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oy, it's letters to people and things!

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Nice to meet you beanbag.
Oct 16, 2006
this is an idea that was on a board i was on ages ago, and i loved it, so i've brought it here...anyhow. need to get something off your chest, yet can't do it directly just yet? have at it here.

dear people from the past,

i don't know why, but i've been very nostalgic today, and since i can't contact any of you directly, this is going to work for me. i am not too ______ for any of you. this applies to you, the 'friend' that told me i was too laid back to hang out with anymore. this is for you, the boy that said i was too kind to date. for the professor that said i was too introverted to pass his class. to the girls that thought i was too fat to hang out with in school. this is also for you jerkface, the boy that said i was too hard to love forever. for the girls that have said i'm too fat to hang out with in public, the guys that have said i'm not fat enough to date, too fat to date, and too fat to bring home to friends and family...good riddance. i can't believe i was ever sad when you left from my life. i am what i am, amazing, kind, loving, intelligent, loyal, silly, feisty, nurturing, and dorky. take me for what i am. if something about me is too ______ for you right off the bat, kindly exit then, as i don't have the capacity to waste any of myself on you. my size, my appearance, and my never fading laughter may be too much for the average person to handle, but rest assured that there are people that are thanking their lucky stars every day that i'm in their lives. and for all the turds i've wasted time dating, i'm not too fat to bring home to friends and family, you are just too jaded in thinking that i care about what others think, when i only ever cared what you thought. i'm fat, i know it, i own it, i rock the hell out of it, but i'm far more than just that.

thank you for your exit,
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