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Cobra Verde

Jul 26, 2009
Part 2: The Legend of Curly's Gold

So I found this cool thread in the archives :

And I felt like replying but it's already almost 20 pages long so I'm starting a new one.

1) I once thought I was becoming a werewolf. In retrospect I was mistaken.
This wasn't a childhood fantasy by the way, it happened less than 10 years ago.

2) I have zero artistic talent - if not negative talent. Even drawing stick figures is a challenge. I greatly envy anyone who can draw or paint.

3) I stopped keeping up with videogames around Super Nintendo. I wish I did but I'm also glad I didn't since I probably would've spent thousands on them by now.

4) Birds, bats and anything that's bigger than insects and can fly scare the shit out of me.

5) I'm not big on goodbyes. I would always skip the last day of school if I could.

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