What does DIMs and the BHM/FFA Board Mean to you?

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Dec 7, 2011
It's well documented what Dimensions means to me (if you haven't read it, check the Strange Yet Wonderful thread). Oddly, the BHM/FFA board is not my usual hangout. Since I'm technically not very B nor at all H, I've only got the M part down pat. I tend to frequent some of the other forums where my talents are more readily useful. Also, some days I just lurk around hoping to be available if someone need me (for a smile, good word, or a technical question).

Interesting side note: When I first joined, I kept getting into trouble, not having the best communication skills (still not great to this day). @loopytheone chewed me out at least once! Now? I lean a great deal on her knowledge and expertise to solve problems that come up here. I would not be a Mod if not for her and DragonFly 🤩. So, there's something to be said for how we all grow and learn!
I remember you getting in trouble BEK lol! I didn't think it was right. It's in the past now and I think we have the best Mod team here that we've ever had. You guys do your job, but are still inclusive with the community and that's what makes y'all special :)

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Apr 5, 2017
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It means there are kindred spirits. I’m not that active but I feel supported. I’ve wavered for the longest time about get fat or not getting fat. But I feel encouraged when I see so many people, especially BHM/BHHs.

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