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Sep 1, 2019
There was a bitter chill in the winter air on Saturday night as we walked into the steakhouse. Zach pulled me close into the warmth of his body until we got inside, where we immediately stood by the lounging area fireplace until they were ready for us to be seated. I got toasty pretty quickly, so Zach helped me to take my coat off, admiring me in the process.

“I really like that blouse, is it new?”

“No, I’ve had it for a while, but it’s my first time wearing it.” I smiled at my husband for noticing something new and snuggled in closely to his body again. He smelled amazing. Woodsy with a hint of sweetness, sometimes with a hint of mint. His scent always brought me down to a calmer place. Zach’s large hand rubbed up and down my back slowly, and I felt like I was snuggling into a fluffy pillow.

“Mr. and Mrs. Davis? It’s nice to see you again. Right this way.”

As we walked toward the table, I could feel Zach’s eyes burning into my backside. It took me a long while to decide on my outfit tonight, but I finally chose a black pencil skirt that landed a few inches above the knee, a fitted black long sleeved peplum blouse and black stiletto ankle booties. The shirt fitted my chest area a little too well, but the ruffles added to my curves, and I felt sexy. I knew I looked it, too.

We were seated near a fireplace at a little table in a corner. It was intimate and perfect for our occasion. Zach pulled out my chair and sat down adjacent to me. He unbuttoned his sports coat as he sat down, and a flutter from my belly reached all the way to my throat. He looked so good in his fitted shirt, which expanded over a generous belly that filled his lap.

I reached under the table and squeezed the inside of his meaty leg, “You are so handsome and yummy. I like what I see,” I raised my eyebrow in appreciation, “I can’t wait to see....the rest of you tonight.”

Zach shifted in his seat, “Well I’m glad you waited to say that until we were sitting down.” This made me laugh, because I’ve been known to say things in public to get Zach riled up. He spoke again,

“While we’re on the topic...I’ve gotta say, you are working that skirt, baby.”

“I’m glad you like it.”

“I do, for many reasons. It leaves nothing to the imagination, I’ll tell you that.”

I acted surprised, “Are you saying that my booty looks big in this skirt?”

“I’m saying your booty is bi- I’m saying your booty is delicious. That’s what I’m saying.”

“Ah, okay.”

Zach started off so low that at first I had trouble hearing what he was saying.

“I’ve been really tryin’, baby,”


“Tryin’ to hold back this feeling, for so long,”

I covered my face, “Oh, God...”

“And if you feel, like I feel baby, come on OH, come on...”


“Let’s get it onnn...”

I peaked through my fingers, “Zachary, don’t...”

Zach squinted his eyes to hit the high note, “, lets get it on...”

I saw the server coming but decided not to mention anything, and it would have been too late, anyway.

“Let’s love, baby...”

The server looked at me and then at Zach, who’s back was to the guy. He stood there a little confused before clearing his throat.

“Ahem, your dinner, sir...coming in over your left shoulder.”

The server startled Zach and he jumped about an inch in his seat, “Oh, uh, that was fast. Thank you.”


My face broke out into big smile as I looked at Zach, who was glaring at me, and then I lost it with laughter, “That just made my night! You should have seen his face as he stood behind you.”

Zach eyes were now gleaming as he spoke, “Well, I’ll do anything to see you smile and laugh like that. You have such a pretty mouth. That was a little weird, did that sound weird?”

“Definitely weird, but I love weird.”

I took a bite of my steak, which had melted garlic butter and blue cheese on top, and it tasted like perfection. I took another bite and chewed slowly with my eyes closed,

“Mmmm, oh my God, this is so good.”

“Good, baby, you deserve to have it.”

As dinner went on, we talked about Zach’s new job title and how hard he’s been working. We talked about my job and the possibilities for its future. We talked about names for the baby and what gender we think it’ll be. I said a boy, based on how different my body has reacted to this pregnancy, and my cravings. Zach said a girl. He had no reason for it, other than “I just feel it.”

I stopped eating my dinner when I felt satiated because I was really looking forward to devouring their dessert, which they were famous for. I ordered the turtle cheesecake with chocolate crust, and by the time I finished the last bite, I was so full that I felt uncomfortable. I sat up straight in my chair and sighed as I stuck my hand under the ruffles of my shirt. I ran a hand over my lower belly, which stuck out generously. I was too full to even try to suck in.

“I’m so full.”

“I can tell.”

“I’m not getting in a bikini tonight.”

“Mmm...Oh, yes you are.”

Zach quickly paid the bill and practically ran me out of the restaurant to head back to our hotel. When our room’s door slammed behind us, Zach pulled me into his body and kissed me with a hungry passion. He spanked my ass, and I know he was trying to feel it jiggle under his hand, because he made a satisfied noise in my mouth as he kissed me.

“Let me help you.”

Zach unzipped my shirt and pulled it over my head. I placed a hand over my navel and tried sucking in as much as I could, even though I knew it was futile. My breasts felt swollen behind the blush lace covering them, and I knew once my skirt came off, it would be obvious as to how small my panties looked with the extra little fluff on my body.

“God, you are beautiful.”

My hand still covered my navel, and I could feel my cheeks getting hot.

“Zach, I feel really fat right now. I’m not used to this.”

“You are pregnant, love, you are not fat. You look like a goddess right now. I have never seen you look more beautiful.”

Tears filled my eyes as I remembered the stupid comment my doctor had said to me. I never told Zach about it because I was still trying to process it all. I went between mad and hurt, and right now, embarrassed.

“I’m sorry you feel fat, baby, I know that’s not a normal feeling for you-”

“It’s not.”

“I know, and I wish you could see how stunning you are through my eyes. Is there anything I can do to help you with this?”

I thought about it for a second, and I couldn’t really think of anything I needed, other than support and encouragement through it all.

“I just need you, that’s all.”

Zach wrapped his long arms around my body and kissed my head, “We don’t have to get in the hot tub if you don’t want to.”

“No, I want to. Just don’t look at me like you know I look different that I normally do, okay?”

Zach kissed my head again, “Okay, love.”

And I turned around to fetch my bikini.
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Sep 1, 2019
The red bottoms did not cover the majority of my butt, which was fine because that was how the bottoms were supposed to fit, but a generous amount of my cheeks displayed themselves. More than normal, at least. I had soft fluff at my sides and around my navel, which was partly due to showing quicker with a second pregnancy, but mainly due to 12 extra pounds and a massive food baby from dinner. My red top covered my chest enough to get by, but I could tell that my breasts looked swollen. They were veiny and felt heavy and excessive. All in all, I did look extra fluffy, and I did feel uncomfortable in the moment, but I knew Zach wouldn’t complain.

I went through a cycle: sometimes I felt like the most confident woman with my extra (little) curves, which were only going to grow curvier, and other times I felt alarmed and outside of my body. Then I would feel like a piece of shit for complaining about my body when I knew I didn’t look bad, I just didn’t look like myself. The therapist in me would tell myself to stop being so hard on my feelings, because my feelings should be valid no matter how ridiculous. And finally, I would find comfort in Zach’s constant affirmation and his abundance of compliments, which I admit, he has always been good about giving. He says what he’s feeling, so I’ve just gotten used to it. But now that I’m struggling, I’ve noticed how much more I’ve needed to lean on those compliments.

I walked into our hotel bedroom, expecting to see Zach, but he was already in the hot tub on the balcony. Our room overlooked the city, and the lights in the black sky reminded me of little diamonds on an evening gown.

Zach’s back was toward me, so he didn’t see me coming. I was glad at that, because Zach has never been able to hide the thoughts on his face. His long arms stretched out onto the back of the hot tub, allowing me to see a profile of his soft pecs, and the curve of his upper belly disappeared into the steam like a bridge under heavy fog. Zach slightly turned his head when I walked by, but before a whole second could pass, he quickly stiffened his neck toward the railing of the balcony, straight ahead. The only proof of my existence was the gentle slosh of the water as I stepped in.

Zach’s throat moved harshly as he swallowed. He was trying so hard not to draw attention to the obvious, but Zach has always been the type to try too hard, causing his actions to do the opposite of his attempts.

We sat there for a good part of a minute before one of us spoke, and it was me.

“This view of the city is amazing. I’m glad we got to get away, just you and me.”

“Me too.”

I smiled as I inched closer to his body to straddled his lap. Zach winced as I seated myself on him, and it wasn’t until I was halfway down that I realized it was because he had a major erection underneath the water.

Zach hesitantly brought his hands to my back and left them there, unmoving, almost like he was afraid to touch me. I leaned in to kiss his jaw and felt his erection bob underneath the weight of my body. My fingers moved to his belly as my lips found the perfect place on his jaw and neck to kiss at and suck on. Zach’s breathing became thin and uneven, his hands still planted on my back, and his erection still bobbing slow and hard underneath me.

“Zachary, you are allowed to touch me.”

It was like he was waiting for my permission, because his hands immediately broke free of their chains and went to the extra puff of my love handles. And after exploring those, he went to his favorite place of mine to grab- my ass. He took a very generous squeeze with his hands and then grabbed at the flesh on my hips, and as he did so, a sound of desperate hunger escaped his throat as his tongue moved alongside mine. He was visibly shaking.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes,” He paused to push my hips down onto his hardness, “You’ve just got me so turned on.”

Zach moaned tenderly and laid his forehead onto my shoulder. “Baby, I don’t know how much more of this I can take. I’ve been in a constant state of arousal since dinner and I’m aching to feel you.”

“Let’s go inside then.”

I shifted my hips to get up, but Zach’s took firm hold of my hips, “Wait, I want you to promise me something.”

“What is it?”

“I want you to trust my touch. I want you to trust that when I touch and kiss your body, it’s done in admiration and love. I don’t want to tiptoe around your body as we make love. Can you promise me this?”

My eyes darted back and forth between his, trying to find the slightest hint of dismay behind them, but I found nothing but desire.

“I will do my best.”

Zach kissed me again, slowly, before releasing my hips.

We wrapped ourselves in oversized robes and walked inside to our comfortable heated room, where I immediately slid off my wet swimsuit. I wrapped myself back into my robe and let my hair loose from its clip.

Zach sat on the bed beside me, and as he did so, his furry belly opened the front of his robe. I rubbed the curved top that protruded under his pecs and listened to the appreciative noises coming from his mouth as I began to straddle his hips again. He was slumped over, making his width look bigger than it actually was. Zach had been true to his word, just like I knew he would, about exercising and lifting. He had formed new definition to his shoulders and arms, and also had lost some weight, but he still had a good heft to his belly. Zach no longer looked like the bloated blimp he had become over Christmas; instead, he looked like a big handsome guy, who on occasion, enjoyed filling his belly until it was big and round and delicious with food.

Zach’s fingers lightly brushed over my shoulders to free my upper body of any confinement. His hands found their way to my full breasts, and he lightly brushed his thumbs over my nipples as his tongue found rhythm with mine.

”You are a dream.”

“You must have some pretty wild dreams, then.”

“Oh, I do.”

In one swift movement, Zach secured my head and back as he laid me onto the bed. His belly wobbled as he braced over me, and then he lowered his body on top of mine gently, but not entering me. Zach lowered his mouth to my neck as his hands slid up and down the sides of my body, squeezing here and squeezing there, and then he lifted his hips without pulling his lips from me, and gently entered inside of my waiting sex.

I let out a moan of desire as Zach pulled himself in and out of me. He pushed his body up with his hands and I noticed how strong his arms looked.

I stretched my neck back and breathed in a deep breath as my husband pleasured my sensitive clit with his belly.

“Does that feel good, baby?”

“Mm, Yes...deeper...right there,” My eyes rolled slowly to the back of my head, “Just like that, yes baby, just like that...”

I moaned as I gushed all over Zach’s dick, and then he pulled out of me and latched onto my breasts, “I’m so sensitive, baby, but I don’t want to cum. I’m not done with you yet.”

He continued to lick and kiss at my swollen breasts, exhaling little moans of satisfaction, until slowly, he made his way down to my ribs, which were now covered with the tiniest layer of fat. Zach nibbled gently on my flesh, his tongue taking its time as it licked and kissed the softness around my navel.

“So damn sexy...”

Suddenly, he brought his hands to the back of my hamstrings and lifted my legs so that my feet were flat onto the bed. His head went between my thighs and I furrowed my brow in anticipation of what was to come.

Zach licked my clit so slowly at first with his soft tongue, that I became impatient and jabbed my toe into his side. I felt his hot breath on my womanhood as he laughed, and then he took my clit into his mouth and did what he knew I wanted him to do. My orgasm was so intense that my thighs squeezed Zach’s head, and he must have been in a frisky mood, because he continued to kiss at my clit knowing how sensitive it feels afterwards. I pushed his head off and scooted my booty back to where I was sitting up, and I pointed for him to lay on his back. It was my turn.

Zach happily obliged. He was going to get it.

I seated my ass onto his hips and started rocking myself back and forth into a rhythm I knew I could handle. In a seductive manner, I ran my hands through my hair and all the way down my neck until they reached my breasts, where I squeezed them and made them bounce softly as I moaned.

“Ssshit, Brooke.”


“So hot.”

“Oh, you like these?” I ran my hands over my breasts again, “Thanks, they came with pregnancy. They just keep getting fuller by the day.”

Zach closed his eyes and made a noise from his throat as he began to buck his hips upward.

“Uh-uh, Mr. Davis, I run this show.”

I pushed myself upward with my arms so that only his tip was inside of me, and I slowly lowered myself until I reached his tip’s edge. After several times of that, I plunged his dick deep inside of me. I repeated the process, and each time I did this, Zach would lift his torso up like he couldn’t take it, and I beamed on the inside. Serves him right.


“What’s the matter, baby? You can’t take it?”

Just when I was about to lift myself up again, Zach grabbed into the flesh of my hips and forcefully pushed me down onto his erection, and he grunted as he released his load inside of me, letting it all out until he was dripping onto the bed.

When he was composed, Zach closed his eyes and threw his hands over his head with a heavy sigh. I bent down so that my mouth touched his ear and whispered, “Karma’s a bitch, baby.”

A huge smile filled up Zach’s face, and then he smacked my ass, “You’re so bad, Brooke Davis.”


Sep 1, 2019
My stomach growled as I rode the elevator up to Zach’s office. I had several heavy bags of Mexican food in my hands, and each breath I took taunted my nostrils with the smell of deliciousness. I was officially 4 months pregnant, and I was only 8 pounds away from weighing my highest weight when I gave birth to Penny at 40 weeks. I would never tell Zach this, but I’m positive that I loved food more than him at this point in my life, and it was pretty obvious by looking at my ass. Some nights I woke up with a twisting and turning pain inside of my belly, and I had to eat right then and there or I knew I would die. If my dying pains wouldn’t allow me to go back to sleep, I would get up and eat a bowl of frosted mini wheats with almond milk, but I’ll be damned if a cake was in front of my path before I reached the pantry.

I can thank my lucky stars that I have an hourglass shape, so I’ve filled out proportionally and don’t look like an Easter egg with legs. My hips are generous, and so is my ass, but it mainly juts outward, much to Zach’s delight. He lovingly says that my ass is “thicker than a snicker,” whatever that means. All I know is that snickers are delicious. My upper thighs have grown in diameter but still taper at the knees, and thankfully my arms have stayed thin. But yes, 27 pounds is comical. As I’ve filled out and seen the places my fat likes to take shelter, I’ve grown to be okay with my body in the “now” stage of my life. And so has Zach, probably a little too much. Definitely a little too much.

I walked down the long hall toward Zach’s office and smiled my biggest toothy grin to Mrs. Frances as I walked past her desk, “I’ll be back after lunch, Mrs. Frances, I promise!”

I pushed Zach’s office open with my padded hip and dropped the bags on top of his desk.

“Brooke! Babe, you should have told me you were here, I would have walked to your car to carry the bags myself.”

“I’m pregnant, not an invalid. Where’s my chimichanga?”

Zach chuckled, “Mmm, baby, I love when you talk dirty to me.”

I ripped my takeout box open and could not get the food into my mouth fast enough. After about 10 bites, I could breathe and slow down enough to converse with my husband.

“When you’re done eating, I want to introduce you to some people.”

I gave him a thumbs up so I didn’t have to talk with a mouth full of food. Zach leaned back and ate his chicken quesadillas and I could tell that he’d lost more weight. I’m not sure how much, but it was enough to notice. I took the last bites of my chimichanga and breathed in deeply as I rubbed my very full belly. It was protruding, and I looked much bigger than 4 months when I was stuffed full...and also when not stuffed full.

“Does Baby Davis approve?”


Zach finished his food, so I stood up and sat my cushy butt down on one of his long, strong legs. He rubbed my belly in large, loving circles with his big hand and squeezed my padded hip with the other.

“I love when you wear tight shirts like this over your baby belly.”

There was a small knock at the open door, and in the doorframe stood a stunning woman I’d never seen before.

Zach gently tapped at my bottom for me to get up, and when I did, he too stood up and smoothed his tie over his belly, “Ah, Mrs. Lewis! Come in, I want to introduce you to my wife, Brooke.”

Her teeth sparkled against her perfect brown skin as she stuck out a hand to me, and it was a generous handshake considering the daintiness of her frame.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mrs. Davis. And please, call me Kimmy.”

I shook Kimmy’s hand and tried to remember to blink, “Hi, Kimmy, the pleasure is mine as well. And call me Brooke.”

Kimmy was undeniably breathtaking, and she probably knew it. One is not that beautiful without knowing. She had a cover girl face and wild, natural black curly hair. Her hair was parted on the side, and the smallest side of her part was pulled
back tightly toward her ear, making her features visible under all that big, beautiful, hair.

“Kimmy is our new in-house counsel. She’s taking over my old position as I transition out of it, and she’s doing a great job.”

“Thank you for the compliment, I enjoy the challenge a new job brings,” Kimmy gestured to my belly with both hands, “And congratulations on your baby! That is so exciting. You wear pregnancy so well.”

“Thank you, that is so kind to say.” I ran a hand over the slope of my pregnant belly and tried to determine if she was just buttering me up, or if she was being genuine. I made myself snap out of my judgmental mindset to accept her words for what they were- a compliment.”

“Zach has told me all about the amazing work you do inside and outside of your job. That is incredible. I’d like to learn more over some coffee, or...tea, if you find yourself with some extra free time.”

Well, shit. Okay. This woman is amazing. I shared a genuine smile with Kimmy,
“Definitely coffee, and I would love to help you learn more.” I grabbed a pen and post-it note and wrote my number down and handed it to Kimmy. Her eyes met both mine and Zach’s before smiling, “Well, I’ll leave you guys to it. Again, it was a pleasure meeting you, Brooke.” And she walked out the door.

I turned to Zach, who already had his hand rubbing my back.

“Wow, she’s.....wonderful. Why is she so interested in learning more about my non-profit?”

Zach cleared his throat and straightened his already straight tie, “Ms. Lewis, um, her brother suffered from mental health issues and killed both of their parents before taking his own life.”

“Oh, my God. Zach-”

“And Ms. Lewis is taking care of her nephew, her brother’s 5 year old son. She has for three years now.”

My hand grabbed at my heart.

“I only found out a few days ago when she received an emergency call and had to excuse herself during a very important conference. Doug started huffing as she excused herself, but the panic on her face told me she needed to tend to whatever was going on at the other end of her call. Turns out, her nephew is having a hard time transitioning into a new town and new school.”

“Poor little guy.”

Zach cleared his throat again and shifted his feet, “Yeah, uh, David was present when everything happened.”

“Zach, this is heartbreaking. So, is Kimmy wanting advice...or a therapist or...”

“I’m not really sure, but when she confided in me, I told her about you, and I- I told her you may be able to help. Whatever that help may be.”

“I can do that. I can help- whatever she needs.”

Zach audibly exhaled his breath and kissed my cheek.

“Thank you, love. Let’s go chat with Ms. Frances, she’s been dying to rub her little old wrinkly hand on your belly.”

I popped the back of my hand as hard as I could on Zach’s belly as we walked out the door to visit with Mrs. Frances.
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Sep 1, 2019
I read the directions carefully, trying my hardest not to feel incompetent while baking a chocolate oreo cake for Zach’s 37th birthday.

“Sarah, when the recipe says to beat the eggs lightly, does it mean by hand or with a mixer?”

“Try by hand.”

“Baking is hard.”

“It takes practice, dear. And here, put this on. You’re getting flour all over your front.”

“Thank you.” I pushed the sleeves of my fitted shirt up my forearms and tied the apron around my belly.

Sarah put her glasses on and read the recipe I had pulled up on my iPad, “What’s the next step?”

“I don’t know. First you have to scroll down about a mile to get through the blogger’s entire life story before getting to the actual recipe. Recipe bloggers want you to know about the day they were born, how their dog Rover loves the sun, and how much their husband loves only THIS specific recipe.” Sarah lowered her head to gaze at me through the top of her glasses. She clearly only bakes from recipes written on old scrap paper, otherwise she would understand.

“Okay, hun.” Sarah turned back to my iPad, “Would you like me to make this while you rest? Penny is napping, why don’t you go prop your feet up on the couch.”

“Will you let me take credit for the cake?”

“I’ll let you take all the credit.” And she pretended to zip her lips.

“Well, okay, you’ve convinced me then.”

I fluffed the pillows up in a comfortable pattern to lean my back on. I really did need to rest my feet. It had been a busy day and it wasn’t going to slow down as the night went on. Once Zach got home from work, we’d have about an hour to ourselves before our normal crew showed up to celebrate his birthday. One of the ladies in our neighborhood told me how she rented a party bus for her husband’s birthday last year, and the pictures she showed me looked quite entertaining. And entertaining is Zach’s middle name. So, you guessed it, I rented a party bus to chauffeur us around. Our first stop will be to dinner, then we’ll walk a couple blocks into the heart of the city to bar hop and listen to live music. Zach doesn’t like to have much planned for nights like this, he’s more of a “let’s discover and create the fun as we go,” type of guy. And tonight, what he says goes.

I stood at my bathroom mirror inspecting the way my outfit flowed together. My black long sleeved shirt stuck tightly to my frame and shimmered in the light. The ripeness of my breasts could not be mistaken in this shirt. My maternity jeans were new and crisp and hugged every curve appreciatively. I exhaled a breath so I could bent over to zip up my black my ankle boots. I chose to wear my thick heeled boots, since we’d be walking the town tonight. It took me a while to choose which earrings, but I decided on my long black tassel style earrings that dangled and moved with my neck. I was ready just as I heard Zach’s heavy footsteps enter the bathroom, and just as expected, when he reached me at the vanity, he tenderly embraced me from behind. His plump mouth kissed my neck as his arms slowly reached around my swelling belly. His hands didn’t miss an inch as they rubbed side to side all the way down until they cupped the bottom of my belly. I carried the baby high, just like with Penny, but my belly protruded outwards much, much more this time around.

“You are looking fine as hell, Mrs. Davis.”

I turned around to face my husband as his hands immediately went for my plump behind. A manicured finger ran slowly underneath his double chin before I put it over his mouth, dragging my finger downward so that his fat bottom lip pulled down with it, “I’m glad you think so, Mr. Davis, because your baby sure likes to eat.”

Zach lightly squeezed my ass and nuzzled his face into my neck.

“Can you just stay pregnant forever? I love how softened you look. It’s a distraction to me at work.”

“I’m not even there at your work!”

“You are always on my mind, baby.”

“Okay, smooth operator.”

“I’m not being smooth. It’s my birthday, I’m gonna get what I want anyway.”

I reached between his legs and gently rubbed at his full balls, “Yeah, but you can’t make me do any extras.” And I winked once before walking away.

“You play dirty, little missy. Always have.”

I shouted from our bedroom doorway loud enough for Zach to hear from the bathroom, “And I’m not sorry!”

An hour later, as everyone waited in the foyer for the party bus, the wives all gathered around in a circle to catch up. Clara, who I was closest to out of the bunch, put her hand on my belly and fawned over how cute I looked.

“You are the cutest pregnant woman I’ve ever seen. I need your outfit in a non-maternity form. When do you find out if Baby Davis is a boy or a girl?”

I smiled at my sweet friend, “In a couple weeks.”

“Well, you better call me immediately so I can buy a gift. And you better send me all your design boards for the nursery! Any ideas on what you’re going to do this time?”

Clara was a very talented interior designer and had recently opened her own shop in the downtown area, which was thriving quite nicely. She was pretty impressed by my design choices for Penny’s area.

“I’m not completely sure yet, but I may get your opinion on a few things. I don’t have the time or energy like last time.” Clara clapped her hands in a giddy response, “I’ll help with as much as you need.”

Another wife, Amanda, unintentionally interrupted our conversation from across the circle, “You better flaunt that pregnant belly in a swimsuit this summer, because we’re still coming over to drink mimosas under the gazebo with or without you.”

Zach somehow heard this and chimed in, “Yeah, flaunt that pregnant belly in a bikini, baby.”

Amanda flicked a dismissive hand in the air, “Mind ya business, boys.”

As the party bus arrived, we all gathered our sweaters and purses and headed out to start the shenanigans of the night, and it was definitely going to be a hilarious night.

Everyone laughed as they climbed the steps inside the bus, because no one expected to see the stripper pole or the fireplace inside. It was set up with long cushioned seats, much like a limousine, but this was an actual bus, where we could walk around in.

Zach was the first one at the pole, and he was very unsuccessful. I had taken pole dancing lessons in college along with a good friend of mine, just out of curiosity, and I was VERY glad that Zach chose to withhold this information from our friends.

I sat down next to Zach on the bus and he pulled me into his protective arm, “You are hilarious for renting this, thanks for the fun, baby. How about we kick all these chumps off so you can show me what you learned 10 years ago?”

“You’d like that too much. How bad do you want to see me twirl around on that pole in nothing but lingerie right now?”

“I just want to see you in lingerie, I don’t even care what you’re doing. Especially with that cute baby belly.”

“How about we kick the lingerie idea and I’ll just do it naked.”

Zach closed his eyes and crossed his legs at the ankle and whispered, “Dead puppies, dead puppies, dead puppies, dead puppies...MRS. JAMES! MRS. JAMES IN A BIKINI!”

“What the fuck, Zach, dead puppies?? Who is Mrs. James?!”

“When I get a boner in public, I think of dead puppies. And if that doesn’t do the trick, then I think of Mrs. James, my English II teacher from high school. She was a biiiig ol’ lady. We called her Mimi because she wore so much make up that she looked like Mimi from the Drew Carey Show.”

“I am....truly speechless.”

Zach winked at me, “Well, it worked, just like always.”

I laughed and pinched the fat on my husband’s side, “You’re a riot, Zachary Davis.”
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Sep 1, 2019
The restaurant was dimly lit and sophisticated with its expensive lighting and brown leather seats. It smelled amazing, like fresh baked bread and lasagna. I didn’t even know that I was starving, but my stomach did, because it growled like I hadn’t eaten in weeks.

We settled at our table and I decided right away that I wanted lasagna and a big green salad. Zach smiled at me when he noticed I was the first to have my menu folded and put away. He leaned his broad shoulder in my direction and said in a low hum, “Let me guess, lasagna?” I nodded my head and he leaned in even closer, “Good, because after doing some research and asking around the office for solid recommendations, I came to the conclusion that this restaurant has the best lasagna in town, and I just so happen to have a little wife who craves lasagna like it’s going out of existence.”

I poked at his side in aggravation, even though I thought his gesture was incredibly sweet and thoughtful, “Zach! This night is about what you want, not about what I want.”

Zach looked a little hurt, like he wasn’t expecting the response that I gave. And maybe I should have said what I actually felt instead of scolding him the way that I did.

Zach shook his head, “No, it is about you, because I want it to be about you. I like to see you happy and taken care of, even on my birthday.” I pretended to look for something in my purse in an attempt to stall the hot tears gathering to my eye’s surface. After a couple deep breaths, I was able to compose myself. The worst part was, I didn’t even know why I felt like crying. It’s been happening a lot lately.

When our food was served, I could attest to what Zach said about the lasagna being the best in town. It was bubbly and rich with cheese, and each bite was more addicting than the first as it settled heavily into my belly. It was perfection, and I ate it all. I was so full that my belly filled out even on the sides. I tried to posture my spine completely straight in an attempt to get a good enough breath into my lungs. When that didn’t help, I leaned back in my chair to stretch my belly, hoping no one thought I looked like a pregnant heifer “eating for two.”

Zach had been conversing with Mike for most of the dinner, probably due to his upset feelings toward me, but when he saw my stuffed state, he couldn’t help himself.

“Was dinner good, baby?”

I shook my head and moaned half heartedly.

Zach’s deep voice shocked my spine as he whispered into my ear; his hot breath moved my hair with every consonant that left his mouth, “Good, now go ahead and order yourself some dessert. And don’t say no, because it’s my birthday.”

I decided on chocolate cake that had chocolate and raspberry sauce drizzled on the top, and oh my God, it was heavenly. I ate most of it, but not all. I ate until I felt that the muscles in my belly were being pulled, and thats when I made myself stop. When I twisted my body a certain way, my ribs ached in pain.

I leaned back into my chair and rubbed the top of my belly, which no longer had any give to it. I poked at my protruding sides and felt that they were hard to the touch, like a solid mass, “Oh my God. I’m going to burst.”

Zach looked at my humongous pregnant belly with a lustful desire in his eyes, then he leaned over into my space and breathed, “You have me so turned on right now, I could just ravish you and eat you up.”

His choice of words made me smile in my satiated state, then he added, “And tonight, when we get home, I’m going to kiss all over that full belly.”

“Mm, please do.”


Sep 1, 2019
The sky was black by the time we walked outside, but the streets were alive with people and lit up by lights and building signs. All I needed to stay warm was a long grey cardigan, which I left untied. After walking a few blocks, we found a bar that had live music on the rooftop of a building that had the perfect view of the big city skyscrapers in the distance.

The music was really good and had a folk/indie/rock vibe to it. Everybody went down to the bar to get drinks, but Clara stayed behind with me as we found a seat.

“Go get yourself a drink.”

“I’ll stay sober right along with ya, chica.”

I nudged my older friend with my shoulder, “You’re a good one, Clara.”

“So, how are you feeling this time around, and how the hell did smooth talker Zach convince you to get knocked up again?! He could convince the moon it was purple, I bet.”

I squinted my face up in agreement, “I know. It’s that damn smirk.”

“Yes! The smirk!”

“I don’t know, I just felt it was right, you know? And I’ve been okay with it this time around, minus the fear of giving birth. I don’t know why, but I’m actually more scared this time around,” I took a deep breath and continued, “But I feel really great. I’ve let loose a little bit on enjoying food and giving into my cravings, if you can’t tell.”

“You look really, really good though,” Clara laughed, “You’re like a blonde Kim Kardashian, but without the butt implants.”

I laughed out loud, “Clara! That’s hilarious. I’ll take that as a compliment, but only because it’s coming from you.”

Zach and the others arrived with their drinks and Zach took one long sip before pulling me up to slow dance with him. I stretched my arms as high as they would go around his neck, and I was able to connect just the very tips of my fingers together as we swayed to the music, but only because I was in heels.

“Hey handsome. Are you having a good birthday so far?”

“I am. Thank you for putting this together for me.”

“Any time. I love doing special things for you. I feel like I don’t do them enough.”

“You do. I don’t need much when I already have it all. I promise you, you do way more than you think, baby.”

I smiled at his assurance, “Okay, love. I believe you.” I laid my head against Zach’s soft chest and listened to his heartbeat as I waited for the next song to start. When the first chords of the guitar played, a familiar ping went off inside of my brain. It sounded like a piece of my past, but different somehow. A few seconds later, I felt an eerie deja vu happening in my heart and in my mind. I know this song, where do I know this song? This is personal and feels so familiar. After the artist sang the first words, I knew.

Built like a masterpiece
You don’t know what you do to me
Young we are
I need you close
Stay with me
In this naked home
The world is ours
To overcome

I lifted my face toward the stage and saw him. I saw my past, my ex-fiance, singing the song he wrote for me many years ago when we lived together as young adults. Ryan and I dated from the time I was 16 until just before I turned 21 years old. I thought I would spend my life with him.

“Zach, we need to go.”

“Why, are you sick? What’s the matter?”

“No, we need to go right now, I can’t be here. I’ll tell you once we leave.”

I turned around to see if Zach was following, and when I did, I saw Ryan looking right at me.

When I made it safely down the stairs, my heart felt like it was racing a million heartbeats per second. I can’t believe that just happened. How can a wound break open so quickly after almost 10 years of being stitched up?

“Baby, are you okay? You look sick. Do you need to sit down?”

Zach looked at me with the same concern that everyone else did.

“Yeah, I’m- I’m fine. I- we just need to find another bar, please. I’ll explain later. I just really need to get out of here now. I’ll pay everyone back for their abandoned drinks and the next round is on me as well.”

We reached the next bar a few blocks down and I turned to everybody and apologized.

“I’m sorry, guys. I know that was weird.” I took a breath and tried to make my voice sound as neutral as possible, “The guy playing live music was my ex-fiancé. I didn’t realize it was him until he started singing the song that we walked out on. I never even looked on the stage until that point.”


“Yes, Ryan. I’m sorry I flipped. I don’t want this to ruin anything, I’m sorry.”

Zach pulled me into a tight hug. “Hey, babe, it’s okay. It’s not a big deal. We can move on.”

I took a deep breath, “Thank you.”

Zach told Mike his drink order and stayed behind with me. “Hey, are you okay? I know that was a hard thing for you to get over.”

I smiled at my husband and kissed his sexy, plump lips, “Yes, I’m okay.” And I did my best to push Ryan to the very back of my head for the rest of the night.

I ran a brush through my tangled hair and steadied myself on the vanity with shaking hands.

Get a fucking grip, Brooke.

My heart started racing again, and I could feel my emotions building to the surface again. Why is this affecting me? It’s been TEN YEARS. And 9 of those years have been with Zach. Not just any 9 years- 9 years of adventure, of laughter, of love making, of happiness.

So, get a fucking grip, Brooke!

I took a deep breath and checked out my ass in the mirror. I had on the same lingerie that I wore for Zach the night I found out he was purposely gaining weight. It was just way smaller on me now, but thankfully it came with adjustments.

I wrapped myself in a silk robe and unlocked the bathroom door. Zach was laying in bed fully clothed but with his shirt unbuttoned.

“You okay, ba-”

I dropped my robe.

“Holy shit, Brooke.”

I ran my hands over my belly, “Happy birthday, baby.”

That night when I knew Zach was fast asleep, I pulled out my phone and googled Ryan Stephens. His website immediately pulled up in my search and I studied his face for a long, long time. The emotions I experienced felt the equivalent of moving out of a childhood home and then revisiting it many years later. Everything looked the same, it’s just that my heart didn’t take up its residence anymore.

Ryan’s blue eyes stared straight into my soul. I knew those eyes so well. I knew those lips, I knew that scar on his forehead. The beard was new, and the laughing lines were new, but this was the same guy I dreamed with and gave my young heart to many years ago. I would never leave my life with Zach, so why am I entertaining these memories that I promised myself I would never touch again?

That night, I had a dream I was back in mine and Ryan’s little brick house that sat shaded by two big pecan trees in my college town. The sidewalk leading up to that house was stained and uneven, and I stepped over each pothole and crack without having to look down. I knew that house so well. The door creaked the same as I opened it, and I breathed in the familiar smell of peppermint and old house. I heard Ryan’s soulful voice singing the song he wrote for me, so I followed the voice until I found its source. Ryan was sitting on the chair by the window in our bedroom, a harmonica was firmly attached to his guitar by a metal device so he could play both instruments at the same time. Everything was the same, it was all so real. The wooden clock hung above our old antique desk, and I could hear it ticking when Ryan stopped playing his guitar. The same squeaky ironing board hung on the back of the bathroom door. Our quirky patterned pillows were arranged in the same way I’d leave them every morning when I made the bed.

I looked down at my belly and saw that it was completely flat. Nothing was inside of it.

“Hey Bee”


Ryan’s eyes began to turn red, but no tears formed. He never cried, ever. Not even when his best friend died in high school. He said he felt extreme sadness, but never felt the urge to cry.

“I think you’re making a big mistake.”

“I’m not, Ryan. Please, don’t...Please don’t try and convince me to stay. I don’t want to do this.”

“Then don’t.”

“I have to. Believe me, I’m hurting myself more than I’m hurting you.”

“You have no right to say that.”

“Ryan, I would rather you die than for me to have to leave you, because I’m not strong enough to walk away...”

A voice went off inside of my head, YES YOU ARE.

But I have to, I’m going to. I love you, Ryan. I will always love you. You are holding me back, and I can’t let you do that anymore.”

I looked down at the small heart shaped diamond ring on my left hand. I took it off and tried to give it back to Ryan, but he wouldn’t take it.

“If you leave me, I will die. I won’t want to live.”

“Yes you will, Ryan. You are going to do great things in this life, just without me.”

I set the ring on Ryan’s guitar and turned to leave.

“Hey Bee?”


“You ready for this?” Ryan closed his eyes and opened his mouth to let out the most gut wrenching wail I’d ever heard, and a trail of tears splattered onto his guitar.

I woke up startled and with my heart beating fast into my chest. I wanted to cry, but over what? I felt out of place with my emotions. I was out of my element and I felt alone. I scooted my body close to Zach’s warmth until I could feel his breath on the back of my neck. His heavy arm gently moved over my belly as he whispered “I love you” into my hair before falling back to sleep. Finally, after hearing the voice that had comforted so many of my anxieties, I was able to breathe for the first time in what seemed like ages.
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Sep 1, 2019
The clear gel was super cold on my skin as the sonographer slid the transducer across my bare belly.

“You are measuring in at 22 weeks and 3 days, which is right on track with your predicted due date of September 15th. Are you ready to find out if it’s a boy or girl?”

My heart beat faster with excitement.


“Just let me take a few more pictures here.”

The sonographer pushed and probed at my belly, making me wince at the amount of uncomfortable pressure being forced underneath my sensitive ribs and upon my bladder.

“I know, bear with me. I’m sorry for the pressure on your bladder, I just have to make sure the pictures are nice and clear for ya.”

“Do what you gotta do.”

“Okay,’s definitely a girl!”

I smiled so big that I think it covered my entire face, “Really?! I was convinced it was a boy this time! My husband has said from day one that he thinks it’s a girl. He’s going to flip with excitement!”

“It’s definitely a girl. Congratulations to you and your husband. I’ll print extra photo copies of the baby for you.”

“I appreciate that, thank you.”

On my drive home I called Zach over the speaker phone. By the time I was done with my appointment, I had 6 missed text messages from him wondering if I’d found out the gender yet. Zach didn’t even greet me when he answered my phone call.

“Did you find out?!”



“And, it’s human, so that’s good. We were worried about that, remember.”

“Brooke Davis, stop with the torture!”

“OH! You’re wanting to know if Baby Davis is a boy or girl. Wow, how silly am I?”

Zach let out an annoyed breath, “I will never understand your twisted mind.”

“Me neither. And it’s a girl!”

The both of us squealed, and I honestly don’t know who got louder.

“I’m almost home, I’ll see you in a minute, love.”


Zach took a massive bite out of his pizza and talked through a mouthful of food, “Good call on the pizza, baby. Hits the spot real good.”

“Good, eat it up because you’ve lost all that yumminess you put on, and now I’m the fatty and that’s not fair.”

“First off, you are not fat, you are pregnant. A pregnant goddess, I might add. And secondly, I have not lost all the weight I put on. I weigh 250 lbs, and that’s mainly due to me not stuffing food into my mouth 24/7.”

“But I liked when you stuffed food into your mouth 24/7...”

“You’re the one who told me to stop running out of breath like a fat heifer during sex!”

“I didn’t say it quite like that...”

“But you said it.”

“And I miss your belly.”

I made sure to pout real good as I said my last line. Zach has always been a sucker for the pouty face. It almost makes me feel disgusting with how easy it works when I pull it out to use. Almost.

“You really liked it that much?”

I shook my head with the pouty face still intact.

“Okay, how about this. I’ll make a deal with you. Are you listening?”


“If you keep your baby weight on for 2 years, meaning, you can’t go below the weight you gained, then after 2 years you can fatten me up to whatever number you like.”

“Whatever number I like?”

“You ask that like I should be worried...should I be worried?”


“So you’re going to stay at or above every pound you gain with this pregnancy?”

“Before I agree... I want you to look me in the eyes and tell me that you like me fat.”

Zach looked at me like he wasn’t sure if he was being set up into a trap of him admitting that I’m fat.

“Brooke Davis, you are not fat by any means, but you’ve grown some sexy curves on your body that drive me mad with desire and I love every inch of you, from head to toe.”

I took a bite of my pizza.

“I’m not even tall, so can you come up with something else to compare your love to, please?”

“Brooke Davis, you’ve grown some sexy curves on your body that drive me mad with desire and they make me want to bend you over the bed and fuck your brains out. Better?”

“Much better. Thanks for clarifying. And you’ve got yourself a deal.” I pulled up my shirt and rubbed my huge pizza filled belly, “I hope you like your women fat.”

“Baby, I love you no matter what.”

I weighed in at 164 lbs at my appointment, which was a 36 lbs gain in 22 weeks. My conscious told me to slow it down a little, but my stomach didn’t seem to be on the same page.


Sep 1, 2019


Me and Penny sat at the park bench as we waited for Kimmy and David to arrive. I briefly reminded Penny about the rules before allowing her to run off toward the smallest playground at the park, located just a few yards away.

It was the last week of May, and the early Saturday morning weather was too perfect to pass up. I saw Kimmy arrive and waved at her from where I sat at a distance. David got out of the car and immediately reached for her hand in reassurance. His skin was much darker than Kimmy’s, but even from a distance, I could see that David had the same wild, beautiful hair as his aunt.

“David, this is my friend, Brooke. I’m going to sit right here with her and talk. You can go play on the small playground or you can sit right over there in the shade with your chalk. If you need me, I’m here, okay?”

David shook his head and opted to draw with his chalk. I moved my eyes a few inches to check on Penny, who had made it her morning’s mission to figure out a million different ways to go down the little slide. I smiled at Kimmy,

“Here’s your coffee. There’s chocolate chip cookies in here for the kids as well.”

“Ah, you’ll quickly become David’s companion with that move. Thank you for the coffee.”

“Any time. How are you liking the big city? Zach said you and David moved from a much smaller area.”

“The move for me has been refreshing, actually. We moved from the little town I grew up in, so it became restrictive and more of a burden as I advanced in my career. I worked for a small law firm inside the closest city, about 30 minutes out of town, but even that had major restrictions. I’m the first one in my family to have a college education. One of the few in my home town, actually.”

“That is a huge accomplishment. Did you always see yourself being a lawyer?”

“I did, actually. As a kid you learn that doctors and lawyers make all the money, you know, and I knew I could never be a doctor because blood has never been my thing. So off to law school it was!”

The both of us laughed before Kimmy started again.

“But, you know, as I got older it was less about the money and more about social justices. I realized that poor people do have aspirations and dreams of a higher education. I learned that black people have a voice that needs to be heard inside of the work place, and not just outside of the courthouse while holding a sign. You know, I think for the longest time my biggest dream in life was to wake up and go on about my day without even thinking about the color of my skin. But my momma, God bless her soul, she was always quick to remind me that my skin color will never change, and more than likely, those who can’t see past my black skin, never will. The best advice she gave me was to go into every situation in life with the mind of a clear person. To go forth in life reaching for the same goals and trophies as the people living in the belly of the American Dream. That way, I didn’t have any “facts” or insecurities of my skin color clouding my mind as I stepped in line next to the best.”

“Sounds like momma Lewis gave you some solid advice.”

“Yes, she did. She was the heart and the caboose behind all of my accomplishments, always making sure I was on the right path. She never let me turn my train around. I can picture her right now giving me that know, THAT LOOK...“Child you betta not backtrack into the dust your feet already made, ‘cause your path won’t be blue skies anymore.”

Kimmy swiped at her forehead, “I’m sorry, I’ve completely gone off track, I’m just rambling now.”

“No, you haven’t, and you aren’t. I’m just listening and soaking in all the wisdom and information you’re giving me. I enjoy listening to you.”

“I guess I’m just unloading all my pent up thoughts on you. It’s been hard these last 3 years with David. Not hard because of him, he’s a really great kid- super smart, too. It’s just been hard on me, you know, like having to sacrifice all of myself to take care of a kid I never knew I would be taking care of. Please don’t get me wrong, I do not regret any of this at all, and I would never allow David to go elsewhere, it’s just been hard for me because one day I had my own life to be in control of, and then without warning, the next day I had a 2 year old and no life at all. I’m so happy that David has me, I love him more than I love myself. I just wish I could change things that I can’t. I wish David didn’t have anxiety. I wish my parents were still here and that my brother Christopher had the help he needed before he lost his mind.”

Ah, there it is. I was waiting for Kimmy to bring up the tragedy with her parents and her brother. I wanted her to be in control of the pace and of the direction of our conversation. She needed to feel in control of this. It was her story to tell, and my curiosity had no right to touch it.

“You know that my brother killed my parents and himself, right? Three years ago. Just out of the blue. We knew Christopher needed help and that he needed to be on medication, but my parents didn’t know how to help him. They had a lack of resources and lack of money. And now they’re gone.”

“Kimmy, I first want you to know that you are doing something for David that not everyone can or would do. I am amazed by you, truly, I just can’t even imagine. Not only is David not your biological child, but you are taking care of him as a single woman without any outside support. That is almost impossible, and it can’t be easy for you. Saying that you wish you had your life back is not a bad thing. Listen, your feelings don’t make you a bad person. Our feelings are our own, they are personal to the wires we were created with and it’s hard to control them. But our actions, those are different. Those we can control, given we are mentally stable. You are actively giving David what he needs. You are giving him more than what he was getting, too, if I had to guess. Can you tell me this...What is your greatest fear for David?”

Kimmy looked over at David and studied him. He had written his ABCs and below the alphabet he had written the word BAT. It looked like he was going through the alphabet pulling letters out to create new words, because below BAT was CAT, and then FAT.

Kimmy took a deep breath, “My greatest fear for David is that his anxiety will hold him back from succeeding in life, from all platforms.”

“That is a very valid fear. Now, what is the greatest success story for David, in your opinion, not in anyone else’s opinion.”

Without hesitation, Kimmy responded, “That David will be happy and kind, no matter what life brings him.”

“You are such a good person, Kimmy. I want you to know that. Alright, now your turn- what is your greatest fear for yourself?”

“My greatest fear for myself is that men will see David and our family’s past as baggage and that I’ll end up alone.”

“And now, what is your greatest success story?”

“That I will spend my life with a man who sees David as his own son and who will love the both of us unconditionally, baggage and all.”

Kimmy exhaled a deep breath from her chest.

“You know, I don’t think that is too much to ask at all. I know it’s hard to see what things look like when you’re in the interior of your life and not looking from the exterior, but you are doing such a good job, more than a good job, actually, at balancing your life. What would you think about David seeing a therapist who specializes in childhood trauma?”

“I think that would be a wonderful place to start.”

“Good. And how would you feel about seeing a therapist, probably every week for a little while until you can taper down to every 2 weeks and so on?”

“I would love to do that. I think that would really help me.”

“As far as your therapist goes, I’m going to give you a list of three psychologists who I think would be good for your situation and your personality. You can research them and see which one you feel would be best for you. And if you don’t feel they are working, I want you to tell me immediately.”

“So you don’t think I should see you as my psychologist?”

“No, but only because there’s too much personal interference with you working alongside Zach. And for some reason, it’s really hard for me to separate being a therapist to my clients and being a therapist to my friends, and I’d love to be friends. But of course, you can talk with me about anything under the moon when we’re together, I just don’t feel right about filing you under a client relationship.”

Kimmy laughed as her eyes watered up a bit, “I’d love to be friends. You have no idea how much lighter I feel right now, thank you.”

“It’s my honor, friend.”


Sep 1, 2019

Penny was sound asleep as Zach and I finished our late dinner on the couch. We were eating leftover hamburgers, potato salad and barbecue beans from Penny’s 2nd birthday party, which we had celebrated with family and friends earlier that day. We were exhausted. Zach and my dad grilled hamburgers and hotdogs, the kids swam and ran through the sprinklers, there was a bubble machine, snacks galore, along with cake and ice cream. We even had a little mini bar going for the adults. It was a good day- but of course, when you have kids, the day never ends. Zach cleaned up messes while I quickly bathed Penny, who afterwards just about face planted into her dinner plate because she was so exhausted. Penny opened a few gifts of her choice, her favorite being a Barbie doll that my sister had bought. My dad cleaned up my old wooden Barbie house that had been in storage all these years and touched it up by replacing any missing pieces of wood or painting over the faded colors. It looked just like it did in the memories of my childhood. My mom took before and after pictures and stuck them inside of the wrapping paper. The sentiment was so special to me, and I kept walking by Penny’s room to take a glance at what I used to spend most of my time in front of as a young girl.

Zach smelled like a mixture of his manly soap and our laundry detergent as I snuggled closer and laid my clean, damp hair against his cushy chest. I had my knees tucked and resting over Zach’s thighs. His long arm reached around my back and rubbed the side of my belly, and every once in a while, he’d squeeze my love handles, which were accentuated by my spandex shorts that had become way, WAY too tight throughout my pregnancy. My spandex also cut into my upper thighs, but I was too tired to even care to peel them off.

I reached my arm to cradle Zach’s torso and slowly ran my pointer finger underneath the girth his underbelly. He filled himself up pretty good today, much to my delight, and his belly stood as full and firm as my own. I rubbed my hand over his bloat, pushing down onto his side every so often, because it was filled to the brim and I missed seeing his body swell up with gluttony.

Sounds of satisfaction left Zach’s mouth as my rubbing became more lustful. His hand cupped my butt and gently pulled me onto his lap. Our full bellies touched as I straddled my husband and looked into his dark green eyes. Zach looked down and placed both hands on the sides of my belly, which when full, rounded outward like an enlarged beach ball, and he pushed on my belly with the slightest bit of pressure. He raised his brows for emphasis,

“That’s a very full belly right there.”

“Mmm, I know.” I moaned and straightened my spine as I placed my hands at the top of my bump to assess the damage. He wasn’t lying, my belly was filled to the brim. I’ve tried to be more cognizant of not eating past the point of being full, but sometimes the food took over my taste buds and I just needed one more bite, which always turned into another 10 bites...or 20. I’ve been joining Zach and Penny on their daily stroller walks, which hasn’t delayed my gaining, but it’s definitely helped me to feel better about myself.

I could feel Zach start to grow very hard underneath me, but I didn’t budge an inch. He cupped the area where my spandex cut into my sides, and although he didn’t say anything about it, I knew that he noticed, because I saw one of his shitty little smirks emerge.

He finally moved his hands along my padded hips, which had expanded pretty generously, and he squeezed the softness that had gathered there before rounding his hands over the fat of my ass. Zach used to be able to just get a handful, but that was now a distant memory. My ass was huge and smooth and bouncy, and besides my belly, that’s where you would find Zach’s hands 99% of the time.

Zach’s brow furrowed in approval, “Brooke...”

I already had an idea of what was coming, “Yep, go on.” His dick bobbed hard against my pussy.

“Your ass, baby. Your ass.”

“What about my ass. No elaborations at the end this time?”

“No, baby. Your ass has earned its right to stand distinguished, no elaborations needed anymore.”

I laughed but still smacked the side of his belly. “I hope you know that after my 2 years are up, I’m gonna stuff you and fatten you up so good that your belly will wobble even when you’re just laying on your back like a bloated blimp. Just so you know.”

“Baby, you do that naked, and I’ll do whatever the fuck you want me to.”

“I want that in writing.”

Zach pushed my ass down onto his hard dick and lifted my shirt over my head. His eyes widened slightly as his mouth parted open. His hands ran over my black lace bra and gently clawed at my cleavage.

“You don’t even seem real with how sexy you’ve become.”

“You always say that.”

“I’m just sharing my truth. You are better than any dream woman I ever built in my head and I don’t deserve you. I used to be terrified that I’d never find a woman who could hold my attention over the course of time, and then you came along, and I’ve been enamored ever since. You are the only woman I have ever met who intimidated me to the point where I couldn’t approach you. I remember wanting to talk to you so badly at your dad’s retirement party, but it took me almost 2 hours to gather myself to do it because I knew you were different just by watching you interact with others. And I knew that all of my usual charms would never fly by you. And then your dad, who had probably spoken 10 words to me the entire year we worked in the same building, came up and whispered from the corner of his mouth ‘Her name is Brooke and she’s aloof at first and’s got some layers to peel back to get to her core, but she’s brilliant and quirky and jaunty and way too good for you. But if you think you’ve got what it takes to take her on, then go right on ahead and be my guest. But if you don’t, then I suggest you make your infatuation a little less obvious.’ I couldn’t even look at your dad the whole time he spoke, or even when I told him that I knew I didn’t deserve you, and that I didn’t have what it takes to talk to you. And that’s when he slapped me on the shoulder and said, ‘Then you’ve got my support,’ and he took a step before turning around to point at me with a shitty grin, ‘And she likes classic literature and horses.’”

“I know absolutely nothing about horses.”

“Well, I know that now! But I know he told me the wrong information just so I’d look like a fool if I chose to start a conversation over horses. He was testing me on what kind of man I was...would I choose to get you to open up with a conversation of classic literature, or would I choose to start a conversation over horses. I think if I chose horses, he wanted to see me squirm.”

“What’s funny is that my dad is not intimidating. At all.”

“Yeah, well not now anyway! I almost shit myself when the father of the woman I had my eyes on all night came up to me, making it known that he saw me watching his daughter, and also making it known that he thought I was a piece of shit and not good enough for his daughter. That’s brutal.”

“That is pretty brutal, and yet, here you are.”

“Here I am.”

Our lips met first, and then our tongues came together in a rhythmic slowly dance. Zach’s hand squeezed my ass as his other ran through my hair and down my neck and back. I felt myself get wet at the thought of making love to my husband. I’d been aching for him all day, but I was too tired to act on it. But my desire far outweighed my energy at this point. We undressed each other before I took his hard dick inside of my wet pussy, and we both moaned in mutual agreement that it felt so good to make love to each other. His long meaty thighs bridged off the couch as my pregnant body bobbed up and down onto his lap. Zach placed his hand on the swell of my belly and explored its vastness as I came all over his balls.

“Baby,” Zach spoke through heavy breaths, “Do you think you’re okay to lay on your back?”




He shifted me gently onto my back and kissed my belly before entering me again. Since my belly was a hindrance these days, Zach stayed on his knees as we made love. I reached up and rubbed the sexy swell of his belly and envisioned it being 200 pounds fatter. I thought of how wobbly and pillowy his body would look, and I thought of the fat on his face bloating up like a balloon. I yelled out in orgasm again.

“Baby! Yes!”

I could tell that Zach was getting close just by the way his rhythm changed, and also by the hardness of his dick. He always got even harder as his orgasm came closer to the surface. Sometimes he got so hard that it hurt in a pleasurable way, and I didn’t know if I needed to yell out in pain or scream his name in pleasure.

“Zach! Fuck, baby.”

His eyes looked heavily drunk on sex as he made love to me.

“Baby, you’re getting too hard, but it hurts so good. Fuck, Zach!

Zach thrusted one more time deep inside of my pussy as he threw his head back and moaned. God that felt so good.

I could hear him breathing as his chest heaved slow and heavy. Zach reached down as he kissed my lips and whispered into my ear, “Making love to you will never get old, ever.”
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Sep 1, 2019

I leaned back into my work chair to stretch my aching back. Even though I had one of those expensive chairs that were supposed to help a person sit comfortably at a desk job, nothing could help an aching pregnant body.

I sat there rubbing my belly that had recently been filled up with pasta, heavy cheese, breadsticks and gnocchi soup. I was glad to be wearing my black faux leather SPANX today, considering how much I had eaten. I’ve been dressing in tight fitted shirts and dresses, because I felt that with my body type, I looked frumpy in anything draping or loose. Plus, I was going to enjoy this pregnant body while it lasted. I was up 45 pounds and had 12 weeks to go before Baby Girl Davis made her entry into our lives.

The biggest change to my body had to be the way my butt rounded and jutted outward. The second biggest change was probably how thick my upper thighs had become. My arms stayed mostly thin, and although my hips had fattened up pretty nicely, they didn’t expand as much as I thought they would have. I did have love handles, but they weren’t like Zach’s puffy clouds as he’d gotten fatter. Mine were smooth and expanded proportionally with my hourglass shape. If I had to complain about anything, it’d be the extra puffiness in my face. It wasn’t extreme, but it was very noticeable to me considering my face was what I saw the most of, whether purposely or not. And it was very clear to me that the apples of my cheeks had become rounded and rosy as the months went by.

I smoothed the fabric of my olive green shirt over my bump and felt the baby nudge her bottom into the left side of my belly. It always made me smile to feel her move, and she did a lot of it. The other day I sent a video to Zach of the baby moving inside of my belly, making it rise like a thick wave. He couldn’t believe how clear I could track her movements. Sometimes I think she’s boxing in there. It definitely didn’t feel good on my ribs, I’ll tell you that.

At the exact moment that I lifted my arm to check my watch, a knock sounded at my office door, making me yip and jump.

“Oh, I didn’t mean to startle you, I’m sorry.”

My ears perked and tickled at the familiar male voice. It was very distinct; deep but singsongy in tone. I rolled my chair backwards and stood up quickly out of surprise and shock.


“Hey, Bee.”

Ryan’s eyes were not subtle as they surveyed my pregnant body. And I didn’t expect him to overlook the obvious difference to my form, considering I was 112 pounds the last time he saw me. I just stood there, unmoving, staring at him out of confusion and trying to decide if he was real.

Ryan’s arm went to rub the back of his head, a nervous habit that he’d done ever since I’d known him. I blinked hard at the realization that this was in fact real.

“I, uh...I saw you a couple months ago at The Loft Bar. I thought it was you, but I could only see your profile and your hair covered a good portion of your face. I shook it off as my mind just playing tricks on me, because uh, I thought the woman was a little too...” Ryan blew a thick puff of air through his lips, “You were dancing with a guy and then you left abruptly, I assume because of the song I...”

My throat was dry as I tried my best to speak in clear words, “Yeah, I didn’t realize it was you up there until you started playing I didn’t even look at the stage, to be honest.”

“I knew it was you for sure when you turned around to face the stage right before walking down the stairs. I could recognize your face anywhere. Was that your husband?”

“Yes. Zach.”

Ryan nodded his head and stuck his hands into his pockets. After a few moments passed, he took his hands out and chuckled with a lopsided smile, “I just have so much I wanna say, I don’t even know where to start. Um. This encounter went much smoother in my head. It’s played in my mind every day for over 2 months. I’m at a loss for words, although there’s a storm of emotions going on inside of me right now.”

Ryan placed a hand over the middle of his chest and took a long look at me, then he wrinkled his forehead and pointed unskillfully at my belly, “Um, can I?”

I shook my head yes and immediately regretted it, but I still allowed it. His fingertips touched my belly timidly at first, and after some seconds passed, he allowed his palms to lay down, too. The weirdest part of it all was that it didn’t feel strange.

I immediately noted the familiarity of Ryan’s long fingers with calloused tips from all those years of playing guitar, and how his hands and wrists sprouted hairs in a light brown shade, not a dark brown shade like Zach’s. I placed my hands over Ryan’s to stop what should have never started.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make things uncomfortable...It’s just that seeing your belly like that is almost like seeing a unicorn. Uh, do you mind if we talk?”

“Yeah, let’s sit down.”
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Sep 1, 2019
Ryan’s eyes scanned over me again as we sat. I could tell he was trying to be discrete with his flickering glances as they went from my face down to my body.

“You look really beautiful, by the way. I think I’m more shocked at seeing you pregnant than anything else. I just keep thinking back to all those years you were adamant about never becoming a mom.”

“Yeah, I know, it’s crazy for me too if I really get to thinking about it. So, how is your mom? How’s Courtney? God, I miss Courtney so much. I think about her all the time.”

“Uh, she’s good, yeah, she’s real good. She’s married to Jason and they have 3 cute little kids, and she stays at home with them. And yeah, she’s...great. Same ‘ol Court, for sure.”

“And Trish?”

“Mom’s still teaching and is doing great as well. It took a really, really long time for her to take your pictures off the walls.”

I tried to keep my breathing steady.

“How long have you been married? I’ve tried finding you on social media over the years, but I never had any luck.”

“Yeah, I don’t do social media due to my profession. I don’t want any of my unstable clients looking me or my family up. And Zach and I just celebrated our 7 year anniversary. We’ve been together for almost 9.” I could tell Ryan was calculating how long it took me to move on in his head.

“Are you happy?”

“Yes, I’m really happy. Are you? How have you been? What’s happened in your life in these past 10 years?”

“I no longer abuse pills, if that’s what you’re asking. I hit rock bottom after we sold the house and moved on, but I entered rehab for a year and have been clean since. No temptations. And yeah, I can be happy. I mean, I realize during the good times that things are good. Wow, I sound pathetic. Yes, I’m happy. I’m happy.”

I swallowed hard, “Good.”

Ryan took a long, deep breath and exhaled slowly. “I’m sorry, Bee. I’m sorry.”

“Why are you apologizing?”

“Because I need to. I’m sorry that each time you think about high school, you probably think about me, and then you think about us. I’m sorry that your college memories remind you of our late night burger binges and the mischief we found together anywhere we went. I’m sorry that my addiction made you lose Courtney, who I know you loved probably more than me. I’m sorry to your parents who lost a son and a little part of their lives in the process. All those vacations our families took, the good memories we made are now just worthless, because I know you don’t think about them. All those carefree last minute road trips we took in your old Lexus car, good memories that probably haven’t been thought about in 10 years. Years of memories trashed by my addiction. All that history our families shared, I ripped it a part. I know just the mention of my name brings disgust and confusion and pain. One day we went to bed together and lived a perfect life, planning our wedding and looking at our future, and then the next day we were nothing at all, and out of no where.”

“It didn’t just happen out of no where, Ryan. You became addicted to your pain meds after your car accident and then experimented with other stuff in the process, and I watched you battle and downward spiral for an entire year. I tried to help you, my mom tried to help you, everyone tried to help you, Ryan! You didn’t want any part of it! You didn’t want to change, even after I told you I would leave. And then you realized that I was battling...that I wasn’t strong enough to leave. You watched me choke on my own sobs until my eyes were swollen shut. You watched me breathe uncontrollably as I experienced panic attacks. You took advantage of my weakness and gave me empty promises that you never intended to fill. You knew I was holding on to our past and the years we’d grown beside each other. Since kindergarten! Knowing each other for our entire fucking LIVES, Ryan! Dating since the age of 16, experimenting EVERYTHING together. You were my every single day. You were just there, always, like my skin. Do you realize how many of my ‘firsts’ happened with you? All of them! I spent the most pivotal years of my life growing beside you. Every fucking memory I fucking have is with you. I can’t believe you thought your pain medication felt better than me.”

My heart was beating fast in my chest. I thought I would feel better after getting all that out, but I didn’t. I felt mad. I felt shorted. I felt pain I had suppressed for 10 years bubbling at my surface. Nothing had ever been resolved between us when I ended our engagement. I realized one morning that Ryan’s addiction had become my burden that he wasn’t even carrying, or planning to carry. He just watched as my legs buckled underneath me. He watched me struggle as I took pointless steps, knowing all the while that they’d lead to no where.

“I hate myself for what I did to us, to you. God, I hate myself. I wish more than anything in this world that I could take it all back. I’d rather have suffered through the pain of my broken bones if I would’ve known what would happen as a result of taking pain meds. I’ve never stopped loving you, never stopped thinking about you, and that is the truth. I wish we could have gotten married and experienced more life together. I wish that was my baby inside of you. It breaks my heart that it’s not. All because of me. I’m sorry, Brooke. I’m sorry.”

I covered my face with my hands and began to sob. Ryan scooted next to me and wrapped his arms around my body as I shook uncontrollably.

“I realize now that I should have never come here. I came here to get things off my chest, to maybe find healing or closure, or just something other than what I’ve been feeling for the last 10 years. All I thought about was myself, I never even thought about how me showing up here would affect you. I’m such a selfish asshole. I’m truly sorry, Brooke. I hope one day you can forgive me.”

I lifted my wet face from my hands to look Ryan in the eyes and managed to talk through an uneven voice, “You need to find professional help, and you need to leave, now.”

Ryan had entered my office looking like a broken man, and now he was leaving looking even worse than that. When I heard the door to the outside shut, I picked up my phone to call my mom.

She could hardly understand what I had to say between my sobs, but her voice cracked as she said, “Ryan?” And then she told me to drive to her house.
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Sep 1, 2019

The peppermint tea cleared my stuffy nose as I blew on top of the hot liquid. I had just spent the last 30 minutes explaining to my mom everything that had happened with Ryan- seeing him at the bar, my vivid dream, and our emotional encounter inside of my office.

The both of us cried together. Opening up old wounds sucked. You would think that a therapist would have their shit together, but we don’t. Most of the time we’re so involved with everyone else’s well being that we disregard our own, especially when it came to our strongest emotions. And I never dealt with the pain that came after Ryan. I dug an imaginary grave and buried “us” deep into the ground and never looked back. My life was not one continual timeline, it was Brooke part I and Brooke part II. And I’m not the only one who suffered over Ryan’s addiction and our break up. My parents lost a man they had always loved like their own son. Courtney lost me as her best friend and only “sister.” Ryan’s parents lost me. My parents lost their long time friendship to Ryan’s parents. It was a web of loss.

In the year before I met Zach, I worked hard on my master’s degree and had an extremely boring routine, but it was what I needed. I closed myself off to the idea of dating, putting trust in myself that I would know when I was ready again. Well, then came Zach. I admit that I agreed to go on a date with him before I was ready to commit. He was incredibly handsome, six years older, smart, humorous...and most importantly, he was a safe option. This is terrible, but at the time I’d met Zach, I hadn’t had sex in over a year, so I thought that at the very least I could go on a couple dates and get in a good shag with a hottie. Don’t judge me, I was 22 years old and horny. But he was hopelessly charming, ridiculously genuine, and I couldn’t help myself with falling in love.

“What are you going to say to Zach?”

“I don’t know.”

“Have you ever shared with him what happened between you and Ryan?”

“Yes, I told Zach everything, but then I told him it was a dead part of me that I never wanted to talk about again, and that’s basically the end of it. I know, what a great therapist, huh?”

“Honey, you are human first and a therapist second. You did not experience a normal break up with Ryan. Your entire life was pulled from underneath you. It’s not like your relationship had a slow and gradual downfall. You and Ryan were happily in love and very compatible. His addiction came on heavy and fast and it killed everything you guys had built over a lifetime of friendship and love, and that wasn’t fair to you. You did not want to leave, but he left you no other choice, and that’s what makes it hard, I know. Now he is living with the consequences.”

“Yeah, I know.” I began to cry again, but softly this time. I hated this. I hated how I was caught off guard, I hated how I allowed him to touch my belly, I hated how vulnerable I felt while sitting next to him. I hated the power he still had over my life.

“I don’t think I ever told you this, but I ran into Trish a few years back, oh, probably 5 years ago.”

“Really? You definitely never told me.”

“We ran into each other at that antique store off of Highway 78. It was a very pleasant encounter, and was nice closure for me. For years I had dreams about running into Trish, and I’d wake up wondering how things would go if we ever did see each other.”

“What did y’all talk about?”

“Well, she told me about Ryan and how healthy he was after completing rehab, and how he was touring with his band. She showed me a group photo from Courtney and Jason’s wedding and everyone looked great. Trish wondered how you were doing and I gave her a brief rundown of your life: how you were married, successful at your job and very happy. She asked to see some pictures of you and Zach, and I hesitated at first, but she seemed visibly relieved as she looked at photos from your wedding. And I showed her that picture of you and Zach on the beach at your honeymoon. She said she was glad you had found happiness and that you were as beautiful as ever.”

“Wow. This is so weird to talk about. I’m glad we are, though. I think it’s helping. I need to get home to Zach, I think he’s getting more than a little worried. I told him there was an incident at work that I needed to talk to you about, but that everything was fine. So, wish me luck in telling my husband that my ex-fiancé showed up at my work, touched my pregnant belly, and professed his love for me before telling me how he wished it was his baby I was carrying.”

We both laughed at the craziness of it all.

“Well, maybe work on your presentation a little bit first.”

“I’ll try.”

“The good thing is, if there’s one person you can count on to be understanding of a difficult situation, it’s Zach.”

“I know. I married a real good man.”


Sep 1, 2019

Zach was not as understanding as I thought he would be. Well, he was until I told him that I allowed Ryan to touch my belly. Then he flipped. I could count on one hand at the times Zach had raised his voice during the span of our dating relationship and marriage, and those times were never directed at me. But this time, it was. The only time I’d seen Zach this upset was when his uncle Andy, who had a history of being a belligerent drunk, verbally attacked me for voicing my opinion on a mental health issue that he asked my opinion on. He bated me and then berated me. Zach went off on his wiry weasel of an uncle, and I had to pull him away in fear of something bad happening to Andy. But once it was nightfall, I watched Zach scoop and bag up a huge pile of dog poop from our backyard, when Blue, Zach’s old German Shepard was still alive, and we drove out to his uncle’s land with a fiery plan. There were no streetlights, so Zach parked a little way down the road where I observed from afar. I watched him light the bag of poop on fire before ringing the doorbell and hauling ass back to the car. When Andy opened the door, he stomped on the small fire with his shoe until it burned out. That was some funny shit, no pun intended. Five years later and Zach’s Uncle still thinks it was the neighbor kids.

“What I don’t understand is why he came to see you in the first place? What was he hoping to accomplish?”

“I think he said something about getting closure so he could move on.”

“Closure? He lost that right when he decided his addiction was more important than you. And also, 10 years is a mighty long time to hang on to something that’s not yours.” I knew Zach needed to vent, and he had every right to, so I let him.

“Also, why did you let him touch you? Especially something as personal as your belly? That’s not his to touch. YOU are not his to touch. I can’t believe he professed his love for you and then said how he wished it was his baby in your belly. Fucking coward.”

“Zach...stop, please.”

“No, do not tell me what to do, Brooke. Don’t. Do not act like this isn’t a big deal. I would sock the bastard in the face if I could. I want you to answer me. Why did you let him touch you, did he intimidate you?”

“No. And I-I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know why I let him touch me. I didn’t think anything of it, but I regretted it immediately afterwards and removed his hands. Can we just...can we please get over this?”

“Answer me one more thing.”


“Do you still love him?”

A little squeak left my throat as I stopped myself from answering. I didn’t want to speak without thinking this through completely. If I’m telling the truth, then yes, I do still love Ryan. He will always have a special place in my heart. How do I stop loving someone who was the best thing that had happened to me during my adolescent and young adult life? The reason I buried that part of my life in the first place was because of my love for Ryan.

“I love who Ryan was, not who Ryan is now, because I don’t know who he is anymore.”

Zach seemed to ease a little at my response, but I knew by the way his breath prolonged in his chest that it wasn’t enough to make amends. At least not tonight.

“I hear what you’re saying. Just...I need time.”


“Please, Brooke.”

Zach walked out and left me by myself as I sat at one of the barstools in the kitchen. Every part of me was exhausted and my head felt like one big bruise. All I wanted to do was wash my face, brush my teeth and fall asleep under the heaviness of our blankets.

Out of frustration, I swiveled the bar stool quickly to my left and stood up to walk, and when I did, the tip of my shoe caught onto the leg of the stool, sending my body down to the floor, along with my empty dinner plate. There was a loud crash as the glass plate broke and scattered into pieces onto the hardwood. I felt something pop in my shoulder, followed by immediate pain. I saw blood but I couldn’t tell where it was coming from, because I couldn’t feel pain anywhere else other than my shoulder. Zach’s footsteps sounded heavy as he ran into the kitchen.


I closed my eyes because my head began to pound with a loud ringing noise. When I touched the side of my aching head, I felt something warm, and that’s when I saw the blood on my hand.

“Brooke! You’re bleeding a lot, stay laying down. I’m calling an ambulance. Did you fall on the baby?” Zach’s voice sounded scared as he spoke, and the intensity in his expression made me panic. I began to cry.



“Hurts. Shoulder hurts. And head.”

The ambulance arrived within minutes and rushed me to the hospital.

Zach’s hand felt wonderful as it soothed the hair away from my face in a slow rhythmic pattern.

“The baby’s perfectly fine, love, and you’re going to be okay. It looks like you fell on your left side while holding the plate. Your shoulder is broken and you banged your head pretty bad. And you have cuts on your body from the broken glass, but only two places required stitches.” Zach’s voice faltered and he looked like he had aged in the few hours since my fall, “I’m so sorry, baby. I shouldn’t have left you.”

“You couldn’t have prevented my foot from getting caught, don’t blame yourself. And I’m the one who should be sorry. I hate that I made you sad. I hate it. Will you forgive me? I’m so sorry.”

“Shhh, baby you just rest. All is forgiven. All you need to worry about right now is resting your shoulder as it heals and growing that baby inside of your belly.”

Zach’s hand rubbed every inch of my belly as he sat next to my hospital bed. I closed my eyes and took his advice. I felt like I hadn’t slept in days.
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Xyantha Reborn

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Jul 23, 2014
Thank you for posting so frequently...came back and gorged!!

I have to say this twist in plot is hurtily-delicious...i was not anticipating anythig other than a happy path!!


Sep 1, 2019
Thank you for posting so frequently...came back and gorged!!

I have to say this twist in plot is hurtily-delicious...i was not anticipating anythig other than a happy path!!
Gotcha! I personally dislike when everything is perfect and prefer a more pernicious or insidious plot, so I couldn’t help myself. I’ll behave and try not to screw things up completely.
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Xyantha Reborn

- Actually Very Tame!
Jul 23, 2014
Gotcha! I personally dislike when everything is perfect and prefer a more pernicious or insidious plot, so I couldn’t help myself. I’ll behave and try not to screw things up completely.

nono i mean i love it!!! It hurts bc i like the characters...its a delicious hurt


Sep 1, 2019

nono i mean i love it!!! It hurts bc i like the characters...its a delicious hurt
I know you do! I meant ‘gotcha’ like SURPRISE!!! And then I added my personal preference, not in defense to your statement, I knew what you meant! I’m just a little awkward in my delivery. I’m just awkward in general. Thanks for sticking by. *slowly erases myself*

Xyantha Reborn

- Actually Very Tame!
Jul 23, 2014
I know you do! I meant ‘gotcha’ like SURPRISE!!! And then I added my personal preference, not in defense to your statement, I knew what you meant! I’m just a little awkward in my delivery. I’m just awkward in general. Thanks for sticking by. *slowly erases myself*
*undoes your erase (ctrl+z)* ! Lol


Sep 1, 2019

I was getting along okay with my shoulder sling and extra strength Tylenol for pain. Sleep was nearly impossible since I couldn’t lay comfortably on my back this late in my pregnancy, so I resorted to switching off between laying on my right side or sleeping elevated on a stack of pillows. Only having one arm to move my body around at night also brought along some difficulties, because with all the weight I had put on during pregnancy, it was really hard for me to shift around.

So needless to say, I’ve been more than exhausted as I’m nearing the last leg of pregnancy. Sarah helped me every week day now from 7:30am until 6pm when Zach got home. She hadn't allowed me to lift a finger, of course, so in the last four weeks since my fall, I’ve camped out on the couch or in my bedroom for a nice nap. I’ve felt like a lazy house cat getting fatter by the day with Sarah’s cooking and baking and life’s luxuries. I weighed myself at home for the first time today because I could actually feel the fat accumulating onto my body at an alarming rate. The scale said 185 lbs, that’s 12 pounds in a month and 57 lbs total so far. It’s bad if you grow out of your maternity pants in 4 weeks, right?


There were a couple seconds of silence before I heard the shuffling of his feet headed toward the bedroom.

“Yeah, babe?” Zach’s face immediately broke into a smile when he saw me. My shorts were in a puddle at my ankles because I needed help pulling the elastic waistband over my thighs with one hand. Scratch that, I just needed bigger shorts.

“I need help.”

“Okay, love. Let’s see here...” Zach knelt down to pull up my shorts, and there he encountered two big problems: my thighs and my ass. I know it was completely unintentional, but he actually grunted while straining my shorts over my hips, and I saw his arm muscles bulging as he forced the elastic over my flesh.

When he was done, he sweetly smiled and patted the side of my fattened hip before kissing my belly, “There you go, baby.”

“Thank you.”

Zach flashed a grin, “Let me know when you need help getting those off, too.”

“Oh, I’m sure you’ll stop whatever you’re doing to assist me in that.”

“Baby, I will run knees to chest to your every beck and call because I love assisting you in getting your shorts much.”

Zach pulled me into his body and embraced me with a kiss. I could feel his hands exploring their way around my fluffier back. Between kisses, he pulled his lips slightly from mine and breathed into my mouth, “You are so sexy.”

“Oh yeah?”


“Maybe you could show me with your hands what you think is so sexy?”

“Maybe I could show you with my mouth instead.”

Zach lifted my shirt over my head and knelt down to kiss my belly. I had recently discovered little stretch marks at the very bottom of my bump, and when I did, I freaked out until Zach was able to calm my insecurities away. So that’s where he started with his trail of kisses.

“Zach, that tickles!”

“Well, I’m about to cover every inch of your body, so you better brace yourself, Mrs. Davis.”

He continued on with his kissing, and I tried my hardest to overcome my most ticklish of places. I’d squeal through my throat and squint my face in agony. Of course, my nipples stayed perked pretty much the entire time due to the sensation, much to Zach’s delight, so when he finally reached them, he made a satisfied guttural sound before devouring every inch of my swollen breasts.

“Mm, you are the most delicious of feasts.”

“Well, keep eating me up then, because it’s been way too long since I’ve seen you enjoy one.”

“I’m too busy making sure you’re enjoying yours.”

“Trust me, you don’t have to worry about me, if you can’t already tell.” I rubbed my belly for emphasis.

“Oh, I can tell.” Zach said it in such a way that I couldn’t even be mad, I could only moan out loud as he sucked on the fat that had developed on my inner thighs.

“In fact, I’m counting down the days until your shoulder heals, so I can bend you over the bed and enjoy this new juicy plumpness that’s developed on your backside.” He gave my ass a nice squeeze as he said this, and then he laid his forehead on my belly and let out a sexually aggravated and desperate sounding moan, because well, he was sexually aggravated.

Ever since breaking my shoulder, sex had become a little tricky. I couldn’t lay on my back without feeling uncomfortable because of the baby, and I couldn’t bend over the bed because of needing to use both arms to stabilize myself. Doing any strenuous activity was difficult for me these days, to be honest, broken shoulder or not. I’d been in shape my whole life and then all of a sudden I’m almost 60 pounds fatter in a short time span, leaving my body no time to adjust to the difference in weight. We went from having sex 3-5 days a week to having sex once, maybe twice a week, and Zach was aching with sexual frustration.

“I can bend over the bed and try to hold myself up.”

“Brooke, no, I’m not going to let you do that for the sake of my sexual pleasure.”

“What if I like, put pillows under my belly? That way I have something to cushion myself on.”

I could see the wheels in Zach’s mind rolling a hundred miles per hour, “Babe, no. I don’t feel right about it.”

I looked at the huge tent pitched in Zach’s basketball shorts and couldn’t take it anymore. I gathered a stack of pillows with one arm and threw them on the middle of the bed.

“Take my shorts off.”

He didn’t move.

“Now, Zachary.”


“This isn’t for you, it’s for me. I’m so horny I could punch something, like YOU for instance, because I need a mother effing orgasm. Other forms of orgasms are great, but nothing compares to having your hard dick reaching back to the deepest parts of my pussy. So, take my shorts off before I cut them off and lose my ever-loving mind, Zachary fucking Davis the first.”

I’d never seen the man move so fast. He tugged several times before getting my shorts off and then quickly took his briefs off.

I was already on all fours with my stack of pillows when I felt Zack run his hands over my sides and down my hips and thighs, exploring the best place to grab on to for a good few minutes of thrusting. His hands wandered back up and settled onto the fat of my hips, and then I heard him take a steady breath before entering my waiting pussy. Just judging by his reaction, I’d say that he liked what he felt.


Even though he was pacing himself at a level 2, I could tell this was going to be a short experience for Zach. I watched him from a mirror hanging on the wall to the left of us, and he thrusted slowly with his head back and his eyes closed. Every once in a while, he’d gradually squeeze his fingers into my hips, and without fail, respond with a slow exhale of his breath before being able to continue again. I couldn't remember the last time I’d felt him this hard.

“Baby. Oh my God.


“Are you okay?”


“Okay good. Me too.”

The noises Zach made were so intimate and carnal that those alone could have gotten me off.

My shoulder began to ache, but I didn’t want to say so because I knew if I spoke up, Zach would never try this again until I had completely healed, and I couldn’t wait another 4 weeks without this. But I knew what to do.

“Does it feel good to press up against me?”

“So good,” He moaned as he removed a hand from my hip to take a good squeeze of my ass. “I don’t ever want this to end.”

“I bet you’re going to love this even more as the weeks go on.”


“My ass has gotten so fat and round...”

Zach spoke between heavy satisfied breaths, “Brooke, if you keep talking like that I’m gonna blow.”

“And to think, all you had to do was put another baby in me for my ass to get nice and fat and round, and it’s all your fault.”

“Brooke!” Zach hissed through his teeth and blew his load inside of me while I smirked against the pillows. I knew my plan would work. It’s just too easy sometimes.

After recuperating, Zach cleared my hair from my neck and whispered into my ear, “I know what you did. You’re not as sneaky as you think you are, Mrs. Davis.” Then he got off my back and smacked the side of my ass and watched it wobble, “Come on, we’re going to the mall to get your sexy ass some new shorts.”
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