It had to be one of his just slightly too small. She loved it when he would try to squeeze into some of his older shirts; the ones that were just slightly too tight and left none of his ample frame to the imagination. He looked amazing. He leaned down to kiss her and invited her in.

He had ordered them a large pepperoni and veggie pizza and rented a movie she had mentioned she wanted to see. While he was eager to show her Star Trek, she didn't share his enthusiasm and they compromised on a buddy comedy. They snuggled under a large blanket on the couch, Dakota's two cats perched above them. As the credits rolled at the end, he smiled and looked at her.

“I have a surprise for you.” he said, planting a gentle kiss on her lips

She smiled. “What is it?”

“Well if I told you, it wouldn't be a surprise,” he teased.

She rolled her eyes and smiled.

He walked over to his computer and played the first song on a playlist of multiple soft, slow, romantic songs. He made an eclectic playlist of songs from the sixties until now.

“Just because we aren’t at the prom, doesn't mean I want to miss out on the chance to dance with you,” He held out his hand, “Chelsea Grover, may I have this dance.”

“Yes,” she smiled “You may.”

He took her hand, guiding her from sitting on the couch to standing. He pulled her tiny frame close to his big, soft body, her head resting on his chest. Keeping her close, he guided them as they swayed slowly to the music. As the music played, they gazed into each others eyes and were soon kissing deeply. She broke their contact and whispered in his ear.

“Are you sure?” he asked

She nodded.

He kissed her again and led by the hand into his bedroom. He lit two small candles on either end of his queen bed.

They continued kissing while standing alongside the bed. He lifted her small white tank top over her head and kissed her neck as he unlatched her bra. He helped her pull his tight white shirt over his head, his round belly wobbling gently as they pulled it off. He helped her slide her pink athletic shorts off and she in turn helped slide his pajama pants. He leaned down to pick her up in his arms and slowly lifted her onto the bed before bringing himself to lie next to her.

She was highly inexperienced, however, she found Dakota continued to be an excellent teacher in both the classroom and the bedroom. He was slow and gentle; his hands exploring her body and allowing her hands to roam across his. She enjoyed exploring every inch of his body. She loved the contrast between their naked bodies. She loved the way her short, svelte frame looked next to his tall and (in her own direct words) deliciously fat figure. He guided her through foreplay and was generous, bringing her to climax multiple times until she cried out she was ready for him, letting him know she couldn't wait any longer.

He brushed her chestnut hair from her face and kissed her deeply before he pushed himself up from his reclined position and stood at the head of the bed. He maneuvered her to the edge of the bed and encouraged her to arch her back and placed two pillows under her. He lifted his rotund midsection and slowly guided himself inside her, pausing to make sure she wasn't in pain.

“All good love? Should I keep going?” he whispered. She gazed up at him with pure lust in her eyes.

"Yes, yes, keep going," she breathed quickly.

He had chuckled to himself initially after she told him she had never had sex. Never in a million years would he (let alone anyone) guess Chelsea Grover had less sexual experience than he did. He still felt what he called his "fat guy insecurities" and still had a hard time believing she truly wanted him. He asked her multiple times: “Are you really sure you want me to be your first?” Every time she would say yes with such certainty and passion, he felt as if someone had turned up the thermostat past 100 in July.

He began to gently rock his hips back and forth, slowly at first and gradually increasing his tempo. He was more amazing than she could have imagined. He was her ideal lover: gentle and considerate; adventurous and guiding. . Their soft moans gradually became louder and louder, his massive belly jiggling and bouncing faster and faster. Her mind was blank, ecstasy hijacking her brain; she could hear no other sound but his soft moans of pleasure . Exhausted and sweating, he collapsed next to her on the bed and she fell into his arms.


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May 11, 2009
Dakota woke up to Chelsea sleeping next to him, her soft features and light brown hair set aglow in the rays of sun peaking through his slanted blinds. She was so beautiful. His prior fantasies couldn't have ever come close to how incredible last night was. He lay back and smiled, perfectly content. He had been able to show her how much he desired and cared for her in ways words would never say. He wished he could lay with her in the sun all day. He wished she hadn’t had to go. What time was it anyway?

His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the key in the door and he heard his mother and sister walk through. He heard them talking and Amber turn on the coffee maker. Shit.

He heard a knock on the door. “Hey kiddo. How was your Star Trek marathon?”

“Uhhm fine mom.” he responded nervously

“Uhhm fine mom?" she mimicked his nervous voice, "That doesn't sound like you. Whats going on in there?”

He didn't respond.

Open the door son,” she commanded.

He sighed, quickly pulling on pajama pants and a hoodie before opening the door. His moms gaze turned to him as he answered the door while looking at his feet and blushing bright red. She turned her eyes to at Chelsea sleeping in bed who quickly woke up.

“Mmm good morni-OH my God, Ms. Smith, hi!” she pulled his comforter up to cover herself.

He heard his mothers raspy laugh: “Well, thats not like any Star Trek marathon I’ve ever been to.” She looked at Chelsea: “You can call me Leann, hon.”

Dakota looked embarrassed “Mom!"

“What? You think I don’t know babies are made,” she sassed. “How do you think you got here? And please tell me you used a condom. I raised you better than to act like Boo Boo the Fool.”

Dakota placed his head in his hands.

“Its nice to meet you,” Chelsea offered embarrassed.

“You too hon. You want to join us for breakfast?”

“Sure,” Chelsea squeaked out quickly and nervously.

“Alright then. Dakota, toss her a robe. Im tired, Im hungry and while Im busting my ass cleaning offices all night, my sons here getting some strange.” She walked out of the room.

“Mom, its not like that,” Dakota protested, “Natalie and I are over. Chelsea’s my new girlfriend. We've been seeing each other for weeks now, its just you and I haven’t had the time to sit and catch up.”

“Alright then, thanks for the morning briefing,” Leann responded dryly, taking another drag of her cigarette and walking towards the kitchen. "See you in the kitchen, Romeo."

“Amber,” she yelled down the hall “We’re gonna need more pancakes. I just met the new girlfriend. I just caught her naked and in bed with Koda and I still like her better than the last one!”

Dakota shook his head and closed his bedroom door.

“I like your mom. She’s got a great sense of humor.”

Dakota was bright red. “Yeah, she thinks she's funny," he chuckled.

She slid her shorts back on and he passed her one of his hoodies that covered her almost to her knees. She looked deep into his green eyes.

“Dakota,” she said. “I love you.”

“I love you too Chelsea.” He leaned down and kissed her “And I would be honored if you would join me for the the most awkward pancake breakfast of my entire life.”

She kissed his cheek "I'd love to."


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May 11, 2009

10 years later; contains Endgame spoilers. Im a nerd and you’ve been warned.

Dakota turned off the water and slowly stepped out of the shower. He ran the towel through his hair, drying his face and then his lower body while gazing at himself in the mirror. Yesterday, he had weighed himself at 421 lbs. 421. He thought, in awe of such a large number. It was undeniable that he had continued to gain weight after high school. His arms were much flabbier, his chest softer. Despite his beard, his double chin was more prominent. Most noticeable was his belly. This didn't surprise him as he’d always carried most of his weight around his midsection. He maintained his Buddha shape and now his belly protruded out further; every bit softer, rounder heavier than ever before. His love handles were thicker and more pronounced. The fattest part of his belly hung lower and when he sat, it nearly covered his entire lap. It felt right though. He had always felt so ashamed of being fat growing up, but he'd realized any other body would have felt foreign. Chelsea didn't have the same inclinations as Natalie and his gaining was slow and steady; first resulting from a busy schedule in university, then enjoying cohabitation and married life. He loved snacking and didn't deprive himself of anything he had wanted. If he craved a pastry and coffee on the way to work, he went through the drive through. If it was cake, he’d go to the Italian bakery by the kids school and pick up one of their creations. Usually grocery shopping, he’d grab himself a bag of chips or cookies from the bakery.

He had found the extra weight came with benefits. Being tall and fat made him look more powerful in his position as a manager at work, yet made him still relatable to his employees. Working in IT, majority of his employees were also heavyset men who respected him and felt validated seeing a man who looked like them in a leadership position. His two sons liked to cuddle with him and often fell asleep on him while watching movies. Recently at breakfast, his son Dakota Jr informed that Dad was “more snuggly” than mom. Even their small Maltese dog Seamus and their cat Garfield both had enough room to rest on his belly together and looked quite comical when they did so. The extra weight kept his marriage exciting. Chelsea could never seem to get enough of him. It seemed like the bigger he got, the more sensitive he was to her touch. He was amazed how turned on he was by her touching, rubbing and squeezing his now (truly) massively fat belly. She told him daily that she loved his body and how sexy she found him.

That being said, he did his best to be both fat and healthy. He swam laps at the pool, lifted weights, and ate healthily for his three square meals. His health and his ability to stay active with his sons were his top priority. He had always wanted children. Growing up with an absentee father had made him more devoted, more determined to be there for them for as long as possible.

He pulled on a large pair of boxer shorts and pajama pants. He absentmindedly massaged his vast softness as his mind drifted, playing memories of the past ten years. He graduated from Northeastern High as valedictorian. He looked out into the auditorium as he gave his speech and saw her looking at him with shining eyes, smiling brightly at him. Her mood brightened the moment after they ran out of the gym after graduation; knowing that they never had to go back. They now focused on spending as much time as possible that summer. They wanted to make up for all the time they lost in high school, as well as preparing for Chelsea’s move an hour and a half away to attend college. He smiled, remembering their idyllic summer. They’d both worked summer jobs (Chelsea at her mothers law firm and Dakota worked both as a tutor and at the grocery store with his sister) and they spent most of their free time together. He reminisced on the long afternoons sitting on the beach with her, watching movies at her house, long drives listening to music.

In college, Chelsea studied hospitality management and obtained a minor in biology (for which she credited him for peaking her interest in science). He went to a technical college close to home and continued to work at the grocery store with Amber while maintaining their long distance phone calls and visiting her on weekends. While most long distance relationships collapse, theres only became stronger.

A year after college, they had moved in together. He had been hired as an IT specialist at the same company he interned with in college (and the same company where currently worked as a manager). Chelsea held her own when it came to building a successful career. After college, she had worked for a professional wedding planner while building her own business and was now completely self employed as a professional event planner. She was well respected and successful; she planned everything from children's birthdays, graduations and bar mitzvahs to anniversaries, weddings and baby showers. She had wanted to use her minor to research and write scientific articles, specifically in biology, however, she had her hands full running her business and raising their two boys.

The summer after they moved in together, Dakota phoned her at work in the morning and told her he was taking her out for dinner. They had driven 45 minutes from their apartment when Chelsea asked where they were going. Both had busy schedules and usually went to one of the many restaurants closer to home. He parked in the parking lot of a familiar Starbucks. She was confused why they hadn’t gotten coffee closer to home, let alone why he had taken her to Starbucks for dinner, however, it had been a long day and she could use a coffee. He asked her to sit down and brought their coffees (she had evolved from caramel Frapacchinos to iced black coffee). When he brought her coffee, she screamed so loud with excitement everyone in the restaurant turned to stare at her. She put it together. He had taken her to the Starbucks from high school and proposed; placing a diamond engagement ring on the green straw of her plastic cup. She cried tears of joy, threw her arms around him, kissed him and said yes.

Their wedding was beautiful. They were married at a large event hall twenty minutes outside of town. She wore a long mermaid dress with a tiara veil; he wore a black suit with a white button up shirt. She had always liked him in suits; notably the way they highlighted his rotund physique. Surrounded by friends and family, they stood in front of a justice of the peace, looked into each others eyes and read the vows they had written for each other (neither of them able to keep a dry eye during the ceremony).

The honeymoon was incredible. They spent a week at an all inclusive resort in the Caribbean. He smiled as he remembered the days melting together: the beach, exploring the island, their passionate nights together. He enjoyed being a father but as all parents do, at times waxed nostalgic for the times they could pick up and travel to a romantic location anytime they desired.

That being said, they weren’t without ample support from their families in raising the boys. Chelsea’s dad had recently retired from his law firm and her mom had gone down to working part time. Both her parents were eager to take the boys on weekends and whenever possible. His mother had begun to work a new job at a large regional hospital as food services manager six years ago, where she had met her new boyfriend Carl, a nurse in the emergency room. Carl and Leann were the second set of grandparents and often took the boys on alternating weekends. He had to smile that his kids were well adjusted. They enjoyed afternoon movies and trips to the dollar store with his mom and Carl as much as they enjoyed more expensive outings and gifts from Chelsea’s parents. Despite the class differences between their families, both parents and grandparents aimed to raise the boys to be level headed (The boys current priorities, however, were Saturday morning cartoons, roughhousing and trying to get more junk food than vegetables in their diets).

(continued on #15)
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May 11, 2009
A knock on the door pulled him away from his reflections and his two rambunctious sons came running in at full speed, throwing themselves onto him and hugging his legs. They were slender like their mother, however, both had his razor straight hair. People often said Brian took more after him, while Dakota Jr looked like her. He could see it. Brian had his green eyes and blonde hair; Dakota Jr had Chelsea’s darker hair and hazel eyes.

Chelsea stood behind them. She wore a short, sleeveless white and floral print dress and black high heels. She was still as petite as the day he met her and to him, twice as beautiful. Her wavy brown hair had been given a slight curl and she had given herself a glowing look with light pink shadow and lipstick. Dakota thought she was perfect with or without makeup and as it was Brian’s fourth birthday, she was dressed to entertain. She had planned an Avengers themed party, as that was Brian’s latest obsession. Brian was still clad in his favorite pair of Iron Man pajamas when he came bursting through the door.

“Hey boys!” he smiled “How are you?”

“Dad?” Brian inquired, without response to Dakota’s initial question.

“Whats can I do for you, Mr. Stark?”

“Im not Mr. Stark, Im Brian and have a serious question,” Brian looked at him as seriously as any four year old could manage. Dakota picked up his younger son and bounced him in his arms while Dakota Jr giggled.

“Ok Brian, lay it on me.”

“Dad, are you Thor?”

Chelsea laughed.

“A superhero never reveals his true identity.” Dakota responded, then asked “Did you brush your teeth yet?”

Brian shook his head quickly.

“Well go to it then. Make sure you show your little brother how to brush.”

Brian lit up. He had begged for a little sibling since he could talk and was always enthusiastic to teach his little brother any skill he himself had mastered: “Come on Koda!” he exclaimed as they both took off running out of the room.

“I told your mother they were too young to watch that movie,” Dakota sighed. “Brian had some pretty bad dreams for a week.”

Chelsea sat down on the side of their large bathtub. “I did talk to her about it. She knows not to take the boys to anymore PG-13 movies.” She paused, “Besides, you are my fat Thor.”

She had to smile as he stood there shirtless in his blue plaid pajamas. He maintained his shoulder length hair and now sported a well trimmed beard. She reached behind him, squeezing his ample love handles and moving to the broadest, softest part of his belly. Yesterday, he were running around the yard play fighting with the boys and he reminded her of fat Thor running down the battlefield to take on Thanos and his army in the final battle of Endgame.

“Grandma Leann and Papa Carl want to take the kids after the party and have them stay over Sunday. They want to take them to the new trampoline park and then for pizza. Is that OK with you? I could use a weekend alone.” she purred as she continued to massage his belly.

He moaned in approval while she squeezed and rubbed him, looking forward to alone time after the festivities.

“What did you have in mind?” he whispered softly

“Well, she teased, “I figured I could walk Seamus, I could finish working on the Jacobson wedding and on the Rothstein Bat Mitzvah, I could read that article in Science Journal Quarterly about pathogens I can’t find time to pick up. Maybe even have dinner at a restaurant without a kids meal.”

“I see,” he smiled “At any time in your weekend, do you have time for your big, fat husband?”

She shuddered with desire as he emphasized the words big, fat husband.

He turned around, wrapped his arms around her and whispered more in her ear, going into great detail about his recent scale-related revelation; teasing her how much she loved him oh so much fatter and what his plans were for the weekend.

It took everything in her power to pull herself together. “We’ll have to wait though,” she said taking a deep breath. “I need to set up for the party and you need to pick up the cupcakes.” She began to readjust her makeup.

He sighed as well; composing himself. He took a deep breath to regroup, “The sacrifices we make for those scamps of ours, eh? ”

She nodded and ran a brush and curling iron through her hair. “I tell myself It’ll be worth it when they place us in a first rate nursing home,” she joked.

He chuckled.

“Before I go, are you sure you have enough help here?” he asked.

“I’ll be more than fine. Eric’s coming over to play some Mario Kart with the kids and Amber and Julie are going to help me set up. Julie’s wants to go into childhood education when she starts college and I figured she could talk to your sister about her job as an art teacher.”

“Thats a good idea. Does Amber still want you to help plan her wedding?”

“She does, we’re going for coffee Tuesday”

“You’re good,” he teased “You should do this for a living”

She winked and kissed him. “Drive safely baby, I’ll see you when you get back.” She gave him one more squeeze before leaving the bedroom to check on the boys.
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May 11, 2009
Natalie rolled her eyes while she frosted a batch of chocolate cupcakes and placed them into a saccharine pink and white box. Her dad’s bakery had become another artisinal hipster bakery; Slatsky’s Family Bakery was re-branded as Sugar Party. Her father, once a virtual luddite, now updated the bakery’s social media presence as a hobby. His favorite medium was Instagram. He’d use its filters to take pictures of the various donuts and pastries, promote the fair trade coffee and lattes and hold contests for his followers to win a free donut for answering trivia questions.

To say life hadn’t been kind to Natalie after graduating from Northeastern High was an understatement. She’d gone away to college to study theatre and dropped out two years into her program to get married. Divorced two years later, she moved back in with her parents and was remarried a year after her divorce. Her second marriage was shorter than her first; lasting all of eight months and followed by many ill fated relationships. The weddings, divorces, and close quarters to her parents placed a strain on Natalie’s relationship with them, however, they remained willing to help her out. Natalie’s parents were painfully aware of how little work experience she had and had given her a full time job at their bakery.

There were six boxes of various flavors and after finishing each one, she passed them over to her co-worker Ashley. Ugh, Ashley, she thought to herself. Ashley was a chubby high school girl with long curly blonde hair and a personality Natalie categorized as terminally perky. Ashley was always cheerful with customers, enthusiastic to pick up extra shifts during school breaks and willing to take on the extra tasks that Natalie would either procrastinate or refuse. Ugh. She was insufferable. Luckily for Natalie, Ashley’s parents would only allow her to work on weekends while she was in school, or Natalie figured she may be out of a job. Or worse. Working full time with Ashley.

Currently Ashley was humming and placing plastic Avengers action figures on the cupcakes. She worked mindfully, taking a moment to appreciate each figurine before placing them delicately in the top centre of the frosted cupcakes.

“Why are you so happy,” Natalie frowned. “And aren’t you a little old for superheros?”

“Just in a good mood I guess. And the Marvel Cinematic Universe AND Marvel comic books are not just for kids. They’re for everyone.”

“Spoken like someone who hasn’t died inside yet.” Natalie mused “Who are these cupcakes for?”

“Looks like the order is under two names.” Ashley chirped, “Dakota Smith and Chelsea Grover-Smith.”

You have got to be fucking kidding me with this shit today, Natalie thought sullenly. She had recently attempted to stalk Chelsea’s Facebook profile (only after finding out Dakota was devoid of any social media presence aside from his LinkedIn), however, Chelsea’s settings were private. Her wedding picture and a Christmas portrait of her two boys were the only public photos. Chelsea’s public social media accounts were for her business and made Natalie’s stomach turn. Princess Chelsea still looked as perfect as she did ten years ago; beautiful, perfect smile, well dressed and surrounded by wealthy clients and beautiful parties. A Google search of Chelsea’s name yielded many glowing reviews and informed her that Chelsea’s business had received multiple accolades and awards. Natalie clenched her teeth.

“You OK?” the perky girl asked, interrupting Natalie’s resentful reverie.

“Yes Ashley, Im fine,” Natalie responded icily.

“Ok then, your mom said I could go on break, so Ill be back on 15.”

“Whatever, we’re slow anyway.”

“Oh and Natalie,” she smiled.


“Excelsior!” Ashley exclaimed and laughed on her way out the door.

Natalie rolled her eyes.

She watched Ashley as she walked outside and sat down at one of the pink-painted wooden picnic tables outside the restaurant. The younger girl placed her ear buds in her ears, opened a book and disappeared from the world. A deep blue SUV pulled up outside and Natalie’s stomach sank once she recognized the driver. She knew one of them was coming in to pick up the order, but at that moment she wished with everything in her that it could have been the Princess.

She watched him stride up. She couldn't deny he was more confident. And rightfully so. Wow, he looks incredible, she mused with equal parts lust and amazement. He was more handsome than she remembered. His increased plumpness kept his face looking youthful, he was tan, his shoulder length blonde was long and healthy; glowing in the sunlight. His green eyes sparkled with joy. He wore a pair of khaki’s (having to go up to ones with a 60 inch waist today) and a plaid button up shirt that hugged his round softness, showing off his soft, fat belly and prominent love handles. He opened the door and made eye contact with his high school girlfriend, neither of them knowing what to say.

“Im here for a pick-up.” he offered finally, “And Ill have a coffee and a raspberry bear claw to go.”

“Sure.” she grabbed the boxes and tongs and reached for the bear claw.

“So,” he asked “How have you been?”

She scoffed: “You don’t know?”

Dakota shrugged “Well, I haven’t spoken to you since high school and Im not on social media.”

She scowled, placing the bear claw in a thin paper liner and starting a new pot of coffee.

“This place has change since we were kids,” he observed.

“Yeah, well, people like that hipster shit.” she responded.

“Im sure its still good though,” he said, trying to keep the peace with the bitter woman at the counter.

She snickered under her breath “Im sure you don’t need it.”

Ten years ago that would have stung, but he remembered the proverb he’d shared with Chelsea before their first kiss. Sour grapes. “Probably not,” he smiled broadly and patted his belly, causing it to jiggle softly. He saw in her eyes her insult was a defense mechanism devoid of any sincerity. He had to chuckle to himself. She still found him sexy. He was fatter than ever and she couldn't have him. Was it immature to think that way? Sure, but who’s completely immune from the occasional petty thought? “Ill probably have to cut back soon though,” he continued “I have to be able to catch up with my boys.”

“You have kids?” she tried to ask convincingly, pretending she didn't know.

“Sure do.” he grabbed his smartphone and used his chubby thumb to find a picture before handing her the phone. “The oldest one is Brian. He turned four on Tuesday but we’re having his party today, hence the cupcakes. His little brother is about two and a half. He’s Dakota Jr, but we call him Koda. Usually Kodabear.”

“Cute.” she said dryly. She passed the phone back to him and placed several pink boxes in two large paper sacks.

He had a sense of deja vu. As he did in high school, he had tried to give her grace and had grown tired of her attitude in return. “It was good to see you Natalie,” he said politely. “I don’t know what’s going on in your life, but I do hope things get better for you. Whatever that may look like.”

She smirked and he could tell she was getting ready to lay out a nasty retort. He cut her off quickly. “Oh and Natalie?”

“What?” she responded dryly.

“I never got to thank you.”

She scoffed “Thank me?”

“If you hadn’t broken up with me in high school, none of this would have happened. My wife, my kids, my family. I have an amazing life, and in part I owe some of that to you.”

He smiled, seeing her become visibly angrier. He would kill her with kindness and deliver the final blow. “And Im pretty sure you helping to fatten me up only made me more attractive to my wife all those years ago. At least one could assume so by looking at me. Again, I can’t thank you enough Natalie. You have a great day.” He placed his donut on top of one of the boxes of cupcakes, grabbed his coffee in one hand and carried the two paper bags under both elbows. Ashley, getting up from her break, opened the door for him.

“Natalie, why aren’t you opening the doors for our customers?” she inquired, “He’s got a lot to carry and as you said, we aren’t busy.”

Natalie looked like she was trying hard not to scream. She tented her fingers, placed her head between them and breathed deeply. “Fuck.” she said angrily. She lifted her head. “Man the till, Im going out for a smoke.” She walked away quickly, barely leaving the restaurant before she could light up; kicking the side of the building in frustration on her way out.

Dakota loaded his boxes in the car and took out the donut and coffee for the drive home. He’d smiled and chuckled. Feeling quite pleased with himself, he looked to his day; time with his family awaited him at home and a weekend alone with Chelsea after. He started the car and drove away from the parking lot until Sugar Party became smaller and smaller through the rear view window. He hit his right turn signal and merged onto the freeway back home.



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Dec 23, 2018
What a sweet story. At first I thought "Oh no" when I read "XWG", afraid Dakota would be reduced from sweet, smart boyfriend to "the supersize freakshow", but you kept it beautiful. Thank you :)

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