What is your weight right now?

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Everything I said could be wrong
Apr 15, 2020
145 lbs here. Which at 6'3" makes me rather slim, despite my best efforts.

I ate like a total pig at college last winter, 4-6 large meals a day, and ended up losing 2 pounds. *_*

I'm starting to believe the idea of a set point weight!
totally understand this struggle despite being a few inches shorter and 21 lbs heavier


Oct 1, 2005
So I went to the doctor yesterday for my annual check up. I weighed in at 287, which is not much more than I was last year, but a couple of pounds heavier. Also, with the more sedentary life style imposed by CoVid, I suspect that my muscle to fat ratio has shifted a bit in favor of the latter. My belly is definitely bigger. The doctor was pleasant, but pointed out that at 287 and 6 feet tall, I was only 0.1 pounds under being morbidly obese as defined by BMI. He suggested that I take this seriously and do something to lower my BMI. I thought hard about it all afternoon and finally made the commitment. I changed my height to 7'-6", which meant that I was no longer even overweight, let alone tittering towards morbid obesity. My wife was away for the evening taking care of her mom, so dinner was my responsibility. I had six hot dogs on rolls with toppings, a pound of pasta salad, and then a pint of vanilla chocolate chip Haagan Daz ice cream for dessert. I haven't binged like that in a long time. I felt totally bloated going to bed. But as surprising as it often is after a meal like that the night before, I woke up to belly growls suggesting that my stomach was empty and hungry. I immediately thought of that line at the end of Tora, Tora, Tora: " I fear that we have only awakened a sleeping giant."